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  • George Michael - Live In London [Blu-ray] [2008] George Michael - Live In London | Blu Ray | (07/12/2009) from £9.39  |  Saving you £10.60 (53.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Tracklisting 1. Waiting (Reprise) 2. Fastlove 3. I'm Your Man 4. Flawless (Go To The City) 5. Father Figure 6. You Have Been Loved 7. An Easier Affair 8. Everything She Wants 9. One More Try 10. A Different Corner 11. Too Funky 12. Shoot The Dog 13. John And Elvis Are Dead 14. Faith 15. Spinning The Wheel 16. Feeling Good 17. Roxanne 18. My Mother Had A Brother 19. Amazing 20. Fantasy 21. Outside 22. Careless Whisper 23. Freedom '90 (Bonus Features) I'd Know Him A Mile Off! Documentary 1. Precious Box 2. Jesus To A Child 3. First Time Ever

  • Elvis - Loving You [1957] Elvis - Loving You | DVD | (02/06/2003) from £8.99  |  Saving you £-5.99 (-50.00%)  |  RRP £11.99

    Digitally re-mastered for superior sound and picture quality Lovin’ You is a genuine Elvis classic and an absolute “must have” for any true fan of the undisputed King of Rock’n’Roll from the days when he was lean mean and magnificent and had a hip wiggle that drove the girls crazy. Only Presley’s second ever feature film and his first in colour this rocking romance uncannily mirrors Elvis’s own explosion onto the music scene and rocket ride to fame and fortune. His raw animal prescence leaps sensationally from the screen in the all-singing all-dancing story of a humble delivery boy turned rock’n’roll star Deke Rivers – featuring the hit songs Teddy Bear Got A Lot Of Lovin’ To Do Hot Dog Mean Woman Blues Party and of course the tender ballad Lovin’ You. First released in the cinema in 1957 the movie showed Elvis had genuine acting talent with his gritty and emotional portrayal of a simple country boy catapulted to stardom. Interestingly two versions of the title song were recorded for the film and although two versions are on the Complete Fifties Masters both are shorter than the 2 minutes 12 seconds on-screen version here!

  • Paul Weller - Live - Route Of Kings / Later... With Jools Holland [1992] Paul Weller - Live - Route Of Kings / Later... With Jools Holland | DVD | (02/12/2002) from £6.99  |  Saving you £-1.00 (-16.70%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Paul Weller Live At Hyde Park Tracklist: Introduction Sunflower Bull Rush Magic Bus Friday Street Hung Up A Bullet For Everyone Whirlpools’ End Leafy Mysteries Up In Suze’s Room All Good Books Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) This Is No Time Foot Of The Mountain Broken Stones Picking Up Sticks You Do Something To Me Stanley Road Out Of The Sinking Peacock Suit Into Tomorrow The Changingman Standing Out In The Universe Wild Wood Call Me No. 5 Woodc

  • Avenged Sevenfold + MVI Avenged Sevenfold + MVI | DVD | (29/10/2007) from £10.09  |  Saving you £7.90 (43.90%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Tracklisting:01. Critical Acclaim.02. Almost Easy.03. Scream.04. Afterlife.05. Gunslinger.06. Unbound (The Wild Ride).07. Brompton Cocktail.08. Lost.09. A Little Piece Of Heaven.10. Dear God.Plus Bonus CD.

  • Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker | DVD | (22/12/2003) from £10.59  |  Saving you £7.40 (41.10%)  |  RRP £17.99

