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  • My Friends Tigger And Pooh - Everyone Is Special [DVD] [2009] My Friends Tigger And Pooh - Everyone Is Special | DVD | (01/03/2010) from £18.97  |  Saving you £-6.98 (-58.20%)  |  RRP £11.99

    Join Pooh Tigger and the rest of the crew in the Hundred Acre Wood for another CGI-animated adventure.

  • Sherlock Hound [DVD] Sherlock Hound | DVD | (12/07/2010) from £12.49  |  Saving you £17.50 (58.40%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Written and Directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) during his time at Japan's largest animation studio TMS. Before he went on to create Totoro and Studio Ghibli Miyazaki captured a whole generation of childrens' imaginations with his retelling of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries using a loveable cast of canines. For the first time ever in the UK all 26 episodes of the cult toon classic are collected into one deluxe box set Sherlock Hound. released as either Famous Detective Holmes or Detective Holmes in Japan is an anime based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series where all the characters are depicted as anthropomorphic animals the majority dogs though Holmes is a fox and his enemy Professor Moriarty is a wolf. The show featured regular appearances of Jules Verne-steampunk style technology adding a 19th-century science-fiction atmosphere to the series.

  • D. Gray Man - Series 2 Vol.2 [DVD] D. Gray Man - Series 2 Vol.2 | DVD | (18/10/2010) from £7.89  |  Saving you £12.67 (55.10%)  |  RRP £22.99

    D Gray-Man: Series 2 Part 2 (2 Discs)

  • Ace Of Wands Ace Of Wands | DVD | (09/07/2007) from £14.99  |  Saving you £25.00 (62.50%)  |  RRP £39.99

    When not performing on stage Tarot the Magician and his assistant Lulli enjoy solving mysteries although not always within the realms of the natural world.

  • Asterix - Box Set (6 Discs) (Animated) Asterix - Box Set (6 Discs) (Animated) | DVD | (31/07/2006) from £16.82  |  Saving you £13.17 (43.90%)  |  RRP £29.99

    A box set of animated adventures featuring the indomitable Asterix and his assortment of fellow oddball Gauls. Includes: 1. The 12 Tasks Of Asterix 2. Asterix And Cleopatra 3. Asterix The Gaul 4. Asterix And Caesar 5. Asterix And The Big Fight 6. Asterix In Britain

  • The LEGO Batman Movie [Includes Digital Download] [4K UHD Blu-ray] [2017] The LEGO Batman Movie | Blu Ray | (19/06/2017) from £19.99  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    In the irreverent spirit of fun that made The LEGO® Movie a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble LEGO Batman stars in his own big-screen adventure. But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker's hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up. Will Arnett reprises his starring role from The LEGO Movie as the voice of LEGO Batman, aka Bruce Wayne. Zach Galifianakis (Muppets Most Wanted, the Hangover films) stars as The Joker; Michael Cera (TV's Arrested Development) as the orphan Dick Grayson; Rosario Dawson (TV's Daredevil) as Barbara Gordon; and Ralph Fiennes (the Harry Potter films) as Alfred. Click Images to Enlarge

  • Power Rangers Samurai - The Complete Collection (4 disc set) [DVD] Power Rangers Samurai - The Complete Collection (4 disc set) | DVD | (08/09/2014) from £10.48  |  Saving you £7.51 (41.70%)  |  RRP £17.99

    THE COMPLETE SAMURAI SERIES ON 4 DVDS. OVER NINE HOURS The epic battle beings as a new Power Rangers Samurai team unites to take on the evil Master Xandred in a race to save the world. Master Xandred, the evil Nighlok leader, has reawakened and it's up to Red Ranger (Jayden) and Mentor Ji to form a new Samurai team to stop him! Bound by ancestral duty, Kevin (Blue Ranger), Mike (Green Ranger), Emily (Pink Ranger) and Mia (Yellow Ranger) join Jayden on a quest to abolish evil, working together with their Symbol Powers and their devoted animal Zords, to battle the dreaded Highlok monsters. As Xandred plans to flood the Earth with tears from the Sanzu River, only these brave Samurai Rangers stand between the world and destruction. RANGERS TOGETHER, SAMURAI FOREVER!!

