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  • Dungeons And Dragons [2001] Dungeons And Dragons | DVD | (13/08/2001) from £2.84  |  Saving you £15.00 (75.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    A sword and sorcery fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons the film is based on the role-playing game first introduced in the 1970s. It delivers some of the same kind of fantasy and fun the game offered, as its youthful heroes journey through a magical kingdom battling with the forces of evil. One or two scenes (such as someone having their brain sucked out by a nasty thing with tentacles) might upset very young children. But many of the special effects look tame compared to state-of-the-art films like The Matrix (the dragons in particular are rather wimpish), and though you do need full-blooded acting for this sort of thing, Jeremy Irons goes way over the top as the wicked wizard Profion. Marlon Wayans is supposed to provide some street-wise comedy, but is simply annoying. If you enjoyed playing the game you might like this, but there's a lot of competition in the fantasy film genre these days, and Dungeons and Dragons isn't really up to it. --Ed Buscombe On the DVD: This one disc is packed full of extra features. The film and special effects are breathtaking in needle-sharp Widescreen (1.85:1) Anamorphic transfer. As for the soundtrack, you haven't heard a dragon roar until you hear it in Dolby 5.1 or 2.0 Surround. The director Courtney Solomon, Justin Whalin who plays the hero Ridley, and the Dungeons and Dragons game co-creator Dave Arneson, offer one commentary track, which is a bit inane and doesn't really add anything to the film. However, the second commentary with Solomon, Arneson and cinematographer Doug Milsome is much more intelligent and offers some great info about the filming of specific scenes. Along with the UK trailer, there are two special features--a 20-minute "Making of" featurette, with some entertaining stuff about how Solomon secured the rights to the D&D universe and the creation of the special effects, CGI, costumes and make-up and a 14-minute special feature on the legacy of Dungeons and Dragons. There are 12 deleted scenes, most of which are pretty near completion (save a few blue screens here and there) and the more adrenalin-pumped scenes are broken down in stages to show how the SFX were created. For those who have seen the film and want to play the game, on the DVD-ROM there is also a playable demo of Black Isle's computer game sequel, Shadows of Amn. --Kristen Bowditch

  • Duplicity [DVD] [2009] Duplicity | DVD | (06/09/2010) from £1.89  |  Saving you £8.10 (81.10%)  |  RRP £9.99

  • Poseidon [2006] Poseidon | DVD | (09/10/2006) from £1.99  |  Saving you £16.00 (88.90%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Mayday... It's New Year's Eve and festivities have begun aboard the luxury cruise ship Poseidon at sea in the North Atlantic. One of the finest vessels of its kind Poseidon stands more than 20 stories tall boasts 800 staterooms and 13 passenger decks. Tonight many of the ship's guests have gathered to greet the New Year in style in the magnificent main ballroom. However a Rogue Wave a monstrous wall of water over one hundred feet high is bearing down on them with tremendous speed. The wave strikes with colossal force pitching the ship heavily to port before rolling it completely upside down; supports collapse broken gas lines ignite flash fires and lights fail leaving vast sections of the ship in darkness and chaos. In its aftermath a few hundred survivors are left to huddle in the still-intact main ballroom now resting below the waterline. One man professional gambler Dylan Johns (Josh Lucas) prefers to test the odds alone. Ignoring orders he prepares to exit the Ballroom and find his own way to safety but is collared by nine-year-old Conor (Jimmy Bennett) who asks that Dylan take him and his mother Maggie (Jacinda Barrett) along. Fast behind them is Robert Ramsey (Kurt Russell) anxious to search for his daughter Jennifer (Emmy Rossum) and her fianc Christian (Mike Vogel). Determined to fight their way to the surface they must forge a path together through layers of wreckage as the ship continues to sink. Bonds form quickly in this journey of vertical climbs dead ends and sheer drops. Trust proves vital...

  • 16 Blocks [2006] 16 Blocks | DVD | (21/08/2006) from £3.88  |  Saving you £15.10 (79.50%)  |  RRP £18.99

    For a New York cop and his witness the distance between life and death just got very short! Boozy and disillusioned aging cop Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis) is assigned the seemingly ordinary task of escorting a fast-talking witness (Mos Def) from police custody to a courthouse. However even with 2 hours to make 16 blocks this is now ordinary court case and there are forces inside and outside the police who will do anything to prevent the duo from reaching their destination alive...