    One of his earliest pieces of choreography, Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker is also one of his most charming and imaginative. Moving the Christmas party from a comfortable middle-class home to a Dickensian orphanage whose proprietors starve their wards to spoil their own children, it then shifts to a wonderland where sweets and sugar are a none-too-subtle metaphor for sexual awakening. In both worlds, Clara (Etta Murfitt) has to struggle to be heroine, or even a participant, in her own story and her struggle for the muscular, sexy Alan Vincent with her bitchy rival Sugar (Soranne Curtin) is not resolved until the last moments of the ballet. Along the way, Bourne finds charming and sexy ways to make all of the well-known genre moments of the score fresh and new--the Chinese dancers are a bunch of daffy marshmallow girls in pink, for example, whose dance is all strutting cuteness. There is a truly stunning transformation scene at the beginning of the waltz, which like much else in the score becomes a complex ensemble in which all the character dancers have their own things to do. Bourne's Nutcracker has become a popular favourite, and deservedly so. On the DVD: Matthew Bourne's Nutcrackercomes to DVD with no additional features. It is presented in a 16:9 anamorphic ratio and has sumptuous sound in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and L-PCM Stereo that does full justice to the Royal Philharmonic's eloquent performance of the score. --Roz Kaveney

  • The Bee Gees - One Night Only [DVD] [1998] The Bee Gees - One Night Only | DVD | (30/08/2010) from £10.59  |  Saving you £2.40 (18.50%)  |  RRP £12.99

    The Bee Gees reunited in 1997 for a One Night Only concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. This was their only live concert in 1997 and first U.S. concert in nearly 10 years. Together they performed their greatest hits from the 60s 70s 80s and 90s including many songs written for and made hits by other artists but never recorded by the Bee Gees themselves. With a special guest appearance by French-Canadian diva Celine Dion.

  • The Beatles : Anthology [1995] The Beatles : Anthology | DVD | (31/03/2003) from £37.29  |  Saving you £11.70 (23.90%)  |  RRP £48.99

    The Beatles Anthology was initially broadcast as a TV miniseries to run alongside the series of three Anthology double-CD albums. This set of eight documentaries has the heft and scope of one of Ken Burns' expansive projects. Still, you may find yourself with more material--particularly about the Beatles' early lives as lads in Liverpool--than you'll want to watch. The documentary material is copious, including early performance films and tapes, at the point before they found their true voices. The actual Beatlemania years--beginning in 1963 and concluding in 1970--feature extensive performance films, as well as home movies and archival material. The best parts, of course, are the interviews with the Beatles themselves, who produced the entire thing. Along with reworking two previously unreleased John Lennon tracks as "new Beatles songs", the Anthology includes some unseen Lennon interview tapes so that his acerbic voice can be heard as well. This stands as a comprehensive document of that heady period, the second coming of rock & roll, as the Beatles took what Elvis had started and expanded upon it exponentially. This box set gives a solid sense of the historical context and the way these four musicians changed the world around them in the 1960s. --Marshall Fine

  • Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope [1998] Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope | DVD | (01/10/1999) from £6.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £19.99

    This lavish two-hour concert special, originally produced for HBO, offers ample proof of Janet Jackson's fierce ambitions. Whitney, Celine and Mariah can run circles around her small, sweet voice, but Janet brings a tough, muscular power to her live performances that none of those peers can approach, storming through myriad set and costume changes, and sustaining an aerobic pace through elaborate dance routines. As captured during this Madison Square Garden presentation of her Velvet Rope tour, Janet Jackson is, ahem, very buff indeed, not just in her well-toned physical health, but in her vocal attack.The Velvet Rope tosses up rappers, hard-rock heroism, melting romantic pop and Jackson's own brand of soft-core erotica, but the show transcends those components in its broad sense of spectacle. The star fronts a formidable battalion of dancers, singers and musicians to make her points, and while it's obvious that the musical performances have been nipped, tucked and polished to an acceptable sheen, Janet earns her props through sheer willpower.Ranging across Jackson's best-known songs from the last decade, the production is noteworthy for its intricate choreography and massive settings, in which the star seeks to match the big-budget sweep of her music videos. The live troupe is formidable, composed of a crack band and a large cast of nimble dancers, and Janet keeps pace with her aerobic presence. We'll leave it to social scientists to ponder the significance of the "Rope Burn" sequence, in which an ecstatic male fan is lashed to a chair and gets to watch his favourite sex object pole-dance. If this stalwart is any indication, Janet has already won the hearts (and more) of her faithful. --Sam Sutherland, Amazon.com

  • Othello Othello | DVD | (27/09/2007) from £12.75  |  Saving you £3.13 (15.70%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Globe Theatre production of Shakespeare's classic play.

