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Will and Grace Box Sets (Complete Series)

Long running US sitcom nominated for 2018 Golden Globe

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  • Will And Grace - Season 7 - Complete Will And Grace - Season 7 - Complete | DVD | (30/01/2006) from £15.98  |  Saving you £-32.61 (-65.20%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Meet Will & Grace. Grace is a sassy and smart interior designer Will is a gorgeous and supercool lawyer. They're both looking for love and they're made for each other in every way except for one thing - Grace is straight Will is gay. Their lives are complicated even further by their outrageous friends Karen & Jack. This DVD box set contains all the episodes from the seventh season: Episodes Comprise: 1. FYI: I Hurt Too 2. Back Up Dancer 3. One Gay At A Time 4. Company 5

  • Will And Grace - Season 1-8 Complete Box Set Will And Grace - Season 1-8 Complete Box Set | DVD | (07/08/2006) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £199.99

    From the very first time we met the wacky foursome in the original pilot to their very last adventure together at the conclusion of Season 8 this box set contains all 190+ episodes ever made of the groundbreaking NBC sitcom. Featuring a dazzling array of guest stars from Madonna to Michael Douglas and Kevin Bacon to Elton John this bumper 48 disc box set is a must have for any true fan. Presented complete with never before seen extras!

  • Will and Grace: Series 4 (Episodes 5-8) [2001] Will and Grace: Series 4 (Episodes 5-8) | DVD | (16/02/2004) from £2.95  |  Saving you £7.98 (61.40%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Episodes include: Loose Lips Sink Relationships Rules Of Engagement Bed Bath And Byond and Star-Spangled Banter.

  • Will and Grace: Series 4 (Episodes 18-22) [2001] Will and Grace: Series 4 (Episodes 18-22) | DVD | (05/04/2004) from £4.25  |  Saving you £7.85 (60.40%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Something Borrowed Someone's Due: Will and Grace move into their swanky new dream apartment but sentimentality soon gets the better of them as they pine for their old digs now happily occupied by friends. Cheatin' Trouble Blues: An excited Will presents his parents with a romantic cruise for their anniversary - but things go a little awry when he discovers they are both harbouring important secrets. Went A Garden Potty: In the aftermath of his parents divorce Will salvages a beloved garden gnome and proudly places it in his apartment's community area. But attempted therapy turns to full-on trauma when a disastrous accident befalls it. He Shoots They Snore: When Jack can't bunk off work he's forced to ask Will to escort his son Eliot to a weekend basketball tournament but then throws a hissy fit when he finds out he's missed Eliot's first kiss! Wedding Balls: When Will's bride-to-be cousin from LA misses a flight to New York to plan her wedding Grace is enlisted to help out the clueless groom but gets a little too enthused...

  • Will and Grace: Series 4 (Episodes 1-4) [2001] Will and Grace: Series 4 (Episodes 1-4) | DVD | (16/02/2004) from £2.86  |  Saving you £6.44 (49.60%)  |  RRP £12.99

    At the end of Series 3 Grace had got together with Nathan (Woody Harrelson). Things are going well until Will gets back from vacation and Will and Grace re-establish their special relationship leaving Nathan feeling neglected. Grace and Nathan nearly get engaged and then split up. Jack is getting to know the son - Elliot he never knew he had thanks to an anonymous 'donation' 13 years ago. Karen's husband Stanley Walker gets arrested and there's nothing Will can do to save him from a life behind bars... Episodes comprise: Third Wheel Gets The Grace Past And Presents Crouching Father Hidden Husband Prison Blues.

  • Will and Grace: Series 4 (Episodes 23-27) [2001] Will and Grace: Series 4 (Episodes 23-27) | DVD | (05/04/2004) from £4.23  |  Saving you £4.17 (32.10%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Fagel Attraction: When his laptop is stolen from a coffee bar Will meets a hot detective who quickly offers to take him 'undercover' and it's not long before our boys in blue get down on the beat... Hocus Focus: Will wins a portrait session with an eccentric celebrity photographer and asks best friend Grace to accompany him. However the wacky snapper's unorthodox methods produce an image that delights Grace but drives Will to distraction. A Buncha White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin': When Will hears his biological clock ticking he shocks Grace by asking her to be the mother of his child but Grace discloses a startling revelation. A.I. - Artificial Insemination (Parts 1 & 2) After Will and Grace settle on starting a family obstacles to their offspring pile up including missing specimen samples and arguments over names that leave the whole bump n' grind issue of insemination a little raw.

