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  • Senna (2011) / TT: Closer to the Edge (2011) / Fastest (2012) - Triple Pack [DVD] Senna (2011) / TT: Closer to the Edge (2011) / Fastest (2012) - Triple Pack | DVD | (24/09/2012) from £4.69  |  Saving you £20.30 (81.20%)  |  RRP £24.99

    SennaSenna is the true story of Brazilian motor-racing legend, Ayrton Senna, whom many believe was the greatest driver who ever lived. Spanning Senna's titanic Formula One career, the film charts his physical and spiritual journey, both on track and off; his quest for perfection and his ultimate transformation from a supremely gifted novice, who exploded into F1 in 1984, to myth after the tragic events of Imola in 1994. TT: Closer to the EdgeThe Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is the greatest motorcycle road race in the world, the ultimate challenge for rider and machine. Following legendary riders Guy Martin (BBC's The Boat That Guy Built), Ian Hutchinson, John McGuinness, Conor Cummins and many more, TT: Closer to the Edge is a story about freedom of choice, the strength of human spirit and the will to win. FastestThis thrilling documentary, narrated by Ewan Mcgregor, highlights the thrills, spills and incredible commitment and courage the sport demands of it stars. With unprecedented behind-the-scenes access and never before seen angles, interviews and insight, this truly cinematic experience charts the exhilarating highs and crushing lows.

  • Our War [DVD] Our War | DVD | (07/11/2011) from £4.99  |  Saving you £11.00 (68.80%)  |  RRP £15.99

    This series tells the story of the conflict through the words and pictures of the soldiers themselves - from the close-knit group of friends sent to Helmand province facing war for the first time to the young platoon facing a terrifying struggle with improvised explosive devices. Our War - 10 Years in Afghanistan is an honest, emotional and powerful account of battle, friendship and loss.

  • Joanna Lumley's Nile [DVD] Joanna Lumley's Nile | DVD | (10/05/2010) from £5.49  |  Saving you £14.50 (72.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Joanna Lumley's Nile

  • The History Of Broadway The History Of Broadway | DVD | (19/09/2005) from £7.59  |  Saving you £5.40 (41.60%)  |  RRP £12.99

    The longest boulevard in Manhattan has become inextricably linked to one of America's greatest original art forms the Broadway musical. Broadway: The American Musical explores the epic of popular American culture as it has changed through every era. Episodes comprise: Give My Regards to Broadway 1893 - 1927 Syncopated City 1919 - 1933 I Got Plenty O' Nuttin 1930 -1942 Oh What A Beautiful Mornin' 1943 - 1960 Tradition 1957 -1979 Putting It Together 1980 - 2004

  • DSIRE [DVD] DSIRE | DVD | (10/06/2013) from £6.39  |  Saving you £3.60 (36.00%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons star in this semi-fictional, epic costume drama based on Annemarie Selinko's novel. D�sir�e (Jean Simmons) is young Napoleon's first true love, long before his rise to power. However, he has to decide whether to marry her and sacrifice his career or abandon her. The two lovers go their separate ways, D�sir�e eventually marrying the King of Sweden and Napoleon marrying Josephine (Merle Oberon), and only meet again when Napoleon is about to decide to go into exile.

  • The Heat Is On - The Making Of Miss Saigon [1988] The Heat Is On - The Making Of Miss Saigon | DVD | (28/04/2008) from £4.74  |  Saving you £3.25 (40.70%)  |  RRP £7.99

    The Heat Is On: The Making Of Miss Saigon (Documentary)

  • King Lear [DVD] King Lear | DVD | (17/10/2011) from £6.30  |  Saving you £4.69 (42.70%)  |  RRP £10.99

    King Lear of England (Jri Jrvet) retires from his throne of power. His decision to divide his kingdom among his elder daughters, over the warnings of his youngest Cordelia (Valentina Shendrikova), sparks off a chain of events that engulfs the entire countryside. Lear's final days are marked by dissension, internecine conflict and terrible violence. Humiliated and banished by his daughters, the King wanders the countryside like a beggar, accompanied by his Fool and a few faithful servants. Driven mad by despair, Lear's megalomania consumes him to the point of blindness. One of William Shakespeare's darkest works, King Lear receives vivid expression in this esteemed Russian rendition. The film's use of widescreen and its stark black-and-white cinematography provide an expansive cinematic dimension to the tragedy. Working with a translation from Nobel Laureate Boris Pasternak, Grigori Kozintsev in the final film of his career, fashions a fitting twilight work; achieving in this harsh tale of mortality and power, a tranquility in form and assurance of vision.

