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  • The Munsters - Series 2 The Munsters - Series 2 | DVD | (01/05/2006) from £23.82  |  Saving you £11.17 (31.90%)  |  RRP £34.99

    Get ready to be entertained by America's first family of fright. In this timeless one-of-a-kind comedy series. The unforgettable family of The Munsters casts a hilarious spell that will keep you laughing through every episode! Episode Comprise: 1. Herman's Child Psychology 2. Herman the Master Spy 3. Bronco-Bustin' Munster 4. Herman Munster Shutter Bug 5. Herman Coach of the Year 6. Happy 100th Anniversary 7. Operation Herman 8. Lily's Star Boarder 9. John Doe Muns

  • Monty Python: The Movies (Box Set) Monty Python: The Movies (Box Set) | DVD | (16/02/2004) from £10.70  |  Saving you £15.00 (37.50%)  |  RRP £39.99

    This Monty Python Movie Box Set contains all four Python movies: And Now for Something Completely Different (1971), Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1974)--the two-disc set--Monty Python's Life of Brian--including a 50-minute documentary--and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

  • South Park: Complete Series 4 South Park: Complete Series 4 | DVD | (16/04/2001) from £23.99  |  Saving you £16.00 (40.00%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Set in a Colorado mountain town that gets destroyed on a regular basis and is populated by the dumbest, most vulgar characters imaginable, South Park is an anarchic animated sitcom that owes more to the spirit of Monty Python than to its comparatively tame predecessor The Simpsons. The show's origins go back to a 1995 Christmas video "postcard" called The Spirit of Christmas that a Fox Studios executive had commissioned at the previous Sundance Film Festival for $2000 having seen the work of film-makers Trey Parker and Matt Stone (Cannibal: The Musical). The adventures of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny became an instant ratings and merchandising smash and the foul-mouthed eight-year-olds have expanded to the cinema screen (Bigger, Longer and Uncut), found their way to the MTV Movie Awards and allowed the show creators/(song) writers/voice-artists to pursue equally anarchic comedy at the box office with Baseketball and Orgazmo. Constantly pursued by a censorship outcry, the series has survived several copycat cartoon threats and even the death of its lead female vocal-artist during its third season. Perhaps the show's biggest controversy has always been that--despite a disclaimer before every episode--under-aged children still see it. But lured by a universe full of Cheesy Poofs and Cookie Dings, where no-one's afraid to badmouth school bus driver Miss Crabtree and where it's OK to vomit from being in love, it's no wonder that children of all ages can't help but love it. Seriously. --Paul Tonks Season Four: Just three weeks after losing out on an Oscar for the song "Blame Canada", the show's creators aired their disgust at Phil Collins (who won for Tarzan) in the fantastic episode "Timmy! 2000". Not only did it prove how fast they can put a show together, it also reassured viewers that none of their comedic spark had been lost. More importantly we were introduced to the super-sweet wheelchair-bound child with learning difficulties. Timmy truly boosted the show's humour but also instilled some pathos to the gang's growing adventures (such as his poignant role in "Thanksgiving Special"). Proving the intention to take things in a new direction was the long-awaited move up to the "Fourth Grade". With a souped-up theme tune in an explosive new title sequence, the start of Kyle's adopted Canadian brother Ike in Kindergarten (cue super-cute baby voiceovers in a hilarious comment on the US Election farce in "Trapper Keeper") and lots more CGI inserts, this season really looks different from the others. The best two experiments were having Malcolm McDowell as "A British Person" narrating to camera for a new take on "Great Expectations" and linking all the way back to the video postcard that started it all--The Spirit of Christmas--in the downbeat finale "A Very Crappy Christmas". --Paul Tonks

  • The Ronnie Barker Ultimate Collection [DVD] The Ronnie Barker Ultimate Collection | DVD | (04/10/2010) from £21.98  |  Saving you £78.00 (78.00%)  |  RRP £99.99

