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  • Learn To Play The Brazilian Way [2003] Learn To Play The Brazilian Way | DVD | (31/03/2003) from £3.00  |  Saving you £11.99 (80.00%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Presented by Simon Clifford the U.K.'s foremost expert on Brazilian football and trainer to the stars of 'Bend It Like Beckham' this is the first ever instructional DVD to teach the enviable skills of Brazilian greats past and present!

  • Pump It Up! The Ultimate Dance Workout Pump It Up! The Ultimate Dance Workout | DVD | (27/12/2004) from £6.48  |  Saving you £11.75 (58.80%)  |  RRP £19.99

    'Pump It Up - The Ultimate Dance Workout' is a brand new concept mixing dance music from the clubs with aerobic exercise to produce a fast effective and hugely enjoyable way of getting fit and burning unwanted fat. The DVD is shot in the same location as the video for Eric Prydz's 'Call On Me'... Not only that the routines are demonstrated and choreographed by the beautiful Deanne Berry - the instructor in the music video! Seven of the girls from the video workout with Deanne

  • Grudge Match [Blu-ray] [2014] [Region Free] Grudge Match | Blu Ray | (02/06/2014) from £5.99  |  Saving you £17.00 (73.90%)  |  RRP £22.99

    In 'Grudge Match ' De Niro and Stallone play Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen and Henry 'Razor' Sharp two local Pittsburgh fighters whose fierce rivalry put them in the national spotlight. Each had scored a victory against the other during their heyday but in 1983 on the eve of their decisive third match Razor suddenly announced his retirement refusing to explain why but effectively delivering a knock-out punch to both their careers. Thirty years later boxing promoter Dante Slate Jr. seeing big dollar signs makes them an offer they can't refuse: to re-enter the ring and settle the score once and for all. But they may not have to wait that long: on their first encounter in decades their long-festering feud erupts into an unintentionally hilarious melee that instantly goes viral. The sudden social media frenzy transforms their local grudge match into a must-see HBO event. Now if they can just survive the training they may actually live to fight again.

  • British Superbike: 2014 - Championship Season Review [DVD] British Superbike: 2014 - Championship Season Review | DVD | (01/12/2014) from £17.75  |  Saving you £7.24 (29.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    The Official 2014 MCE BSB Season Review 2DVD set covers every race from this stunning season including over 6 hours of high octane action with ex-racer and TV commentator James Whitham presenting the highlights of this season’s hair-raising fairing bashing wheel-to-wheel close encounters of the biking kind!

  • Own Goals And Gaffs - The Premiership [2002] Own Goals And Gaffs - The Premiership | DVD | (25/11/2002) from £4.93  |  Saving you £11.06 (69.20%)  |  RRP £15.99

    The F.A. Premiership is 10 years old and the best football league in the world... sometimes! Presented by Rory McGrath this is a glorious celebration of mishap mayhem and footballing misery!

  • Rosemary Conley's Ultimate Whole Body Workout Rosemary Conley's Ultimate Whole Body Workout | DVD | (12/05/2003) from £3.87  |  Saving you £6.12 (61.30%)  |  RRP £9.99

    When dieting guru Rosemary Conley declares that the Ultimate Whole Body Workout is her last fitness video, cynics might either be relieved that the population is finally to be spared her evangelical diet-speak, or conclude that she's "past it". However, this programme is not so easily dismissed. There might be nothing new here, but there is no doubt that a great deal of Conley's success comes from her ability to motivate. Conley first runs through the key moves featured in the work-outs, cleverly eliminating the problem of figuring it out during the sessions--and the risk of giving up. The 35-minute aerobic workout and the 20-minute body conditioning session are designed to be done on alternative days, while the final chair programme is for those with limited mobility (including pregnant women) who still want to burn calories. With no expense spared on the original soundtrack, a series of pop hits make this all the more easy to go along with. Conley punctuates her instruction with references to members of her backing team and their weight-loss successes. This is a work-out for the woman committed to being slim against all odds, and for whom dieting is likely to be a lifestyle.--Lorna V

  • Wwe: 2014 Annual [DVD] Wwe: 2014 Annual | DVD | (10/11/2014) from £18.00  |  Saving you £11.99 (40.00%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Relive every jaw dropping moment from last year with this 6 disc collection bringing together THE BEST OF RAW AND SMACKDOWN 2013 and THE BEST PAY-PER-VIEW MATCHES 2013. Featuring over 13 hours of entertainment witness titles changing hands shocking betrayals gravity defying feats and the biggest rematch in WWE History! THE BEST OF RAW AND SMACKDOWN 2013 WWE’S landmark 50th year of Sports Entertainment proved to be one of the greatest in its illustrious history. A year that began with The Great One’s return for one last championship run concluded with WWE’s most prestigious prizes hanging in the balance awaiting the ascension of a true Champion of Champions. Relive all this and more as WWE presents The Best of Raw and SmackDown 2013. THE BEST PAY-PER-VIEW MATCHES 2013 Relive another historic year with WWE Best Pay-Per-View Matches of 2013 featuring over 15 of WWE’s most intense matches from its biggest events! The Rock returns to finally bring home the WWE Championship for the first time in ten years. CM Punk tries to extinguish Undertaker’s Streak in front of over 80 000 screaming fans. Triple H attempts to tame The Beast Brock Lesnar. John Cena battles back from injury to win the World Heavyweight Championship and much more!