  • Wind In The Willows Wind In The Willows | DVD | (12/02/2007) from £2.72  |  Saving you £1.27 (31.80%)  |  RRP £3.99

    This animated work stays close to the original story by Kenneth Grahame which follows Toad Rat Mole and Badger as they pursue their lives along the river bank defeat the animals of the wild wood and reclaim Toad's ancestral home from the Weasels.

  • Later With Jools Holland - Later - Giants [1992] Later With Jools Holland - Later - Giants | DVD | (20/10/2003) from £12.93  |  Saving you £7.06 (35.30%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Later... with Jools Holland--Giants is a collection of classic live performances from a decade of the late-night BBC music show. Everyone will have their favourites and, no doubt, differing opinions on what constitutes a musical "giant". What is indisputable here is the sheer volume and variety of artists and styles on offer. The 32 performers range from Pete Towshend to Blondie; Paul Weller to Willie Nelson; Leonard Cohen to Jeff Beck; Page and Plant to Ronnie Spector and the Divine Comedy. The acts vary in quality--Brian Ferry's posturing, staccato rendition of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" and Georgie Fame's futile, asthmatic efforts to keep up with the beat on "Yeh! Yeh!" are notable low points--but thankfully the few weaker moments are more than compensated for by tour de force performances from the likes of Al Green, REM, Tony Bennett, Dusty Springfield and George Benson. Your enjoyment will obviously depend on a desire to see these greats play, but where else are you going to get both Robbie Williams belting out an impromptu performance of "Suspicious Minds" and Solomon Burke singing "Cry to Me" from an enormous golden throne? On the DVD: Later... with Jools Holland--Giants comes with a desirable selection of interviews with 10 of the featured performers. Sadly, they are tantalisingly short--never longer than three minutes, some little more than a minute--and never stretch beyond Holland's stock questions or brief, if entertaining, anecdotes. Also included are: a "playlist" feature, which allows you to select six of your favourite tracks and play them in an order of your choice, normal track selection, subtitles and a credit list. --Paul Philpott

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Royal Albert Hall Celebration [1998] Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Royal Albert Hall Celebration | DVD | (16/10/2000) from £7.19  |  Saving you £12.80 (64.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    In 1998, a concert celebrated Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's 50th birthday at the Royal Albert Hall. It featured more than two hours of hits from a body of work spanning almost three decades. In this record of a memorable night, star after star steps onto a massive, Eurovision-style set to revisit golden moments in their long association with Britain's most successful composer of musicals. Elaine Paige in big frocks and even bigger voice delivers "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" and "Memory" with her usual power; Michael Ball and Donny Osmond stretch the last vestiges of boyish charm to the very limits but still sound great; and Boyzone get the youth vote. Then there are Kiri te Kanawa, Bonnie Tyler, Tina Arena and of course, another encore for Julian Lloyd Webber and those Variations on the cello. But the stars are Sir Andrew's ex-wife Sarah Brightman in an outstanding selection from The Phantom of the Opera (probably his best work), Antonio Banderos who really can sing, and Glenn Close, a stupendous, moving Norma Desmond in songs from Sunset Boulevard. All in all, a deserved celebration for someone who has given so many people a great deal of pleasure, and a treat for musicals fans of all ages. --Piers Ford

  • Mark Knopfler Emmylou Harris - Real Live Roadrunning Mark Knopfler Emmylou Harris - Real Live Roadrunning | DVD | (13/11/2006) from £16.25  |  Saving you £0.74 (4.40%)  |  RRP £16.99

