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  • Mrs Brown's Boys - Series One (7-Disc Box Set) [DVD] Mrs Brown's Boys - Series One (7-Disc Box Set) | DVD | (19/11/2010) from £14.99  |  Saving you £8.16 (32.70%)  |  RRP £24.99

    'Mrs. Brown's Boys - The Original Series' includes: - Mrs. Brown's Boys: Part 1 - Mrs. Brown's Boys 2: The Last Wedding - Mrs. Brown's Boys 3: Believe It Or Not - Good Mourning Mrs. Brown: Part 4 - Mrs. Brown's Boys 5: Triple Trouble! - How Now Mrs. Brown: Part 6 - Mrs. Brown's Boys 7: The Seven Year Itch Including previously unseen footage of our eh, steamed leader on the scoops, there.... Tracks: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 The Final Furlong Extras: The Best Irish Backs with Andy Reid Michael Ryan reporting from Pretoria Terry Venebles reporting from Wayne Rooneys fridge Frank & Rockey Capello - Never walk again GAA Tours (one Arm) Paul Williams - "Hey that's my car" Apres Match Commercial Break The Best Irish Midfield with Andy Reid Frank and the England chances Terry Reporting about Germany B Panel out takes Frank on France v's Uruguay The Best Irish Team "Upfront" with Andy Reid The Real Panel

  • Strictly Ballroom [DVD] (2002) Strictly Ballroom (2002) | DVD | (18/02/2002) from £20.00  |  Saving you £-10.01 (-100.20%)  |  RRP £9.99

    DVD Buena Vista, 5037115032737, 1992 Region 2 PAL

  • The Invention of Lying [Blu-ray] [2009] The Invention of Lying | Blu Ray | (01/02/2010) from £10.63  |  Saving you £14.01 (56.10%)  |  RRP £24.99

    It's official: Ricky Gervais is a genius. He may not have cured cancer or discovered a new branch of mathematics, but having created The Office, Extras, and now The Invention of Lying has secured him a place in the history of comedy. The Invention of Lying imagines a world in which everyone unfailingly tells the truth; they don't even know what fiction is. Every thought, however humiliating or harsh, tumbles out unvarnished. Then one day, a desperate unemployed writer named Mark (Gervais) concocts a lie--and in a world where everyone is unfailingly honest, a lie is believed with total and absolute gullibility. Mark can get anything he wants...but the one thing he truly wants is the love of a girl named Anna (Jennifer Garner, Alias, Juno), and she's the one person he can't bring himself to lie to. The Invention of Lying balances a brilliant overall idea with inspired comic bits and deft cameo turns by a star-studded cast (among the many famous faces in bit roles are Philip Seymour Hoffman, Edward Norton, Jason Bateman, Christopher Guest, Tina Fey, Jeffrey Tambor, and more). The second half of the movie, which follows Mark's romantic pursuit of Anna, isn't quite as marvelous as the gradual unfolding of the situation and Mark's grappling with his strange new ability, but that doesn't keep the movie from being a unique and dazzling comedy. Simply not to be missed. Also featuring comedian Louis C.K., Rob Lowe, and Jonah Hill. --Bret Fetzer

  • The Smoking Room - Series 1 & 2 Box Set The Smoking Room - Series 1 & 2 Box Set | DVD | (16/10/2006) from £10.49  |  Saving you £19.50 (65.00%)  |  RRP £29.99

    The Smoking Room continues the rich vein of comedy that's being shown on BBC3 - fast becoming the channel for British comedy. In the world of work there is only one place where seniority counts for nothing where shop-talk is banned and where the last bastions against fresh air and desk-based massage gather regularly to discuss the minutiae of their lives: the smoking room. Here in this protected environment crossword addict Barry; lazy chav lothario Clint; self-obsessed cigarette-pinching Annie; and lovelorn skiver Robin; nurse that last ciggie and are always ready to ask ""have you got time for another?"" Features the complete first and second series. Episode Listing - Series 1: 1. Do De Dum De Da 2. R.I.P. 3. Pantball 4. Light My Fire 5. Chocolate Box 6. Feeding Time 7. Only Temporary 8. Happy Birthday 9. Christmas Special Series 2: 1. Buzz 2. No Place Like Home 3. 1987 4. Smashed 5. Pity The Fool 6. Quitters 7. Last Night A Graphic Designer Saved My Life 8. Significant Others

  • Withnail And I [1988] Withnail And I | DVD | (02/10/2006) from £11.29  |  Saving you £-12.99 (-185.80%)  |  RRP £6.99

    Withnail And I portrays the last throes of an eccentric friendship during the final days of the sixties. Withnail and I are two young would-be actors who wake up one morning to find only ninety days left in the decade. Bound together by poverty and dreams of stardom they share a flat of indescribable squalor and live on a diet of booze pills and grass. The two friends decide to spend a soul-cleansing weekend in the country in a primitive cottage borrowed from Withnail's eccentric Uncle Monty. From the very start things go wrong and their dreams of an idyllic retreat rapidly degenerate into an hilarious nightmare.

