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  • Janacek - Cunning Little Vixen (Animation) Janacek - Cunning Little Vixen (Animation) | DVD | (01/10/2004) from £4.49  |  Saving you £15.50 (77.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Janacek - Cunning Little Vixen (Animation)

  • Mick Flavin - The Essential Collection [DVD] Mick Flavin - The Essential Collection | DVD | (28/03/2011) from £2.99  |  Saving you £10.00 (77.00%)  |  RRP £12.99

    To celebrate over 20 years at the top of the Irish Country Music scene, Dolphin are proud to release this special 3 DVD set – The Essential Mick Flavin Collection.3 DVD’s featuring many great hits.

  • 5036369811792 [DVD] 5036369811792 | DVD | (26/09/2011) from £4.99  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £4.99

    Founded in 1967, Tangerine Dream is the single most significant act in the history of electronic music. Their groundbreaking albums in the early seventies paved the way for a whole range of keyboard driven acts and they continue to influence the genre to this day. This DVD was filmed at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on 25 October 1992 during the Rockoon tour. The concert film, directed by Michael Boydstun, features the live concert intercut with behind the scenes footage and incorporates the films and graphics used as backstage projections during the show to dramatic effect. Track List: 1) Two Bunch Palms2) Dolls In The Shadow3) Treasure Of Innocence4) Oriental Haze5) Graffiti Street6) Backstreet Hero7) Phaedra8) Love On A Real Train9) Hamlet10) Purple Haze11) Logos

  • It s Everly Time It s Everly Time | DVD | (14/02/2011) from £4.55  |  Saving you £0.44 (8.80%)  |  RRP £4.99

  • Status Quo - Videobiography [DVD] Status Quo - Videobiography | DVD | (10/06/2013) from £4.39  |  Saving you £1.60 (26.70%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Celebrating the incredible 40 year career of one of the UK s most enduring rock bands. Featuring classic songs including Rockin All Over The World, Roll Over Lay Down, Caroline, Down Down, Whatever You Want and more.

  • Earth Wind And Fire: Live By Request [DVD] [2012] Earth Wind And Fire: Live By Request | DVD | (05/11/2012) from £4.41  |  Saving you £-0.42 (-10.50%)  |  RRP £3.99

    NOTICE: Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk DOES NOT have English audio and subtitles.

  • King Creole King Creole | DVD | (18/05/2009) from £4.55  |  Saving you £0.44 (8.80%)  |  RRP £4.99

  • Beat Beat Beat-the Yardbirds Beat Beat Beat-the Yardbirds | DVD | (14/07/2008) from £4.85  |  Saving you £0.14 (2.80%)  |  RRP £4.99

    Beat Beat Beat was a German music programme that ran during the sixties. Volume eleven in the Beat Beat Beat series of DVDs features a rare performance from the British rock band The Yardbirds. Taped in March 1967 the line up at this time featured Jimmy Page on guitar. The band performs just four songs including the hit singles Over Under Sideways Down and Shapes Of Things alongside Happenings Ten Years Time Ago and Im A Man. Tracklist: 1.Shapes 2.Happenings Ten Years Ago 3.Over Under Sideways Down 4.I'm A Man

  • The Kinks - The Story of [DVD] The Kinks - The Story of | DVD | (09/04/2012) from £3.99  |  Saving you £8.00 (66.70%)  |  RRP £11.99

    Formed in 1964 in North London by Brothers Ray and Dave Davies, The Kinks incredible career spanned over three decades. To this day they are still recognised as one of the most important and influential bands of the era. Hitting the big time with their third single “You Really Got Me” the band went on to release a series of critically acclaimed albums. Not only hugely successful in their own right they were also inspiration for many other bands in the late 70’s and 80’s with the likes of Van Halen, The Jam and The Pretenders all covering their songs. In the 1990’s even the likes of Blur and Oasis cited them as a major influence on their own sound. Using archive footage and interviews with Ray Davies, former Managers Larry Page and Robert Wace this fascinating programme tells the story of this great band. Also featured is music footage of some of the bands greatest tracks including You Really Got Me Going, Tired of Waiting for You, Set me Free, Sunday Afternoon, Waterloo Sunset, Lola, Plastic Man, Dead End Street, Mr Pleasant and Apeman. The Kinks are without doubt one of the UK’s greatest rock bands and this is their incredible story.

  • Frank Sinatra - A Legend In Concert [DVD] Frank Sinatra - A Legend In Concert | DVD | (11/04/2011) from £1.21  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

  • Mahalia Jackson Mahalia Jackson | DVD | (20/02/2008) from £4.75  |  Saving you £0.24 (4.80%)  |  RRP £4.99

  • 12 Deadly Cyns...and Then Some [DVD] 12 Deadly Cyns...and Then Some | DVD | (25/11/2010) from £3.99  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £3.99

    Tracklisting:01 Girls Just Want To Have Fun02 Time After Time03 She Bop04 Money Changes Everything (Live in Houston)05 Change Of Heart06 True Colors07 What's Going On08 I Drove All Night09 The World Is Stone10 I'm Gonna Be Strong11 Who Let In The Rain12 That's What I Think13 Sally's Pigeons14 Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun)

  • Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Lunatic Magnets [1993] Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Lunatic Magnets | DVD | (23/02/2009) from £4.29  |  Saving you £4.70 (52.30%)  |  RRP £8.99