  • The Dardenne Brothers Collection - 6 Disc Set [DVD] The Dardenne Brothers Collection - 6 Disc Set | DVD | (31/12/2012) from £16.99  |  Saving you £43.00 (71.70%)  |  RRP £59.99

    A comprehensive and definitive collection of filns by one of the most celebrated and successful filmmaking partnerships in contemporary cinema. Now for the first time ever, all their award-winning, groundbreaking filns are available together in one scintillating box set. This set features The Kid with a Bike, The Silence of Lorna, The Child, The Son, Rosetta and La Promesse.

  • Ray Harryhausen: The Early Years Ray Harryhausen: The Early Years | DVD | (16/10/2006) from £4.75  |  Saving you £15.24 (76.20%)  |  RRP £19.99

    For over a half century Ray Harryhausen has amazed and inspired countless filmmakers and fans around the world with his breathtaking motion picture effects and stop-motion animation. presented here for the first time ever is the authorized collection of his earliest work along with hours of supplemental features.

  • London: The Modern Babylon [DVD] London: The Modern Babylon | DVD | (29/10/2012) from £7.69  |  Saving you £12.30 (61.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    London- The Modern Babylon is legendary director Julien Temple's epic time-travelling voyage to the heart of his hometown. From musicians, writers and artists to dangerous thinkers, political radicals and above all ordinary people, this is the story of London's immigrants and bohemians and how together they changed the city forever. Reaching back to London at the start of the 20th century, the story unfolds through film archive and the voices of Londoners past and present, powered by the popular music from across the century. It ends in 2012, as London prepares to welcome the world as it hosts the Olympics. Special Features: Audio commentary by director Julien Temple. Interview with Julien Temple. Original trailer. Fully illustrated booklet with newly commissioned essays and comprehensive credits.

  • Sacred Music (The BBCs Groundbreaking TV Series) [DVD] [2010] Sacred Music (The BBCs Groundbreaking TV Series) | DVD | (01/02/2010) from £16.32  |  Saving you £8.67 (34.70%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Actor and former chorister Simon Russell Beale explores the flowering of Western sacred music in this four-part BBC documentary series. Each episode features music performed by 'The Sixteen' choir conducted by Harry Christophers in sumptuous architectural settings. Episodes are: 'The Gothic Revolution', 'Palestrina and the Popes', 'Tallis, Byrd and the Tudors' and 'Bach and the Lutheran Legacy'. The release also includes a 90-minute concert performed by Harry Christophers and 'The Sixteen' at...

  • ENGLANDS EARLY QUEENS: She Wolves [DVD] ENGLANDS EARLY QUEENS: She Wolves | DVD | (10/12/2012) from £8.10  |  Saving you £16.89 (67.60%)  |  RRP £24.99

    In the Medieval and Tudor world there was no question in people's minds about the order of God's creation - men ruled and women didn't. A king was a warrior who literally fought to win power then battled to keep it. Yet despite everything that stood in their way, a handful of extraordinary women did attempt to rule medieval and Tudor England. On this DVD, historian Dr Helen Castor explores seven queens who challenged male power, the fierce reactions they provoked and whether the term 'she wol...

  • North Face [DVD] [2008] North Face | DVD | (18/01/2010) from £4.59  |  Saving you £1.40 (23.40%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Summer 1936. Bearing the expectations of a nation and their Fuhrer two climbers set out to be the first to conquer the last great problem of the Alps. But soon their ascent becomes a race for survival threatened by injury and storms of unimaginable fury. Before long their quest becomes a pusle-pounding race against both time and the awesome forces of nature. Shot through with scenes of gut-wrenching peril rivaling those of Touching The Void Northface is a powerful breathtaking tale of human endurance on a terrifying landscape; towering over 1 800m the North Face has claimed over 60 lives and earned itself the grimly appropriate nickname: the murder wall.

