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Nanny McPhee aka. Emma Thompson outstanding in The Children Act

10 September 2018

 Justice Fiona Maye (Emma Thompson) is no stranger to difficult legal medical judgements; overworking and intensely well prepared and professional, she is required to make the final decision after hearing the evidence of all parties. This relentless requirement for rational judgement in the face of intensely emotional pleading in situations such as the separation of conjoined twins which will allow one to survive at the cost of the other has taken its toll on her marriage to University lecturer Jack (Stanley Tucci), who noting the dearth of sex in their marriage, throws an attention seeking missile into the room explaining his plan to start an affair. Clearly troubled and confused, Justice Maye must continue with her next big decision, which is the ruling on a case where a seventeen-year-old boy (and his parents) has refused a blood transfusion to treat leukaemia, which almost certainly will lead to a distressing death. Having heard the evidence she takes the unprecedented step of visiting the boy in hospital which leads to an unexpected emotional connection between them.

Undoubtedly, Emma Thompson is utterly plausible and creates a fascination in her values and character. The relationship between Fiona and Jack is touching in that there is never any doubt that both are motivated by their love of each other. It is a reminder that no decision ever made is done in a vacuum but relates to the circumstances within and around a person.

In UK cinemas now – the Children Act is a super film Directed by Richard Eyre and adapted for screen by Ian McEwen (On Chesil Beach, Atonement), with a fascinating story and wonderful cast.

Of course, Emma Thompson has been involved in lots of great films and is particularly proud of her role as Nanny McPhee saying that although she doesn't think much about legacy she would like to see a bronze statue of Nanny McPhee outside parliament citing her wisdom as inspirational.

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