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  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Ultimate Edition) - Double Play (Blu-ray + DVD)[Region Free] Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Ultimate Edition) - Double Play (Blu-ray + DVD) | Blu Ray | (21/11/2011) from £25.99  |  Saving you £7.00 (21.20%)  |  RRP £32.99

    Director David Yates ramps up the tension as the series draws ever closer to the final battle in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. Harry's sixth and penultimate year at Hogwarts is his darkest and most troubling yet. Can he find a way to defeat Voldemort and save all he holds dear? Voldemort is tightening his grip on both the Muggle and wizarding worlds and Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven it once was. Harry suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle. Together they work to find the key to unlock Voldemort's defences and, to this end, Dumbledore recruits his old friend and colleague, Professor Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadbent), whom he believes holds crucial information. Meanwhile, as teen hormones rage across the ramparts, Harry finds himself more and more drawn to Ginny, but so is Dean Thomas. And Lavender Brown has decided that Ron is the one for her, only she hadn't counted on Romilda Vane's chocolates! That's not forgetting Hermione, simmering with jealousy but determined not to show her feelings. As romance blossoms, one student remains aloof. He is determined to make his mark, albeit a dark one. Love is in the air, but tragedy lies ahead and Hogwarts may never be the same again.

  • Superman - Vol. 1 Superman - Vol. 1 | DVD | (19/09/2005) from £20.00  |  Saving you £-15.01 (-300.80%)  |  RRP £4.99

    Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and first appeared in June 1938 in the first issue of Action Comics. He became the hero of his own cartoon series in 1941 with Fleischer Studios turning out 17 highly rated episodes over the space of two years. The first cartoon cost $50 000 to make whilst the remaining 16 were given a $30 000 budget each. Episodes Comprise: 1. Superman - 26/9/41 2. Mechanical Monsters - 28/11/41 3. Billion Dollar Limited - 9/1/42 4.

  • Transformers - Season 1 Transformers - Season 1 | DVD | (11/10/2004) from £19.99  |  Saving you £3.58 (14.30%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Remastered episodes of season 1! 1. More Than Meets The Eye (Part 1) 2. More Than Meets The Eye (Part 2) 3. More Than Meets The Eye (Part 3) 4. Transport To Oblivion 5. Roll For It 6. Divide And Conquer 7. Fire In The Sky 8. S.O.S. Dinobots 9. Fire On The Mountain 10. War Of The Dinobots 11. The Ultimate Doom: Brainwash (Part 1 of 3) 12. The Ultimate Doom: Search (Part 2 of 3) 13. The Ultimate Doom: Revival (Part 3 of 3) 14. Countdown To Extinction 15. A Plague Of Ins

  • Oban Star Racers: Cycle 1 Oban Star Racers: Cycle 1 | DVD | (10/11/2008) from £24.99  |  Saving you £-10.00 (-66.70%)  |  RRP £14.99

    A unique fusion of Japanese animation and western sci fi styling Oban was the number one rating show on Jetix and the number two show on Toonatik. Once every 10 000 years the Great Race of Oban takes place. The greatest racers in the galaxy meet to compete in an intergalactic pod racing competition to win a mysterious prize - and the balance of power within the Galaxy. Fourteen year old Molly finds herself propelled into representing the Earth in the Great Race. With her partner Jordan she struggles to win every stage and the ultimate prize. They must defeat unscrupulous opponents technical disasters and threatening monsters - as well as the ghost of their own past.Their greatest challenge is yet to come as they race towards a powerful and shocking destiny.

  • Original Spider-Man - Season 1 - 3 Complete Box Set [DVD] Original Spider-Man - Season 1 - 3 Complete Box Set | DVD | (21/02/2011) from £29.64  |  Saving you £5.35 (15.30%)  |  RRP £34.99

    Contains all 52 episodes from the original 1967 series!

