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  • Half Light Half Light | DVD | (21/08/2006) from £5.59  |  Saving you £10.00 (62.50%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Believe in the beyond. After the death of her son successful novelist Rachel Carlson (Demi Moore) moves to a small Scottish village to rebuild her life but is soon plagued by strange occurrences that threaten her own life...

  • The Match [1999] The Match | DVD | (06/04/2009) from £3.30  |  Saving you £2.69 (44.90%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Wullie Smith (Max Beesley) has always carried a torch for local girl Rosemary Bailey (Laura Fraser). When she returns to the tiny village of Inverdoune after 5 years away Wullie sets about winning her. He must also help the team of misfits and eccentrics at his local Benny's Bar win their yearly grudge football match against the upmarket L'Bistro the only other pub in the village. The winner of this year's centenary match gets the ultimate prize - the closure forever of their opponent's bar. However the odds are not good for Wullie: Benny's Bar has lost 99 years in a row and Rosemary has plans to pursue a career in the big city...

  • One Last Chance One Last Chance | DVD | (30/08/2004) from £4.19  |  Saving you £8.80 (67.70%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Tullybridge is a one-horse town in the middle of nowhere in the Scottish highlands. Nothing much happens in Tullybridge until close friends Fitz (Sives) Nellie (Robertson) and Seany (McKidd) accidentally find gold. The discovery triggers a series of increasingly absurd and desperate events made worse when their foolproof moneymaking scheme reaches the ears of local Big Man Harry (Chisholm) who wants in on the action...

  • The Lives Of The Saints [2006] The Lives Of The Saints | DVD | (12/03/2007) from £3.99  |  Saving you £13.50 (67.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    When Roadrunner an errand boy for local small time crook Mr. Karva quite literally stumbles across a young abandoned child he believes he has discovered an angel. Like an oracle the silent child seems to be able to tell the future and fulfil people's innermost dreams. Karva's step son Othello uses him to win bets but soon everyone wants a piece of the action and father is pitted against son friend against friend as greed and lust for power spiral out of control.

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