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  • Beauty & The Beast/Beauty & The Beast The Enchanted Christmas [DVD] Beauty & The Beast/Beauty & The Beast The Enchanted Christmas | DVD | (29/11/2010) from £26.99  |  Saving you £-3.00 (-12.50%)  |  RRP £23.99

    Beauty And The Beast: When an arrogant prince is cursed to become a Beast the only way to break the spell is to love and be loved in return. But who could ever learn to love a Beast? After he imprisons Belle a bookworm who dreams of life outside her provincial village he sees her as difficult and stubborn while she views him as a monster. But the two soon taste the bitter-sweetness of finding you can change and learning you were wrong. Beauty And The Beast: Enchanted Christmas: All the enchantment of Disney's Academy Award Winning film Beauty and the Beast continues as this classic adventure casts its song-filled spell. This magical tale reveals a Christmas past when Belle vows to warm the Beast's castle with the sprit and hope of the season - despite the Beast's misgivings about Christmas. She asks all the enchanted Objects to chip in including reluctant Angelique - a beautiful tree ornament who was once the castle decorator. But Belle Cogsworth Lumiere and a host of new enchanting friends must first undo the plans of Forte - an evil plotting pipe organ - who gets wind of their plan. He will pull out all the stops to keep the Beast away from Belle's special gift of hope. From the rich detail of the Beast's castle to the astounding computer-generated imagery of the villain Forte this beautiful tale overflows with spectacular songs spellbinding visuals and the same state-of-the-art effects that brought Disney's original masterpiece to the screen. Now be our guest for a perfectly enchanting untold chapter in a tale as old as time.

  • Popples - Volume One [1986] Popples - Volume One | DVD | (31/05/2004) from £29.99  |  Saving you £-27.00 (-903.00%)  |  RRP £2.99

    Animated fun for kids. Episodes comprise: Popple Panic At The Library The College Of Popple Knowledge Molars Bicuspids And Popples The Treasure Of Popple Beach Poppin' At The Carwash Springtime's A Poppin' Popples Plays Peewee Golf Popples Floods The Fluff n' Fold A Clean Sweep Of Things.

  • Disney Read Along - Toy Story 2 [DVD] Disney Read Along - Toy Story 2 | DVD | (20/05/2002) from £20.00  |  Saving you £-10.01 (-100.20%)  |  RRP £9.99

    When Woody is stolen by a toy collector, Buzz and his friends vow to rescue him, but Woody finds the idea of immortality in a museum tempting. Read the story on screen. Sing the songs. Learn the words.

  • Professor Layton And The Eternal Diva DVD+Blu-ray Combi Pack [DVD] Professor Layton And The Eternal Diva DVD+Blu-ray Combi Pack | Blu Ray | (18/10/2010) from £21.05  |  Saving you £3.94 (15.80%)  |  RRP £24.99

    The Professor's first movie and his toughest puzzle yet Professor Layton true English gentleman and the world's greatest amateur super sleuth embarks on his most daring adventure yet when he receives a letter from his old student the famous opera diva Janice Quatlane. She is to perform at the legendary Crown Petone Opera House and invites him to attend as her special guest. Meanwhile a spate of disappearances hits London. Two young school girls are the latest victims and the Professor suspects it's related to the mysterious occurrences at the theatre. The Professor and his loyal assistant Luke travel to the Opera House to solve their toughest puzzle yet the mystery of Eternal Life! Based on the UK's favourite Nintendo DS game Professor Layton And The Eternal Diva is a brand new adventure produced by Level 5 the creator's of the multi-million selling Professor Layton puzzle games.

