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  • Luther Series 5 [Blu-ray] [2019] Luther Series 5 | Blu Ray | (28/01/2019) from £10.39  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award-winner Idris Elba returns to his iconic role. Created by BAFTA and Emmy-nominated writer Neil Cross. When the moonless shadows of London give birth to a new nightmare, John Luther once again confronts the depths of human depravity. As a series of monstrous killings becomes more audacious, Luther and new recruit DS Catherine Halliday are confounded by a tangle of misdirection that seems to protect an unspeakable horror. But as the case brings him closer than ever to the nature of true evil, a reluctant Luther faces the ghosts of his own past. Striding back into the line of fire, he must choose who to protect, and who to sacrifice. Whatever his next move, it will change John Luther forever. This release includes 4 collectors art cards and bonus poster.

  • Z Nation Season 5 [Blu-ray] Z Nation Season 5 | Blu Ray | (28/01/2019) from £14.19  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    An unlikely group of survivors become reluctant heroes in thE Zombie Apocalypse when they find themselves on a mission to save humanity. In Season Five of Z Nation, Warren has survived the drone crash but our heroes soon learn the Black Rain had a totally unexpected side effect. Instead of melting Zombies for a reset, post-Black Rain Zombies are conscious, some newly dead can even talk, giving rise to a new kind of Zombie, TALKERS. Depending on the condition of their body, a TALKER might pass for human--as long as they have plenty of bizkits (is the secret ingredient really brains?) to keep them from going rabid Z.

  • The Good Place Season 2 [Blu-ray] The Good Place Season 2 | Blu Ray | (11/02/2019) from £16.98  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Everything Is Still Fine. Just Fine. From the outrageous mind of Michael Schur, executive producer of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks And Recreation, comes the side-splitting second season of the award-winning comedy starring Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and Ted Danson (Cheers). After Michael's disastrous attempt to torture Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason for eternity goes belly-up, Eleanor and the gang are rebooted and Michael has revised his plan to keep his torture subjects separate. Only now, Michael's soul is on the line, as his boss, Shawn, won't allow another attempt!

  • Father Brown Series 7 [Official UK release] [Blu-ray] Father Brown Series 7 | Blu Ray | (11/02/2019) from £21.33  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    All ten episodes from the seventh series of the TV drama starring Mark Williams as the eponymous character created by English writer G.K. Chesterton. Set in the 1950s in the fictional village of Kembleford, the series follows Roman Catholic priest Father Brown who has a knack for solving crimes. He is assisted by parish secretary Bridgette McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) and is often a source of frustration for the local police. Includes subtitles for the Hard Of Hearing

  • Luther Series 1 - 5 [Blu-ray] [2019] Luther Series 1 - 5 | Blu Ray | (28/01/2019) from £27.38  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Idris Elba stars as maverick detective John Luther in this gripping, smart and entertaining thriller. A detective working for London's Serious Crime Unit, Luther is a dedicated policeman, an inspired maker of connections and a whirlwind genius. He is dazzling, obsessive and sometimes dangerous in the violence of his fixations. Throughout the series, Luther faces a succession of psychological duels between hunter and hunted, predator and prey. But as the stakes get ever higher and more personal, Luther's lonely path pulls him towards the very edge of temptation.

  • Fortitude: Season 3 [Blu-ray] Fortitude: Season 3 | Blu Ray | (28/01/2019) from £12.59  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    The death of Governor Munk continues to hang over the town and the inhabitants of the most staggeringly beautiful place on earth begin to piece their lives back together. But there are new horrors festering in Fortitude and the town's Sheriff, Dan Anderssen, will find himself at the heart of them. Includes subtitles for the Hard Of Hearing

  • Z Nation: Season 1-2-3-4-5 Box Set [Blu-Ray] Z Nation: Season 1-2-3-4-5 Box Set | Blu Ray | (28/01/2019) from £24.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Seasons One-Five of the hit Zombie-Apocalypse series. 70 episodes in a 20-disc set.

  • RBG [Blu-ray] RBG | Blu Ray | (18/02/2019) from £13.29  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    At the age of 85, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed a lengthy legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon. But the unique personal journey of her rise to the nation's highest court has been largely unknown, even to some of her biggest fans - until now. RBG explores Ginsburg's life and career.