  • Pipkins - Vol. 1 Pipkins - Vol. 1 | DVD | (25/04/2005) from £13.61  |  Saving you £6.38 (31.90%)  |  RRP £19.99

    You can't keep a good hare down! For a generation of schoolchildren who ran home from school at lunchtime throughout most of the 1970s and early 1980s there was one programme that stands head and shoulders above all others in the arena of children's television - Pipkins! Topov Pig Tortoise Octavia the Ostrich and of course the irrepressible Hartley Hare spend their time helping out people usually with unforeseen results! Presented here are ten episodes from throughout the series

  • Looney Tunes Big Faces Box Set [DVD] Looney Tunes Big Faces Box Set | DVD | (24/10/2011) from £10.99  |  Saving you £19.00 (63.40%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Bugs Bunny - Cool, collected, carrot-chomping Bugs Bunny outsmarts all adversaries. He's inordinately brainy and zany, an Academy Award winner for 'Knighty Knight Bugs' and known the world over for his signature line 'What's up, Doc?'. Daffy Duck - A Black, maladjusted mallard, Daffy Duck is a master of indignant outrage and a self-doubting egomaniac. His own worst enemy and the inevitable victim of his own aggressive behaviour, Daffy exists only to win, which he almost never does. He's wild...

  • Sesame Street - 40 Years of Sunny Days [DVD] Sesame Street - 40 Years of Sunny Days | DVD | (01/03/2010) from £15.99  |  Saving you £9.00 (36.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Relive your favourite Sesame Street moments with this one of a kind Sesame street collection! This special edition DVD set includes clips from all 40 seasons interviews with cast and crew including Jim Henson as well as amazing behind-the-scenes peeks at how Muppet magic is created!

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1 and 2 [DVD] The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1 and 2 | DVD | (28/05/2012) from £14.79  |  Saving you £11.20 (43.10%)  |  RRP £25.99

    The Hunchback of NotredameThe Hunchback of Notre Dame is a thrilling heartwarming tale full of incredible action hilarious comedy and charming songs! Inspired by Victor Hugo's classic novel Disney brings the heroic adventures of Quasimodo the gentle and lonely bell ringer of Notre Dame to life. At the urging of his hilarious gargoyle pals Quasimodo defi es his evil guardian and ventures from his tower to the joyous Festival of Fools in the city streets below. But when the crowd turns on him because of the way he looks he is rescued by another outcast the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda. Now Quasi finds himself struggling in two battles: to save the city he loves from destruction meanwhile compelling others to see people for who and what they really are not just for how they appear. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a joy to hear and a wonder to behold full of heroes villains comedy suspense and music that will enthrall your senses and warm your heart... no matter who you are! The Hunchback of Notredame 2Return to the magnificence of Notre Dame in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame II - The Secret of the Bell a fun romantic adventure told with vibrant animation and music as glorious as its setting. Quasimodo and all of his friends reunite in this thrilling escapade as the lovable yet lonely bell ringer takes on the evil circus owner Sarousch. A master of sorcery Sarousch plots to steal the Cathedral's famous bell La Fidele - forcing his assistant and Quasi's new friend Madellaine to help him. When Esmeralda's little boy Zephyr tries to stop Sarousch Quasi must race to the rescue of his small pal and the jewelled bell. Ignoring some hilarious advice from his gargoyle buddies Quasi listens to his own brave heart - and discovers that he too must look past appearances to learn to trust. Disney's legendary tale continues with this comical magical musical elebration of the beauty inside everyone.

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Two Disc Widescreen Edition) [2002] Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Two Disc Widescreen Edition) | DVD | (11/04/2003) from £6.99  |  Saving you £13.60 (52.30%)  |  RRP £25.99

    The world's most famous boy wizard dives straight into a darker and more thrilling magical adventure in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It's practically the same set-up--something evil's afoot at Hogwarts; Harry and his pals must put it right--but fans of the books won't be disappointed. Director Chris Columbus, whose artistic licence is necessarily limited by the demands of adapting JK Rowling's phenomenally popular novel, does a spectacular job rendering Rowling's imaginary world: the production design and costumes are fascinating in their own right; such is the impressive attention to detail. Daniel Radcliffe gives a more assured performance here as Harry, though he's not quite strong enough to carry the film without the aid of an excellent ensemble cast of experienced adults, notably a twinkly-eyed Kenneth Branagh. Of course, most viewers will already know what's going to happen as far as the story is concerned, so for them the pleasure in watching The Chamber of Secrets lies in the visualisation of Rowling's magical creations and the verve brought to the action sequences. It's fantastic fun for kids and a good excuse to regress back to childhood for the rest of us. --Laura BushellOn the DVD: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets's first disc offers the film in all its fine widescreen (2.35:1) and surround-sound glory--it's a shame they didn't think of adding a commentary. The second disc's special features are sparse compared to last year's release, most notably the games, which are simpler and dull in comparison to The Philosopher's Stone. Gilderoy Lockhart's classroom offers nothing magical, and the interviews with teachers and students offer only snippets of the actors' thoughts on their characters. Don't get over excited about the "Build a Scene" feature as, unfortunately, this is not a miracle of modern DVD technology, but a simple featurette. The real gem on the disc is a 16-minute interview with JK Rowling and Steve Kloves about the transfer from book to screen. --Nikki Disney