  • Spy Kids Trilogy [2001] Spy Kids Trilogy | DVD | (27/10/2008) from £12.99  |  Saving you £-9.96 (-55.40%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Spy Kids: Bursting with an awesome array of ultra cool high-tech gadgetry box office smash Spy Kids delivers enough thrilling entertainment to satisfy the entire family. Nine years ago top international spies Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez (Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino) traded the excitement of espionage for the adventure of parenthood. But when they are called out on a secret mission the Cortezes are separated from their family and kidnapped by the evil Fegan Floop. Fortunately there are two people who possess the skills and know-how to reunite the family: Carmen and Juni Cortez their kids. Your family will love every fun-filled second as Carmen and Juni bravely crisscross the globe in a thrilling quest to save their parents. All the while they discover that keeping the family together is the most important mission in the world. Spy Kids 2:The coolest Spy Kids anywhere are back for a huge new adventure! This time Carmen and Juni are on a mission to recover a device that threatens the entire world! They enlist the skills of Mum and Dad (Carlo Gugino and Antonio Banderas) - and even their SPY grandparents (Holland Taylor and Ricardo Montalban) - in a thrilling show of family teamwork. With even more cool gadgets imaginative creatures and awesome special effects... it's a nonstop high-tech adventure for everyone! Spy Kids 3:The Spy Kids are back again. This time their trademark action delivers a motion picture event that pushes family fun to the next level. Secret agents Juni (Daryl Sabara) and Carmen Cortez (Alexa Vega) set out on their most mind-blowing mission yet: a journey inside the virtual reality world of a video game where awe-inspiring graphics and creatures come dangerously to life. As they face escalating challenges through increasingly difficult levels of the game the Spy Kids must rely on humour high-tech gadgets and the bonds of family in order to stop power-hungry villain (Sylvester Stallone) set on controlling the youth of the world.

  • Aristocats/The Fox And The Hound  (Disney) [1970] Aristocats/The Fox And The Hound (Disney) | DVD | (04/02/2008) from £15.49  |  Saving you £7.73 (27.60%)  |  RRP £27.99

    Aristocats (Dir. Wolfgang Reitherman) (1970): Disney's 20th full-length animated classic The Aristocats is an unforgettable mix of wild adventure colourful characters and jazzy music your family will find absolutely irresistible! The enchanting tale begins in Paris when a kind and eccentric millionairess wills her entire estate to her family - a family of adorable high-society cats. Overhearing her plan Edgar the greedy butler catnaps Duchess the elegant soft-spoken mother and her three mischievous kittens and abandons them in the French countryside. The charming Thomas O' Malley a rough-and-tumble alley cat saunters by and offers to escort them home. Along the way they stop at Thomas' ""pad"" where Scat Cat and his band of swingin' jazz cats perform the memorable ""Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat"". The Fox And The Hound (Dir. Ted Berman & Richard Rich (1981): This highly acclaimed classic blends vibrant animation and breathtaking action to tell the story of two best friends who didn't know they were supposed to be enemies. The fun and adventure begin when a lonely widow adopts an orphaned fox cub named Tod. The mischievous fox soon meets up with Copper an adorable hound puppy. As the innocent pair grow up together in the forest they become inseparable friends. But the day soon arrives when their friendship is put to the test!

  • The Gruffalo The Gruffalo | DVD | (11/10/2004) from £5.95  |  Saving you £-7.01 (-54.00%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Fantastic live stage show adventure!Based on the award-winning children's book by Julia Donaldson with illustrations by Axel Scheffler The Gruffalo comes to magical musical life in this live stage show.Join Mouse on an adventurous journey through the deep dark wood in this wonderful adaptation of the much loved story.Mouse can scare hungry animals with tall stories of the terrifying Gruffalo but what happens when Mouse comes face to face with a real Gruffalo?Songs laughs and interactive fun. Let your imagination run wild...

  • Kiki's Delivery Service [1989] Kiki's Delivery Service | DVD | (10/11/2003) from £22.99  |  Saving you £-5.00 (-27.80%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Rarely does a film touch so many hearts or reach such artistic heights as the enchanting and highly acclaimed animated adventure Kiki's Delivery Service...a story of magic wonder and discovery you'll long remember and cherish.It's easy to fall in love with Kiki a gentle and kind-hearted young witch who soars away on her broomstick to practice witchcraft for a year as tradition calls for. Along with her wisecracking black cat Jiji Kiki settles in a picturesque seaside town and starts a high-flying delivery service. Here begins her magical encounter with independence and responsibility making lifelong friends and sharing in an extraordinary adventure with a boy named Tombo as she finds her place in the world.Breathtaking animation with exquisite attention to detail bursts into a stunning feast for the eyes in this imaginative full-length feature. From creator Hayao Miyazaki hailed as one of today's greatest animators Kiki's Delivery Service transcends all age barriers to delight everyone in your family.

  • The Adventures Of Tintin - Vol. 1 [1990] The Adventures Of Tintin - Vol. 1 | DVD | (28/10/2002) from £20.00  |  Saving you £-0.01 (-0.10%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Created by the Belgian writer and illustrator Georges R''mi (better known to the world at large as Herg'' a name he adopted after the French pronunciation of his initials 'R.G.') Tintin and his faithful wire-haired fox terrier companion Snowy first appeared in 1929 in Le Petit Vingtieme the weekly children's supplement to Brussels-based newspaper Le Vingtieme Siecle. The following year the pair appeared in their first comic book Tintin Reporter In The Land Of The Soviets and have since continued to amuse and entertain children and adults alike the world over having appeared in more than 120 million books published in 45 languages and 50 countries. TINTIN the animated series was produced in 1992 under the careful control of the Herg'' Foundation (the artist himself passed away in March 1983) to ensure faithful adaptations of the original books were made particularly with regard to storyline graphic quality and accuracy and the overall spirit of the characters. In total adaptations of 20 of the 23 books were produced with results that speak for themselves. Starring the eponymous hero his dog and a support cast including the likes of Captain Haddock The Thomson Twins and Professor Calculus amongst others the animated TINTIN is guaranteed to delight longtime Tintin fans at the same time introducing this remarkable character to a whole new audience. Contains the episodes: 'Cigars of the Pharaoh' 'The Blue Lotus' 'Destination Moon' & 'Explorers on the Moon'.