  • NETGEAR 6000450 MIMO 2 TS-9 Antenna for Aircard Mobile Hotspots and USB Modems NETGEAR 6000450 MIMO 2 TS-9 Antenna for Aircard Mobile Hotspots and USB Modems | DVD | (24/03/2015) from £1.75  |  Saving you £20.44 (66.00%)  |  RRP £30.99

    Netgear 6000450 - MIMO ANTENNA 3G/4G AIRCARD US

  • Lee Nelson Live [DVD] Lee Nelson Live | DVD | (19/11/2012) from £14.50  |  Saving you £2.30 (11.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    The legend behind BBC Three’s hit comedy series Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show brings his live stand-up to DVD for the first time. Filmed at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire as part of a 65-date national tour, the show is his funniest yet. And you’re in for a VERY BIG treat as Lee will be joined by his best mate and ‘fat legend’ Omelette.

  • Mulberry - The Complete First Series Mulberry - The Complete First Series | DVD | (18/02/2008) from £6.98  |  Saving you £1.64 (10.90%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Mulberry is a stylish charming witty and poignant sitcom from the celebrated writing team of John Esmonde and Bob Larbey creators of classic comedies including 'Brush Strokes' 'The Good Life' and 'Ever Decreasing Circles'. It stars Karl Howman of 'Brush Strokes' and Geraldine McEwan of TV's 'Miss Marple' fame together with comedy stalwarts Tony Selby and Lill Roughley who have starred in many a sitcom over the years including such hits as 'Get Some in' 'Love Hurts' and 'My Hero'. Mulberry (Karl Howman) the cheerful cockney son of Death and Springtime starts his 'career' as the Grim Reaper's apprentice when he is sent to collect the dour snooty acid-tongued grumpy and reclusive Miss Farnaby (Geraldine McEwan). He instead sweet talks his way in to joining the staff of Bert (Tony Selby) and Alice (Lill Roughley) in her creaky old manor house and soon becomes her personal servant. Suddenly the dull old house is not dull anymore as Mulberry endeavors to help Miss Farnaby enjoy her life during the three month extension grudgingly granted by his dad. Laughs abound as Mulberry tries to do his best for everyone concerned despite often upsetting the devoted Bert and Alice and without anyone finding out the secret of his true identity and his reasons for being there. A must see comic masterpiece that's pure enjoyment for all the family.

  • A Damsel in Distress [DVD] A Damsel in Distress | DVD | (18/07/2011) from £9.09  |  Saving you £2.14 (16.50%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Nice work if you can get it! Fred Astaire glides through this effervescent comedy of confused courtship written by master humorist PG Wodehouse. Fred stars as Jerry Halliday an American in England who's lured to Tottleigh castle by a love letter from lovely Lady Alyce Marshmorton (Joan Fontaine). But it wasn't actually Lady Alyce who wrote the letter and - what's more - she's set her heart on someone else! Determined to win her hand Jerry goes a-wooing - if only his helpful staff didn't keep making his life so difficult. Featuring some of George Gershwin's finest songs (I Can't Be Bothered Now Things are Looking Up) A Damsel In Distress is one of Fred Astaire's funniest and very best loved films.

  • Went The Day Well - Digitally Remastered (80 Years of Ealing) [Blu-ray] Went The Day Well - Digitally Remastered (80 Years of Ealing) | Blu Ray | (25/07/2011) from £11.48  |  Saving you £8.51 (42.60%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Based on the story by Grahame Greene Went The Day Well? Is a classic piece of propagandist entertainment a warning to British citizens to remain ever alert for the arrival of the enemy. Alberto Cavalcanti's film tells the story of a quiet English village which has been infiltrated by German Soldiers masquerading as British Troops leaving the plucky villages to uncover the plot and fight back.