  • Pawn Stars [DVD] Pawn Stars | DVD | (22/03/2010) from £5.50  |  Saving you £14.10 (70.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    In this business the customer isn't always right. It's one of the oldest forms of banking and until the 1950s it was the leading form of consumer credit in the US. A revealing behind the counter look at the only family-run pawn shop in Las Vegas where three generations of men - grandfather father and son use their sharp-eyed skills to carefully assess the value of items ranging from the obscure to the historic. From a 15th century samurai sword to a Picasso painting there isn't much the Harrison family hasn't seen or heard inevitably making Richard Rick and Corey experts in rare collectables and negotiating. Each episode of Pawn Stars features an array of quirky characters attempting to sell purchase or pawn items that the Harrisons must carefully appraise determine if they're real or fake and then reveal the often surprising answer to What's it worth? Everything and everyone has a story and it's the Harrisons' job to decipher fact from fiction because in this business the customer isn't always right. Episodes Comprise 1. Boom or Bust 2. Confederate Conundrum 3. Sink or Sell 4. Knights in Fake Armor? 5. Gangsters and Guitars 6. Damn Yankees 7. Brothels and Busses 8. Time Machines 9. Rope a Dope 10. Rick's Big Bet 11. John Hancock's Hancock 12. Plane Crazy 13. Peaches & Pinups 14. Old Man's Gamble

  • A History of Celtic Britain [DVD] A History of Celtic Britain | DVD | (02/05/2011) from £6.99  |  Saving you £13.00 (65.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    In the second part of his fascinating series TV historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver (Coast and A History of Scotland) tells the story of Britain before and during the Roman occupation. The series traces the development of Britain from 1000 BC to 400 AD. It shows how a thriving Iron Age Britain became part of the Roman Empire heralding an era of luxury for some and harsh subjugation for many; it reveals how Celtic communities survived north of Hadrian's Wall and around the fringes of the island and examines how a new Romano-British culture emerged from the bitter struggle for Britannia.

  • Room 237 [DVD] Room 237 | DVD | (01/04/2013) from £6.20  |  Saving you £13.79 (69.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    An exploration into the numerous theories regarding the subtexts within Stanley Kubrick's phenomenal horror THE SHINING. The original film may be over 30 years old, but it continues to inspire debate, speculation and mystery.

  • Brendan Grace - Funny Man Brendan Grace - Funny Man | DVD | (01/01/2000) from £9.95  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Brendan Grace: Funny Man

  • Tyson: The Movie - Ultimate Knockout Edition [DVD] [2008] Tyson: The Movie - Ultimate Knockout Edition | DVD | (16/11/2009) from £5.99  |  Saving you £14.00 (70.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Tyson: The Movie - Ultimate Knockout Edition (2 Discs)

  • I Am [DVD] I Am | DVD | (18/02/2013) from £5.69  |  Saving you £7.30 (56.20%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Change your life... and change the world. I Am is the incredible story of how one man went from riches to rags and it changed his life for the better. One of Hollywood's leading comedy directors, Tom Shadyac is the creative force behind such blockbusters as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar Liar, The Nutty Professor and Bruce Almighty. However, in I Am, Shadyac steps in front of the camera to recount what happened to him after a cycling accident left him incapacitated, possibly for good. Meeting with a variety of thinkers from the worlds of science, philosophy, academia, and faith - including Noam Chomsky and Archbishop Desmond Tutu - Shadyac emerges with a new sense of purpose, determined to share his own awakening to his prior life of excess and greed and investigate how he as an individual, and we as a race, could improve the way we live our lives. The result is a fresh, energetic, and life-affirming film that that poses two practical and provocative questions: what's wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better?

  • 56 Up [DVD] 56 Up | DVD | (12/11/2012) from £7.48  |  Saving you £5.51 (42.40%)  |  RRP £12.99

    The original 7 Up, broadcast in 1964 as a World in Action special, featured children from widely different social backgrounds sharing their hopes and dreams for the future. Inspired by World in Action founder editor Tim Hewat's passionate interest in both the Jesuit saying: 'Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man', and 1960s Britain's rigid class system, this unique, groundbreaking series set out to discover how far the children's lives were pre-determined by their background. Director Michael Apted has returned every seven years to chart the group's progress, documenting the participants as they have become adults and entered middle-age, dealing with everything life has thrown at them in between; the very first example of a programme recording real people living real lives this landmark series has won an array of awards. 56 Up, broadcast in 2012, returns to visit the people whose lives have been publicly tracked since they were seven, and sees more of the original line-up taking part than ever before, with one participant, Peter, deciding to re-join the series after almost 30 years.

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