  • Flyboys [2006] Flyboys | DVD | (08/10/2007) from £2.49  |  Saving you £13.50 (84.40%)  |  RRP £15.99

    From the producer of Independence Day and The Patriot and starring James Franco (Spider-Man 3) Flyboys soars to new cinematic heights with spectacular special effects and thrilling edge-of-your-seat aerial dogfights. Inspired by the true story of the legendary Lafayette Escadrille this action-packed epic tells the tale of America's first fighter pilots. These courageous young men distinguish themselves in a manner that none before them had dared becoming true heroes who experience triumph tragedy love and loss amid the chaos of World War I. Hang on for the ride of your life!

  • The Day After Tomorrow - Two Disc Edition [2004] The Day After Tomorrow - Two Disc Edition | DVD | (18/10/2004) from £3.99  |  Saving you £21.00 (84.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Supreme silliness doesn't stop The Day After Tomorrow from being lots of fun for connoisseurs of epic-scale disaster flicks. After the blockbuster profits of Independence Day and Godzilla, you can't blame director Roland Emmerich for using global warming as a politically correct excuse for destroying most of the northern hemisphere. Like most of Emmerich's films, this one emphasises special effects over such lesser priorities as well-drawn characters and plausible plotting, and his dialogue (cowritten by Jeffrey Nachmanoff) is so laughably trite that it could be entirely eliminated without harming the movie. It's the spectacle that's important here, not the lame, recycled plot about father and son (Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal) who endure an end-of-the-world scenario caused by the effects of global warming. So sit back, relax and enjoy the awesome visions of tornado-ravaged Los Angeles, blizzards in New Delhi, Japan pummelled by grapefruit-sized hailstones, and Manhattan flooded by swelling oceans and then frozen by the onset of a modern ice age. It's all wildly impressive, and Emmerich obviously doesn't care if the science is flimsy, so why should you? --Jeff Shannon

  • Red 2 [Blu-ray] Red 2 | Blu Ray | (25/11/2013) from £5.89  |  Saving you £17.10 (74.40%)  |  RRP £22.99

    Retired CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) reunites his team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a nuclear device. However to succeed they need to survive an army of relentless assassins ruthless terrorists and power crazed government officials all eager to get their hands on the next-generation weapons. The mission takes Frank and his motley crew to Paris London and Moscow. Outgunned and outmanned they have only their cunning wits their old-school skills and each other to rely on as they try to save the world.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End  [Blu-ray] Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End | Blu Ray | (19/11/2007) from £4.99  |  Saving you £21.00 (80.80%)  |  RRP £25.99

    In the third installation of the ever-popular Pirates... series Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End we find our heroes Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) allied with Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) in a desperate quest to free Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from his mind-bending trap in Davy Jones' locker. Navigating through treachery betrayal and wild waters they must forge their way to exotic Singapore and confront the cunning Chinese pirate Sao Fen (Chow Yun-Fat).

  • Get Smart [2008] Get Smart | DVD | (23/02/2009) from £5.19  |  Saving you £14.75 (73.80%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Get Smart features Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in a new adaptation of the classic television series! When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked by the evil syndicater known as KAOS the Chief (Alan Arkin) has no choice but to promote his ever-eager analyst Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell). Given little field experience and even less time Smart armed with nothing but a few spy-tech gadgets and his unbridled enthusiasm must defeat KAOS if he is to save the day.

