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  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid [DVD] Diary of a Wimpy Kid | DVD | (04/06/2012) from £2.74  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Meet the kid who made wimpy cool in a family comedy based on the best-selling illustrated novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, the first in a series that has thus far sold 24 million copies. Diary of a Wimpy Kid chronicles the adventures of wise-cracking pre-teen Greg Heffley, who must somehow survive the scariest time of anyone's life: middle school.

  • Fred Claus [Blu-ray] [2007] Fred Claus | Blu Ray | (24/11/2008) from £5.20  |  Saving you £18.70 (69.30%)  |  RRP £26.99

    Everybody has that one relative who can't help but cause problems over the holidays. Even Santa. This is a story you've never heard before a hilarious and heartwarming comedy about Fred Claus Santa's brother - and complete opposite. After growing up in a saintly Nick's shadow Fred becomes a grouch who's lost his belief in Christmas. Then one magical December Fred flies north (first class via reindeer) to find brother Nick is in trouble: a scheming efficiency expert is out to shut down Christmas fever! Expect fun by the sleighful as Fred helps save Christmas and rediscovers the gift of family. Join Vince Vaughn Paul Giamatii Miranda Richardson Rachel Weisz Kathy Bates Kevin Spacey and more in a yuletide treat to enjoy for years to come.

  • Little Manhattan [2005] Little Manhattan | DVD | (05/02/2007) from £4.46  |  Saving you £11.53 (72.10%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Nothing's as big as your first love. In Manhattan the 10 years old Gabe (Josh Hutcherson) finds his first love when he meets his former kindergarten mate the eleven years old Rosemary (Charlie Ray) in his karate classes. Confused with his new feelings and with the divorce process of his beloved parents Leslie (Cynthia Nixon) and Adam (Bradley Whitford) he experiences the delightful unknown sensation of being in love for the first time.

  • Creature Comforts Complete Series 2 Creature Comforts Complete Series 2 | DVD | (06/11/2006) from £6.99  |  Saving you £12.04 (60.20%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Double up laughing with a second helping of Creature Comforts! Unscripted and unashamedly funny the British public once again speak through the mouths of their plasticine counterparts! Beast In Show: A rabbit reveals his never ending quest for breeding perfection a Shetland pony shows a tidy set of hooves to impress his girlfriends a competitive pig thinks that good losers are losers and a chicken casts aspersions on the quality of the duck eggs. All bets are off as the biggest and the best lock horns over their rosettes The Brood: Have you ever wondered how a seagull feels when its young leave the nest? Or a monkey copes with teething? Or what happens when an amoeba argues with its mum and dad? From cute and cuddly to teenage tantrums the ups and downs of parenthood. Pet Hates: Did you know that pigs hate having their neck breathed on? Or that the best way to irritate a police horse is to walk like a baboon in front of it?... Feathers and fur flies as temperamental pets reveal what gets their goat. Impressions: How does a hamster sound like a kipper? Does an owl give a hoot? Can a slug imitate a chicken? Animals test their vocal prowess... Animals In The 'Hood: What causes a sewer-dwelling crocodile to settle in Stockton Heath? Why is it important for a barnacle to set up home above the flood line? How do moles cope with unexpected leaks and what does a baby spider think of the long climb to bed? Step out from behind the net curtains and take a peek into some beastly boudoirs. Sport!: A tortoise and hare argue over who is the best loser lemmings point out the drawbacks of cliff-diving scorpions take us through their fast-hand technique and a wrestling mouse shows us how to land properly. Survival of the fittest and other fantastic feats with nature's natural athletes. Monarchy Business: What happens when an Indian elephant breaks into Buckingham Palace? Why do the royal ravens wish the Queen would get a proper job? What do the corgis think about the royal collection and how does Prince Charles' small talk go down with the flora in the royal garden? Royalists rave and republicans rant beneath the union jack. Animal Magnetism: How does a miserable hamster attract a mate? Why do rats find eating sandwiches a turn on? What happens when a royal corgi falls in love with a stray and what makes pigs feel sexy? A soft-centred collection of misty-eyed romantics reveal the art of seduction and the perils of falling in love. Bed Time: What happens if a tortoise suffers from insomnia? How does a woodlouse with adenoid problems stop snoring and why does the Dove of Peace get aggressive if he doesn't get a full night's kip? Nocturnal critters shed light on the workings of the night shift. Self Image: Do Bald Eagles ever feel self-conscious? What does a Sharpei think about his wrinkles? How does a zebra tackle her laughter lines and why are snakes allergic to bananas? Pampered pets pontificate on the pitfalls of personal grooming. Communication: Have you ever wondered what animals are really saying? Well after watching monkeys debate the origins of language a cat contemplate deep sea communication rats arguing over baby talk and a raven getting a grump on you'll probably wish you'd never asked! Safari Park: An itchy-footed meerkat who hitchhikes to Bath a giraffe without a working permit a hyperactive ostrich a territorial gorilla a confused lion a forgetful baboon and a lazy hippo reveal life behind the perimeter fence.