  • Andy Pandy - Charming Stories [2002] Andy Pandy - Charming Stories | DVD | (14/07/2003) from £15.99  |  Saving you £-7.01 (-54.00%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Join Andy Pandy and his friends in this delightful collection of new stories. Enjoy their game of Hide and seek and find out what happens when Looby loo's feather duster gets mixed up with Tiffo and his stick. Someone is playing tricks in A Lick Of Paint and Puppeteer Pandy. While anday Pandy learns new things in Andy Pandy's Musical Box and the Big Spring Clean. in teddy's Sunglasses and the Nest things aren'r quite what they seem but wonderful new discoveries are made in Hubble Bu

  • Thomas And The Magic Railroad [2000] Thomas And The Magic Railroad | DVD | (13/11/2000) from £4.84  |  Saving you £-15.25 (-109.00%)  |  RRP £13.99

    Thomas, as anyone familiar with the eponymous, wildly popular TV series knows, is a very useful engine, and never more so than in his first theatrical release, which was a modest box-office success. On a tank filled with little more than pluck, determination and goodwill, Thomas sets out full-steam ahead on a danger-fraught mission to help his friend Mr Conductor. The conductor's stash of magic gold dust has run out, leaving him stranded on the Island of Sodor with Junior, his flaky cousin, and Lily, a little girl enlisted to lift her grandfather out of a funk on nearby Muffle Mountain. When Thomas bravely chugs beyond his hometown tracks' buffers with Lily aboard, he's transported to Muffle Mountain's secret railway and to Lady, a long-lost steamer whose legendary engine makes her more powerful than Diesel, the train-yard bully. Together, Thomas and Lady lead Diesel on a chase that causes a bridge to collapse, taking the dastardly Diesel down with it. Most impressive about the movie is its marquee names: Alec Baldwin works magic as the dutiful worrywart Mr Conductor, Mara Wilson is Lily and Peter Fonda plays the cool-looking but lugubrious Grandpa. It's a cast that will keep put-upon parents watching, if half-heartedly. Thomas fans of five years and under, meanwhile, will wish the actors wouldn't blow so much hot air; they will want to see their hero a bigger part in steaming up the storyline. --Tammy La Gorce

  • Ponyo Steelbook [Blu-ray + DVD] Ponyo Steelbook | Blu Ray | (25/11/2013) from £17.69  |  Saving you £5.00 (16.70%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Welcome to a world of magic and adventure! Academy Award-winning Director Hayao Miyazaki (2002 Best Animated Feature Spirited Away) brings to life in stunning high-definition the heart-warming and imaginative retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's classic fairytale The Little Mermaid. A young boy named Sosuke (Frankie Jonas) rescues a goldfish named Ponyo (Noah Cyrus) and they embark on a fantastic journey of friendship and discovery. Under the sea Ponyo's father the Wizard Fujimoto (Liam Neeson) is desperate for his daughter to return to their undersea home and uses his magic to bring her back much to Ponyo's dismay. But Ponyo ever the stubborn little goldfish longs to return to her special friend. She magically transforms herself into a little girl and finds her way back to Sosuke's house but accidentally stumbles upon her father's magical 'Water of Life' and triggers a gigantic storm. Now balance must be restored to the world they all cherish. Special Features: Storyboards and Trailers Introducing Ponyo: Intro by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall Interviews: Hayao Miyazaki - Toshio Suzuki Hayao Miyazaki by John Lasseter Featurettes: The Five Geniuses Who Created Ponyo Behind the Microphone: The Voices of Ponyo Creating Ponyo Ponyo and Fujimoto The Nursery Scoring Miyazaki The Producer's Perspective: Telling the Story The Locations in Ponyo Japanese TV Spots Dubbing Session and Interview with Japanese Cast Music Video of the Theme Song

  • Babar Babar | DVD | (26/02/2007) from £12.99  |  Saving you £-13.00 (-130.10%)  |  RRP £9.99

    A collection of Babar's greatest outings! Babar King Of The Elephants: When Babar's mother is tragically killed he finds a new life in the city surrounded by friends who teach him many important lessons. Then when Babar returns to the jungle he is crowned king of a happy peaceful city. A Charmed Life: Burdened by the heavy demands of running his kingdom and looking after his family Babar wishes that he was not King. To his surprise and dismay his is granted his wish. Celesteville has become Rataxesville! Boys Will Be Boys: When Babar sets off with Uncle Arthur and Zephir to renew a childhood treasure hunt Rataxes seizes the opportunity to try and beat him to it. Alexander The Great: Alexander's flying skills get him into hot water when he crash lands his plane in the jungle and makes friends with a tribe who invite him for dinner! Uncle Arthur And The Pirates: When Uncle Arthur the world traveller and adventurer shows up at the palace his tall stories propel Babar's children into getting themselves mixed up in a dangerous dock side escapade. The Unsalted Sea Serpent: When a mysterious creature is sighted in the Celesteville lake Babar calls upon a famous undersea explorer to help him protect it from the clutches of Rataxes.

