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  • 3 Film Box Set: Hop / Despicable Me / The Grinch [DVD] 3 Film Box Set: Hop / Despicable Me / The Grinch | DVD | (26/09/2011) from £3.26  |  Saving you £21.73 (87.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Titles Comprise:Hop: Blending state of the art animation with live action, Hop is a comedy about E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand), the teenage son of the Easter Bunny. On the eve of taking over the family business, E.B. leaves for Hollywood in pursuit of his dream of becoming a drummer. He encounters Fred (James Marsden), an out-of-work slacker with his own lofty goals, who accidentally hits E.B. with his car. Feigning injury, E.B. manipulates Fred into providing him shelter, and Fred finds himself with the world's worst houseguest.Despicable Me: In a happy suburban neighbourhood surrounded by white picket fences with flowering rose bushes, sits a black house with a dead lawn. Unbeknownst to the neighbours, hidden deep beneath this home is a vast secret hideout. Surrounded by an army of tireless, little yellow minions, we discover Gru (Steve Carell), planning the biggest heist in the history of the world. He is going to steal the moon (Yes, the moon!) to prove to his Mum (Julie Andrews) that he is better than the other super-villains, especially the new kid on the block, Vector (Jason Segal).Gru delights in all things wicked. Armed with his arsenal of shrink rays, freeze guns and battle-ready vehicles for land and air, he vanquishes all who stand in his way. Until the day he encounters the immense will of three little orphaned girls who look at him and see something that no one else has ever seen: a potential Dad.One of the world's greatest super-villains has just met his greatest challenge: three little girls named Margo, Edith and Agnes in the box office hit Despicable Me.The Grinch: A foul-tempered green and hairy creature who lives on Mount Crumpit, the Grinch hates Christmas almost as much as the residents of Whoville, the town at the bottom of his mountain. One night he decides to steal Christmas away from the Whos by taking all their decorations, presents and Christmassy things. However he soon learns a valuable lesson about the true spirit of the festive season!

  • Beatrix Potter Boxset Collection Beatrix Potter Boxset Collection | DVD | (13/11/2006) from £9.90  |  Saving you £0.04 (0.20%)  |  RRP £24.99

    These nine enchanting animated stories feature the voices of Rik Mayall June Whitfield Patricia Routledge Ian Holm Felicty Kendall Hugh Laurie Alan Bennett Richard Wilson Derek Jacobi and Niamh Cusack and many more. Comprises: 1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny 2. The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies & Mrs. Tittlemouse 3. The Tale of Tom Kitten & Jemima Puddle-Duck 4. The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Mr. Jeremy Fisher 5. The Tale of Mr. Toad: The Further Adve

  • Inspector Gadget/Inspector Gadget 2 [1999] Inspector Gadget/Inspector Gadget 2 | DVD | (03/11/2008) from £4.29  |  Saving you £13.70 (76.20%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Inspector GadgetWowser! Disney's Inspector Gadget turbo charges to life in a wild adventure comedy with a thousand moving parts. During a daring rescue attempt, John Brown (MATTHEW BRODERICK), a naive and clueless security guard, experiences the wrath of Dr. Claw (RUPERT EVERETT). Jumping at the chance to put her robotics expertise to the test, the brilliant Dr. Brenda Bradford (JOELY FISHER) transform him into Inspector Gadget - the ultimate crime-fighting tool. And Gadget is going to need every techno-trick reduces our hero to spare parts and wreaks havoc on the world. Nonstop action, seamless special effects and a gazillion gizmos make Inspector Gadget a hilarious techno-thrill ride the whole family will enjoy over and over again.Inspector Gadget 2Get ready for more wild adventures packed with double the special effects, double the gadgets and double the fun of the original! Just when things are quieting down in Riverton, everything goes wrong. Inspector Gadget is put on probation. Claw stages a daring escape from prison and plots a new Crime of the Century. And the Mayor unveils a new and improved G2 - an all-robot, all-tech, all-female gadget! Could it get any worse for our hero? Mishaps, miscues stakeouts and showdowns ensue as Inspector Gadget (French Stewart - Love Stinks) and G2 (Elaine Hendrix - The Parent Trap) set off to go-go save the world with a little help from their friends - Brain, niece Penny and the wildly tricked-out Gadgetmobile!

  • Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses/Swan Lake Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses/Swan Lake | DVD | (16/10/2006) from £9.59  |  Saving you £15.40 (61.60%)  |  RRP £24.99

    A box set of animated adventures starring Barbie!

  • Bambi (Disney) Bambi (Disney) | DVD | (14/02/2005) from £4.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £23.99

    It always comes up when people are comparing their most traumatic movie experiences: "the death of Bambi's mother," a recollection that can bring a shudder to even the most jaded filmgoer. That primal separation (which is no less stunning for happening off-screen) is the centerpiece of Bambi, Walt Disney's 1942 animated classic, but it is by no means the only bold stroke in the film. In its swift but somehow leisurely 69 minutes, Bambi covers a year in the life of a young deer. But in a bigger way, it measures the life cycle itself, from birth to adulthood, from childhood's freedom to grown-up responsibility. All of this is rendered in cheeky, fleet-footed style--the movie doesn't lecture, or make you feel you're being fed something that's good for you. The animation is miraculous, a lush forest in which nature is a constantly unfolding miracle (even in a spectacular fire, or those dark moments when "man was in the forest"). There are probably easier animals to draw than a young deer, and the Disney animators set themselves a challenge with Bambi's wobbly glide across an ice-covered lake, his spindly legs akimbo; but the sequence is effortless and charming. If Bambi himself is just a bit dull--such is the fate of an Everydeer--his rabbit sidekick Thumper and a skunk named Flower more than make up for it. Many of the early Disney features have their share of lyrical moments and universal truths, but Bambi is so simple, so pure, it's almost transparent. You might borrow a phrase from Thumper and say it's downright twitterpated. --Robert Horton

  • Agent Cody Banks / Agent Cody Banks 2 - Destination London [2003] Agent Cody Banks / Agent Cody Banks 2 - Destination London | DVD | (25/10/2004) from £1.99  |  Saving you £13.90 (69.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Agent Cody Banks Cody Banks (Muniz) seems like a typical teenager - he loves skateboarding hates maths his mum drives him crazy and he feels like a complete idiot around girls. But Cody has a really big secret even his family and best friends don't know: he's actually an elite undercover agent for the CIA. Cody is living every kid's dream. Specially trained at a top secret facility disguised as summer camp Cody can drive like a stuntman jump kick like a pro and has an ar

  • Ben 10 - Alien Force - Series 1 - Complete [DVD] Ben 10 - Alien Force - Series 1 - Complete | DVD | (31/05/2010) from £6.80  |  Saving you £13.23 (52.90%)  |  RRP £24.99

    The boy superhero returns to save the world in this spin-off from the original animated series. When he first happened upon the Ominitrix five year ago it gave Ben the power to turn himself into 10 different aliens--each with its own incredible abilities. Ben eventually gave up his role as a defender of Earth and returned to normal life. But when Grandpa Max disappears it sets Ben and his friends on a new course of interstellar adventures.

  • Dr Dolittle Quad Pack [DVD] Dr Dolittle Quad Pack | DVD | (02/09/2013) from £5.99  |  Saving you £11.00 (47.80%)  |  RRP £22.99

    In Dr. Dolittle (1998), as a boy, John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) finds he can talk to animals, but his disapproving father (Ossie Davis) forces him to repress his gift. Now a doctor with a young family, John rediscovers his ability after accidentally running over a dog. He begins to communicate with animals again, and soon has a queue of ailing pets in his waiting room. However, John's colleagues, worried for his sanity, have him committed to an asylum. Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) sees Dolittle (Mur...

  • Britannia High - Series 1 - Complete [2008] Britannia High - Series 1 - Complete | DVD | (27/04/2009) from £10.89  |  Saving you £9.10 (45.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Britannia High is a vibrant exciting contemporary Fame for the noughties and has a host of talent on board. As well as an exceptional cast the show is choreographed by Arlene Philips with the score written by Take That's Gary Barlow and award-winning song writer Guy Chambers.

