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  • Ed Gein [2000] Ed Gein | DVD | (14/02/2005) from £14.21  |  Saving you £-20.26 (-338.20%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Ed Gein tells the real story that inspired cinema classics such as 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' 'Psycho' and 'The Silence of the Lambs'. Ed Gein (Steve Railsback) is a simple man who wants to lead a simple life on his family's farm. But the farm is remote the family is gone the crops perished long ago and the ghosts of Ed's past are coming back to haunt him. Ed always did have peculiar interests: reincarnation head-shrinking cannabilism and female anatomy but after his mother's death his obsessions escalate and freshly buried female bodies are starting to disappear. With the help of 'Gray's Anatomy' the skin of the corpses is fashioned into lamps and furniture and even a full bodysuit.

  • Dead Even Dead Even | DVD | (06/02/2006) from £16.99  |  Saving you £-5.74 (-35.90%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Beauty can be deadly... Rebecka Fairbanks (Elizabeth Hurley) is a beautiful but temperamental movie star who is struggling to find her next hit picture. She accepts the part of the nineteenth century serial killer Belle Gunness and commits herself to the role with an almost obsessive passion. As filming gets underway she begins adopting more and more of Belle's sinister mannerisms. Soon people start disappearing from the set and are later found dead. The murders share a st

  • Witness For The Prosecution [1957] Witness For The Prosecution | DVD | (01/05/2005) from £20.98  |  Saving you £-7.99 (-61.50%)  |  RRP £12.99

    A young man is on trial for a wealthy widow's murder after he suspiciously profits from her will. His only hope for aquital is his wife's testimony but his airtight alibi shatters when she reveals some shocking secrets of her own...

  • Handel - Agrippina (Malgoire, Grande Ecurie, Chambre Du Roy) [2004] Handel - Agrippina (Malgoire, Grande Ecurie, Chambre Du Roy) | DVD | (12/07/2004) from £21.00  |  Saving you £3.99 (16.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Agrippina was staged for the first time in late December 1709 - or possibly at the beginning of 1710 - at Venice's Teatro San Grisostomo and met with enormous success as testified by twenty-seven following performances a record number even for 18th-century standards. Agrippina's triumph sanctioned Handel's definitive investiture as an operatic composer. After nearly 300 years this opera appears as a masterpiece of 18th-century music and an innovative work considering that when Handel composed it he was just twenty-four years old. The composer's melodic creativity and sense of theatre are quite remarkable. The cast conducted by Jean-Claude Malgoire includes Vronique Gens in the title role.

  • Samhain Samhain | DVD | (24/10/2005) from £25.90  |  Saving you £-9.91 (-62.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Evil roams the woods of Ireland... Two American tourists on a romantic camping trip are brutally murdered. A few days later during the ancient festival of 'Samhain' a group of American University students moves in a beautiful cottage surrounded by a lush forest and a majestic lake They are here to learn about the rituals of the Ancient Druids and other Celtic legends. But in the remains of an abandoned copper mine lives the ancestors of an incestuous clan of cannibals. Sta

  • The Lion In Winter [DVD] [1968] The Lion In Winter | DVD | (27/04/2009) from £4.50  |  Saving you £-1.43 (-7.20%)  |  RRP £19.99

    King Henry II has brought together his imprisoned wife Eleanor of Acquitaine and their three sons to announce the successor to his throne. What ensues over the course of Christmas 1183 is nothing less than a private and merciless family war.

  • Brain Damage [1988] Brain Damage | DVD | (29/10/2007) from £25.90  |  Saving you £-9.91 (-62.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

    A chatty worm-like parasite offers the utmost psychedelic experiences to its host if they allow him to latch onto their necks and inject their brains with a bizarre secretion. For Brian this trip is better than his dull life but in order to maintain the buzz he must provide this parasite with its favourite food - human brains.