  • Fantasia (DVD + Blu-ray, with DVD Packaging) Fantasia (DVD + Blu-ray, with DVD Packaging) | Blu Ray | (08/11/2010) from £8.96  |  Saving you £0.90 (3.90%)  |  RRP £22.99

    Groundbreaking on several counts, not the least of which was an innovative use of animation and stereophonic sound, this ambitious Disney feature has lost nothing to time since its release in 1940. Classical music was interpreted by Disney animators, resulting in surreal fantasy and playful escapism. Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra provided the music for eight segments by the composers Tchaikovsky, Moussorgsky, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Ponchielli, Bach, Dukas and Schubert. Not all the sequences were created equally, but a few are simply glorious, such as "Night on Bald Mountain", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "The Nutcracker Suite". The animation ranges from subtly delicate to fiercely bold. The screen bursts with colour and action as creatures transmute and convention is thrust aside. The painstaking detail and saturated hues are unique to this film, unmatched even by more advanced technology. --Rochelle O'Gorman

  • Power Rangers - Dino Thunder: Collision Course Power Rangers - Dino Thunder: Collision Course | DVD | (18/07/2005) from £20.00  |  Saving you £-8.01 (-66.80%)  |  RRP £11.99

    A spin-off of the popular 'Power Rangers' children's TV show 'Dino Thunder' features a team of kids who discover ancient rocks that give them the ability to transform themselves into superheroes. With the help of manufactured dinosaurs they fight mutants created by an evil paleontologist. In these episodes a meteor crashes to earth and changes the Power Rangers' personalities. Conner normally a star soccer player has mysteriously turned into the scholarly type. Hardly the fashion

  • Happy Feet 2/Yogi Bear/Legend Of The Guardians Triple Pack (Blu-Ray 3D)[Region Free] Happy Feet 2/Yogi Bear/Legend Of The Guardians Triple Pack (Blu-Ray 3D) | Blu Ray | (08/10/2012) from £25.99  |  Saving you £5.41 (17.20%)  |  RRP £31.4

    <b>Happy Feet 2</b> The sequel to <i>Happy Feet</i>, the Academy Award-winning animated smash hit, <i>Happy Feet Two</i> returns audiences to the magnificent landscape of Antarctica. Mumble, The Master of Tap, has a problem because his tiny son, Erik, is choreo-phobic. Reluctant to dance, Erik runs away and encounters The Mighty Sven - a penguin who can fly! Mumble has no hope of competing with this charismatic new role model. But things get worse when the world is shaken by powerful forces...

  • Tangled / Snow White [Blu-ray] Tangled / Snow White | Blu Ray | (23/05/2011) from £23.99  |  Saving you £4.00 (14.30%)  |  RRP £27.99

    Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: No film in history has captured the world's imagination like Walt Disney's first full-length animated masterpiece. Through Astonishing Blu-ray... high definition technology experience this timeless classic in its most spectacular presentation ever! With an all-new state-of-the-art digital restoration and Disney Enhanced High Definition sound the breathtaking animation and unforgettable music of the most revered Disney film of all time will enthral you like never before! Join the beautiful princess Snow White as she escapes her jealous stepmother the queen and befriends a lovable group of dwarfs. But when she falls under the queen's wicked spell only true love's kiss can save her. Tangled: Disney presents a new twist on one of the most hilarious and hair-raising tales ever told. Your whole family will get tangled up in the fun excitement and adventure of this magical motion picture. When the kingdom's most wanted - and most charming - bandit Flynn Rider hides in a mysterious tower the last thing he expects to find is Rapunzel a spirited teen with an unlikely superpower - 70 feet of magical golden hair! Together the unlikely duo sets off on a fantastic journey filled with surprising heroes laughter and suspense. Let your hair down and get ready to cheer for Tangled!