  • MTV: Beavis & Butt-head Collectors Edition MTV: Beavis & Butt-head Collectors Edition | DVD | (24/09/2007) from £23.35  |  Saving you £26.64 (53.30%)  |  RRP £49.99

    The Beavis & Butthead Complete Collectors Edition is a must-have for any true fan of the series. Featuring The Mike Judge Collection: Volumes 1 2 and 3 plus the Special Collector's Edition of Beavis & Butthead Do America it's surely the cream of the iconic TV series. Each Mike Judge Collection features his favourite episodes all personally hand-picked!

  • Mona the Vampire - Vampire Hunter/Book of the Slimey Mona the Vampire - Vampire Hunter/Book of the Slimey | DVD | (06/10/2008) from £2.43  |  Saving you £3.56 (59.40%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Mona The Vampire Double: Vampire

  • Dastardly And Muttley Complete Collection Dastardly And Muttley Complete Collection | DVD | (02/06/2008) from £9.85  |  Saving you £17.14 (63.50%)  |  RRP £26.99

    Dick Dastardly and his snickering canine co-pilot Muttley plot to stopthat pigeon aboard their World War I flying machines in this popular spinoff of Wacky Races featuring the legendary vocal talents of Paul Winchell (Tigger) and Don Messick (Scooby-Doo). When muttering Muttley (rassuh-frazza-pazza) decides he's finally had enough he flies off into his own fantasy world where he gets to be the boss for a change! So get ready to take off into the wild blue laughter - with a cargo of Fun DVD Bonuses to munch on while in flight!

  • The Chronicles of Narnia Trilogy [DVD] [2005] The Chronicles of Narnia Trilogy | DVD | (29/07/2013) from £15.99  |  Saving you £2.00 (11.10%)  |  RRP £17.99

    The Lion The Witch and the WardrobePrepare to enter another world when Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media present C.S. Lewis' timeless and beloved epic adventure. With the stunningly realistic special effects you'll experience the exploits of Lucy Edmund Susan and Peter four siblings who find the world of Narnia through a magical wardrobe while playing a game of hide-and-seek at the country estate of a mysterious professor. Once there the children discover a charming once peaceful land inhabited by talking beasts dwarfs fauns centaurs and giants that has been turned into a world of eternal winter by the evil White Witch Jadis. Aided by the wise and magnificent lion Aslan the children lead Narnia into a spectacular climactic battle to be free of the Witch's glacial powers forever! Prince CaspianThe magical world of C. S. Lewis' beloved fantasy comes to life once again in Prince Caspian the second installment of The Chronicles of Narnia series. Join Peter Susan Edmund Lucy the mighty and majestic Aslan friendly new Narnian creatures and Prince Caspian as they lead the Narnians on a remarkable journey to restore peace and glory to their enchanted land. Continuing the adventure of The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe with more magic and a brand-new hero Prince Caspian is a triumph of imagination courage love joy and humour your whole family will want to watch again and again. The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderLucy Edmund and cousin Eustace join King Caspian and a noble mouse named Reepicheep aboard a magnificent ship bound for mysterious islands. Soon they confront mystical creatures and reunite with the mighty Aslan on a mission that will determine the fate of Narnia!

  • Flash Gordon - The Adventures Of Flash Gordon Flash Gordon - The Adventures Of Flash Gordon | DVD | (15/08/2005) from £17.95  |  Saving you £-2.96 (-19.70%)  |  RRP £14.99

    This DVD collection features all the episodes from the 1979/1980 television series. Since its creation in 1934 by legendary cartoonist Alex Raymond the ever popular comic strip Flash has set the standard for sci-fi action even inspiring modern day classics like Star Wars. In The Adventures Of Flash Gordon we see him saving the earth from a devastating collision with a runaway comet. Flash is forced to crash land his spaceship on Mongo - a bizarre planet ruled by the tyrannical Emp

