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  • London's Burning - Series 1-7 - Complete [DVD] [1986] London's Burning - Series 1-7 - Complete | DVD | (19/10/2009) from £41.57  |  Saving you £58.42 (58.40%)  |  RRP £99.99

    London's Burning: Series 1 - 7 (20 Discs)

  • Due South: The Complete Series Boxset (Repackaging) [DVD] Due South: The Complete Series Boxset (Repackaging) | DVD | (29/11/2010) from £30.98  |  Saving you £49.01 (61.30%)  |  RRP £79.99

    Benton Fraser - an uptight Canadian mountie with a bizarre way of doing things - comes to Chicago in an attempt to find out who killed his father. After solving the murder he decides to stick around and work for the local Canadian consulate. Making friends with the local detective Ray Vecchio a cynical man with a distrust of the outdoors Benton is often confused by how things are done south of the border and adversely Vecchio is equally perplexed by the mountie's approach to police work. This beast of a box set features every episode from all three seasons.

  • The A-Team - Series 3 The A-Team - Series 3 | DVD | (22/05/2006) from £34.99  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £34.99

    ""In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem if no one else can help and if you can find them maybe you can hire the A-Team!"" Everybody's favourite soldiers of fortune return in Season Three of The A-Team! Join Templeton

  • Seijun Suzuki's The Taisho Trilogy Limited Edition [Blu-ray] Seijun Suzuki's The Taisho Trilogy Limited Edition | Blu Ray | (24/07/2017) from £32.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    HAUNTING, HYPNOTIC, FLAMBOYANT, EROTIC, BIZARRE... SUZUKI! After over a decade in the wilderness following his firing from Nikkatsu for Branded to Kill (1967), maverick director Seijun Suzuki returned with a vengeance with his critically-praised tryptic of cryptic supernatural dramas set during the liberal enlightenment of Japan s Taisho Era (1912-26). In the multiple Japanese Academy Award-winning Zigeunerweisen (1980), two intellectuals and former colleagues from military academy involve their wives in a series of dangerous sexual games. In Kageroza (1981), a playwright is drawn like a moth to a flame to a mysterious beauty who might be a ghost, while Yumeji (1991) imagines the real-life painter-poet Takehisa Yumeji s encounter with a beautiful widow with a dark past. Presented together on Blu-ray for the first time outside of Japan, the films in the Taisho Trilogy are considered Suzuki s masterpieces in his homeland. Presenting a dramatic turn from more his familiar tales of cops, gangsters and unruly youth, these surrealistic psychological puzzles drip with a lush exoticism, distinctively capturing the pandemonium of a bygone age of decadence and excess, when Western ideas, fashions, technologies and art fused into everyday aspect of Japanese life.

  • Bergerac - The Complete Collection [DVD] Bergerac - The Complete Collection | DVD | (14/12/2009) from £34.99  |  Saving you £55.00 (61.10%)  |  RRP £89.99

    Jim Bergerac (Nettles) is a recovering alcoholic divorcee and father to a young daughter. He is a Detective Sergeant with the Bureau des Etrangers a department for non-residents on the Channel Island of Jersey. Jim a true maverick likes doing things his own way and consequently doesn't always carry out his investigations in the traditional manner the way his boss might like... Now you can own every episode from every series of the Jersey-based detective series on DVD!

  • Howards' Way - The Complete Collection [DVD] Howards' Way - The Complete Collection | DVD | (02/11/2009) from £30.99  |  Saving you £49.00 (61.30%)  |  RRP £79.99

    Maurice Colborne (Gangsters) stars as Tom Howard recently made redundant as an aircraft designer who decides to ply his trade in the world of boats instead; taking the reigns at a run-down local construction yard. A family of considerable wealth and prestige the Howards struggle to come to terms with Tom's decision and the changing circumstances of their lives.