  • Goal! 1-3 Triple Pack [DVD] Goal! 1-3 Triple Pack | DVD | (12/04/2010) from £9.10  |  Saving you £8.89 (49.40%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Titles Comprise: Goal!: Santiago Munez harbours the dream of becoming a professional footballer. After an extraordinary turn of events the poor Mexican-American immigrant has the chance to make his dream a reality when Newcastle United come calling... Goal 2: Newcastle United's favorite player reaches superstardom - and every footballer's dream - when he's transferred to Real Madrid to play in the UEFA European Champions League alongside David Beckham Zinedine Zidane Raul Guti and Iker Casillas. As Santiago basks in the glory acclaim and money he discovers the ugly face of success - one that threatens to destroy everything he's worked for and everyone he loves.... Filled with breathless football action in real games with real football legends Goal 2: Living The Dream is a thrilling adrenaline rush! Goal! 3: Taking On The World is the third part of the football film trilogy Goal! and is directed by legendary music video Director (Andy Morahan). Taking place during the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany it sees Mexican footballer Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) pitted against his Real Madrid team-mates and England players Charlie Braithwaite (Leo Gregory) and Liam Adams (JJ Feild) in a mutual quest to lift sport's ultimate prize.

  • Froch v Groves I & II (Battle Of Britain & Unfinished Business) [DVD] Froch v Groves I & II (Battle Of Britain & Unfinished Business) | DVD | (25/08/2014) from £11.48  |  Saving you £8.51 (42.60%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Includes both epic fights in full plus behind the scenes bonus material and exclusive Interview with Carl Froch. This 2DVD set contains the controversial first fight between Carl Froch and George Groves that took place in Manchester, plus the Unfinished Business rematch that saw 80,000 fans packed into Wembley for one of British boxings most famous nights. Packed with bonus material

  • Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism [DVD] Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism | DVD | (04/10/2010) from £5.55  |  Saving you £10.44 (65.30%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

  • WWE: Wrestlemania 30 [Blu-ray] WWE: Wrestlemania 30 | Blu Ray | (09/06/2014) from £17.00  |  Saving you £17.99 (51.40%)  |  RRP £34.99

    The Immortal Hulk Hogan makes his epic return to WrestleMania by hosting the 30th Anniversary of The Showcase of the Immortals! While Hulkamania runs wild in the Superdome the tenacious Daniel Bryan does battle with 'The King of Kings' Triple H in a match that decides who will join Randy Orton and Batista as the third participant in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match. Legacies are also on the line when John Cena clashes with 'The Eater of Worlds' Bray Wyatt and Undertaker puts his undefeated 21-0 WrestleMania streak on the line against 'The Beast Incarnate' Brock Lesnar. On this night legends are made and WWE Superstars become immortal. Welcome to WrestleMania! WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton Vs. Batista Vs. Winner of Daniel Bryan / Triple H Match Winner To Be Entered Into The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Daniel Bryan Vs. Triple H Undertaker Vs. Brock Lesnar John Cena Vs. Bray Wyatt WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: The Usos Vs. Los Matadores Vs. The Real Americans Vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel Six-Man Tag Team Match: The Shield Vs. Kane and the New Age Outlaws 30-Man Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Vickie Guerrero's Divas Championship Invitational Including: The 2014 WWE hall of fame class induction ceremony featuring: Ultimate Warrior Carlos Colón Lita Razor Ramon Paul Bearer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Mr. T Special Features: Top 30 Greatest Wrestlemania Moments Hulk Hogan Discusses Wrestlemania Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon Reveal The Wrestlemania Set Batista Reflects on His Return To WWE Randy Orton Speaks On Becoming The Face of WWE The History of Andre The Giant The Streak Vs. The Beast A Look at Hulk Hogan's Storied Career John Cena Confronts His Fears AJ Lee Vs. The World