  • Kim Possible: The Secret Files [2003] Kim Possible: The Secret Files | DVD | (09/02/2004) from £12.79  |  Saving you £-8.01 (-66.80%)  |  RRP £11.99

    A Disney animated series which follows the adventures of teenage heroine Kim Possible as she attempts to save the world while undergoing the trials of everyday teendom at high school! Episodes comprise: Attack Of The Killer Bebes Downhill Partners and Crush.

  • Happy Feet Two (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)[Region Free] Happy Feet Two (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) | Blu Ray | (26/03/2012) from £21.99  |  Saving you £8.00 (26.70%)  |  RRP £29.99

    The sequel to Happy Feet, the Academy Award-winning animated smash hit, Happy Feet Two returns audiences to the magnificent landscape of Antarctica. Mumble, The Master of Tap, has a problem because his tiny son, Erik, is choreo-phobic. Reluctant to dance, Erik runs away and encounters The Mighty Sven - a penguin who can fly! Mumble has no hope of competing with this charismatic new role model. But things get worse when the world is shaken by powerful forces. Erik learns of his father's 'guts and grit' as Mumble brings together the penguin nations and all manner of fabulous creatures - from tiny Krill to giant Elephant Seals - to put things right. 2D Special Features: How To Draw A Penguin The Mighty Sven: Happy Feet 2 Sing-A-Long Bridge of Life: Happy Feet 2 Sing-A-Long Papa Oom Mow Mow: Happy Feet 2 Sing-A-Long Running With Boadicea Pink's New Song The Amazing Voices of Happy Feet 2 I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat (Also Available in 3D) Happy Feet 2 Movie App Helping Penguins and Pals

  • Pinocchio [1940] Pinocchio | DVD | (24/03/2000) from £24.99  |  Saving you £-6.00 (-30.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    This legendary animated feature is surely beyond criticism by now and, furthermore, it's unlikely that we'll see such forceful narrative in a kids' cartoon ever again. Disney's treatment of Collodi's story of the little wooden puppet who wants nothing more than to be a real boy is always guaranteed to have audiences entranced. While some of the movie's success is derived from its liberal use of the kind of imagery no children's film-maker would even attempt to get past the storyboard stage today--a mysterious island where children smoke cigars, get drunk and turn into donkeys, a monstrous, malicious sea-creature which is devoid of any trace of cuddliness and a pair of villains who routinely abduct children, to give just a few examples--the characters are depicted with the finest attention to detail, most of the songs have become classics in their own right ("When You Wish Upon a Star" being only one of many) and the graceful, stylised animation positively glows with fine detail. Essential family viewing. --Roger Thomas

  • Down On The Farm Down On The Farm | DVD | (03/03/2008) from £5.99  |  Saving you £-15.01 (-300.80%)  |  RRP £4.99

    Enjoy a wonderful day as the children of Millfield Primary School learn about the different animals found at ash End House Children's Farm. We'll see goats sheep chickens ducks horses and some more unusual animals...

  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Space Vol 1 [DVD] The Girl Who Leapt Through Space Vol 1 | DVD | (25/07/2011) from £6.95  |  Saving you £8.01 (26.70%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Akiha Shihido is the third daughter of the powerful Shishido family. Her older sister Kazane decides to marry Akiha without her consent so naturally she escapes! But Akiha finds herself trapped in a mysterious space colony that is run by an artificial intelligence which is as ridiculous as it is rude : Leopard. The A.I. asks the young girl for help recovering various missing parts that will restore its full power. Now with the help of Konoha a strange ninja-like girl Akiha goes hunting for these mysterious parts facing uncanny enemies and dangerous situations. If her destiny is to become the girl that leapt through space how can she find her life's true calling in this crazy improbable new life?