  • Suspicion Suspicion | DVD | (21/04/2003) from £10.99  |  Saving you £-10.00 (-50.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Repeated viewings can't dispel the shock of the final scene of Suspicion, Hitchcock's classic 1941 romantic mystery--a brief but disorientating confrontation that suddenly inverts the heroine's mounting conviction that she's married a murderer, forcing us to reconsider virtually every scene and line of dialogue that's preceded it. It's a masterful coup de grâce for the director, who has built a puzzle around the corrosive power of suspicion, threaded with deft ambiguities that toy with dramatic conventions and character archetypes in nearly every frame. As embodied by Joan Fontaine, who nabbed an Oscar in this second outing with the director, Lina McLaidlaw is a buttoned-up, bookish heiress whose prim exterior conceals longings for a more engaged emotional life. Her solution materialises in the darkly handsome Johnnie Aysgarth, a gambler, womaniser and spendthrift who flirts, then pursues, and soon marries her. As Aysgarth, Cary Grant is both irresistible and sinister, capable of deceit and petty theft, as well as grander designs on his bride's impending fortune. Lina's passion for Johnnie is clouded by each new revelation about his apparent dishonesty, from clandestine gambling to real-estate development schemes; more troubling are clues implicating him in the death of his best friend, and the prospect that Johnnie may be slowly poisoning Lina herself. By the time we see him ascending a darkened staircase with a suspicious glass of milk, an image made all the more indelible through the spectral glow the director captures in the glass, the evidence seems damning indeed. In fact, even as Hitchcock stacks the deck against Johnnie, and takes full advantage of Grant's skill at conveying such menace, the director also dots his landscape with visual clues to Lina's own neurotic (and erotic) obsessions. The final scene forces us to re-evaluate her behaviour while leaving enough of a cloud over Johnnie to rob him, and us, of a complete exoneration. It's a wicked, unsettling payoff to a brilliantly executed thriller. --Sam Sutherland

  • The Woman In The Window [1944] The Woman In The Window | DVD | (12/01/2009) from £12.79  |  Saving you £-9.91 (-62.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

    The Woman In The Window

  • House Of Dust [DVD] House Of Dust | DVD | (09/11/2015) from £25.90  |  Saving you £-9.91 (-62.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

  • Beautiful Darling [DVD] Beautiful Darling | DVD | (05/01/2016) from £25.90  |  Saving you £-9.91 (-62.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Beautiful Darling pays tribute to the short but extraordinary life of actress Candy Darling Although born a man she was drawn to the feminine from childhood and by the mid-Sixties James had become Candy a blonde actress and well-known New York character. There she became close to Andy Warhol and starred in two of his movies. Candy used her Warhol fame to land further film roles but tragically she died of lymphoma at only twenty-nine. The film uses both current and previous interviews excerpts from Candy's own diaries and letters to explain her life. The films explore the glamorous parties the famous friends and most of all the strength of will she demonstrated in her remarkable act of self-creation. “An extraordinarily sad touching and compassionate documentary...” - Rex Reed - New York Observer

  • Romeo's Dead Trilogy Romeo's Dead Trilogy | DVD | (23/06/2008) from £24.28  |  Saving you £-13.29 (-120.90%)  |  RRP £10.99

    Night Of The Living Dead: The radiation from a fallen satellite causes the recently deceased to rise from the grave and seek the living to use as food. Seven people barricade themselves inside a farmhouse while the army of flesh-eating zombies roams the countryside... Dawn Of The Dead: After securing an apartment building overcome with flesh-eating zombies two Philadelphia area SWAT team members Peter and Roger flee to a television station where they escape in the station's helicopter with Francine and Stephen - two station employees. Seeking refuge from the zombies and the ensuing hysteria they land on the roof of a Pittsburgh area shopping mall despite the fact that the undead seem to be flocking there... What begins as a stop for supplies becomes a longer stay as the four become embroiled in a futile war within the mall to consume retail goods and remain alive. The only difference between them and the zombies is that they aren't dead... Day Of The Dead: The walking dead have taken over the world and only a small band of the living survive. This motley group of scientists and soldiers are barricaded in an abandoned missile silo where the chief scientist is conducting grotesque research experiments to find a way of controlling the ravenous marauding Zombies. Tensions meanwhile become intolerable especially when the self appointed psychotic military leader discovers that some of his soldiers have been used as guinea pigs in the zombie experiments. A last ditch battle results in the darkest day of horror the world has ever known.