  • When We Were Kings [DVD] [1997] When We Were Kings | DVD | (02/02/2009) from £4.93  |  Saving you £5.06 (50.70%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Muhammad Ali's 1974 knockout of George Foreman to regain the heavyweight championship of the world at the age of 32 was probably the greatest sporting moment of the 20th century. Leon Gast's documentary on the "Rumble In The Jungle", When We Were Kings, eventually released in 1996, is probably the finest ever boxing film. The background to the contest was almost as dramatic as the fight itself. It was the first major coup for promoter Don King, a character described in this film as "very clever but completely amoral"--yet this was his finest hour. President Mobutu, unsavoury dictator of Zaire and a more frightening figure than either boxer, had spent millions of his country's money to host the event. George Foreman, like Sonny Liston before him and Mike Tyson after him, was considered unbeatable, expected to slaughter Ali. Seeing him pounding a dent the size of a grapefruit into a heavy bag during training, you can understand why. Ringside American journalists George Plimpton and in particular Norman Mailer offer exceptionally shrewd insights. As we stare into Ali's face during the minute interval at the end of round one, Mailer talks us through his probable thought processes. "That was the only time I ever saw fear in his eyes." Ali, of course, is the star, besting the sullen Foreman in the build-up with his freewheeling, hilarious braggadocio then outfoxing him in the fight with his "rope-a-dope" technique. Like Ali, the "Rumble In The Jungle" transcended sports in its inspirational significance. --David Stubbs

  • Barbara Currie - Seven Secrets Of Yoga [2001] Barbara Currie - Seven Secrets Of Yoga | DVD | (27/12/2001) from £3.59  |  Saving you £16.40 (82.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    With the slinky white leotards, the pastel set and the references to toning and firming, yoga purists might be quick to dismiss Barbara Currie’s Seven Secrets of Yoga as yoga for middle England. Yet Barbara Currie is the Delia Smith of the yoga world--it’s not just that what she does works, but she knows exactly how to make it work for the rest of us. Though the title implies that this is a session divided into seven segments, there are in fact more than seven parts: a choice of two 10-minute miracles (beginners and advanced) recommended to start the day, followed by a series of six short sequences designed to work either as a sequence a day, or together in an entire, comprehensive session. Currie’s precise instruction covers balancing the body and mind, working the lower back and toning bottom and thighs, toning the tummy and waist, working the arms and neckline, stretching the entire body and relaxing. Though the focus appears to be toning up, the real surprise is at the end when Currie cleverly reveals the seven secrets: yoga is good for shape, weight, energy, relaxation, concentration, flexibility and youth. This is a succinct and inspiring explanation of the philosophy of yoga.--Lorna V

  • Ireland Champions RBS 6 Nations 2014 [DVD] Ireland Champions RBS 6 Nations 2014 | DVD | (05/05/2014) from £13.31  |  Saving you £6.68 (33.40%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Ireland the RBS 6 Nations Champions for only the second time in 29 long years ... but it was well worth the wait. This is the Official Film featuring the action drama and excitement from the most closely contested RBS 6 Nations for years with Ireland winning an enthralling tournament in Paris to take the crown and give Brian O'Driscoll the perfect send-off to end his glittering career. After three dominant victories at the Aviva Stadium against Scotland Wales and Italy racking up 100 points in the process then a narrow defeat to England at Twickenham the Irish needed to win in Paris for the long awaited glory. But with only one win in the Stade de France in the previous 42 years it was going to be a huge challenge. A win any win for Ireland in the final match would be sufficient to lift the trophy. But the French who had been misfiring throughout the RBS 6 Nations had a new energy and purpose on home turf. With their best performance of the Championship the French went toe-to-toe with the Irish and Les Blues went in at half-time leading 13-12. The second half saw the game really open up and a second try and penalty from Sexton gave the Irish a 22-13 lead only to see a French try 20 minutes from time. In a nail-biting dramatic finale the Irish defence heroically held strong and firm to close out the game and ensure the boys in green completed an historic victory. A breath taking Championship and a fitting tribute to Ireland's most celebrated player Brian O'Driscoll. Disc One: Official Highlights of all of Ireland's matches Disc Two: France Vs. Ireland in full and Extras

  • Jillian Michaels - Killer Buns and Thighs [DVD] Jillian Michaels - Killer Buns and Thighs | DVD | (26/12/2011) from £7.48  |  Saving you £8.51 (53.20%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Do the saddlebags on your legs make you insane? Do you loathe wearing shorts because of saggy knees or fl abby thighs? Have you avoided skinny jeans like the plague? Or do you just want to go from good shape to great shape and rock a bikini with the best of them? Well no matter what point you are starting out from, if you want to get your lower body in sick, crazy, amazing shape, Jillian Michaels: Killer Buns And Thighs promises to deliver with three fat-blasting bootysculpting workouts that will get you results fast! These 30-minute workouts range in difficulty level in order to provide something for everyone from beginners to the most advanced athletes. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs today to get the rockin' booty and ripped thighs you've always wanted!

