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  • Ghost Whisperer - Series 4 - Complete [DVD] [2009] Ghost Whisperer - Series 4 - Complete | DVD | (01/03/2010) from £9.99  |  Saving you £17.51 (56.50%)  |  RRP £30.99

    In the Fourth Season Melinda meets Eli James after a fire at Rockland University and says goodbye to her close friend Rick Payne who leaves Grandview for a research trip for the University. After experiencing her own personal tragedy Melinda discovers that her life will never be the same again. Ghost Whisperer plunges into new territory by literally rocking the foundations of the series with a new mythology - love transcends death.

  • Palio [DVD] Palio | DVD | (09/11/2015) from £7.29  |  Saving you £8.70 (54.40%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Twice a year the Italian city of Siena goes crazy for the oldest horse race in the world: the Palio. Not your average race: strategy, bribery and corruption play as much a part as the skill of the riders. Horses are allocated by lot four days prior to the race. This is when the madness truly begins. In the eye of the storm stand the jockeys. Loved and loathed by the districts they represent, they forge alliances and make deals promising large cash sums to try and get the best start. Legendary rider Gigi Bruschelli has won 13 Palios in 16 years and is accused by his critics of monopolizing the race. He works the system, paying off younger jockeys and fixing the race with average horses. Two races away from beating the world record, Bruschelli will do anything to win. But one jockey stands in his way, his former trainee, a handsome young Sardinian, Giovanni Atzeni, who is quietly determined to challenge his old mentor. Less interested in bribes and collusion, he rides for the love of the race. PALIO is the thrilling story of a young 'outsider' keen to break in to the dangerous but lucrative race and the corrupt 'insider' who has manipulated the city of Siena for a decade. Their passionate and dramatic battle is an epic and cinematic tale of Italian life in microcosm.

  • Sounds Like Teen Spirit [DVD] Sounds Like Teen Spirit | DVD | (14/09/2009) from £24.28  |  Saving you £-9.58 (-65.20%)  |  RRP £14.7

    Sounds Like Teen Spirit is a comedic documentary feature film directed by Jamie Johnson and produced by the veteran team of Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen (The Crying Game The End of the Affair and How to Lose Friends and Influence People). The film follows the contestants of the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest from the regional heats to the eventual final in Rotterdam. Focusing primarily on the heats in Belgium and then following the acts from Cyprus Georgia Bulgaria and Belgium. The film was released in UK cinemas on May 8th and was received with open arms by critics and audiences alike. The publicity for the film was outstanding with the Belgian entrants TRUST playing at the closing party for the East End Film Festival and Giorgos the Cypriot contestant appearing live on ITV1's This Morning and with The Evening Standard leading the way by declaring the film to be the most likely contender for being the next Slumdog Millionaire.

  • The Devil Came on Horseback [2007] The Devil Came on Horseback | DVD | (09/06/2008) from £24.28  |  Saving you £-9.29 (-62.00%)  |  RRP £14.99

    The Devil Came On Horseback exposes the tragedy taking place in Darfur as seen through the eyes of an American witness who has since returned to the US to take action to stop it. Using the exclusive photographs and first hand testimony of former U.S. Marine Captain Brian Steidle The Devil Came On Horseback takes the viewer on an emotionally charged journey into the heart of Darfur Sudan where an Arab run government is systematically executing a plan to rid the province of it's black African citizens. As an official military observer Steidle had access to parts of the country that no journalist could penetrate. He was unprepared for what he would witness and experience including being fired upon taken hostage and being unable to intervene to save the lives of young children. Ultimately frustrated by the inaction of the international community Steidle resigned and returned to the US to expose the images and stories of lives systematically destroyed.

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