  • Dawson City: Frozen Time [Blu-ray] Dawson City: Frozen Time | Blu Ray | (18/02/2019) from £16.37  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Named as one of the best films of 2017 by more than 100 critics worldwide, Dawson City: Frozen Time pieces together the bizarre true history of a long-lost collection of over 500 nitrate film prints dating from the early 1900s. Discovered buried deep in the permafrost beneath Dawson City, a former Klondike gold rush town, the story they reveal and Morrison's haunting found-footage documentary links that gold rush town to the dawn of cinema and the rise of the modern age. Bill Morrison's incredible film conjures the birth of the modern age through these unearthed newsreels, old silent movies (in some cases, the only copies in existence of films by D.W. Griffith and Tod Browning, among others) and documentary images of the town to create a unique kaleidoscope of cinema and history. SPECIAL EDITION CONTENTS: Dawson City Frozen Time presented from a new 4K master New and exclusive interview with filmmaker Bill Morrison Dawson City: Postscript Short film The Letter Selections from the Dawson Film Find: British Canadian Pathé News 1919 (includes 1919 World Series), International News Vol. 1, Issue 52, 1919 The Montreal Herald Screen Magazine 1919 Pathé's Weekly #17, 1914 The Butler and the Maid, Thomas A. Edison Inc., 1912 Brutality, D.W. Griffith, Biograph Company, 1912 The Exquisite Thief, r.2, director, Tod Browning, 1919 The Girl of the Northern Woods, Thanhouser, 1910 Booklet featuring a new essay on the film. Trailer English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Region Free Blu-ray (A/B/C) DTS-HD 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo 24-bit LPCM audio options.

  • Shoah: The Four Sisters (Masters of Cinema) Blu-ray Edition Shoah: The Four Sisters (Masters of Cinema) Blu-ray Edition | Blu Ray | (18/02/2019) from £11.85  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Eureka Entertainment to release SHOAH: THE FOUR SISTERS, a powerful and poignant 4-part documentary from Claude Lanzmann, as part of The Masters of Cinema Series in DVD & Blu-ray editions from 18 February 2019. Paula Biren, Ruth Elias, Ada Lichtman, Hanna Marton: Four Jewish women, witnesses and survivors of the most insane and pitiless barbarism, and who, for that reason alone, but for many others also, deserve to be inscribed forever into the memory of humankind. What they have in common, beside the specific horrors to which each of them were subjected, is a searingly sharp, almost-physical intelligence, which rejects all pretence or faulty reasoning. In a word, idealism. Filmed by Claude Lanzmann during the preparation of what would become Shoah, each of these four extraordinary women deserved a film in their own right, to fully illustrate their exceptional fibre, and to reveal through their gripping accounts four little-known chapters of the extermination. THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH Ruth Elias was seventeen when the Nazis invaded her native city of Moravska Ostrava, Czechoslovakia where her prosperous family had lived for generations. In April 1942, all were deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto. Elias's parents and sister were deported to Auschwitz and soon murdered, but she was able to remain behind by marrying her boyfriend. By the winter of 1943 she became pregnant, a grave danger since pregnant women were targeted for deportation and Nazi regulations made it impossible to secure an abortion. She was sent to Auschwitz in the Fall of 1943. Interned in the infamous Czech Family Camp in Section B II B at Birkenau, she lived only a few hundred meters from a gas chamber and crematorium complex. When her pregnancy was finally recognized, she was placed under the care of the infamous Josef Mengele, who subjected her to a most cruel medical ordeal, forcing Elias to make the hardest possible decision a mother could face. THE MERRY FLEA On the very day Germany invaded Poland in September, 1939, all the men in Ada Lichtman's town of Wieliczka were rounded up by the SS, taken to a forest and shot. One of them was Lichtman's father, a cobbler. From then on, she was possessed by a single question: how will I be killed? Every day, the Germans selected more victims for execution; the survivors of these massacres, including Ada and her first husband, were driven from village to village to perform forced labour. Eventually those still alive were deported in cattle cars to the extermination camp at Sobibor where more than 250,000 Jews from across Europe would be gassed. Among only three women selected for work in the camp, Lichtman washed laundry and repaired dolls taken from Jewish children for export to Germany. The dolls forever evoked memories of this travesty. NOAH'S ARK Hanna Marton was the wife of a professor who worked with Rezsö (Rudolf) Kasztner, the head of Aid and Rescue Committee for Jewish refugees in Hungary. Once the Nazis occupied Hungary in the Spring of 1944 and began to deport thousands of Jews every day to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Kasztner negotiated with Adolf Eichmann for the release of 1,684 Jews in exchange for $1,000 per person. After an odyssey by train through the collapsing Reich, most reached safety in Switzerland. Although Kasztner had saved the largest number of Jews during the Holocaust, his plan scandalized many, because Kasztner had selected many of his family and friends, including Hanna and her husband, as well as those he deemed essential for the future of Zionism, to board the rescue train. Nearly 450,000 Hungarian Jews subsequently died in the gas chambers of Birkenau while the Martons survived. Hanna Marton remained acutely aware that her survival was purchased at the expense of countless others who died. Offered an opportunity to escape, she had taken it, though her sense of guilt about having been among the privileged in Kastner's convoy is deeply felt during her relentlessly painful account. BAŁUTY BaÅ‚uty is the name of a slum district in the Polish city of Lodz that the Nazis designated in 1940 as the ghetto for the large Jewish population of the city. The Nazi-appointed president of the Jewish council of elders, Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski, decided that part of the community would serve the Germans as a slave labour force. His strategy may have postponed the destruction of the ghetto, but nearly 45,000 Jews died of starvation and disease in Lodz. Paula Biren was just seventeen when she was forced to move with her family into the ghetto in 1940. Upon her graduation and in need of a job to avoid being deported, Biren accepted an administrative position with Rumkowski's Jewish women's police force. It was only after she realized her complicity in sending black marketeers to their deaths that she quit. Biren remained in the ghetto until August of 1944 when the Germans deported everyone, including Rumkowski, to camps. Her mother and sister were gassed upon arrival in Auschwitz, and her father died shortly Features: All four interviews presented across two discs Optional English subtitles PLUS: A booklet featuring new writing