  • Madeline / Matilda / A Simple Wish Madeline / Matilda / A Simple Wish | DVD | (03/10/2005) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Madeline (Dir. Daisy von Scherler Mayer 1998): Madeline and her eleven friends live at school run by Miss Clavel (Frances McDormand) in an old house in Paris. The smallest of the girls Madeline is also the most adventurous! She loses her appendix but gains an awesome scare falls into the River Seine only to be rescued by a dog called Genevieve and matches wits with Pepito the devilish son of a Spanish Ambassador who moves in next door. However when stuffy Lord Covington puts the future of the school in jeopardy it's up to Madeline and her friends to save the day! Matilda (Dir. Danny DeVito 1996) Unfortunately for Matilda her father Harry (Danny DeVito) is a used car salesman who bamboozles innocent customers and her mother Zinnia (Rhea Perlman) lives for bingo and soap operas. Far from noticing what a special child Matilda is they barely notice her at all! They bundle Matilda off to Cruncham Hall a bleak school where students cower before the whip hand and fist of a hulking monster headmistress Miss Trunchball (Pam Ferris). But amid Crunchem's darkness Matilda discovers remarkable skills - including a very special talent that allows her to turn the table on the wicked grown ups in her world! A Simple Wish (Dir. Michael Ritchie 1997): Tells the sweet-natured story of Murray a bumbling fairy godfather who has good intentions but not much else. Technically Murray is a fairy godmother--the only male member of the North American Fairy Godmother Association. After barely passing his godmother's exam he is sent to New York City to watch after Anabel a young girl who wishes that her father Oliver will land a part in a Broadway musical so that the family won't have to move to Nebraska. But when the district's previous godmother a nefarious spellcaster named Claudia arrives with her wacky sidekick Boots her plans to cripple Murray and Anabel's magical association and monopolize the wish market wreak havoc on the already unstable Murray. It's up to Murray and Anabel to pool their resources and get rid of Claudia and Boots once and for all. Director Michael Ritchie turns the fairytale knob up a notch with 'A Simple Wish' also taking the time to poke fun at Broadway musicals. Featuring spectacular special effects and an extremely engaging performance by Wilson this is a children's fable with a fresh twist.

  • Mysterious Cities Of Gold Mysterious Cities Of Gold | DVD | (23/06/2008) from £26.99  |  Saving you £28.00 (50.90%)  |  RRP £54.99

    Classic children's animation from the 80's about the sun child Esteban and his quest to find Eldorado the legendary Inca city of gold. Episodes Comprise: 1. Esteban Child of the Sun 2. Crossing the Atlantic 3. Heroes Again 4. Adrift on the Endless Sea 5. The Abduction of Zia 6. The Ship Solaris 7. Secret of the Solaris 8. The New Continent 9. The End of the Solaris 10. Secret of the Temple 11. Messengers of the Region 12. Secret of the Medallions 13. Mystery of the Parents 14. Esteban's Medallion 15. The Subterranean Secret 16. The Urubus 17. The Great Condor 18. Maiden Flight of the Great Condor 19. The Nazca Plateau 20. The Spaniards' Cannon 21. The Amazons 22. The Mirror of the Moon 23. The Jade Mask 24. The Manuscript 25. The Lake of Gold 26. The Swamps 27. The Doors of Night 28. The Forest of Statues 29. The Burning Shield 30. The Escape 31. The Village of the New Sun 32. Attack of the Olmecs 33. The Reunion 34. Revolt of the Mayas 35. The Olmec Machine 36. Aerial Pursuit 37. The City of Gold 38. The Great Legacy 39. End of the City of Gold