    Ronnie Barker: The Ultimate Collection

  • Will and Grace: Complete Series 1 [2001] Will and Grace: Complete Series 1 | DVD | (30/08/2004) from £10.19  |  Saving you £28.01 (56.00%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Will & Grace debuted with a controversial splash because one of its two lead characters is gay--but smart writing and topnotch performances, not politics, have made the show a hit. Two neurotic and sharp-tongued urbanites--gay lawyer Will (Eric McCormack) and straight interior designer Grace (Debra Messing)--delight in their volatile but enduring friendship as they share a sumptuous New York apartment. Sweeping into the mix are Will's unapologetically queeny friend Jack (Sean Hayes) and Grace's wildly eccentric assistant Karen (Megan Mullally). Much like Seinfeld, the humour on Will & Grace springs from self-obsession, petty jealousy, and compulsive interfering in each other's lives--basically, the building blocks of human nature. The show's writers apparently feel compelled to keep the lead characters warm and likeable in the usual sitcom mode (which hardly seems necessary, as McCormack and Messing are naturally engaging). As a result, it's Jack and Karen who get free reign to be truly obnoxious and ridiculous--which, of course, makes them incredibly funny and charismatic. Hayes and Mullally rise to the occasion, ripping through absurd situations and arias of narcissistic wit with dazzling panache. Will & Grace's plots routinely center around scenarios that could feature a married couple or two same-sex roommates: Will and Grace bicker over buying a dog, find their relationship tested by apartment renovations, or discover they're both pursuing the same guy--standard sitcom material that the gay factor gives a clever spin. Though their relationship gets in the way of their sex lives, the two take so much pleasure in each other's company that they can't help but stick together--a surprisingly chaste theme for such a culturally groundbreaking show, but one that Will & Grace's addicted audience undoubtedly appreciates. --Bret Fetzer

  • Down With Love / One Fine Day Down With Love / One Fine Day | DVD | (31/01/2005) from £21.98  |  Saving you £-5.99 (-37.50%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Down With Love: When best-selling feminist author Barbara Novak (Zellweger) becomes the target of dashing playboy Catcher Block (McGregor) the sparks they generate will fly you to the moon and back! Set in the early sixties every frame pops with 60's technicolour. One Fine Day: In this charming romantic comedy three-time Academy Award nominee Michelle Pfeiffer and ""ER"" star George Clooney find that opposites attract whether they like it or not... Melanie Parker (P

  • Fist Fight [Blu-ray + Digital Download] [2017] Fist Fight | Blu Ray | (10/07/2017) from £25.85  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    On the last day of the school year, mild-mannered high school English teacher Andy Campbell (Day) is trying his best to keep it together amidst outrageous senior pranks, a dysfunctional administration and budget cuts that are putting his job on the line just as his wife is expecting their second baby. But things go from bad to worse when Campbell crosses the school's toughest and most feared teacher, Ron Strickland (Ice Cube), causing Strickland to be fired. To Campbell's shocknot to mention utter terrorStrickland responds by challenging him to a fist fight after school. News of the fight spreads like wildfire as Campbell takes ever more desperate measures to avoid getting the crap beaten out of him. But if he actually shows up and throws down, it may end up being the very thing this school, and Andy Campbell, needed. Click Images to Enlarge

  • Dinner for Schmucks [Blu-ray] Dinner for Schmucks | Blu Ray | (17/01/2011) from £20.49  |  Saving you £6.50 (24.10%)  |  RRP £26.99

    Steve Carell, whose gift for playing dumb yet remaining sympathetic is unparalleled, and the astoundingly likeable Paul Rudd make an excellent comedy team in Dinner for Schmucks. Tim (Rudd, I Love You, Man) gets invited to take part in a game his boss plays every year: each of his executives has to bring a perfect idiot to dinner; the biggest loser wins an award and the executive who brought him gets a promotion. Tim's girlfriend thinks the idea is appalling, and Tim reluctantly agrees--until he literally runs into Barry (Carell), an obtuse IRS agent who makes dioramas with stuffed dead mice. Barry is so perfect for the game that Tim can't resist inviting him to dinner--but by inviting Barry into his life, Tim loses control of everything he wants as Barry's bumbling attempts to help go hopelessly awry. Dinner for Schmucks has its share of broad slapstick, but what may surprise some viewers is the mix of verbal wit and elegant visual jokes (some of Barry's dioramas are both funny and truly beautiful). The movie's farcical formula is familiar and threadbare, but Rudd and Carell give it genuine heart as well as humor and the supporting performances from Jemaine Clement (Eagle vs. Shark), Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover), and Kristin Schaal (Flight of the Conchords) are all deliriously funny. A loose but honourable remake of the French comedy The Dinner Game. --Bret Fetzer, Amazon.com

  • The Peter Sellers Collection [DVD] The Peter Sellers Collection | DVD | (09/10/2017) from £20.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    An all new original Peter Sellers DVD gifting set. The set features 4 DVDs in a slipcase and includes his 1974 comedy The Great McGonagall set in Victorian times, a story of the world s greatest poet William Topaz McGonagall, also starring Spike Milligan. The 1969 classic comedy The Magic Christian starring Ringo Starr, Richard Attenborough, Christopher Lee and Spike Milligan. The film features original music by Paul McCartney. The 1973 comedy that Sellers did his utmost to prevent being released Ghost in the Noonday Sun starring Peter Boyle and Spike Milligan. And finally the 1979 adventure comedy The Prisoner of Zenda also starring Lionel Jeffries and Elke Sommer.