  • A Prairie Home Companion [2006] A Prairie Home Companion | DVD | (04/04/2011) from £4.75  |  Saving you £5.24 (52.50%)  |  RRP £9.99

    On a rainy Saturday night in St. Paul Minnesota fans file into the Fitzgerald Theater to see 'A Prairie Home Companion ' a staple of radio station WLT not knowing that WLT has been sold to a Texas conglomerate and that tonight's show will be the last...

  • Did You Hear About The Morgans? [DVD] Did You Hear About The Morgans? | DVD | (24/05/2010) from £2.22  |  Saving you £17.77 (88.90%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker play an estranged husband and wife, both die-hard New Yorkers; while trying to patch things up, they witness a murder and have to go into witness protection in backwater Wyoming. Encounters with bears, bingo, and rodeo clowns ensue. The fish-out-of-water formula is not particularly inspired, but Grant and Parker are well matched; they're both pros who establish an immediate rapport and comfort with each other, making them persuasive as a married couple who haven't fallen out of love. On top of that, the supporting cast is top-notch: Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) as Parker's snippy assistant, Sam Elliott (Thank You for Smoking) as the Wyoming marshal assigned to protect the neurotic couple, and Mary Steenburgen (Melvin and Howard) as the marshal's tough-as-nails wife are only the most recognizable of the solid ensemble playing the quirky characters surrounding the feuding romantic leads. Writer-director Marc Lawrence previously directed Grant to stronger effect in Music & Lyrics and, in particular, Two Weeks Notice, in which Grant and Sandra Bullock proved surprisingly sparky. --Bret Fetzer

  • Relative Values [2000] Relative Values | DVD | (25/03/2002) from £3.99  |  Saving you £9.00 (69.30%)  |  RRP £12.99

    1950's England. Nigel the eligible earl Of Marshwood announces his engagement to the beautiful Miranda Frayle. Nigel's mother takes the news with a stiff upper lip but privately she's appalled to hear her son and heir is to marry of all things a Hollywood actress! On the other side of the Atlantic meanwhile Miranda's ex movie star Don Lucas toasts the happy couple with a bottle of Jack Daniels before setting off for England determined to reclaim the love of his life... With

  • Win A Date With Tad Hamilton Win A Date With Tad Hamilton | DVD | (03/07/2006) from £4.30  |  Saving you £10.71 (67.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Imagine meeting your favorite big-screen idol and he winds up idolising you! That's what happens to Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) a star-struck small-town girl who wins a date with handsome Hollywood hunk Tad Hamilton (Josh Dushamel). While it may be Rosalee's dream come true it means complete chaos for her best friend Pete (Topher Grace). He's the boy back home who's deeply hopelessly (and secretly) in love with her too...

  • The Devil Wears Prada [Blu-ray] [2006] The Devil Wears Prada | Blu Ray | (15/09/2008) from £6.99  |  Saving you £12.99 (65.00%)  |  RRP £19.98

    A scathing comedy satire of fashionistas and cut-throat corporate excess boasting a grandstanding central turn by Meryl Streep as the ultimate boss from Hell The Devil Wears Prada is based on the novel by Lauren Weisberger who once worked as an assistant to real-life Vogue editor Anna Wintour. In the dizzying world of New York fashion where size zero is the new 2 six is the new 8 and a bad hair day can end a career Runaway magazine is the Holy Grail. Overseen with a finely manicured fist by Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) - the most powerful woman in fashion - Runway is a fearsome gauntlet for anyone who wants to make it in the industry. To make Runway the fashion bible of New York and therefore the world Miranda has let nothing stand in her way - including a long line of assistants that didn't make the cut. It's a job no self-respecting person can survive yet it's an opportunity a million young women in New York would kill for. A stint as Miranda's assistant could blast-open the doors for recent college graduate Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway). More college drab than haute couture she stands alone among the small army of 'Clackers' on staff at Runway - superslim fashion divas clacking their stilettos down the halls of the magazine's Manhattan headquarters. But when Andy comes in for the job it dawns on her that making it in this industry will take more than drive and determination. And her ultimate test stands before her in head-to-toe Prada. Miranda can spin the fashion world like a basketball but has a devil of a time finding and keeping a good assistant. Andy is completely wrong for the job. But she has something the rest of them don't: she refuses to fail. To become the perfect assistant Andy will need to make herself over in Miranda's image. Soon much to her boyfriend's dismay she can talk the talk walk the walk and never again confuse Dolce with Gabbana. But the more of life she sees through Miranda's eyes the more she begins to grasp that Miranda's world is a fabulous but lonely one - and that sometimes great success depends on great sacrifice. But at what cost?

  • Mars Needs Moms [DVD] Mars Needs Moms | DVD | (15/08/2011) from £4.39  |  Saving you £7.60 (63.40%)  |  RRP £11.99

    From Disney and Academy Award-winner Robert Zemeckis (Best Director Forrest Gump 1994) comes the craziest adventure this side of the galaxy- Mars Needs Moms. Take out the trash eat your broccoli - who needs moms anyway? Nine-year-old Milo (Seth Green) finds out how much he needs his mom (Joan Cusack) when she's nabbed by Martians who plan to steal her mom-ness for their own young. In a race against time and oxygen his quest to save her knows no bounds. And with some unexpected help Milo just might fi nd his way back to her - in more ways than one.