  • Stiff Upper Lips [Blu-ray] Stiff Upper Lips | Blu Ray | (18/02/2019) from £8.19  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    An affectionately wicked parody of the British Costume Drama genre by writer/director Gary Sinyor, Stiff Upper Lips stars Peter Ustinov (in one of his final roles) alongside a stellar cast that includes Prunella Scales, Georgina Cates, Samuel West, Brian Glover, Frank Finlay and Sean Pertwee. No cliché is left unparodied in what Time Out calls frequently silly, consistently spot on, and beautifully acted - this may be obvious, but it's a delight ... Spiffing! Ivory Hall, England, 1908. Aunt Agnes is desperate to marry off her spoilt, virginal ward, Emily. But Emily's momentary dalliance with a rough villager frustrates Auntie's choice of effete suitors and a Grand Tour of Italy and India is undertaken in a last-ditch attempt to loosen Emily's scruples...

  • Death and Nightingales [BBC] [Blu-ray] Death and Nightingales | Blu Ray | (04/02/2019) from £6.59  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Death and Nightingales is a riveting story of love and revenge, set in the beautiful countryside of Fermanagh, Ireland in 1885; a world of spies, deception and betrayal, with simmering tensions of class, politics and religion that threaten to tear the country apart. Set over a desperately tense 24-hour period, it is Beth Winters 23rd birthday the day she has decided to join her secret lover, the charming, mysterious Liam Ward and escape from her limited life and difficult and complex relationship with her Protestant landowner stepfather, Billy. Beth and the overbearing Billy live alone, bonded not by blood but the horrific death of Catherine, Billy's wife and Beth's mother. But their world comes crashing down around them when the young lovers attempt to steal Billy's gold. When he learns of their betrayal and when Beth discovers a fresh grave dug by Liam that is meant for her a devastating chain of events is set in motion in this thrillingly dark and haunting tale. Starring Jamie Dornan, Matthew Rhys and Ann Skelly Includes subtitles for the Hard Of Hearing

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