  • The Films of Michael Haneke (10 discs) [DVD] The Films of Michael Haneke (10 discs) | DVD | (07/11/2011) from £32.99  |  Saving you £42.00 (56.00%)  |  RRP £74.99

    This deluxe box set features ten of Haneke's masterpieces - now including the Palme d'Or-winning 'The White Ribbon' - and follows the sell-out success of 2009's 'Essential Michael Haneke' collection.71 Fragments of a Chronology of ChanceBenny's VideoThe CastleCode UnknownFunny GamesHiddenThe Piano TeacherThe Seventh ContinentTime of the WolfThe White Ribbon

  • Jacques Tati Collection [Blu-ray] Jacques Tati Collection | Blu Ray | (21/07/2014) from £32.00  |  Saving you £37.99 (54.30%)  |  RRP £69.99

    A legendary filmmaker. 6 FEATURE FILMS. 7 SHORT FILMS. 1 TREMENDOUS ADVENTURE When we ask filmmakers across the world to name a French film director who has changed how they look at film and at t world, all or nearly all of them say with a smile, Jacques Tati. From short films to feature films, music hall to road-movie, Jacques Tati draws us into hisquirky and poetic universe. Step into the ring to face Roger in Soigne Ton Gauche (Keep Your Left Up), be invited into the festive Big Top in Parade, pedal faster and faster to deliver the post in L'Ecole des Facteurs (The School for Postmen) and Jour de Fête (The Big Day), embark ona journey across Europe in a revolutionary Renault in Trafic (Traffic), enjoy a well-deserved revitalising holiday with Monsieur Hulot, let Mon Oncle (My Uncle) guide you around the old neighbourhood of Saint-Maur and the ultramodern Arpel villa, and experience a virtual visitof Paris in the incredible PlayTime. Bon voyage! THE FILMS JOUR DE FÃ?TE LES VACANCES DE MONSIEUR HULOT MON ONCLE PLAYTIME TRAFIC PARADE THE SHORT FILMS ON DEMANDE UNE BRUTE - 1934 GAI DIMANCHE - 1935 SOIGNE TON GAUCHE - 1936 L'Ã?COLE DES FACTEURS - 1946 COURS DU SOIR - 1967 DÃ?GUSTATION MAISON - 1976 FORZA BASTIA - 1978

  • Shameless - Series 1-7 - Complete [DVD] [2003] Shameless - Series 1-7 - Complete | DVD | (17/05/2010) from £36.35  |  Saving you £63.64 (63.60%)  |  RRP £99.99

    Welcome to a hectic world of sexual adventures triumphs love scams and a fair bit of crime on a rough Manchester housing estate where wheel-less cars are the norm and the moving ones are stolen. Titles Comprise: Series 1: Blisteringly funny offbeat drama following the rollercoaster lives and loves of an anarchic family from Manchester. Meet the Gallaghers. Mum went AWOL years ago Dad stayed at home with the six children only to hit the bottle. And sometimes the kids... The real head of the family is big sister Fiona (20) who looks after Carl (11) Debbie (9) and baby Liam (3). She is occasionally helped more often hindered by reluctant virgin 'Lip' (16) and the actively gay but very private Ian (15). Series 2: Seven months on from the first series and Manchester's favourite son Frank Gallagher is expecting another addition to the clan this time with his agoraphobic lover Sheila. On the back of a fiddled insurance claim the Gallagher children have extended their home into the house next door. Underage Ian's married Muslim lover Kash is being pressured by wife Yvonne to have 'thermometer sex' to inseminate her. Meanwhile loved up next-door neighbours Veronica and Kev have their own family crisis with Veronica's rampant mum Carol and troubled brother Marty living with the Gallaghers since Marty burnt their house down. Series 3: The critically acclaimed and brilliantly funny drama from award-winning writer Paul Abbott features the Chatsworth Estate's Gallaghers probably the UK's most dysfunctional family. Head of the family Frank embarks on a series of adventures with his remarkably well-balanced children Fiona Lip Ian Debbie Carl and Liam - not forgetting the other two with Frank's valium-fuelled lover Sheila. Series 4: Frank is sent into a spin when mum Monica turns up claiming to be back for good. Surely the house is not big enough for her and Sheila? Lip is juggling with parenting and Ian is looking for love. Carl is busy on a secret crime spree while Debbie decides to interview potential boyfriends. Carol is still having trouble keeping her legs and mouth shut while Kash is happy screwing the council. Meanwhile the Maguires have moved in next door. After a stint in prison Jamie Maguire returns and sparks fly with barmaid Karen. Series 5: The multi-award winning Shameless is back with a bang - and a sizzle when Frank accidentally urinates on a generator electrocuting his privates. In series five things turn from bad to worse when in hospital he's told he has a heart condition and doesn't have long to live. Meanwhile Lip returns home from University and is followed closely by his new girlfriend much to Mandy's dismay. And he's not the only one with relationship issues: Ian very nearly finds love Carl continues with his sexploits and the quiet outsider Debbie surprises everyone by falling head over heels. The Gallagher family look set to grow when Monica falls pregnant; it's just as well they're keeping the numbers up see. Series 6: Head of the family in name only is Dad Frank - a feckless charmless self-pitying unemployed bully - a model father. Since mum went AWOL dad hit the bottle leaving his six remarkably well-balanced children Fiona Lip Ian Debbie Carl and Liam to fend for themselves. But the Gallaghers need not worry anymore now they've teamed up with the local gangsters the Maguires who continue to explode the myth of a conventional family. Series 7: Life as normal on the Chatsworth estate.