    Last summer two icons British guitarist songwriter and performer Mark Knopfler and the American singer songwriter and interpreter Emmylou Harris performed at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. This rare performance one of only a handful in the U.S followed the April release of their critically and commercially successful duet album 'All The Roadrunning'. Disc 1: 1. Right Now 2. Red Staggerwing 3. Red Dirt Girl 4. I Dug Up A Diamond 5. Born To Run 6. Done With Bonaparte 7. Romeo And Juliet 8. Song For Sonny Liston 9. Belle Starr 10. This Is Us 11. All The Roadrunning 12. Boulder To Birmingham 13. Speedway At Nazareth 14. So Far Away 15. Our Shangri-La 16. If This Is Goodbye 17. Why Worry Disc 2: 1. Right Now 2. Red Staggerwing 3. Red Dirt Girl 4. Done With Bonaparte 5. Romeo And Juliet 6. All That Matters 7. This Is Us 8. All The Roadrunning 9. Boulder To Birmingham 10. Speedway At Nazareth 11. So Far Away 12. Our Shangri-La 13. If This Is Goodbye 14. Why Worry

  • Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band - Live In Dublin Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band - Live In Dublin | DVD | (04/06/2007) from £7.99  |  Saving you £4.00 (33.40%)  |  RRP £11.99

    Live In Dublin features 23 songs drawn from the band's performances in Dublin at The Point on November 17 18 and 19 2006. Springsteen's longtime manager Jon Landau said 'Live in Dublin charts the development of a band from an informal gathering in Bruce's living room to an onstage powerhouse. It also documents the growth in Bruce's vision of American music; it includes folk music blues Dixieland country swing gospel rock down to and including his own writing. It's all performed with Bruce's classic energy and focus. I think it's some of the finest music he's ever made.' Tracklisting 1. Atlantic City 2. Old Dan Tucker 3. Eyes on the Prize 4. Jesse James 5. Further on Up the Road 6. O Mary Dont You Weep 7. Erie Canal 8. If I Should Fall Behind 9. My Oklahoma Home 10. Highway Patrolman 11. Mrs. McGrath 12. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live 13. Jacobs Ladder 14. Long Time Comin 15. Open All Night 16. Pay Me My Money Down 17. Growin Up 18. When the Saints Go Marching In 19. This Little Light of Mine 20. American Land 21. Blinded By the Light (Credits)

  • Bruce Springsteen - Live In New York City [2001] Bruce Springsteen - Live In New York City | DVD | (05/05/2003) from £10.74  |  Saving you £1.00 (8.30%)  |  RRP £11.99

    There's only one better way than watching Live In New York City to experience these performances by Bruce Springsteen and his reunited E Street Band, and that's if you were actually in Madison Square Garden when they were recorded in June and July 2000. The Boss and his band are in top form. Their sheer exuberance at playing together, not to mention the joy and inspiration they provide their audience, are palpable, thanks in no small part to the excellent direction and superb sound. Highlights? Almost everything, from timeless anthems such as "Born to Run" and "Thunder Road" to the riveting "American Skin (41 Shots)" and a bluesy, solo "Born in the USA" All together now: Bruuuuuuce! --Sam Graham, Amazon.com

