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16 July 2018

 We have two cracking new released DVD's to compare this week. We have Lara Croft Tomb Raider played by Alicia Vikander demonstrating how women can look athletic, sexy and be a strong, determined character with an independant mind. Lara cannot rest until she solves the puzzle of her fathers death. Working without purpose as a courier in London, having refused to take over her fathers global empire, she is scratching a living. This serves as the catalyst to go in search of what happens and she takes a voyage over treacherous seas to a mythical island off the Japanese coast, which was the last known destination of her father. 

Watch the DVD Trailer for Tomb Raider and compare prices here at Find-DVD.co.uk.

Alternatively, some Christian historical drama can be found in the fabulous, Paul, Apostle of Christ. Paul, the converted Saul has travelled the middle east converting people to Jesus. Now in prison and facing execution by the emperorer Nero, his time as an influential apostle is nearing its end in the dark, bleak confines of his cell. His friend, Luke, a physician and writer, fears not for  his own life and goes to Rome to see him. Mauritius, the prison's high officer, is at a loss to understand how the broken old man of Paul can still create such an unsettling effect. Luke makes his it his purpose to ensure the story of Jesus is told through Pauls relentless faith and messages, know as 'the way' and thus chronicles the birth of the church. 

Watch the DVD Trailer for Paul, Apostle of Christ DVD and compare prices here at Find-DVD.co.uk.


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