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  • Thirteen Ghosts / Darkness Falls / Night Of The Living Dead [2002] Thirteen Ghosts / Darkness Falls / Night Of The Living Dead | DVD | (17/05/2004) from £13.98  |  Saving you £6.01 (30.10%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Thirteen Ghosts: The family may have moved in but the ghosts aren't moving out in this special-effects update of William Castle's classic 1960s shocker... Darkness Falls: A young man Kyle (Kley) is considered insane by everyone in town with the exception of his childhood girlfriend Caitlin (Caufield) and her younger brother Michael (Cormie). Kyle must confront his fears and his past to save Michael from the hands of a small town's legendary evil the Tooth Fairy. Night Of The Living Dead - The Remake: It's a new night for terror ... and a new dawn in horror movie-making when special-effects genius Tom Savini (creator of the spectacularly gruesome make-up in 'Friday The 13th' and 'Creepshow') brings modern technology to this colourful remake of George A. Romero's 1968 cult classic. Dead bodies are returning to life and eating human flesh! A group of survivors seeks refuge in a farmhouse hoping to protect themselves from the hordes of advancing zombies. Trapped and alone they fight for their lives... hoping this horrible nightmare will come to an end. Who will survive the night of the living dead?

  • Sherlock Holmes - Classic Collectors Set (Terror/Prelude/Woman/Secret) [DVD] [1942] Sherlock Holmes - Classic Collectors Set (Terror/Prelude/Woman/Secret) | DVD | (07/09/2009) from £14.29  |  Saving you £10.70 (42.80%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Titles Comprise: 1. Terror By Night 2. Prelude To Murder 3. Woman In Green 4. Secret Weapon

  • Laurel & Hardy 3 Disc Box Set [DVD] [1934] Laurel & Hardy 3 Disc Box Set | DVD | (05/04/2010) from £9.99  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Titles Comprise Laurel & Hardy - Flying Deuces Stan and Ollie join the Foreign Legion so that Ollie can forget an unhappy romance. As luck would have it they become involved in attempting to smooth out the messy love affair between an officer and his fianc''e. After being in the Legion for as long as they can take it they want their normal lives back. Ollie insists on their release just as they realise they're going to be shot at sunrise for their rebelliousness. The pair attempt an escape via aeroplane. Lots of laughs nostalgia and action-packed stunts take place including a dance routine to 'Shine on Harvest Moon'. Laurel & Hardy - Utopia In Utopia the last film Laurel and Hardy made together Stan and Ollie fly to London for the reading of Stan's late uncle's will. After Stan's uncle's cash is used to pay the solicitors death duties and tax the only things left are a yacht--and a South Sea island. At the docks the duo get their new boat along with a displaced sailor and a stowaway. Together the four set sail but are soon shipwrecked on an atoll during a storm. There they meet a French singer who is escaping her fiancee. When her annoying husband-to-be turns up unexpectedly he discovers the area to be rich in uranium and soon everyone the land. Hilarious hijinks ensue... Laurel & Hardy - March of the Wooden Soldiers In March Of The Wooden Soldiers Stanley Dum (Stan Laurel) and Ollie Dee (Oliver Hardy) are well-meaning but clueless toymakers in Toyland. They misinterpret an order from Santa Claus for 600 one-foot high toy soldiers producing with 100 six-foot high soldiers instead. But their toy army comes in handy when the evil Barnaby (Henry Brandon) and his furry Bogeymen invade Toyland and capture Mother Peep's daughter Bo (Charlotte Henry). Then it's Stanley and Ollie to the rescue in this Laurel and Hardy classic not to be missed.

  • Audrey Hepburn [1953] Audrey Hepburn | DVD | (05/11/2001) from £15.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £19.99

