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  • Stardust/Hotel For Dogs/The Spiderwick Chronicles Triple Pack [DVD] Stardust/Hotel For Dogs/The Spiderwick Chronicles Triple Pack | DVD | (26/09/2011) from £3.79  |  Saving you £12.20 (76.30%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Stardust: A glorious fantastical adventure, raves Daily Mirror's Mark Adams for Stardust, an epic adventure starring Claire Danes with Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro. In hopes of wooing a beautiful girl (Sienna Miller), Tristan (Charlie Cox) promises to bring her a falling star.But he's in for the adventure of his life when he discovers the star is actually a celestial beauty named Yvaine (Danes). When an old witch Lamia (Pfeiffer) attempts to steal Yvaine's youth, Tristan must protect her at all costs. This magical fairytale like no other will make you laugh out loud and believe in love again. Hotel For Dogs: Comedy is unleashed in this box office hit that will have you begging for more (Pete Hammond, Hollywood.com). When Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) need somewhere to hide their dog, Friday, they transform an abandoned hotel into a place where no stray gets turned away.Loaded with adorable dogs, a team of clever kids and ingenious gadgets, this heartwarming adventure will leave you wondering - who let the dogs in?The Spiderwick Chronicles: From the moment the Grace family moves into a secluded old house, strange things start to happen. As Jared (Freddie Highmore, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) investigates, he discovers Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide and the unbelievable truth of the Spiderwick Estate: a secret world with fantastical creatures hides within our own!Now Jared, his sister and his twin brother are pulled into an unforgettable adventure as they try to protect the secrets of the book. Based on the beloved series of best-selling books and filled with non-stop action, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a terrific fantasy for all ages!

  • Elizabethtown/Just Like Heaven/How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Elizabethtown/Just Like Heaven/How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days | DVD | (06/10/2008) from £6.42  |  Saving you £6.57 (50.60%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Titles Comprise: Elizabethtown: After losing his job and his girlfriend things go from bad to worse for Drew Baylor when his father dies. As the only son Drew travels back to his Kentucky homestead in the small settlement of Elizabethtown where en route he meets a flight attendant Claire Colburn who might just be the one thing going for him... Just like Heaven: When David (Mark Ruffalo) rented his quaint San Francisco apartment the last thing he expected - or wanted - was a roommate. He had only begun to make a complete mess of the place when a pretty but decidedly controlling young woman names Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) suddenly shows up adamantly insisting the apartment is hers. David assumes there's been a giant misunderstanding...until Elizabeth disappears as mysteriously as she appeared. Changing the locks does nothing to deter Elizabeth who begins to appear and disappear at will - mostly to rebuke David for his personal living habits in her apartment. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Andie needs to prove she can dump a guy in 10 days. Ben needs to prove he can win a girl in 10 days. Now the clock is ticking-and the year's most wildly entertaining comedy smash is off and running in this irresistible tale of sex lies and outrageous romantic fireworks!

  • The Perfect Man/13 Going On 30/Head Over Heels The Perfect Man/13 Going On 30/Head Over Heels | DVD | (21/01/2008) from £3.49  |  Saving you £11.50 (76.70%)  |  RRP £14.99

    13 Going On 30: It is 1987 and Jenna is a 13-year-old girl on the brink of womanhood. The problem is that adulthood is just not arriving fast enough! She's suffocated by her dorky parents ignored by the hip kids in school and the cute guy she has a crush on barely knows her name. No longer content to spend time only with her best friend and neighbour Matt Flamhaff Jenna invites the cool kids to her 13th birthday party which turns into a disaster. Jenna is humiliated when she's locked in the closet for a game of 'Seven Minutes In Heaven' and everyone deserts her. Alone in the closet Jenna makes an earnest wish. If only she could be all grown up she'd have the life she's always wanted... The next day when Jenna emerges from the closet it's 2004 and she's 30 years old. What's more she is a gorgeous successful woman with a great job and a fabulous Fifth Avenue apartment. She is finally cool and popular. The only hitch? She has absolutely no idea how she got there! Initially frightened but gradually enchanted by her new life Jenna soon realizes there's something missing--Matt. When she looks him up she is horrified to discover that she and Matt are no longer in contact and furthermore he is engaged to be married. Jenna learns that 'having it all' is not enough and decides to take a second chance at first love... Head Over Heels: Fall in love with the sexy comedy the Oakland Tribune says has ""more chuckles than The Wedding Planner."" It's a wild blend of big laughs high fashion and foul play. Ordinary single girl Amanda Pierce (Monica Potter) unexpectedly finds herself sharing an awesome Manhattan apartment with four sexy supermodels. Determined to bring Amanda into their world the models give her the ultimate makeover. The plan works fabulously as Amanda connects with the charmer next door Jim Winston (Freddie Prinze Jr.). That is until one night while spying on him Amanda thinks she sees the man of her dreams committing a cold-blooded crime. Life then unravels as Amanda and her four loopy roomies must take to the streets to try and solve the mystery with style! The Perfect Man: Is it all too good to be true? Teenager Holly Hamilton (Hilary Duff) is fed up of moving every time her single-parent mother Jean (Heather Locklear) breaks-up with another dead-beat boyfriend. To distract her mother from her latest bad choice Holly conceives the perfect plan for the perfect man - an imaginary secret admirer who will romance Jean and boost her self-esteem. When the virtual relationship takes off Holly finds herself having to produce a suitor from somewhere; borrowing her friend's charming and handsome uncle Ben (Chris Noth) as the face behind the emails notes and gifts! Holly must resort to increasingly desperate measures to keep the ruse alive and protect her Mother's newfound happiness... Almost missing the real perfect man when he does come along.

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