  • Will and Grace: Complete Series 1 [2001] Will and Grace: Complete Series 1 | DVD | (30/08/2004) from £9.95  |  Saving you £27.03 (54.10%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Will & Grace debuted with a controversial splash because one of its two lead characters is gay--but smart writing and topnotch performances, not politics, have made the show a hit. Two neurotic and sharp-tongued urbanites--gay lawyer Will (Eric McCormack) and straight interior designer Grace (Debra Messing)--delight in their volatile but enduring friendship as they share a sumptuous New York apartment. Sweeping into the mix are Will's unapologetically queeny friend Jack (Sean Hayes) and Grace's wildly eccentric assistant Karen (Megan Mullally). Much like Seinfeld, the humour on Will & Grace springs from self-obsession, petty jealousy, and compulsive interfering in each other's lives--basically, the building blocks of human nature. The show's writers apparently feel compelled to keep the lead characters warm and likeable in the usual sitcom mode (which hardly seems necessary, as McCormack and Messing are naturally engaging). As a result, it's Jack and Karen who get free reign to be truly obnoxious and ridiculous--which, of course, makes them incredibly funny and charismatic. Hayes and Mullally rise to the occasion, ripping through absurd situations and arias of narcissistic wit with dazzling panache. Will & Grace's plots routinely center around scenarios that could feature a married couple or two same-sex roommates: Will and Grace bicker over buying a dog, find their relationship tested by apartment renovations, or discover they're both pursuing the same guy--standard sitcom material that the gay factor gives a clever spin. Though their relationship gets in the way of their sex lives, the two take so much pleasure in each other's company that they can't help but stick together--a surprisingly chaste theme for such a culturally groundbreaking show, but one that Will & Grace's addicted audience undoubtedly appreciates. --Bret Fetzer

  • Will And Grace - Season 6 Complete Will And Grace - Season 6 Complete | DVD | (15/08/2005) from £10.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Meet Will & Grace. Grace is a sassy and smart interior designer Will is a gorgeous and supercool lawyer. They're both looking for love and they're made for each other in every way except for one thing - Grace is straight Will is gay. Their lives are complicated even further by their outrageous friends Karen and Jack. This DVD box set comprises all the episodes from the gut-bustingly funny sixth season. Episodes comprise: 1. Dames At Sea 2. Last Ex To Brooklyn 3. Home

  • Will And Grace - Season 8 - Complete Will And Grace - Season 8 - Complete | DVD | (07/08/2006) from £15.27  |  Saving you £29.40 (58.80%)  |  RRP £49.99

    The final season of Will And Grace is here! But dry your eyes and turn off the Gloria Gaynor as there's still bucket loads of laughs to enjoy before your favourite foursome ride off into the sunset. From Will's gay penguin crusade to Jack's soaring career on OutTV and Grace's ""arranged"" marriage to Karen's secret career a shady slums-landlord this final set of wacky adventures is the funniest yet. If this isn't enough to heal your hurt Season 8 also features two live episodes and a special appearance from Britney Spears amongst others! Guest stars include Alec Baldwin Jason Biggs Richard Chamberlain Harry Connick Jnr Blythe Danner Taye Diggs Debbie Reynolds Britney Spears and Lily Tomlin. Episodes comprise: 1. Alive And Schticking 2. I Second That Emotion 3. The Old Man And The Sea 4. Steams Like Old Time 5. The Hole Truth 6. Love Is In The Airplane 7. Birds Of A Feather Boa 8. Swish Out Of Water 9. A Little Christmas Queer 10. Von Trapped 11. Bathroom Humour 12. Forbidden Fruit 13. Cop To It 14. I Love L. Gay 15. The Definition Of Marriage 16. Grace Expectations 17. Cowboys And Iranians 18. Buy Buy Baby 19. Blanket Apology 20. The Mourning Son 21. Partners n' Crime 22. Whatever Happened To Baby Gin? 23. The Finale

  • Will and Grace: Complete Series 2 [2001] Will and Grace: Complete Series 2 | DVD | (30/08/2004) from £5.99  |  Saving you £32.52 (65.10%)  |  RRP £49.99

    After a first season made controversial by the mere presence of openly gay characters, Will & Grace returned triumphantly with renewed confidence and vigour. In their second season, sidekicks Jack and Karen (the very, very funny Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally) are more snide and gleefully obnoxious than ever; Will (Eric McCormack) has perfected his prickly panache; and in particular Grace (Debra Messing) has entered a whole new plane of sexy goofiness, diving even more headlong into physical comedy--such as the episode when, in order to woo a high school crush, she gets a water-padded bra that springs a leak. The writing has also become tighter, grown more deft in its gay and pop culture references (which were often self-conscious in the first season) and at juggling sustained storylines, such as the Immigration department investigating Jack's marriage to Karen's Salvadorian maid Rosario (Shelley Morrison), Grace and Will struggling to become less emotionally incestuous, and Jack seeking his biological father. The show excels at tackling emotional subjects (like Will discovering that his father, who has accepted and even embraced his homosexuality at home, has told his co-workers that Will is married to Grace) with a sharp comic eye. Guest stars start to accumulate: Molly Shannon returns, Sydney Pollack and Debbie Reynolds play Will's dad and Grace's mom, Joan Collins appears as a rival designer, Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, MD) plays the leader of a going-straight support group, and Gregory Hines takes on a recurring role as Will's new boss, a high-powered lawyer who seduces Grace. Will & Grace mixes superb sitcom farce with sly sociopolitical commentary; the fusion is smart and consistently entertaining. --Bret Fetzer

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