  • Bambi / Bambi 2 [DVD] Bambi / Bambi 2 | DVD | (07/02/2011) from £16.95  |  Saving you £5.00 (19.20%)  |  RRP £25.99

    The forest comes to life with Bambi's two-movie box set. As morning light breaks across the meadow and new life awakens Bambi's critically acclaimed coming-of-age story begins. And now you can experience all the magic and wonder of Disney's most endearing animated classic with this exciting two-movie collection-including Bambi: Diamond Edition and Bambi 2: Special Edition. Bambi: The wonder music and majesty of one of Walt Disney's greatest triumphs comes alive with a new enhanced digital restoration! Now Bambi Walt Disney's beloved coming-of-age story will thrill a new generation of fans with its breathtakingly beautiful animation soaring music and characters who will touch your heart - Bambi the wide-eyed fawn his playful pal Thumper the loveable skunk Flower and wise Friend Owl. Plus new bonus features including Inside Walt's Story Meetings - Enhanced Edition take you deeper into the world of this timeless classic than ever before! Walt Disney's Bambi is an experience you and your family will never forget! Bambi 2: All your favourite friends are back - Bambi Thumper Owl Flower and Faline - in this magnificent Special Edition of Bambi 2. Celebrate the unbreakable bonds of family and the power of friendship as the story of one of Disney's most beloved characters continues. Return to the forest and join Bambi as he reunites with his father The Great Prince who must now raise the young fawn on his own. But in the adventure of a lifetime the proud parent discovers there is much he can learn from his spirited young son. Crafted in the breathtaking animation style of the original masterpiece and bursting with enchanting songs and new immersive bonus features as well as new characters Bambi 2 is an unforgettable coming-of-age tale that will reign forever as a modern-day movie classic!

  • Dennis The Menace And Gnasher - Vol. 2 Dennis The Menace And Gnasher - Vol. 2 | DVD | (17/05/2004) from £29.98  |  Saving you £-23.99 (-400.50%)  |  RRP £5.99

    More cartoon capers with Dennis the Meance and his trusty canine cohort Gnasher. Featuring Dennis Sitting and three other stories - Haunted House Oil Strike and Mauled.

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Ultimate Edition) - Double Play (Blu-ray + DVD)[Region Free] Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Ultimate Edition) - Double Play (Blu-ray + DVD) | Blu Ray | (21/11/2011) from £25.99  |  Saving you £7.00 (21.20%)  |  RRP £32.99

    Beset by nightmares that leave his scar hurting more than usual, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is all too happy to escape his disturbing dreams by attending the Quidditch World Cup with his friends Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson). But something sinister ignites the skies at the Quidditch campsite; the Dark Mark, the sign of the evil Lord Voldemort. It's conjured by his followers, the Death Eaters, who haven't dared to appear in public since Voldemort was last seen thirteen years ago - the night he murdered Harry's parents.Harry longs to get back inside the safe walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Professor Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) can protect him. But things are going to be a little different this year. Dumbledore announces that Hogwarts will host the Triwizard Tournament, one of the most exciting and dangerous of the wizarding community's magical competitions. One champion will be selected from each of the three largest and most prestigious wizarding schools to compete in a series of life-threatening tasks in pursuit of winning the coveted Triwizard Cup...

  • Legend of the Guardians (Blu-ray 3D) Legend of the Guardians (Blu-ray 3D) | Blu Ray | (11/04/2011) from £9.48  |  Saving you £4.42 (14.70%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Adapted from the popular series of children's books by Kathryn Lasky Guardians Of Ga'Hoole finds a group of barn owls facing an evil that wants to destroy their forest and so must fight together to keep their home. While Soren dreams of someday joining his heroes his older brother Kludd scoffs at the notion and yearns to hunt fly and steal his father's favor from his younger sibling. But Kludd's jealousy has terrible consequences-causing both owlets to fall from their treetop home and right into the talons of the Pure Ones. Now it is up to Soren to make a daring escape with the help of other brave young owls. Together they soar across the sea and through the mist to find the Great Tree home of the legendary Guardians of Ga'Hoole-Soren's only hope of defeating the Pure Ones and saving the owl kingdoms.