  • The Tomorrow People - Series 3 The Tomorrow People - Series 3 | DVD | (06/10/2003) from £23.82  |  Saving you £11.17 (31.90%)  |  RRP £34.99

    The Tomorrow People Series 3 collector's Set; 4 Serials - All 13 Episodes. Secret Weapon; The breakout of young Tyso Boswell a new homo superior sets the Tomorrow People off on a mission to investigate Colonel Masters and his Experimental Weapons Establishment. A unit intent on harnessing an using the Tomorrow People's unique powers...for evil. World's Away; Answering the plea of Ambassador Timus Irnok Mosta of the Galactic Federation (a close clone brother of TIM

  • The Mr Men & Little Miss DVD Collection The Mr Men & Little Miss DVD Collection | DVD | (25/10/2010) from £23.29  |  Saving you £26.70 (53.40%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Box Set Comprises: Mr men & Little Miss Complete Series 1 Mr men & Little Miss Complete Series 2 Little Miss Complete Series The Christmas Letter: The Mr Men Christmas Special The Joke is on Miss Naughty and 12 other stories Mr Bump goes on a trip and 12 other stories Little Miss Sunshine brings a smile and 12 other stories Mr Tickle saves the day and 12 other stories A very happy day for Mr Happy and 12 other stories A job for Little Miss Giggles and 12 other stories Mr Strong makes a splash and 12 other stories Mr Small finds a job and 12 other stories

  • Shrek - Special Edition [2001] Shrek - Special Edition | DVD | (16/09/2002) from £20.00  |  Saving you £9.99 (33.30%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Full of verve and wit Shrek is a computer-animated adaptation of William Steig's delightfully fractured fairy tale. Our title character (voiced by Mike Myers) is an agreeable enough ogre who wants to live his days in peace. When the diminutive Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) evicts local fairy tale creatures (including the now-famous Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio and the Gingerbread Man), they settle in the ogre's swamp and Shrek wants answers from Farquaad. A quest of sorts starts for Shrek and his new pal, a talking donkey (Eddie Murphy), where battles have to be won and a princess (Cameron Diaz) must be rescued from a dragon lair in a thrilling action sequence. The story is stronger than most animated fare but it's the jokes that make Shrek a winner. The PG rating is stretched when Murphy and Myers hit their strides. The mild potty humour is fun enough for the 10-year-old but will never embarrass their parents. Shrek is never as warm and inspired as the Toy Story films, but the realistic computer animation and a rollicking soundtrack keeps the entertainment in fine form. Produced by DreamWorks, the film also takes several delicious stabs at its cross-town rival, Disney. --Doug Thomas, Amazon.com On the DVD: DVD could have been invented to showcase Shrek's stunning computer animation--admirably served here by 16:9 anamorphic widescreen presentation--while the exuberant soundtrack comes alive in 5.1 Dolby Digital. There are plenty of extras to choose from on this DVD, from The Tech of Shrek and fake Character Interviews to the amusing Swamp Karaoke Dance Party featuring the whole cast. However, none of these features have much depth, nor do they last long and it would be easy to feel slightly disappointed--were it not for the excellent Shrek's ReVoice Studio. This first-of-its-kind feature requires a computer running Microsoft Windows 98SE or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, an Internet connection and a DVD-ROM drive. However, once the DVD-ROM is up and running, the instructions could not be clearer and within minutes the whole family will be dubbing their voices over favourite characters and scenes--rendering the other extras almost irrelevant.--Helen Baker

  • Redwall - Slagar The Slaver [2000] Redwall - Slagar The Slaver | DVD | (10/05/2004) from £21.98  |  Saving you £-11.99 (-120.00%)  |  RRP £9.99

    The story of Redwall - created by Brian Jacques - continues. A few years have passed and brave Matthias and Cornflower now have a son Mattimeo. He is young and mischievous and is quite a pawful for his parents but is well loved by all at Redwall Abbey. When cunning Slagar kidnaps the children of the abbey it is up to Matthias and his friends to chase after them. Meanwhile there are developments at the abbey where Abbot Mordalfus has a dream. Episodes Comprise: 1.Slagar Th

  • Legend of the Guardians (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + UV Copy)[Region Free] Legend of the Guardians (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + UV Copy) | Blu Ray | (16/07/2012) from £13.31  |  Saving you £3.44 (11.50%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Acclaimed filmmaker Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) makes his animation debut with this fantasy adventure based on the beloved books by Kathryn Lasky. Young owl Soren marvels at his father’s epic stories of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, mythic winged warriors who fought a great battle to save all owlkind from the evil Pure Ones. When he and brother Kludd fall from their treetop home and into the talons of the Pure Ones, it’s up to Soren to make a daring escape with the help of other brave owls. Together they seek the Great Tree, home of the Guardians –the only hope of defeating the Pure Ones and saving the owl kingdoms. The stellar voice cast includes Abbie Cornish, Miriam Margolyes, Helen Mirren, Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess and Hugo Weaving.

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