    For almost 20 years Audrey Hepburn's pixie-like features lit up Hollywood's silver screens with hit after hit and she became not only a screen icon, but also a style icon (with a little help from Givenchy), and still features high in polls of the world's most beautiful women. It's perhaps no surprise, then, that Paramount have chosen to honour her with a box set of some of her best-known films. However, this is only "some of", with the absence of her dazzling performances in Roman Holiday and My Fair Lady, leaving three out of the four films included here lacking in comparison. Breakfast at Tiffany's is the strongest and certainly the best-loved Hepburn film in this collection, offering beautifully comic performances by both Hepburn and her leading man, George Peppard. Funny Face also makes a welcome entry, if only for the wonderful performance by Fred Astaire; Hepburn, though, was not a strong enough dancer to hold her own against Astaire's brilliance. Sabrina holds its own as the Cinderella story of a chauffeur's daughter who turns into a beautiful society girl, but it was clearly a quick and easy vehicle for Paramount to produce in the wake of Hepburn's success in Roman Holiday. The mysterious entry of the collection is Paris When It Sizzles, probably one of Hepburn's least-known and most quirky films, with two parallel love stories played out on the screen. Although not an obvious hit and hard work in places it offers an interesting screwball performance by Hepburn, even if the sparks did not fly with her screen partner William Holden. On the DVD: The Audrey Hepburn Collection offers a nice clean widescreen transfer for three of its movies, but Sabrina is a full-frame transfer that lacks something in comparison. All but Breakfast at Tiffany's (which has a 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack) are mono sound transfers, which is only a real disappointment in Funny Face because of George and Ira Gershwin's score. The special features are also lacking, with only a trailer offered on two of the films and a mildly interesting documentary on Sabrina. The best is the featurette on Funny Face, which charts the success of Paramount in the 1950s, but offers nothing a film fan would not have known already. All in all this is an attractive box set, but perhaps one for the die-hard Hepburn fan only. --Nikki Disney

  • Doctor Who - The Key to Time (Complete Boxset) Doctor Who - The Key to Time (Complete Boxset) | DVD | (24/09/2007) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £69.99

    Join the popular Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and the beautiful Romana on a 26-episode intergalactic treasure hunt for the six segments of the all-powerful Key to Time. Includes all six stories from the popular series: The Ribos Operation The Pirate Planet The Stones of Blood The Androids of Tara The Power of Kroll and The Armageddon Factor.

  • John Barrymore Collection John Barrymore Collection | DVD | (14/04/2008) from £3.43  |  Saving you £0.56 (14.00%)  |  RRP £3.99

    The John Barrymore Collection (3 Discs)

  • Boris Karloff Triple DVD Box Set Boris Karloff Triple DVD Box Set | DVD | (18/03/2008) from £7.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £7.99

    Boris Karloff is recognised as one of the true icons of horror cinema. Born William Henry Pratt on November 23rd 1887 in Camberwell London England he was educated at London University in anticipation that he would pursue a diplomatic career. However he migrated to Canada in 1909 and joined a touring company and adopted the stage name ""Boris Karloff"". He toured for over ten years in a variety of low-budget theatre shows and eventually ended up in Hollywood with very little money to his name. Needing cash to support himself Karloff secured occasional work in the fledgling silent film industry. Eventually along came the role of Mr Wong the distinguished gentlemanly Oriental detective whose detective skills were incomparable.

  • Jean-Luc Godard Box Set - Alphaville/Le Petit Soldat/Une Femme Est Une Femme [1965] Jean-Luc Godard Box Set - Alphaville/Le Petit Soldat/Une Femme Est Une Femme | DVD | (06/09/2004) from £32.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Contains three films by Jean Luc Godard: ALPHAVILLE UNE FEMME EST UNE FEMME and LE PETIT SOLDAT.ALPHAVILLE:With 1965's ALPHAVILLE--part sci-fi action film part noir thriller--the acclaimed French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard achieves a stunningly clinical futurism using absolutely no special visual effects. The result is a moving original film that with its abstract political and intellectual themes essentially redefines the apocalyptic science fiction genre. ALPHAVILLE clearly the product of one of cinema's greatest contributors is nothing less than a bona fide cult classic.UNE FEMME EST UNE FEMME:Godard pays tribute to American musicals in much the same way that his debut feature A BOUT DE SOUFFLE did to American gangster films. The story follows the beautiful Angela (Anna Karina) a strip-tease artist who wants nothing more than to have a baby. Her live-in boyfriend Emile (Jean-Claude Brialy) doesn't want to refuse and risk sparking major friction between the two. However fed up with her constant pleading Emile finally suggests that she shack up with his best friend Alfred (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and much to Emile's dismay she eventually takes his advice. Godard's second feature employs jump cuts and jarring sound mixing--most notably during Karina's strip-tease performances. Godard is at his most affectionate and good-natured here. He also makes several cinematic in-jokes including one in which Belmondo's character mentions that he wants to hurry home to watch A BOUT DE SOUFFLE the film that turned Belmondo into a megastar just one year before. Featuring a magnetically cute performance from Karina who soon after the film became Godard's wife this loving romantic comedy is a dazzler.LE PETIT SOLDAT (1960):Michel Subor stars as Bruno a hitman under contract by the French government who suddenly develops a conscience and a philosophy when he is ordered to kill a left wing Arab leader. His newfound ideals are provoked by the stunning Veronica (Karina) a young woman who is secretly employed by the Arabs. The two fall in love and not surprisingly Bruno finds it impossible to carry out his mission bringing down the wrath of the French government on both he and Veronica. Beautifully filmed by Raoul Coutard LES PETIT SOLDAT is less interested in the mechanics of plot as it is in providing Godard a voice for thoughts and musings on the politics and horrors of the Algerian War. It was originally banned in France because of its frank depiction of torture during Algeria's war of Independence which was tearing France apart at the time of the film's completion.

