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The Find-DVD free iPhone and iPad app has launched!

20 July 2010

Now you can search for the cheapest priced DVDs and Blu-rays anytime, anywhere, with our brand new Find-DVD iPhone and iPad app.

It's completely free to install on your iPhone or iPad just go to the app store and search for Find DVD, you'll then be able to compare prices from an array of online retailers to find the best deals, with just a few taps on the screen!

Search for a title on your chosen format (DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, UMD), or there's even options to search by actor, director or category. A list of search results will then be displayed, simply tap on your chosen title and a list of retailer prices will appear, with the lowest price at the top of the list! Finally tap on a retailer price to buy the title.

If you want to find out more information about a particular DVD or Blu-ray, there's also the option to read the reviews for each title and what's more Find-DVD keeps a history of your searches so you can go back and check for price drops!

So, let Find-DVD save you time and money and find the cheapest DVD and Blu-ray prices, whilst you're on the go!

View more information of the Find-DVD iPhone and iPad app here 


Here's a look at the new Find-DVD iphone and iPad app...


1) Enter your search criteria 2) Tap on your chosen DVD or Blu-ray title


3) See the lowest prices 4) Read the DVD and Blu-ray reviews



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