  • Sleepover [2004] Sleepover | DVD | (30/05/2005) from £5.58  |  Saving you £7.41 (57.00%)  |  RRP £12.99

    The rules are set. The game is on. After graduating from junior high a group of four friends decide to have a sleepover to celebrate. Hannah (Mika Boreem) Farrah (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Yancy (Kalli Flyn Childress) gather at Julie's (Alexa Vega) parents' house and eagerly discuss plans for their forthcoming first year at high school. Their excitement is soon brought to a halt however when a group of rival girls led by the popular Stacie (Sarah Paxton) challenges them

  • The Fighting Temptations [2003] The Fighting Temptations | DVD | (05/04/2004) from £3.99  |  Saving you £12.00 (75.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

    A New York advertising executive (Gooding Jr.) travels to a small Southern town to collect an inheritance but finds that before he can collect he must create a gospel choir and lead it to success!

  • A Prairie Home Companion [2006] A Prairie Home Companion | DVD | (25/06/2007) from £19.99  |  Saving you £-4.01 (-25.10%)  |  RRP £15.99

    On a rainy Saturday night in St. Paul Minnesota fans file into the Fitzgerald Theater to see 'A Prairie Home Companion ' a staple of radio station WLT not knowing that WLT has been sold to a Texas conglomerate and that tonight's show will be the last...

  • Furry Vengeance [Blu-ray] Furry Vengeance | Blu Ray | (30/08/2010) from £2.89  |  Saving you £18.10 (86.20%)  |  RRP £20.99

    When Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) uproots his family to the Oregon woods to build an 'eco-friendly' housing development he thinks his biggest problem will be keeping his family happy. But his job puts him top of the local animals' hit list as the feisty creatures set out to teach Dan that green isn't just the colour of money!

  • Something New [2006] Something New | DVD | (03/08/2009) from £4.31  |  Saving you £8.68 (66.80%)  |  RRP £12.99

    She had it all under control. Except her heart. Kenya McQueen (Sanaa Lathan) thought she had it all: a successful career good friends and family. There was just one thing she didn't have under control: her love life. All that changes when she meets sexy free-spirited Brian Kelly (Simon Baker). But when her ideal man (Blair Underwood) arrives on the scene Kenya must decide between the relationship everyone expects and the romance no one expected.

  • Pink Panther [Blu-ray] [2006] Pink Panther | Blu Ray | (19/01/2009) from £4.99  |  Saving you £11.00 (61.10%)  |  RRP £17.99

    The Pink Panther diamond is missing.... And the world's greatest detective is solving the case one mistake at a time. In this modern remake of the beloved 1964 comedy classic Steve Martin re-invents the role of Inspector Clouseau a man with limited deductive powers a frightening command of the English language and a downright dangerous investigative approach! A world-famous soccer coach has been murdered his stunning Pink Panther diamond has been stolen and his pop star girlfriend (Beyonce Knowles) is a key suspect! Clouseau and his partner Ponton (Jean Reno) must unmask the murderer and keep their boss Dreyfus (Kevin Kline) from taking credit for the victory all without bringing the French legal system to a screeching halt....

  • Big Momma's House 2 [2006] Big Momma's House 2 | DVD | (29/05/2006) from £3.01  |  Saving you £16.98 (84.90%)  |  RRP £19.99

    The Momma of all comedies is back! On his latest assignment FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Lawrence) goes undercover as Big Momma and works as a nanny for a woman who is under investigation for murder....

  • Daddy Day Camp [2007] Daddy Day Camp | DVD | (18/02/2008) from £4.57  |  Saving you £11.30 (70.70%)  |  RRP £15.99

    This hilarious sequel to the smash hit ""Daddy Day Care"" finds dads Charlie Hinton and Phil Ryerson in another kid harried adventure as they take over running a summer day camp. Armed with no knowledge of the great outdoors a dilapidated facility and a motley group of campers it doesn't take long before things get out of control. Up against threats of foreclosure and declining enrollment Charlie is forced to call on his estranged father to help bring the camp together and teach everyone about teamwork perseverance and the power of forgiveness.

  • Devil Wears Prada the [DVD] Devil Wears Prada the | DVD | (04/02/2008) from £3.89  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Devil Wears Prada

  • Diary Of A Wimpy Kid [Blu-ray] Diary Of A Wimpy Kid | Blu Ray | (22/04/2013) from £6.34  |  Saving you £18.65 (74.60%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Meet the kid who made 'wimpy' cool in a family comedy based on the best-selling illustrated novel <i>Diary of a Wimpy Kid</i> by Jeff Kinney, the first in a series that has thus far sold 24 million copies. <i>Diary of a Wimpy Kid</i> chronicles the adventures of wise-cracking pre-teen Greg Heffley, who must somehow survive the scariest time of anyone's life: middle school.

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