  • Casablanca (2 Disc Special Edition) [1942] Casablanca (2 Disc Special Edition) | DVD | (07/08/2006) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Casablanca: easy to enter but much harder to leave especially if your name is on the Nazis' most wanted list. Atop that list is Czech resistance leader Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid) whose only hope is Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) a cynical American who sticks his neck out for no one especially Victor's wife Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) the ex-lover who broke his heart. So when Ilsa offers herself in exchange for Laszlo's safe transport out of the country the bitter Rick must decide what's more important - his own happiness or the countless lives that hang in the balance...

  • Psycho Collection 1-3 Psycho Collection 1-3 | DVD | (02/10/2006) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Psycho: The classic Hitchcock thriller involving a series of murders at a lonely motel where the deaths are attributed to the mother of the young owner. (Dir. Alfred Hitchcock 1960) (Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono - English Spanish French) Psycho 2: Norman Bates is coming home after spending 22 years in a mental institution. He plans to renovate the old Bates Motel the place where his first murders occurred... (Dir. Richard Franklin 1983) (Dolby Digital 5.1 - English French German ; Dolby Digital 2.0 - Italian Spanish) Psycho 3: The Bates Motel is again the site of some nasty doings as the rehabilitated Norman who has installed a new ice machine attempts to put his life back together. But old habits die hard... (Dir. Anthony Perkins 1986) (Dolby Digital 5.1 - English French Italian ; Dolby Digital 2.0 - German Spanish)

  • Kirk Douglas Collection Kirk Douglas Collection | DVD | (14/04/2008) from £7.99  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £7.99

    The Kirk Douglas Collection (3 Discs)

  • Doris Day [1955] Doris Day | DVD | (03/10/2005) from £12.99  |  Saving you £17.02 (34.00%)  |  RRP £49.99

    A bumper box set of films featuring America's sweetheart Doris Day! Young At Heart (Dir. Gordon Douglas 1954): Barney Sloan (Frank Sinatra) is a cynical down-on-his-luck musician who reluctantly agrees to help his composer friend Alex Burke (Gig Young) with a new comedy he is working on. However Barney gains a new perspective on life and love when he meets Alex's irrepressibly perky fiancee Laurie (Doris Day) - and promptly falls in love with her! A musical remake of

  • 100 Years of Universal - Limited Edition 100 Movie Collection Box Set [DVD] [1930] 100 Years of Universal - Limited Edition 100 Movie Collection Box Set | DVD | (19/11/2012) from £259.99  |  Saving you £59.54 (14.90%)  |  RRP £399.99