  • Spider-Man - Return Of The Green Goblin [2002] Spider-Man - Return Of The Green Goblin | DVD | (09/12/2002) from £21.98  |  Saving you £-5.99 (-37.50%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Featuring the following four animated episodes which build into one great story: The Spot: Former Stark Industries employee Dr. Jonathan Ohn invents a portable piece of interdimensional technology that accidentally turns him into a living breathing portal. He calls himself The Spot and embarks on a stealing spree. Soon his unstable invention threatens to engulf all of New York if Spider-Man doesn't hurry to the rescue. Goblin War: When Dr.Ohn's invention falls into the wrong hands all the criminal masterminds of the city vie for the portal technology. Meanwhile Peter Parker and Mary Jane are celebrating Felecia Hardy's engagement to Jas McEndale when they overhear plans for a major heist. Spider-Man leaps into action! Turning Point: With the portal unit in the greedy hands of The Green Goblin Norman Osborn tricks Peter into becoming Spider-Man to fight him off. Meanwhile The Green Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane and flies to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Can Spider-Man stop the Green Goblin's merciless wrongdoing? Guilty: Spider-Man's friend Robbie Robertson is caught at the scene of a crime by Spider-Man himself. It appears that Robbie is running a gang of dirty thieves. Spider-Man is torn between how he feels about his friend and what he has discovered...

  • The Flintstones - Season 3 The Flintstones - Season 3 | DVD | (04/06/2007) from £22.20  |  Saving you £7.79 (26.00%)  |  RRP £29.99

    ""Flintstones meet the Flintstones They're the modern stone-age family From the town of Bedrock They're a page right out of history Let's ride with the family down the street Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet When you're with the Flintstones Have a yabba-dabba-doo time A dabba-doo time You'll have a gay old time!"" This box set features all the episodes of The Flintstones Season 2. Originally released as an animated version of The Honeymooners. Hanna-Barbera's classic cartoon series has ofetn been credited as an inspiration for The Simpsons. . Living in the town of Bedrock modern stone-age family Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their goofy best-friend neighbours Barney and Betty Rubble comically trudge through prehistoric daily lives populated by animals-cum-household-appliances with refreshingly sophisticated zaniness and humor. Yabba dabba doo indeed! Episodes comprise: 1. Dino Goes Hollyrock 2. Fred's New Boss 3. Invisible Barney 4. Bowling Ballet 5. The Twitch 6. Here's Snow in Your Eyes 7. The Buffalo Convention 8. The Little Stranger 9. Baby Barney 10. Hawaiian Escapade 11. Ladies Day 12. Nuttin' But the Tooth 13. High School Fred 14. Dial S for Suspicion 15. Flash Gun Freddie 16. The Kissing Burglar 17. Wilma the Maid 18. The Hero 19. The Surprise 20. Mother-In-Law's Visit 21. Foxy Grandma 22. Fred's New Job 23. The Blessed Event 24. Carry On Nurse Fred 25. Ventriloquist Barney 26. The Big Move 27. Swedish Visitors 28. The Birthday Party

  • The New Pink Panther Show - Vol. 1 The New Pink Panther Show - Vol. 1 | DVD | (02/02/2009) from £24.99  |  Saving you £2.00 (6.70%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Created by Friz Freleng for the title sequence of the 1964 Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers comedy classic the Pink Panther appeared in many theatrical cartoons won an ACADEMY AWARD'' (Short Subject Cartoon) for The Pink Phink (1964) and starred in five television series. The New Pink Panther Show provides him with a speaking voice (Matt Frewer) for the first time. Well-written and artistically animated The New Pink Panther Show also includes vintage The Ant and the Aardvark cartoons plus new characters voiced by such comic favorites as Ruth Buzzi John Byner Dan Castellaneta Joe Piscopo Charles Nelson Reilly Wallace Shawn and Jo Anne Worley.

  • Moribito - Guardian Of The Spirit Part 1 [DVD] Moribito - Guardian Of The Spirit Part 1 | DVD | (06/09/2010) from £21.69  |  Saving you £3.30 (13.20%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Moribito: Guardian Of The Spirit - Part 1 (2 Disc Set)

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