  • Catch Me If You Can [2003] Catch Me If You Can | DVD | (02/07/2006) from £2.73  |  Saving you £17.26 (86.30%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Steven Spielberg directs this incredible-but-true story of the young life of Frank Abagnale Jr. Following the traumatic divorce of his beloved parents (Christopher Walken and Nathalie Baye) in the 1960s at age sixteen Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) goes AWOL becoming a prodigious cheque forger and impersonator of a Pan-Am pilot a doctor and lawyer. Soon he has the FBI fraud squad on his trail in particular dogged agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) who carries on a game of cat-and-mous

  • Taxi [2004] Taxi | DVD | (11/04/2005) from £2.29  |  Saving you £13.70 (85.70%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Bumbling cop Washburn (Jimmy Fallon) is a terrible driver who loses his license and so recruits reluctant Belle (Queen Latifah) and her souped-up mega-cab after he stumbles onto a team of supermodel bank robbers. Several klutzy encounters and high-speed car chases ensue. If this sounds to you like the obvious result of a Hollywood pitch session ("Hey, let's pair some guy from Saturday Night Live with a tough-talking African-American and set them after babes on wheels!"), you're right; it doesn't mean, however, that you won't get in a few decent laughs before director Tim (Barbershop) Story's amiable time-killer falls into a steaming pile of would-be blockbuster buddy film cliches. The ever-ingratiating Latifah has long since proved her star charisma, and Fallon does an amusingly offhand parody of failed machismo. They're clearly having a good time together, and you could do worse than their company. There isn't a frame here that isn't cheaply recycled from some other lame action comedy, but if you grit your teeth for the very bumpy ride, you'll come out without too many scratches.--Steve Wiecking

  • Clash Of The Titans [Blu-ray] [2010] Clash Of The Titans | Blu Ray | (26/07/2010) from £5.60  |  Saving you £21.05 (78.00%)  |  RRP £26.99

    The ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man Perseus (Sam Worthington) leads a dangerous mission to defeat Hades (Ralph Fiennes) before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on earth.

  • The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [Blu-ray] The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor | Blu Ray | (01/12/2008) from £4.00  |  Saving you £20.99 (84.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    The third film in the The Mummy series freshens the franchise up by setting the action in China. There, the discovery of an ancient emperor's elaborate tomb proves a feather in the cap of Alex O'Connell (Luke Ford), a young archaeologist and son of Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) and his wife Evelyn (Maria Bello, taking over the role from Rachel Weisz). Unfortunately, a curse that turned the emperor (Jet Li) and his army into terra cotta warriors buried for centuries is lifted, and the old guy prepares for world domination by seeking immortality at Shangri La. The O'Connells barely stay a step ahead of him (climbing through the Himalaya mountains with apparent ease), but the action inevitably leads to a showdown between two armies of mummies in a Chinese desert. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor has a lot to offer: a supporting cast that includes the elegant Michelle Yeoh, Russell Wong, and Liam Cunningham, the unexpected appearance of several Yeti, and a climactic battle sequence that is nightmarishly weird but compelling. On the downside, the charm so desperately sought in romantic relationships, as well as comic turns by John Hannah (as Evelyn's rascal brother), is not only absent but often annoying. Rarely have witty asides in the thick of battle been more unwelcome in a movie. Rob Cohen's direction is largely crisp if sometimes curious (a fight between Fraser and Jet Li keeps varying in speed for some reason), but his vision of Shangri La, in the Hollywood tradition, is certainly attractive. --Tom Keogh

  • The Bourne Supremacy [2004] The Bourne Supremacy | DVD | (24/01/2005) from £2.99  |  Saving you £16.88 (84.40%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Good enough to suggest long-term franchise potential, The Bourne Supremacy is a thriller fans will appreciate for its well-crafted suspense, and for its triumph of competence over logic (or lack thereof). Picking up where The Bourne Identity left off, the action begins when CIA assassin and partial amnesiac Jason Bourne (a role reprised with efficient intensity by Matt Damon) is framed for a murder in Berlin, setting off a chain reaction of pursuits involving CIA handlers (led by Joan Allen and the duplicitous Brian Cox, with Julia Stiles returning from the previous film) and a shadowy Russian oil magnate. The fast-paced action hurtles from India to Berlin, Moscow, and Italy, and as he did with the critically acclaimed Bloody Sunday, director Paul Greengrass puts you right in the thick of it with split-second editing (too much of it, actually) and a knack for well-sustained tension. It doesn't all make sense, and bears little resemblance to Robert Ludlum's novel, but with Damon proving to be an appealingly unconventional action hero, there's plenty to look forward to. --Jeff Shannon