  • The Darling Buds Of May: The Collection The Darling Buds Of May: The Collection | DVD | (10/11/2003) from £14.99  |  Saving you £12.97 (32.40%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Wallow in nostalgia of the 1950's as Britain's best loved family are back in this celebration of love family life and romance in the idyllic British countryside. Loveable rogue Pop Larkin ample-bosomed Ma and their six children radiate happiness and hardly have a care in the world. Whilst Pop's unconventional moneymaking schemes bubble along Ma nurtures the family from the fragrant warmth of her busy kitchen and the children blossom; Home Farm is a paradise of animals sunshine and happiness. Episodes comprise: The Darling Buds Of May When The Green Woods Laugh A Breath Of French Air Oh! To Be In England A Stranger At The Gates A Season Of Heavenly Gifts The Happiest Days Of Your Life Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine Climb The Greasy Pole Christmas Is Coming Le Grand Weekend.

  • The Brittas Empire - Complete - Series 1 To 7 The Brittas Empire - Complete - Series 1 To 7 | DVD | (08/10/2007) from £21.78  |  Saving you £28.21 (56.40%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie) is the manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. Although he means well and wants to be a good manager he has a talent for bringing about total disaster. While Brittas is busy dreaming up new ways to make the lives of his staff more difficult his assistant Laura (Julia St John) does her best to keep the Leisure Centre operational. Meanwhile Helen Brittas (Pippa Haywood) tries (unsuccessfully) to retain her sanity as she struggles to cope with her hu

  • The Darling Buds Of May - Complete The Darling Buds Of May - Complete | DVD | (07/02/2005) from £14.94  |  Saving you £10.00 (25.00%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Wallow in the nostalgia of the 1950s as Britain's best loved family are back in this celebration of love family life and romance in the idyllic British countryside. Loveable rogue Pop Larkin (David Jason) Ma (Pam Ferris) and their six children including the stunning Mariette (Catherine Zeta Jones) radiate happiness with hardly a care in the world! Whilst Pop's unconventional money making schemes bubble along Ma nurturers and the family from the warmth of her busy kitchen and life c

  • Joey - The Complete First Season [2004] Joey - The Complete First Season | DVD | (25/07/2005) from £9.99  |  Saving you £29.01 (56.90%)  |  RRP £50.99

    New town. Still lost! In this hilarious 'Friends' spin-off the lovably dim Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc) moves to Los Angeles to pursue his disastrous acting career... Episodes comprise: 1. Pilot 2. Joey and the Student (aka Episode One ) 3. Joey and the Party 4. Joey and the Book Club 5. Joey and the Perfect Storm 6. Joey and the Nemesis 7. Joey and the Husband 8. Joey and the Dream Girl (Part 1) 9. Joey and the Dream Girl (Part 2) 10. Joey and the Big A

  • Oh Doctor Beeching - Complete Series 2 Oh Doctor Beeching - Complete Series 2 | DVD | (24/10/2005) from £19.99  |  Saving you £-3.00 (-17.70%)  |  RRP £16.99

    The trials and tribulations of the staff at Hatley railway station who are all wondering if Dr Beeching will close them down.... This release features all 10 episodes from the second series. Episode listing: 1. No Milk For The Minister 2. Father's Day 3. The Gravy Train 4. The Van 5. Lucky Strike 6. Love Is A Very Splendid Thing 7. Action Stations 8. A Bowl In The Hand 9. A Pregnant Pause 10. Ton Up

  • The Pink Panther Film Collection The Pink Panther Film Collection | DVD | (27/02/2006) from £10.99  |  Saving you £28.01 (56.00%)  |  RRP £49.99

    The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection stars everyones favourite cool cat in 124 original theatrical Pink Panther cartoons from the 1960s and 1970s. 1964-1969 MIRISCH GEOFFREY O.F. THE PINK PANTHER and the Pink Panther Figure are trademarks of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Billy Connolly World Tour Collection Box Set [DVD] Billy Connolly World Tour Collection Box Set | DVD | (15/11/2010) from £15.00  |  Saving you £14.99 (50.00%)  |  RRP £29.99

    ontaining 4 hilarious DVDs, The World Tour Collection features the very best of Billy's globetrotting adventures. Includes Billy's worlds tours of Scotland, Australia, England/Ireland/Wales and New Zealand.