    Celebrate 100 Years of Universal Studios with this Limited Edition 100 Movie Collection Box Set. In 2012, Universal Studios celebrates its 100th anniversay, and as part of the year long Centennial celebration, Universal have put together this magnificent collection of film's from the studio's rich legacy, beginning with the 1930s and Universal's first Best Picture Oscar winner All Quiet on the Western Front, all the way through to last year's most popular releases including the critical and commerical hits Bridesmaids and Senna. Along the way, Universal's releases have included the classic Monster films from the 30s to the 40s (including Dracula and Bride of Frankenstein), Award-winning films such as To Kill A Mockingbird and The Sting as well as many great films from great filmmakers such as Peter Kackson (The Frighteners and King Kong), Ridley Scott (Gladiator and Robin Hood), Orson Welles (Citizen Kane and Touch of Evil), Martin Scorsese (Casino) and Steven Spielberg (Duel, Jaws, E.T. and Schindler's List). From drug kingpins to King Kong, from toga parties to deadly sharks, from loveable extraterrestrials to fearsome dinosaurs, from gladiators to 40-year-old virgins, Universal has kept audiences laughing and crying, cheering and covering our eyes for a glorious century. This box set comes in a stunning hard-bound book of 25 double-page spreads (with four DVDs contained on each spread and many rare photos from Universal's library) as well as an exclusive poster featuring all 100 titles. Titles included (in alphabetical order): 8 Mile (2002) The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) Airport (1970) All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) American Graffiti (1973) American Pie (1999) An American Werewolf in London (1981) Apollo 13 (1995) Atonement (2007) Back to the Future (1985) Being John Malkovich (1999) The Big Lebowski (1998) Billy Elliot (2000) The Birds (1963) The Blues Brothers (1980) Born on the Fourth of July (1989) The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) The Breakfast Club (1985) The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Bridesmaids (2011) Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) Carlito's Way (1993) Casino (1995) Charade (1963) Children of Men (2006) Citizen Kane (1941) Coraline (2009) Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) Despicable Me (2010) Do the Right Thing (1989) Double Indemnity (1944) Dracula (1931) Duck Soup (1933) Duel (1971) E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) The Fast and the Furious (2001) Fast Times in Ridgemont High (1982) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Field of Dreams (1989) Frankenstein (1931) The Frighteners (1996) Gladiator (2000) Happy Gilmore (1996) Harvey (1950) High Plains Drifter (1973) Holiday Inn (1942) The Holiday (2006) Hot Fuzz (2007) Hulk (2003) In Bruges (2008) The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) Inglourious Basterds (2009) The Invisible Man (1933) It Came From Outer Space (1953) It's a Wonderful Life (1946) Jaws (1975) The Jerk (1979) Jurassic Park (1993) Kick-Ass (2010) King Kong (1933) King Kong (2005) Knocked Up (2007) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) Love Actually (2003) Mamma Mia! (2008) Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983) The Mummy (1932) The Mummy (1999) National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) Notting Hill (1999) Out of Africa (1985) Parenthood (1989) Pillow Talk (1959) Psycho (1960) Public Enemies (2009) Quadrophenia (1979) Ray (2004) Reality Bites (1994) Rear Window (1954) Road to Morocco (1942) Robin Hood (2010) Scarface (1932) Scarface (1983) Schindler's List (1993) Senna (2010) Shakespeare in Love (1998) Shaun of the Dead (2004) Sixteen Candles (1984) Smokey and the Bandit (1977) Spartacus (1960) The Sting (1973) Sullivan's Travels (1941) The Thing (1982) To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) Touch of Evil (1958) Twelve Monkeys (1995) United 93 (2006) Vertigo (1958) Waterworld (1995) The Wolf Man (1941)

  • Grace Kelly Collection Grace Kelly Collection | DVD | (09/03/2009) from £7.99  |  Saving you £8.00 (50.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Grace Kelly Collection

  • Carry on [30 Disc Box Set] Carry on | DVD | (20/11/2006) from £45.00  |  Saving you £154.99 (77.50%)  |  RRP £199.99

    This box set features a veritable campsite of bawdy comedic treats from the Carry On crew! Includes: 1. Carry On Abroad (1972) 2. Carry On Again Doctor (1972) 3. Carry On Doctor (1967) 4. Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1966) 5. Carry On England (1976) 6. Carry On Follow That Camel (1967) 7. Carry On Matron (1972) 8. Carry On at Your Convenience (1971) 9. Carry On Behind (1975) 10. Carry On Camping (1969) 11. Carry On Dick (1974) 12. Carry On Emmanuelle (1978) 13. Carry On Girls (1973) 14. Carry On Henry (1971) 15. Carry On Holiday 16. Carry On Loving (1970) 17. Carry On Up The Jungle (1970) 18. Carry On up the Khyber (1968) 19. Carry On Sergeant (1958) 20. Carry On Nurse (1959) 21. Carry On Teacher (1959) 22. Carry On Constable (1960) 23. Carry On Regardless (1961) 24. Carry On Cruising (1962) 25. Carry On Cabby (1963) 26. Carry On Jack (1963) 27. Carry On Spying (1964) 28. Carry On Cleo (1964) 29. Carry On Cowboy (1965) 30. Carry On Screaming! (1966)

