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  • More Northern Comedy More Northern Comedy | DVD | (18/08/2008) from £21.55  |  Saving you £3.44 (13.80%)  |  RRP £24.99

    This 3 DVD Box Set Contains: The Gay Dog: Raving Beauty is the name of Jim Gay's (Wilfred Pickles) racing greyhound. With the big race only days away Jim pretends that Raving Beauty is in bad shape in order to lengthen its odds and clean up at the bookies. But keeping up the pretence with his wife daughter the whole street and the inveterate gamblers played by Jon Pertwee and Peter Butterworth is no easy task. The Penny Pool/Stick Em' Up: The Penny Pool features Duggie Wakefield and his Crazy Gang who come to the assistance of young lovers Tommy Bancroft and Renee Harland who have been sacked from their jobs for filling in The Penny football pools during work hours. But the Crazy Gang's assistance is not always useful! Stick Em Up: Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss team up again as a pair of inept private detectives who are engaged to save a young man who is charged with murder from the gallows. With detectives like this pair on his side the young man will be lucky to escape with his life! School For Randle: School caretaker 'Flatfoot' Mason (Frank Randle) a former Music-Hall artiste harbours a secret. He has a daughter Betty (Terry Randall) who unbeknownst to her was adopted when his wife died. Now a teenager she's a pupil at the school and this causes complications when the staff feel that Randle is being 'over attentive' to Betty. Told to steer clear of her Randle reluctantly agrees but Betty thinks he's rejecting her and decides to run away to make her name in showbusiness. Randle assisted by his fellow caretakers (Mancunian Studio regulars Dan Young and Alec Pleon) trace her to a seedy carbaret club. Disguising themselves as The Three Who Flungs Chinese acrobat troupe the Mancunian trio try to persuade Betty to come home...

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