  • The Saint - The Monchrome Episodes The Saint - The Monchrome Episodes | DVD | (25/09/2006) from £36.21  |  Saving you £63.78 (63.80%)  |  RRP £99.99

    Roger Moore is Simon Templar better known as The Saint. The Saint out-swindles the swindlers for the good of the little guy: he's handsome charming suave and sophisticated! This is an 18 disc set containing all the monochrome adventures of The Saint!

  • Six Feet Under 1-5 : The Complete DVD Collector's Edition Six Feet Under 1-5 : The Complete DVD Collector's Edition | DVD | (10/04/2006) from £48.86  |  Saving you £112.13 (69.70%)  |  RRP £160.99

    Every Day Above Ground Is A Good One. All the episodes of the quirky drama series created by American Beauty writer Alan Ball that takes a darkly comical look at members of a dysfunctional Pasadena family that runs an independent funeral home. Season 1: 1. Pilot 2. The Will 3. The Foot 4. Familia 5. An Open Book 6. The Room 7. Brotherhood 8. Crossroads 9. Life's Too Short 10. The New Person 11. The Trip 12. A Private Life 13. Knock Knock Season 2:

  • Dawson's Creek - Season 6 Dawson's Creek - Season 6 | DVD | (30/01/2006) from £9.75  |  Saving you £23.01 (65.80%)  |  RRP £34.99

    Dawson (James Van Der Beek) returns to Boston after working as an assistant director in Los Angeles over the summer and reunites with Joey (Katie Holmes) who has spent a relatively angst-free summer in Capeside. However there are plenty of obstacles to overcome for the long-time star-gazers. Meanwhile Pacey is trying to make it in the world of business without selling his soul; Jack worries that Professor Freeman might be aware of his crush; and could Audrey have developed a drin

  • 55 Degrees North - Series 1 And 2 55 Degrees North - Series 1 And 2 | DVD | (26/06/2006) from £32.30  |  Saving you £2.69 (7.70%)  |  RRP £34.99

    Dominic 'Nicky' Cole has a reputation as an ambitious and diligent detective constable. But when he reports on a fellow officer he's promptly transferred to a new station - effectively in disgrace. Nicky takes his uncle and his abandoned nephew with him but finds himself working on the difficult night duty stretch. Often he finds himself looking after cases that his day colleagues have left unsolved - and that in itself brings risk dilemma and danger. The complete Series 1 and

  • A Family At War - Series 3 A Family At War - Series 3 | DVD | (11/07/2005) from £23.99  |  Saving you £36.42 (45.50%)  |  RRP £79.99

    A Family At War is the classic ITV series chronicling the fortunes of the Ashton family living in Liverpool during the Second World War. This eight disc box set features the entire third series.

  • Bones Seasons 1-5 [DVD] Bones Seasons 1-5 | DVD | (18/10/2010) from £36.34  |  Saving you £103.65 (74.00%)  |  RRP £139.99

    Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperence Brennan who works at the Jeffersonian Institution and writes novels as a sideline has an uncanny ability to read clues left behind in a victim's bones. Consequently law enforcement calls her in to assist with murder investigations when the remains are so badly decomposed burned or destroyed that the standard identification methods are useless. Brennan often finds herself teamed with Special Agent Seely Booth (Boreanaz) a former Army sniper who mistrusts science and scientists when it comes to solving crimes...