  • Corrina, Corrina [1994] Corrina, Corrina | DVD | (30/06/2003) from £6.99  |  Saving you £-6.51 (-108.70%)  |  RRP £5.99

    In Corrina, Corrina Ray Liotta plays a 1950s jingle composer whose wife dies, leaving him to raise their grieving young daughter (Tina Majorino) alone. Dad hires an African-American housekeeper (Whoopi Goldberg), who helps fill the gap in the child's life--and then Dad's life. Soon an interracial relationship crossing the social mores of the era is underway. Written and directed by Jessie Nelson (The Story of Us), the film is a spot-on recreation of 1950s suburbia without gratuitous kitsch. Liotta is perfect as a working man of the day, given to white shirts and narrow ties; Goldberg gives one of her finest performances as the level-headed Corrina; and little Majorino is heartbreakingly effective. But the film entirely bears the stamp of one person, and that's Nelson, who has a wonderfully witty eye and a sophisticated but sensitive approach to the crosscurrents of emotion at play in this story. --Tom Keogh, Amazon.com

  • Small Time Crooks [2000] Small Time Crooks | DVD | (21/10/2002) from £9.99  |  Saving you £-1.96 (-19.60%)  |  RRP £9.99

    In Small Time Crooks, Woody Allen plays someone radically distinct from himself and his standard film persona--Ray, a failed safe-cracker who believes that his nickname "The Brain" is other than sarcastic. Increasingly, Allen is at his best when least present in his films, either by playing someone else or by having someone else play him. Good and funny as he is here, though, the film belongs to the two women stars: Tracey Ullmann is a force of nature as Frenchy, Ray's wife, who turns their cookie shop cover story for a bank job into a multi-million dollar enterprise and then decides that she wants to smarten up their image; Elaine May, meanwhile, is adorable as Frenchie's dim cousin May, one of the film's principal voices of good sense. Hugh Grant is a splendidly despicable gigolo and a large cast do impressive comic turns. Another of the film's stars, though, is the decor of Frenchie's apartment--there's a guilty pleasure in seeing just what vast wealth and bad taste can do. Small Time Crooks is lightweight Allen, but it is attractively good-humoured and intelligently plotted and not above the pleasures of pure slapstick--the sight gags when Ray and his gang are trying to tunnel into the bank are predictable but still funny. On the DVD: The DVD has Dolby sound, which brings out attractively a score made up of forgotten pop songs from the late-Swing Era; the anamorphic widescreen picture gives surprising crispness to what is, most of the time, a chamber piece.--Roz Kaveney

  • Carry On Jack [Blu-ray] Carry On Jack | Blu Ray | (07/07/2014) from £14.00  |  Saving you £8.99 (39.10%)  |  RRP £22.99

    Carry On Jack was the 1963 offering from a team which had, by then, become a repertory company with special guests dropping in for a dose of innuendo. "What's all this jigging in the rigging?" demands Kenneth Williams, this time playing a ship's captain, and the scene is set for 90 minutes of ribaldry involving cross-dressing, press-ganging and plank walking. The plot scarcely matters. It's set after the Battle of Trafalgar and the sea is awash with Spanish galleons and pirates as the British navy sets about defending its shores with as much incompetence as possible. Sally, a barmaid at the Dirty Duck (Juliet Mills in feisty principal boy mode), knocks Bernard Cribbins on the head and steals his uniform so that she can go in search of her childhood sweetheart. He is promptly press-ganged and they end up on the same ship. Williams, on the brink of his ascendancy as a star turn, just about keeps the mannerisms under control enough to build the character of the naïve and neurotic captain. Familiar Carry On faces on top form include Charles Hawtrey and Jim Dale, while Peter Gilmore--in his pre-Onedin Line days--appears as a pirate. Peter Rodgers' script is not quite vintage Carry On but the jokes keep coming and it's all good, clean fun. On the DVD: This was one of the first Carry On films to be made in colour. The print is in reasonable condition. The picture quality, apart from a couple of scratchy scenes of sailing ships that were probably drafted in from stock footage, is fair, as is the sound. But apart from the scene index there are no extras on the disc. Given the cult status of the Carry On films, and the wealth of documentary material which has been made about them and their stars, you'd think something extra could have been offered with the DVD releases to make them a more worthwhile alternative to the video. --Piers Ford