    Formed in the West Midlands in 1987 Ned s Atomic Dustbin were named after an episode of The Goon Show. The Ned's slotted perfectly into the indie rock scene which was flourishing in the late 80's and early 90's in the UK with their guitar heavy thrash gaining widespread approval. Their fanatically loyal fanbase became known for adding a stage diving/moshing general mayhem feel to their gigs and the Ned's toured and added vibrancy to dates with The Wonder Stuff Mega City Four Senseless Things Jesus Jones and many others. Despite 5 Top 40 singles in the early 90's the band went their own ways in 1995 but reformed in 2000 for a Christmas show in Dudley West Midlands returning to their roots. The show was an enormous success and has been repeated every year since. This DVD was shot in 1993 and was their first scripted movie and contains 3 UK top 40's together with 2 overseas Top 40 hits. Tracklist: 1. Trust 2. Scrawl (New) 3. Grey Cell Green (U.S Promo) 4. Spring (New) 5. Not Sleeping Around 6. Intact 7. Walking Through Syrup 8. Who Goes First 9. Featuring Mr. Baine Jakey

  • Hollywood Singing & Dancing The 1960s [DVD] [2008] Hollywood Singing & Dancing The 1960s | DVD | (28/03/2011) from £4.05  |  Saving you £5.94 (59.50%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Although lavish productions such triumphed at the box office as the 1960s progressed Hollywood musicals embraced rock and roll music.

  • The Mission - Sum And Substance The Mission - Sum And Substance | DVD | (25/08/2008) from £4.25  |  Saving you £4.74 (52.70%)  |  RRP £8.99

    The Mission were formed in 1986 from the freshly dissolved Sisters Of Mercy the Mission was one of the seminal gothic rock bands of their decade they were led by Wayne Hussey. Sum And Substance is an extensive compilation covering their best years and originally released on VHS in 1994 Tracklisting: 1. Intro - Tadeusz 2. Serpents Kiss 3. Stay With Me 4. Wasteland 5. Severina 6. Tower Of Strength 7. Beyond The Pale 8. Kingdom Come 9. Butterfly On A Wheel 10. Deliverance 11. Into The Blue 12. Never Again 13. Like A Child Again 14. Tower Of Strength (1994) 15. Beyond The Pale (Armageddon Mix) 16. Outro - Forever More

  • Anthrax - Oidivnikufesin [1987] Anthrax - Oidivnikufesin | DVD | (18/08/2008) from £4.52  |  Saving you £4.47 (49.70%)  |  RRP £8.99

    One of the most popular bands of the 1980's thrash metal scene Anthrax are notable for combining metal with rap and hardcore music early on. This DVD features there 1987 concert from the Hammersmith Odeon. Tracklisting 1. Intro. I Just Can't Turn You Loose 2. Among The Living 3. Caught In A Mosh 4. Metal Thrashing Mad 5. I Am The Law 6. Madhouse 7. Indians 8. Medusa 9. NFL 10. Armed And Dangerous 11. AIR/I'm The Man/AIR 12. Gung Ho

  • Rick James Super Freak Live 1982 [DVD] Rick James Super Freak Live 1982 | DVD | (26/09/2011) from £2.98  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £4.99

    Rick James was a true larger than life character, as famous for his electric live performances as he was for the trouble he got into off stage. He arrived on the Motown label in the late seventies and reinvigorated the company with a string of hit singles and albums and his outrageous style and personality. This concert filmed for the German TV series Rockpalast came on the back of his multi-platinum selling 1981 album “Street Songs” which contained what would become his signature track “Super Freak”, later converted by MC Hammer into the global hit “U Can’t Touch This”. Rick James died at the age of just 56 in August 2004. We will probably never see his like again but this DVD shows just what an amazing live performer he was. Track List: 1) Intro2) Ghetto Life3) Big Time4) All Day All Night5) Freaky6) Fire It Up7) Love Gun8) Guitar Solo9) Harp Solo (Call Me Up)10) Big Day11) Standing On The Top12) Mary Jane13) Mary Jane March14) You And I15) Give It To Me Baby16) Super Freak

  • Green Day -The Only Rhyme That Bites [DVD] [2005] Green Day -The Only Rhyme That Bites | DVD | (19/10/2009) from £2.73  |  Saving you £2.51 (41.90%)  |  RRP £5.99

    This dvd traces the bands history from their earliest days as part of the san franciscan punk underground to achieving widespread recognition

  • Hollywood Singing & Dancing Movies That Rocked N Rolled [DVD] [2011] Hollywood Singing & Dancing Movies That Rocked N Rolled | DVD | (28/03/2011) from £4.05  |  Saving you £5.94 (59.50%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Hollywood movies and rock music have been happily married for nearly 60 years. Movies That Rocked and Rolled! takes you on a journey through the most rocking riveting and raucous films ever made. Movies That Rocked and Rolled! gives you the entire history of rock and the movies.

  • The Andy Williams Show The Andy Williams Show | DVD | (24/04/2006) from £4.79  |  Saving you £3.20 (40.10%)  |  RRP £7.99

    Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall on 11th December 1978 and featuring the London Symphony Orchestra, this is the world famous Andy Williams Show live in London. The ultimate live performer, Andy's has always been a show not to miss, so take your seats and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

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