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Special Edition [1974] The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Special Edition | DVD | (10/03/2003) from £3.95  |  Saving you £-6.95 (-43.50%)  |  RRP £15.99

    The 2003 version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre adheres to the pure-and-simple slasher-movie formula: introduce a gaggle of sexy young people, make vague gestures to distinguish them--Jessica Biel wants to get married and doesn't like pot, so she's our moral compass--then start hacking them to pieces one by one. The visual palette includes grimy crucified dolls, fly-specked pig carcasses, body parts floating in murky jars, a tobacco-chewing redneck sheriff and many slender beams of sunlight cutting through dank, dusty interiors. The camera lovingly photographs Biel's tank-topped bosom and sculpted abs as she's running in terror from a bloated, chainsaw-wielding, human-skin-wearing maniac. This remake lacks the macabre comedy of the original; it's all about the nauseating sensation of waiting for something to jump out of the dark. --Bret Fetzer

  • Shower Of Blood Shower Of Blood | DVD | (20/09/2004) from £25.90  |  Saving you £-18.91 (-270.50%)  |  RRP £6.99

    Five sexy college friends venture out on a road trip. A detour to Lisa's uncle's house leads them into the Galloway Forest which is known for mysterious disappearances and rumours of cannibalism. Uncle Marty does not appear to be home as Lisa finds a hidden key which unlocks the door to a night full of terror. As Lisa experiences bizarre visions she wonders about her darkest family secrets. The mysterious Uncle Marty has a taste for beauty and blood. Nothing is as it seems as th

  • Big Bad Wolf [2006] Big Bad Wolf | DVD | (07/01/2008) from £21.02  |  Saving you £-11.03 (-110.40%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Where Man ends... Evil begins. A wild college party in a remote cabin goes horribly wrong when Derek Cowley and his friends find themselves terrorized by a blood thirsty werewolf. While fighting for his life Derek will discover a shocking and horrifying secret about the monster he must kill to survive.

  • The Brass Monkey [1948] The Brass Monkey | DVD | (22/01/2007) from £7.95  |  Saving you £-8.03 (-61.80%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Carroll Levis stars as himself in this intriguing whodunit. He inadvertently becomes embroiled in a caper involving the smuggling of a priceless brass monkey into England. The potential buyer is Mr. Ryder-Harris (Ernest Thesiger). This eccentric gentleman claims the ancient artifact is ""beyond human value to any follower of Buddhism."" Levis has been given the monkey by his friend Kay Sheldon who is a former talent discovery. She obtained the relic from her fiance who happens to be one of Londons most disreputable fences of stolen goods. The monkey lands in the clutter of Levis office and is promptly mislaid. Then chaos follows as several unscrupulous parties try to steal the monkey resulting in murder and mayhem. Amid all of this ""monkey business "" an array of musical and comedy performers audition for and appear on ""The Levis Hour "" our heros weekly radio program. Outstanding among the entertainers is gap-toothed farceur Terry-Thomas in a very comical early film appearance.

  • House 3 [1989] House 3 | DVD | (05/09/2002) from £4.89  |  Saving you £-6.99 (-35.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Upon his execution mass murderer Klaus Jenke curses the detective who captured him - Lucas and his family. Jenke returns from the dead to exact his hideous revenge. The horrors he performed before his death are insignificant compared to the circus of evil he now unleashes on Lucas's family...

  • Mimic / Mimic 2 / Mimic 3 - Sentinel Mimic / Mimic 2 / Mimic 3 - Sentinel | DVD | (20/03/2006) from £21.02  |  Saving you £-3.03 (-16.80%)  |  RRP £17.99

    Mimic: A team of scientists discover a miracle cure that stops the spread of a deadly disease only to find out three years later that something has gone terribly wrong. Their creation has taken on a horrifying life of its own able to mimic and destroy its every predator - even man! And now it threatens to wipe out an entire city...unless they stop it in time... (Dir. Guillermo Del Toro 1997) Mimic 2: Just when they were all thought to be dead the giant cockroaches

  • Ritual [DVD] Ritual | DVD | (26/12/2016) from £21.02  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

  • The Prophecy Trilogy The Prophecy Trilogy | DVD | (10/10/2004) from £10.25  |  Saving you £-3.03 (-16.80%)  |  RRP £17.99

    The Prophecy: Christopher Walken leads an extraordinary cast including Eric Stoltz Virginia Madsen Elias Koteas Amanda Plummer and Viggo Mortensen in a terrifying supernatural thriller of heavenly war waged on Earth by renegade angels. When Thomas Daggett (Elias Koteas) falls victim to confusing and horrific dreams he abandons the church at his ordination into the priesthood. Years later as a homicide detective assigned to a grisly murder case he discovers a series of clu

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