  • Fantastic Mr Fox/ Horton Hears a Who? Double Pack [DVD] Fantastic Mr Fox/ Horton Hears a Who? Double Pack | DVD | (03/10/2011) from £3.99  |  Saving you £2.54 (19.60%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Fantastic Mr FoxThe visually ravishing animated movie Fantastic Mr Fox follows a fox, voiced by George Clooney and dressed in a natty brown corduroy suit, as he cheerfully and recklessly takes his thieving ways a little too far and brings down the wrath of some sour-faced poultry farmers on his family and friends. Based on a book by children's author Roald Dahl (who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach), the movie is the work of Wes Anderson (writer-director of Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums), who expanded and elaborated on the original story; the combination is inspired. Anderson's sensibility--his fondness for meticulous compositions, coordinated colours, and narrative filigree--can sometimes seem finicky and stiff in live-action movies, but it's exquisitely suited to the painstaking art of stop-motion animation. Every corner of the screen crackles with visual invention and whimsical humour. The top-notch vocal cast (which also features Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Michael Gambon, Owen Wilson, and others) create vivid personalities that perfectly mesh with the movie's lush colours and luscious textures. Fantastic Mr Fox is an off-beat gem, a giddy mix of adult emotional issues, wild animal behaviour, and childlike delight.--Bret FetzerHorton Hears a WhoDr Seuss's classic 1954 book Horton Hears a Who has entertained generations of children and served as the inspiration for a 26-minute, 1970 television special Dr Seuss's Horton Hears a Who and the 2000 Broadway musical "Seussical: The Musical". This 2008, full-length animated movie features the voice talents of Jim Carrey as Horton, Steve Carell as the Mayor of Whoville, Carol Burnett as the Kangaroo, and Jesse McCartney as JoJo and promises to delight a whole new generation of children and their parents and grandparents. The technological wonders of computer animation have allowed 20th Century Fox Animation to bring to life the wacky, colourful Whoville with its minute inhabitants and the lush Jungle of Nool with its host of distinctive animals and the result is a rich, fantastical world of wonder worthy of Dr Seuss' own imagination. All the major plot elements of Dr Seuss' book are present, with Horton hearing the faint cry for help from a tiny dust speck atop a small clover and doing his best to protect the inhabitants of that small civilisation of Whoville despite the disbelief, disdain, and persecution of his fellow animals. The feel of Dr Seuss' original rhyming prose is partially preserved in the sparse narration by Charles Osgood that's interspersed throughout the film's dialogue and the overarching themes of staying true to one's convictions and the celebration of the power of perseverance, imagination and kindness come through loud and clear. Horton Hears a Who is a fun rendering of a classic Dr Seuss story that's sure to entertain viewers of all ages. --Tami Horiuchi

  • The Banana Splits - Series 1 [DVD] The Banana Splits - Series 1 | DVD | (21/09/2009) from £11.99  |  Saving you £18.00 (60.00%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Banana Splits: Season 1

  • Four Feather Falls The Complete Series (repackaged) [DVD] Four Feather Falls The Complete Series (repackaged) | DVD | (01/12/2008) from £10.91  |  Saving you £9.08 (45.40%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Tube: Vol.2

  • Michael Bentine's Potty Time - Series 1 [1973] Michael Bentine's Potty Time - Series 1 | DVD | (26/01/2004) from £10.21  |  Saving you £4.78 (31.90%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Long awaited release of the famous Thames children's series featuring Michael Bentine and his potty hand puppets.

  • Hi 5 - Come On And Party / Hi Energy Hi 5 - Come On And Party / Hi Energy | DVD | (07/11/2005) from £14.05  |  Saving you £0.94 (6.30%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Dress ups decorations fun games songs and dances - you're all invited to the party of a lifetime!