  • Brideshead Revisited Brideshead Revisited | DVD | (19/09/2005) from £37.95  |  Saving you £2.04 (5.10%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited is a moving tragic story which chronicles the tempestuous journey of Charles Ryder through the tangled and stormy world of the aristocratic Marchmain family. It is an epic tale of his love - for his closest friend Sebastian Flyte for Sebastian's sister Julia Flyte and for an entire way of life. This classic visually stunning TV drama directed by Charles Sturridge and Michale Lindsay-Hogg was adapted for the screen by John Mortime

  • The Godfather Trilogy (5 Disc Box Set) The Godfather Trilogy (5 Disc Box Set) | DVD | (13/11/2006) from £36.99  |  Saving you £13.00 (26.00%)  |  RRP £49.99

    The Godfather: (Disc 1) Considered by many to be the greatest movie ever made Francis Ford Coppola's epic masterpiece features Oscar winner Marlon Brando as the head of the Corleone family. Coppola paints a chilling portrait of a Sicilian family's rise and near fall from power in America and the passage of rites from a father to a son who was previously uninvolved in the business. Godfather Part II: (Disc 2 & 3) The Godfather Part II is one of the rare breed of c

  • Midsomer Murders : The Fifth Collection - A Further 10 Investigations [10 DVD Boxed Set] Midsomer Murders : The Fifth Collection - A Further 10 Investigations | DVD | (10/09/2007) from £29.38  |  Saving you £60.04 (60.00%)  |  RRP £99.99

    This thrilling box set contains a further ten investigations for the two detectives DCI Barnaby and DC Ben jones in a special gift box. Episodes Comprise: 1. Secret For The Goose 2. Midsomer Rhapsody 3. The House In The Woods 4. Dead Letters 5. Vixen's Run 6. Down Among The Dead Men 7. Death In Chorus 8. Country Matters 9. Last Years Model 10. Four Funerals & A Wedding

  • Fred Astaire - Screen Legends Fred Astaire - Screen Legends | DVD | (05/06/2006) from £39.95  |  Saving you £-14.96 (-59.90%)  |  RRP £24.99

    One of the greatest music and dance stars in the history of motion pictures Fred rose from a fairly inauspicious start where a studio exec remarked: ""Can't sing. Can't act. Slightly balding. Can dance a little."" Well his career and achievements speak for themselves. A remarkable talent this box set features 4 of his most-loved films. You'll Never Get Rich (Dir. Sidney Lanfield 1941): After his wife discovers a telltale diamond bracelet impresario Martin Cortland tries to

  • Dawson's Creek: Season 3 Dawson's Creek: Season 3 | DVD | (23/08/2004) from £9.99  |  Saving you £9.00 (20.00%)  |  RRP £44.99

    Jen is a cheerleader and Jack's on the football team. I got sane and everyone else went crazy?" That's how Andie (Meredith Monroe) sums up the topsy-turvy beginning to the third season of Dawson's Creek, in which nothing seems to be as it should and the series takes a major turn. It's junior year at Capeside High, and Jack (Kerr Smith), the town's resident gay teen, is indeed on the football team, and Jen (Michelle Williams) finds herself the object of unexpected and unwelcome popularity among her fellow students, especially the freshman quarterback (Michael Pitt). Pacey (Joshua Jackson) finds that his relationship with Andie can't be restored, and Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey (Katie Holmes), after the events of last year, both think it's for the best that they're no longer together--they just never think it at the same time. Significant events include the friends starting to date outside their circle, Dawson's giving up some of his aspirations, a ! crisis for the school's new principal, a college tour, and the openings of the Potter Bed & Breakfast and Leery Fresh Fish. But the Dawson-Joey relationship is still the heart of the Creek, and it comes to a head in one of the series' most memorable episodes, "The Longest Day," and then the season finale. Even in its first season without series creator Kevin Williamson, Dawson's Creek still had plenty of punch. On the DVDs, executive producer Paul Stupin does his usual commentary track for two episodes, and he's joined by Kerr Smith. They discuss the series itself, Smith's character, and Smith's subsequent career more than the events of the episodes. The second-season DVD set disappointed many fans by replacing a large portion of the music, and that trend continues in the third season, most surprisingly in the loss of Paula Cole's theme song. Instead, the opening credits feature Jann Arden's "Run Like Mad," which was used briefly in the international broadcast. Stupin explains the switch as an attempt to do something different and creative, but then admits there was also "a bit of an economic reality." Fortunately, the DVDs do have John Lennon's "Imagine" and Mary Beth Maziarz's "Daydream Believers"--songs that in dramatic context simply could not have been replaced--and it could be argued that a veteran viewer might skip the opening credits anyway. Still, for many fans, the music made Dawson's Creek what it was, and without all of it--especially the theme song--the DVDs seem like a compromise rather than a permanent keepsake. --David Horiuchi

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