  • Revenge Of Billy The Kid [1991] Revenge Of Billy The Kid | DVD | (21/08/2000) from £25.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £5.99

    The Revenge of Billy the Kid is an outrageous farce like no other comedy film you've ever seen. Its bizarre blend of murder and mirth terror and titters simply defies sane description! When horney-handed farmer Gyles MacDonald has his wicked way with the farmyard goat little does he realise the freakish consequences of his strange desires. The Macdonalds are crude and grotesque living by their (dim) wits on a desolate island. Shunned by the mainlanders the family's laughable lifestyle is shattered when the unfortunate goat finally gives birth! Only Gyles' soft-headed daughter takes pity on the hideous creature. Naming it Billy she warns her brutish brothers to keep their hands off her new-found friend! But Billy doesn't beat about the bush. He grows quickly... Too quickly for Gyles who realises his diabolical secret will soon be out and the legacy of his evil lust is about to drop him deep in the manure....

  • Short Circuit / Flight Of The Navigator [1986] Short Circuit / Flight Of The Navigator | DVD | (03/05/2004) from £17.99  |  Saving you £-3.99 (-22.20%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Short Circuit Delivering an abundance of android adventures when a military robot is spirited to life by a freak bolt of lightening. Number 5 is alive! Flight Of The Navigator Telling the story of a 12 year old boy who is mysteriously abducted by an alien space craft and returns to Earth eight years later still only 12. He now has great navigational powers which enable him to fly his spaceship anywhere he desires.

  • Starhyke Complete series 1 [DVD] Starhyke Complete series 1 | DVD | (30/11/2009) from £16.31  |  Saving you £2.00 (6.70%)  |  RRP £29.99

    In the year 3034 humans have become a race of emotionless drones hell-bent on destroying all other species in the galaxy. As a warship named The Nemisis embarks on a mission to detsroy an alien race named the Reptids who plan unleash a powerfull weapon that will unleash the human emotion compassion hoping to change mankind destructive tendancies.... Episodes Comprise: 1. Disordered 2. Kill Jill 3. Lucy in the SKy 4. Reboot 5. Plug n' Play 6. Lock Choc & Flying Hog

  • Fawlty Towers: Series 1 and 2 [1975] Fawlty Towers: Series 1 and 2 | DVD | (19/11/2001) from £8.49  |  Saving you £8.06 (26.90%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Often hailed as the greatest ever British sitcom, Fawlty Towers is closer to the more elaborate tradition of farce. Comprising two series made in 1975 and 1979, the total of just 12 episodes were painstakingly constructed by writers John Cleese and Connie Booth. Unlike most British farce, however, Fawlty Towers deals with the big themes--death, psychology, xenophobia and even sex-o-phobia (Basil's marriage to Sybil is the most sterile ever depicted in a sitcom). Basil's contempt for his guests is, of course, legendary. It takes little from patrons to unleash his sledgehammer sarcasm: "Rosewood, mahogany, teak? Sorry, I was wondering what you'd like your breakfast tray made out of", he sneers at a guest who dares to request breakfast in bed. Like every Englishman, he wants to be king of his own castle and resents having to take in lodgers to maintain the place, especially the open-necked younger generation, whom he regards as sub-human. Mostly, though, Fawlty Towers is comedy of exasperation--who can forget the "damn good thrashing" Basil gives his clapped-out car, or the nervous breakdowns he almost suffers trying to make himself understood to Manuel? It's also comedy of embarrassment. The very fear of losing his dignity generally leads Basil into the most spectacularly undignified of predicaments. His inevitable misery is our sheer delight. -- David Stubbs On the DVD: each six-episode season is given its own disc with a commentary track from John Howard Davies and Bob Spiers, directors of Season 1 and Season 2 respectively. The third disc has all the additional material, the best of which are new interviews with John Cleese, Andrew Sachs and Prunella Scales. Also included are text biographies of all the leads and the guest stars, a short background featurette on Torquay and the hotel owner who is said to have inspired Basil, a very short blooper reel of outtakes and a brief teaser with Cleese in character entitled "Cheap Tatty Review". Much of this extra material was comfortably fitted onto the individually available Season 1 and 2 discs, so it's a bit of a mystery why a third disc was deemed necessary for the box set. --Mark Walker

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