  • Dinosaur - Collector's Edition (Disney) (2000) Dinosaur - Collector's Edition (Disney) (2000) | DVD | (26/03/2001) from £5.98  |  Saving you £14.53 (58.10%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Dinosaurs come alive like never before in this costly computer-animated film from Disney. After a breathtaking opening (a dino egg is kidnapped), the film changes style; realistic dinosaurs are given human characteristics and voices. The kidnapped egg grows into an iguanodon named Aladar (voiced by DB Sweeney), who is raised by lemurs (shades of Tarzan) on a lush island void of other dinosaurs. When a meteorite destroys their island home in a thrilling sequence, the lemur family and Aladar become part of a dinosaur troop roaming the mainland deserts looking for the lush nesting grounds (shades of the fourth instalment of the Land Before Time series and Fantasia). Disney's use of cheeky modern slang (one lemur calls himself "a love monkey") is present, as is its typical capital-punishment narrative logic: anyone against our forward-thinking hero (or even disagreeing with him) ends up dead. Curiously, the meanies, a pair of carnotaurs following the group, are nameless and voiceless. This more realistic approach might have been a bigger wow, as in the BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs, which looked extraordinary with only a fraction of the budget. The complexity and scope of Dinosaur's visual scale is impressive, and group shots and a point-of-view angle are stunning. The film should be a favourite for the 6 to 11-year-old set. --Doug Thomas, Amazon.com

  • Torchy The Battery Boy - The Complete Second Series Torchy The Battery Boy - The Complete Second Series | DVD | (26/09/2005) from £10.99  |  Saving you £14.00 (56.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    When Mr. Bumble-Drop builds a walking talking battery powered boy it's the start of a series of magical adventures for Torchy and the toys of Topsy Turvy Land. This charming series from Space Patrol creator Roberta Leigh and 'puppet-maestro' Gerry Anderson paved the way for his pioneering Supermarionation techniques that he later used in series such as Thunderbirds. Features the entire second series comprising: 1. Flopsy Goes On A Picnic 2. Torchy Gets

  • Babe/The Borrowers/Matilda [DVD] Babe/The Borrowers/Matilda | DVD | (14/09/2009) from £9.65  |  Saving you £3.34 (25.70%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Babe (Dir. Chris Noonan 1995): Introducing a barnyard full of captivating characters unlike any you've ever met! There's Farmer Hoggett (James Cromwell); Fly the sheep dog; Rex her shepherding partner; Ferdinanad the quacky duck; Maa the elderly ewe; and the newest addition to Hoggett Farm Babe a most unusual Yorkshire piglet. It's a delightful story the whole family will love! The Borrowers (Dir. Peter Hewit 1998): Follows the adventures of the dauntless tiny Clock family parents Pod (Jim Broadbent) Homily (Celia Imrie) and their kids Peagreen and Arrietty - a family of tiny four inch tall people who live under the floorboards of a big house surviving by borrowing from the Human Bean family upstairs. The Borrowers turn dental floss into tightropes toaster handles into catapults socks into beds stamps into wall posters and when their world is facing extinction - in the form of Ocious P. Potter (John Goodman) their resourcefulness knows no bounds. Matilda: Unfortunately for Matilda her father Harry (Danny DeVito) is a used car salesman who bamboozles innocent customers and her mother Zinnia (Rhea Perlman) lives for bingo and soap operas. Far from noticing what a special child Matilda is they barely notice her at all! They bundle Matilda off to Cruncham Hall a bleak school where students cower before the whip hand and fist of a hulking monster headmistress Miss Trunchball (Pam Ferris). But amid Crunchem's darkness Matilda discovers remarkable skills - including a very special talent that allows her to turn the table on the wicked grown ups in her world!

  • Shirley Temple Collection - Captain January/Dimples/Littlest Rebel/The Little Colonel/Baby Take A Bow/Bright Eyes/Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm/Just Around The Corner/Susannah Of The Mounties Shirley Temple Collection - Captain January/Dimples/Littlest Rebel/The Little Colonel/Baby Take A Bow/Bright Eyes/Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm/Just Around The Corner/Susannah Of The Mounties | DVD | (14/05/2007) from £59.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £49.99

    9 Classic Shirley movies starring America's favourite sweetheart. This special edition collectors tin includes the following films; Captain January Dimples Little Colonel Little Rebel Baby Take A Bow Bright Eyes Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm Just around the Corner Susannah Of the Mounties

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