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80's DVD revival of movies, films, iconic and award-winning sit-coms

14 August 2018

 1980's films, mini-series, and sit coms are about to be re-released over the coming few weeks. Here at Find-DVD we have pulled these together on our collections pages to make it simpler for you to navigate the available DVD's. As well as check our retailers to ensure you get the cheapest price, including the additional cost of postage, we have provided links to trailers where they are available to help you select your DVD products.

The 1980's collection are sure to be popular gifts for Christmas. You never know what to get Grandad – well now is your chance to organise yourself early. Have a chat with him and ask him his favourite films and programmes. Not only will he enjoy the conversation and trip down memory lane with his favourite grand child – that's you of course; but it will enable you to get ahead of the game with your Christmas shopping.

For those of us who were around in the 1980's, the great thing about it was we all did watch the same telly. With only three channels, and you cant really count BBC2, as it was always a bit high brow, if something good was on, most of the population sat down to watch it. We then had the pleasure of chatting about it the following day; our very own social media…well not quite.

We have sifted through the future releases of the 1980's DVD's and expect to see the obvious box office successes such as the glorious ET the cutest story of an extra-terrestrial who steals hearts;  the gorgeous Richard Gere, in an officer and a Gentleman, or Tom Cruise in Top Gun. However, there are also some really gems which have slipped to the back of our minds, such as Blake 7, a darlek spawning sci-fi series; Anyone for Denis – a satirical sit-com based upon the characters of Margaret Thatcher and her long-suffering husband Denis; and Footloose, the story of a town where dancing has been banned, but the joy of movement cannot be tamed.

So although these DVD's from the 80's will appear in our searches and on the new release pages as they arrive, we will also add them to our collections pages as they are nearing release, so you can browse them at any time.

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