  • The Venture Bros. Season One (Adult Swim) [2003] The Venture Bros. Season One (Adult Swim) | DVD | (23/02/2009) from £11.92  |  Saving you £8.07 (40.40%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Follow the warped misadventures of a former boy genius turned washed-up mad scientist Dr. Venture and his twin sons Hank and Dean in this [adult swim] comedy action adventure Dr. Venture lives in the shadow of his legendary father and his sons are just two pie-eyed obstacles between him and what''s left of his dream. Thankfully there's one competent person in the Venture organization: Dr Venture's bodyguard Brock Samson (Patrick Warburton - Seinfeld Family Guy). Brock is not just a man; he is ''œberman. Women want him men want to be him and criminals want to brag in Hell about how they were killed by him. Brock has his meaty hands full protecting the Ventures from the malevolent 'Monarch' and an endless parade of super-villains rival scientists megalomaniacs zombies suspicious ninjas astronauts mummies conjoined twins... And the demons within their very own souls. Episodes Include: 1. Dia De Los Dangerous! 2. Careers in Science 3. Mid-life Chrysalis 4. Eeney Meeney Miney' Magic! 5. The Incredible Mr. Brisby 6. Tag Sale ''- You''re It 7. Home Insecurity 8. Ghosts of the Sargasso 9. Ice Station ''- Impossible! 10. Are You There God? It's Me Dean 11. Past Tense 12. The Trial of the Monarch 13. Return to Spider-Skill Island

  • Black Books Complete Box Set Black Books Complete Box Set | DVD | (14/08/2006) from £6.49  |  Saving you £14.24 (47.50%)  |  RRP £29.99

    From Graham Linehan co-writer of 'Father Ted' comes a new cult comedy set in a second hand bookshop. Dylan Moran stars as the bohemian and frequently drunk owner who has one major problem with his line of work: he hates customers. Help is soon at hand however in the form of mild-mannered Manny (Bill Bailey) who proves to be something of a star at selling books and Fran (Tamsin Greig) who owns the shop next door... Series 1: 1. Cooking The Books 2. Manny First Day 3.The Grapes Of Wrath 4. The Blackout 5. The Big Lock-Out 6. He's Leaving Home Series 2: 1. The Entertainer 2. Fever 3. The Fixer 4. Blood 5. Hello Sun 6. Nice Change Series 3: 1. Manny Come Home 2. Elephants And Hens 3. Moo-ma And Moo-pa 4. A Little Flutter 5. The Travel Writer 6. Party

  • Carry On Screaming [Blu-ray] Carry On Screaming | Blu Ray | (21/10/2013) from £10.00  |  Saving you £12.99 (56.50%)  |  RRP £22.99

    Who is stealing virgins and turning them into shop-window mannequins? What is the meaning of the gigantic hairy finger found at the scene of the latest crime? What clues can the mad professor (Kenneth Williams) or his deathly pale and impossibly buxom sister (Fenella Fielding) provide to the hopeless Detective Bung? (Harry H. Corbett) Join the Carry On team including Charles Hawtrey Bernard Bresslaw and Joan Sims as they chill your spine in this hair raising spoof of a horror movie. Special Features: Audio Commentary Trailer

  • Rough Night [DVD] Rough Night | DVD | (26/12/2017) from £11.48  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    In Rough Night, five best friends from college (played by Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, and Zoë Kravitz) reunite 10 years later for a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami. Their hard partying takes a hilariously dark turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper. Amidst the craziness of trying to figure out what to do, their night takes some hilariously unexpected turns, ultimately bringing them closer together when it matters most. Click Images to Enlarge

  • Ted/Ted 2 (Blu-ray +UV Copy) Ted/Ted 2 (Blu-ray +UV Copy) | Blu Ray | (23/11/2015) from £10.49  |  Saving you £19.50 (65.00%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Ted As the result of a childhood wish John Bennett's teddy bear Ted came to life and has been by John's side ever since - a friendship that's tested when Lori John's girlfriend of four years wants more from their relationship. Ted 2 Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby but in order to qualify to be a parent Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law.

  • Cheap Flights [DVD] [2012] Cheap Flights | DVD | (07/05/2012) from £10.22  |  Saving you £0.44 (3.70%)  |  RRP £11.99

    Tracklist:1. Act 1: Companies Using Nifty Taxation Systems2. One True Religion3. Dogging4. Mother Dear Mother5. One Night Stand6. Bestseller 20127. Bulgarian Song Cycle Part 18. Mr & Mrs & Me9. The Orang-Utan Song10. Cheap Flights11. Down With The Kids12. Act 2: Bored13. Yes, But is it Art?14. Little Chef15. Bulgarian Song Cycle Part 216. Tesco Saves17. Let's Go to A Hotel18. Lieder19. This Table20. Stick Your Head Between Your Legs21. FAQs22. Michael O'Leary

  • Dylan Moran - Triple Distilled [DVD] [2009] Dylan Moran - Triple Distilled | DVD | (23/11/2009) from £10.00  |  Saving you £24.99 (71.40%)  |  RRP £34.99

    Dylan Moran: Triple Distilled (3 Discs)

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