  • The Muppets Bumper 6 Movie Box Set [DVD] The Muppets Bumper 6 Movie Box Set | DVD | (11/08/2014) from £13.99  |  Saving you £26.00 (65.00%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Muppets Most WantedThere's plenty of fun for the whole family as Kermit the Frog Miss Piggy Animal and the entire Muppets gang head out on a world tour. But mayhem follows the Muppets as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper. Now Kermit is behind bars at the mercy of prison warden Nadya (Tina Fey) and the World's Number One Criminal Constantine - a dead ringer for Kermit - has taken his place. As Constantine and his dastardly sidekick Dominic (Ricky Gervais) plot the robbery of the century they are pursued by Sam Eagle and Interpol agent Jean Pierre Napoleon (Ty Burrell). Will Constantine get away with his nefarious scheme? Will Kermit escape in time to save the day? Disney's Muppets Most Wanted is the most hilarious most wanted Muppet movie ever! The MuppetsMuppet domination continues with a hilarious movie from Walt Disney Studios. Jason Segel Academy Award® nominee Amy Adams and Chris Cooper join everyone's favourite Muppets and an all-star celebrity cast in a comic adventure for the whole family. Bring home the biggest Muppet adventure ever on Disney DVD! The Muppets MovieThey're irreverent irrepressible and downright irresistible. They're the Muppets! - starring in their first full-length movie. See how their meteoric rise to fame and fortune began: with a rainbow a song... and a Frog. The Great Muppet CaperStop the press! The crime of the century has occurred and Kermit Fozzie and Gonzo are out to crack the case! In this song-filled star-studded extravaganza directed by the legendary Jim Henson. The Muppet Christmas CarolThis is the season for love laughter and one of the most cherished stories of all time! Join Kermit the Frog Miss Piggy and all the hilarious Muppets in this merry magical version of Charles Dickens' classic tale. Muppet Treasure IslandAhoy matey! Get ready for hilarity on the high seas with Kermit the Frog Miss Piggy and all the Muppets in their first-ever action adventure inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's classic pirate tale. Special Features: Muppets Most Wanted The Longer; Longest Blooper Reel in Muppets History 'I'll Get You What You Want' Music Video Performed by Bret McKenzie Rizzo's Biggest Fan Mickey Short 'No Service' On Set with Walter' Inside The Gulag The Muppets (2011) The Longest Blooper Reel Ever Made (In Muppet History*) *We Think Scratching The Surface: A Hasty Examination Of The Making Of The Muppets Explaining Evil: The Full Tex Richman Song A Little Screen Test On The Way To The Read Through Deleted Scenes Theatrical Spoof Trailers' Audio Commentary With Jason Segel James Bobin And Nicholas Stoller The Muppet Movie (1979) Frog-E-Oke Sing-Along (Songs are also within Disney Intermission) Jim Frawley's Extended Camera Test Doc Hopper's Commercial Original Trailers Outtake Easter Egg Classic Bonus: Pepe Profiles Presents Kermit: A Frog's Life Disney Intermission (Frog-E-Oke) The Great Muppet Caper Frog-E-Oke Sing-Along: 'Steppin' Out With A Star' 'Happiness Hotel' The Muppets Christmas Carol Disney Intermission Frogs Pigs And Humbug: Unwrapping A New Holiday On The Set - Blooper Reel Pepe Profiles Presents - Gonzo: A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Weirdo Christmas Around the World Audio Commentaries: With Director Brian Henson With Kermit Rizzo Gonzo and More Muppet Treasure Island Frog-E-Oke Sing-Along: 'Cabin Fever' The Tale Of The Story Beyond The Tail 'Let The Good Shine Out' Music Video (with Kermit) Audio Commentary with Gonzo Rizzo and Brian Henson

  • The Very Best of Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends [2003] The Very Best of Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends | DVD | (18/08/2003) from £16.91  |  Saving you £-3.92 (-30.20%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Just over 150 episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine were produced in all. It must have been a difficult job picking 16 of the best to feature on this collection. Sensibly it begins with the very first appearance of "Thomas & Gordon", in which we are introduced to all the principal engines and familiar locations. The rest come randomly from the six seasons. This means there's some jumping about from the British shows narrated by Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis, and the American ones featuring Alec Baldwin and George Carlin. Early US shows such as "Cranky Bugs", expanded the Thomas universe with the first of several new Bob the Builder-like characters. It was also the point where the stories no longer come directly from Rev Awdry's Railway Series books. Some are more fantastical than others, a visit from the Queen, for example, ("Paint Pots & Queens"), an encounter with a dragon ("Thomas, Percy & the Dragon"), or even a "Ghost Train". Mostly of course, tales follow the format of obstructions on the line, derailments and delays. All of which provide adults with another level of entertainment as art imitates life. On the DVD: The Very Best of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, like the previous DVD releases in this series, is a bit of a missed opportunity with sadly no extra features. Picture and sound are per TV broadcast. --Paul Tonks

  • Digby - The Biggest Dog In The World [DVD] Digby - The Biggest Dog In The World | DVD | (01/10/2012) from £11.98  |  Saving you £6.01 (33.40%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Young Billy cannot keep Digby the loveable sheepdog he brought home from the pound, so he decides to leave him with animal expert Jeff (Jim Dale). But while Jeff's back is turned, Digby accidentally drinks a top-secret chemical that makes him grow ... and grow ... and grow! The gigantic Digby is soon being chased all over the country. The army thinks he's dangerous and want to blow him up, and two thieves are trying to sell him to the circus! In this frantic and hilarious race against time B...

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