  • The Whole Ten Yards [2004] The Whole Ten Yards | DVD | (17/01/2005) from £3.60  |  Saving you £9.73 (69.50%)  |  RRP £13.99

    They missed each other. This time their aim is better! Thanks to falsified dental records retired hitman Jimmy 'The Tulip' Tudeski faked his own death and has taken up a new line of work as a homemaker for his wife Jill a novice assassin who has yet to pull off a clean hit. Suddenly an uninvited and unwelcome connection to their past appears. It's their former neighbour Oz who begs them to help rescue his wife from the Hungarian mob. The mission mounts into Mafioso mayhem in thi

  • Deja Vu Blu-ray [Blu-ray] [2006] Deja Vu Blu-ray | Blu Ray | (14/05/2007) from £6.85  |  Saving you £17.14 (71.40%)  |  RRP £23.99

    This dramatic American action thriller is the latest film from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott and stars actors Denzel Washington Val Kilmer Paula Patton Bruce Greenwood Adam Goldberg and Jim Caviezel. The adventure takes place in New Orleans USA where federal agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) is guided through an FBI crime investigation by feelings of deja vu.

  • Goal!  [2005] Goal! | DVD | (06/03/2006) from £2.85  |  Saving you £13.84 (76.90%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Every dream has a beginning... Santiago Munez harbours the dream of becoming a professional footballer. After an extraordinary turn of events the poor Mexican-American immigrant has the chance to make his dream a reality when Newcastle United come calling...

  • The Mummy [Blu-ray] [1999] The Mummy | Blu Ray | (01/12/2008) from £3.05  |  Saving you £16.94 (84.70%)  |  RRP £19.99

    If you're expecting bandaged-wrapped corpses and a lurching Boris Karloff-type villain, then you've come to the wrong movie. But if outrageous effects, a hunky hero, and some hearty laughs are what you're looking for, the 1999 version of The Mummy is spectacularly good fun. Yes, the critics called it "hokey," "cheesy," and "pallid." Well, the critics are unjust. Granted, the plot tends to stray, the acting is a bit of a stretch, and the characters occasionally slip into cliché, but who cares? When that action gets going, hold tight--those two hours just fly by. The premise of the movie isn't that far off from the original. Egyptologist and general mess Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) discovers a map to the lost city of Hamunaptra, and so she hires rogue Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) to lead her there. Once there, Evelyn accidentally unlocks the tomb of Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), a man who had been buried alive a couple of millennia ago with flesh-eating bugs as punishment for sleeping with the pharaoh's girlfriend. The ancient mummy is revived, and he is determined to bring his old love back to life, which of course means much mayhem (including the unleashing of the 10 plagues) and human sacrifice. Despite the rather gory premise, this movie is fairly tame in terms of violence; most of the magic and surprise come from the special effects, which are glorious to watch, although Imhotep, before being fully reconstituted, is, as one explorer puts it, rather "juicy." Keep in mind this film is as much comedy as it is adventure--those looking for a straightforward horror pic will be disappointed. But for those who want good old-fashioned eye-candy kind of fun, The Mummy ranks as one of choicest flicks of 1999. --Jenny Brown

  • Top Gun [Blu-ray] [1986] Top Gun | Blu Ray | (02/03/2009) from £4.00  |  Saving you £15.99 (80.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    A hip heart-pounding combination of action music and incredible aerial photography helped make Top Gun the blockbuster hit of 1986. Top Gun takes a look at the danger and excitement that awaits every pilot at the Navy's prestigious fighter weapons school. Tom Cruise is superb as Maverick Mitchell a daring young fighter who's out to become the best. And Kelly McGillis sizzles as the civilian instructor who teaches Maverick a few things you can't learn in a classroom.

  • The Heist [DVD] The Heist | DVD | (08/04/2013) from £2.29  |  Saving you £12.70 (84.70%)  |  RRP £14.99

    It was a stroke of genius, but now the perfect crime is turning into a perfect disaster. Charles, Roger and George are the very picture of honest security guards. But when they learn their favorite artworks are being sent to another museum, they concoct a plan to switch the real masterpieces with fakes. All goes well until a mistake forces these first-time thieves into a last-minute escapade.

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