  • Dreamgirls/Grease/Grease 2 Dreamgirls/Grease/Grease 2 | DVD | (06/10/2008) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Dreamgirls: This film follows the rise of a trio of women who have formed a promising girl group - The Dreamettes. At a talent competition they get the opportunity of a lifetime: to become the back-up singers for headliner James 'Thunder' Early. Though the Dreams become a crossover phenomenon they soon realize that the cost of fame and fortune may be higher than they ever imagined... Grease: John Travolta solidified his position as the most versatile and magnetic screen presence of the decade in this film version of the smash hit play Grease. Recording star Olivia Newton-John made her American film debut as Sandy Travolta's naive love interest. The impressive supporting cast reads like a who's who in this quintessential musical about the fabulous '50's. Grease is not just a nostalgic look at a simpler decade - it's an energetic and exciting musical homage to the age of rock n'roll! Grease 2: It's 1961 two years after the original gang graduated from Rydell High and there's a new crop of seniors. The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds are still the epitome of cool except that over the summer something's happened to Stephanie the sorority leader. She feels she's outgrown Johnny the head T-Bird and is looking for a new love - one who's even more cool and whose bike is even hotter. Meanwhile newcomer Michael is smitten with Stephanie who won't even notice him... The conflict is on and the Rydell High fun takes off to new heights.

  • Rodgers And Hammerstein Rodgers And Hammerstein | DVD | (05/11/2002) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £59.99

    Released as part of the celebrations marking composer Richard Rodgers' centenary in 2002, this Rodgers and Hammerstein collection contains the film versions of State Fair (1945), Oklahoma! (1955), Carousel (1956), The King and I (1956), South Pacific (1958), and The Sound of Music (1965). By the time these pictures were made, the Broadway originals had become the standards by which all else was judged in a golden age of musical theatre. And while film versions tend to dilute the books, there are still threads of darkness for those who require a more varied texture. But it's the fabulous songs which really count. Rodgers' partnership with lyricist Oscar Hammerstein was cemented by their 1945 cinematic joint effort State Fair, rushed into production by 20th Century Fox in response to MGM's all-conquering Meet Me in St Louis and with a similarly folksy theme. Directed by Walter Lang, it's a charmingly flimsy affair with some delightful numbers. Oklahoma!, directed by Fred Zinnemann, features Agnes de Mille's renowned choreography, irresistible songs and two outstanding performances from unlikely musical actors: film noir siren Gloria Grahame playing against type as Ado Annie, the girl who can't say "no", and Rod Steiger as the menacing but tragic Jud. Carousel, the morally dubious tale of fairground barker and wife-beater Billy Bigelow (Gordon MacRae) who gets a chance to redeem himself after death, is crammed with great melodies including the tear-jerking anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone". South Pacific, which contains perhaps the most spine-tingling songs penned by Rodgers and Hammerstein--"Some Enchanted Evening" is just one--a wartime love story which also manages to touch on racism and morality; anything but lightweight. Both The King and I and The Sound of Music, of course, have become cinematic legends in their own right, thanks in no small part to their leading ladies, Deborah Kerr and Julie Andrews. On the DVD: Rodgers and Hammerstein's classic musicals glow as freshly as if they were made yesterday in four of these DVD transfers, with the other two a disappointment in comparison. South Pacific, Carousel, The King and I and The Sound of Music are offered in widescreen, giving the full benefit of the original Cinemascope presentations. Oklahoma!'s titles are presented in widescreen, but unforgivably the film then reverts to a disappointing 4:3 format which hardly does justice to the big sky settings of the Scope original. The sound quality is also disappointingly muffled for Oklahoma! and State Fair, both of which are crying out for a good polish. --Piers Ford

  • Shakespeare Box Set Shakespeare Box Set | DVD | (23/07/2007) from £8.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £27.99

    Titles Comprise: Romeo & Juliet: (Dir.Baz Luhrmann 1996) Baz Luhrmann's dazzling and unconventional adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic love story is spellbinding. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes portray Romeo and Juliet the youthful star-crossed lovers of the past. But the setting has been moved from its Elizabethan origins to the futuristic urban backdrop of Verona beach. A Midsummer Night's Dream: (Dir.Michael Hoffman 1999) A stellar cast brings S

  • The Prisoner - The Ultimate Set [DVD] [1967] The Prisoner - The Ultimate Set | DVD | (25/10/2010) from £45.35  |  Saving you £54.64 (54.60%)  |  RRP £99.99

    The Prisoner: The Ultimate Set

  • Twilight Zone - Series 5 B And W Twilight Zone - Series 5 B And W | DVD | (13/11/2006) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £59.99

    There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow between science and superstition and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call...The Twilight Zone! All the episodes from Season 5!

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