  • Texas-Paris [2001] Texas-Paris | DVD | (13/10/2003) from £5.22  |  Saving you £-0.50 (-5.00%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Texas Paris is a visual record of some of the group's best tunes played live, along with the original promotional videos. Unlike most bands who are usually never even given one chance to make it big, Texas were lucky enough to be given multiple opportunities to become successful. Despite securing a Top 10 hit in 1989, with "I Don't Want a Lover" it wasn't until seven years later, riding on the crest of the Brit-pop phase that the group were to gain long-term popularity. The concert in Paris has added significance, because of the cult 1984 Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas a favourite film of both Sharleen and Johnny and the motivating factor for their choice of the band name. The concert footage is shot superbly well, and has real atmosphere--you feel that you're at the Palais de Bercy rather than at some characterless out-of-town arena in the southeast of England. The electricity of this recording is stirred up further by Spiteri's excellent rapport with the audience, and her amazing stage and vocal performances. The selection of songs and running order is well balanced, with the concert kicking off with their more up-tempo tunes such as "Black Eyed Boy", descending down a notch or two to their slower numbers ("Tired of Being Alone" and "So In Love With You") and then climaxing with favourites such as "Say What You Want". Although she fails to don the latex mask and the stick on side-burns, clad in leather Sharleen's live performance of "Inner Smile" is almost as good (and Elvis-like) as the infamous promotional video for this track. On the DVD: The disc is jam-packed with both the excellent concert footage and videos. Both the concert tracks and the promotional videos can be accessed individually or played together. For DVD-ROM users there are also two exclusive Texas screen-savers. Coming across a tad arrogant in such footage, the DVD also includes a previously unseen interview with Sharleen Spiteri, which covers issues ranging from the group's formation to their recent global success. There's also exclusive live film of Sharleen's acoustic performance at Madonna's February 2001 concert at Brixton Academy, London. --John Galilee

  • Legends Of Country Blues Guitar - Vol. 3 Legends Of Country Blues Guitar - Vol. 3 | DVD | (12/12/2012) from £16.36  |  Saving you £8.24 (33.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    A compilation of ragtime / blues featuring archive performances....

  • Imagine Imagine | DVD | (20/01/2014) from £17.59  |  Saving you £6.40 (26.70%)  |  RRP £23.99

    Our product to treat is a regular product. There is not the imitation. From Japan by the surface mail because is sent out, take it until arrival as 7-14 day. Thank you for you seeing it.

  • Soundstage: Live In Concert [DVD] Soundstage: Live In Concert | DVD | (04/06/2012) from £9.05  |  Saving you £0.94 (9.40%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Tracklist:Baby Please Don't GoCrawling Back to YouHandle With CareI Won't Back DownI'm Cryin'Angel DreamMelinda, Born in ChicagoLittle Red RoosterCarol, RefugeeLove is a Long RoadYou Don't Know How it FeelsBlack Leather WomanI Done Somebody WrongI Got a WomanThirteen DaysWake Up TimeRollin' in My Sweet Baby's ArmsLost ChildrenTwo Men Talkin'You Wreck Me

  • ABBA - The Definitive Collection [2002] ABBA - The Definitive Collection | DVD | (29/07/2002) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £14.99

    ABBA were one of the first pop groups to exploit the promotional video as a vehicle for publicising their music across the globe. ABBA--The Definitive Collection provides an audio-visual timeline of how their promos developed over a 10-year period from the mid-1970s to the early 80s. The first ABBA videos were simple recordings of the band miming to their songs in a studio ("Waterloo" and "Ring Ring"); then, for "Mamma Mia" and "SOS", the style was replaced by something more adventurous, focusing on the four grouped together in rival pairs. As technology and the group evolved so did their promo films, with more recent examples shot on videotape and incorporating post-production special effects and outdoor locations ("One Of Us" and "Head over Heels"). Director Lasse Hallstrom has since made the transition from these relatively low-budget vehicles to Hollywood success with Chocolat and The Shipping News. If ABBA’s early efforts look a little primitive compared to big-budget modern music promos, the songs themselves now sound even better than ever, having been digitally re-mastered in 24-bit format. As well as featuring the digitally re-mastered promos for the majority of their single releases, exclusive previously unreleased material is also incorporated here, such as the extended original mix of "On and On and On". On the DVD: ABBA--The Definitive Collection on DVD squeezes in all 30 videos, plus five bonus tracks which include the promos for the Spanish-language versions of "I Have a Dream", "Happy New Year" and "When All is Said and Done". The video for the never released "When I Kissed the Teacher" is also included, too, as is a camp recording of "Dancing Queen" filmed at a gala tribute for Sweden’s King and Queen. The 20-minute picture gallery is an excellent and comprehensive photographic record of the group through the years. Background information about all of the material, is discussed in the accompanying biographical booklet.--John Galilee

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