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  • La Strada [DVD] [1954]La Strada | DVD | (19/06/2017) from £12.98   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Considered by many to be Federico Fellini's most beautiful and powerful film, La Strada was the first film to reveal the range of Guilietta Masina, whose poignant performance as the childlike Gelsomina recalls Chaplin's Little Tramp. The bubbly, waiflike Gelsomina is a simpleton sold to the gruff, bullying circus strongman Zampanò (Anthony Quinn) as a servant and assistant. Treated no better than an animal, Gelsomina nonetheless falls in love with the brute Zampano. When they join a small circus they meet Il Matto (Richard Basehart), a clown who enchants Gelsomina and relentlessly taunts Zampanograve;, whose inability to control his hatred of Il Matto (literally, "the Fool") leads to their expulsion from the circus and eventually to the film's fateful conclusion. Masina is heartbreaking as the wide-eyed innocent, whose generous spirit and love of life leads her to try to "save" Quinn's unfeeling, brutal Zampanò. Though the film resonates with mythic and biblical dimensions, Fellini never loses sight of his characters, lovingly painted in all their frailties and failings. Fellini's lyrical style reaches back to the simple beauty of his neorealist films and looks ahead to the impressionistic fantasies of later films, but at this unique period in Fellini's career, they combine to create a poetic, tragic masterpiece. --Sean Axmaker

  • La Strada [Blu-ray] [1954]La Strada | Blu Ray | (19/06/2017) from £14.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Regarded by some as Federico Fellini's finest work, and the winner of the first Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film, La Strada is a masterpiece of 20th Century filmmaking. Sold by her impoverished mother to Zampano (Anthony Quinn), a brutish fairground wrestler, waif-like Gelsomina (Giulietta Masina) lives a life of drudgery as his assistant. After taking to the road with a travelling circus, a budding relationship with Il Matto/The Fool (Richard Basehart), a gentle-natured, tightrope walking clown, offers a potential refuge from her master's clutches. Trapped by her own servile nature, Gelsomina waivers, and Zampano's volcanic temper erupts with tragic consequences. SPECIAL FEATURES: New Interview with director Julian Jarrold New Interview with Peter Matthews, Senior Lecturer, Film & Television, London College of Communication The Guardian Interview: Anthony Quinn (recorded at the BFI in 1995) Giulietta Masina 1955 Cannes interview Audio commentary by Chris Weigand on selected scenes

  • Rocky AnthologyRocky Anthology | DVD | (14/11/2005) from £27.95   |  Saving you £22.04 (78.86%)   |  RRP £49.99

    This box set contains the Special Edition of all 5 Rocky films! Rocky (Dir. John G. Avildsen 1976): Nominated for 10 Academy Awards and winner for Best Picture audiences and critics alike cheered this American success story of an ""everyman"" triumphing over all odds. Featuring a dynamic musical score a thrilling fight scene and four Oscar-nominated performances this rousing crowd-pleaser will send spirits soaring. Fighting for love glory and self-respect

  • The Federico Fellini Fellini CollectionThe Federico Fellini Fellini Collection | DVD | (02/03/2009) from £17.79   |  Saving you £17.20 (96.68%)   |  RRP £34.99

    Winner of four Academy Awards Federico Fellini has had an immense impact on contemporary film. A visionary a dreamer a passionate storyteller and one of the most revered directors in the history of cinema Federico Fellini managed to create the most original and unique films celebrating the ceaseless carnival of life. With his vivid visual style iconic surreal imagery sly humour and magical sense for the bizarre Fellini's groundbreaking work has influenced and inspired such celebrated directors as Woody Allen Terry Gilliam and David Lynch. Included in this collection is the enchanting comedy The White Sheik (1952) (Federico Fellini's debut as a solo director and his first collaboration with composer Nino Rota) his endearing compelling and unsentimental neo-realism master piece Nights Of Cabiria (1957) and La Strada (1954) the classic drama that introduced him to the world and established him as an important creative force.

  • Nights In Cabiria [DVD] [1957]Nights In Cabiria | DVD | (02/03/2009) from £8.39   |  Saving you £9.60 (114.42%)   |  RRP £17.99

    Welcome to a bittersweet world of episodic adventures and strange encounters. Welcome to a sordid nocturnal world of ruthless callous boyfriends and stray movie stars looking for seedy kicks. Welcome to the harsh unforgiving streets of a crumbling Rome where hope can still prevail and dreams cradle the lost. Welcome to the world of Cabiria a feisty loud outspoken and somewhat na''ve prostitute waiting for a miracle and one of the most unforgettable and endearing characters of European cinema. Eventually remade in Hollywood as Sweet Charity Nights Of Cabiria is a often humorous poignant unflinching and vivid portrait of one woman's picaresque existence and her perseverance through adversity. Starring Fellini's wife Giulietta Masina as the irrepressible protagonist Nights Of Cabiria marked Fellini's last foray into gritty neo-realism before venturing into the surreal satire and dream logic of La Dolce Vita and Eight And A Half.

  • Beat the Devil [DVD]Beat the Devil | DVD | (25/08/2003) from £10.25   |  Saving you £-5.26 (-105.40%)   |  RRP £4.99

    Beat the Devil is a wacky comedy that's played as straight as any film noir and is even funnier as a result. Five men (Bogart, Lorre, Morley, Barnard, and Tulli) are out to garner control over East African land which they believe contains a rich uranium ore lode. Billy Dannreuther (Bogart) is married to Maria (Gina Lollobrigida), the other four are their 'business associates', and Jones and Underdown are added to the mix for some interesting diversification. As the boat leaves from Italy to...

  • La Strada [1954]La Strada | DVD | (04/07/2005) from £12.99   |  Saving you £9.00 (81.89%)   |  RRP £19.99

    The winner of the first ever Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film available on DVD for the first time! Giulietta Masina (the late Federico Fellini's wife) stars as Gelsomina who is sold by her mother into the employ of Zampano (Anthony Quinn) a vicious strongman. They join up with a travelling circus where Zampano encounters his old rival tightrope artist The Fool (Richard Basehart). The Fool befriends Gelsomina and presents her with an uplifting view of the world as oppo

  • Beat The Devil / Humphrey Bogart On Film [1953]Beat The Devil / Humphrey Bogart On Film | DVD | (15/05/2000) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £5.99

  • Beat The Devil [1953]Beat The Devil | DVD | (17/11/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £5.99


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