  • Pilates The Core Workout with Lynne Robinson [DVD] Pilates The Core Workout with Lynne Robinson | DVD | (26/12/2011) from £9.49  |  Saving you £5.50 (36.70%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Ever wondered why Pilates is now one of the world's favourite exercise methods? Here's your chance to find out. Discover hidden strength and control with this exciting all new Pilates programme!Whilst every exercise incorporates the Pilates principles of concentration; relaxation; alignment; breathing: centring; co-ordination; flowing movements and stamina, in this DVD Lynne will focus in particular on centring, also called core stability.This DVD is perfect if you haven't yet tried Pilates as The Fundamentals are clearly explained and all of the Core Workout exercises have a beginner's version to follow. Check out the bonus feature too.On the other hand, if you're already a Pilates addict, you'll love the variations and advanced versions of old favourites, plus exciting new exercises specifically designed to challenge your core. Pilates has never been so much fun!

  • Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack [DVD] Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack | DVD | (27/12/2010) from £5.98  |  Saving you £10.01 (62.60%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack

  • WWE: The Attitude Era [Blu-ray] WWE: The Attitude Era | Blu Ray | (18/02/2013) from £13.69  |  Saving you £21.30 (60.90%)  |  RRP £34.99

    Bust out your Austin 3:16 shirt strike a 5-second pose heat up a delicious slice of pie and count down to Y2J all over again with The Attitude Era... Go back to the days of dysfunction disorder and defiance. When radical antiheroes ditched saying their prayers and taking their vitamins for opening up a can of whoop ass and laying the Smackdown; when rebels ruled the airwaves and PG stood for puppies and grapefruits. This 3-disc slobberknocker is packed with all the action that pushed censors to new limits shattered cable TV ratings and crushed WWE's competition like a Spanish announcer's table.

  • 101 Great Welsh Tries 101 Great Welsh Tries | DVD | (19/02/2007) from £4.00  |  Saving you £6.84 (52.70%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Official WRU title featuring 24 new tries from 2002 - 2006 to bring the total to 125. Presented by Robert Jones and Clive Rowlands.

  • Legends of Golf (6 Disc) [DVD] Legends of Golf (6 Disc) | DVD | (21/05/2012) from £10.15  |  Saving you £4.84 (32.30%)  |  RRP £14.99

    YES SIR! JACK NICKLAUS & HIS HISTORIC 1986 MASTERS WINThe 1986 Masters Tournament at Augusta National was the last of Jack Nicklaus' record 18 majors. At the age of 46, it was arguably the most improbable of those titles and certainly one of the most compelling dramas in the history of sport. Nicklaus' edge-of-yourseat final round allowed him to claim his sixth Masters title and provide the exclamation point on his legacy as golf 's greatest champion. Through exclusive interviews, personal reflections and captivating footage, this DVD celebrates one of sport's greatest 'where-were-you' moments.1987 OFFICIAL OPEN FILMPlayed at Muirfield - one of the greatest and toughest tests in golf - in harsh and demanding weather conditions that challenged all the players. At the death it came down to a tense struggle between just two men - England's Nick Faldo and the American Paul Azinger. Faldo's indomitable and ultimately decisive final round was a popular climax to an enthralling contest and gave him his first Open Championship victory.1990 OFFICIAL OPEN FILMIn this playing of The Open Championship at St Andrews, we saw the two best players in the world, Nick Faldo and Greg Norman, battling it out head-tohead in the first two rounds. Despite the heroic efforts of Mark McNulty and Payne Stewart in the last round, no one could prevent Faldo from clinching a second Open Championship as he moved clear of the chasing pack to finish five strokes clear on 18 under par, clinching a famous win on the Old Course.NICK FALDO - IT'S ALL IN THE OPENNick Faldo's Open Championship record is one of the best and in this programme he talks at length about the shots that won him his trio of Open Championship titles, as well as the memories that went hand-in-hand with each of his three victories. Faldo gives a unique insight into the pressures of leading on the final day and also discusses the extraordinary release of emotions when victory is finally achieved. What comes through is a unique portrait of a man with an unswerving selfbelief and a deep-rooted love of The Open Championship.US OPEN 2011 OFFICIAL FILMThe 2011 U.S. Open will forever be remembered as the time Rory McIlroy tore apart the entire field, as well as the record books, at Congressional, Maryland. The 22-year-old from Holywood, Northern Ireland, set or tied twelve records on his way to a stunning victory, posting the lowest total in U.S. Open history with his score of 268, an astonishing 16-under-par. His nearest challenger, Jason Day, finished an incredible eight shots adrift.1992 OFFICIAL OPEN FILM This film tells the dramatic story of Nick Faldo's glorious return to Muirfield, winning his third Open Championship title and his fifth major in five years. But it could have been different as Faldo threw away a four shot lead after three rounds before playing the golf of his life to clinch the title on the18th green. The finish to the 121st Open Championship was the most exciting for many years and this film captures all the emotional ups and downs of the closing holes.

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