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  • Bohemian Rhapsody [DVD] [2018]
    Editor Review 21 Dec 2018

    Bohemian Rhapsody follows the life of Freddie Mercury (played by Rami Malek) from the start of his career to the Queen's epic performance at Live Aid. The characters are utterly convincing and Rami's performance captures the flamboyance, arrogance and vulnerability of Freddie. The sound track in Bohemian Rhapsody is incredible and reaches a climax as Freddie performs some of Queen's best music at Live Aid 1985. An absolutely incredible movie you will probably watch again and again.

    An excellent performance by Rami Malek of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Peter Kay's Car Share - The Complete Collection [DVD] [2018]
    Jonathan Pickering 25 Nov 2018

    Peter Kay plays the part of lovable assistant manager, John Redmond, who shares a car with sales representative Kayleigh Kitson, Sian Gibson. This simple care-share format sees their friendship grow throughout the series, culminating in a fantastic final episode. A box set that can be watched again and again - five stars!

    A wonderful collection of light hearted comedy that can be dipped into anytime.

  • On Chesil Beach [DVD] [2018]
    Editor Review 18 Jun 2018

    The direction demonstrates a pathos which stirs a 'what if' feeling in the audience. The plot reflects a human behaviour trait which demonstrates that even in intense hurt, much of our initial emotional reactions can be moderated over time, even if we choose not to admit it to ourselves soon enough to avert the anguish it can cause.
    Super acting by Billy Howie and Saoirse Ronan, who make a convincing display of intense awkwardness a pleasure to watch. Joined with a talented supporting cast of Samuel West and Emily Watson, make this simple narrative intensely rich and moving.

    Was emotionally moved and would definitely watch again and get even more from it!

  • Phantom Thread [DVD + Digital download] [2017]
    Editor Review 09 May 2018

    A beautiful period drama with a fascinating story

  • I, Tonya [DVD] [2018]
    Editor Review 23 Apr 2018

    This is a great film with more than a hint of pathos. Tonya is not instantly likeable, but it is hard not to feel deep sympathy for her very challenging life and Margot Robbie brings out the tenacity and egocentric aspects of her character to great effect.
    There is a significant amount of domestic violence which although is not pleasant to watch is important in demonstrating how Tonya's character was developed. Alison Janey is superb as the chain smoking, emotionally void mother who fails at every opportunity to demonstrate any love to her daughter but who does deliver some hilarious lines. As for authenticity it is difficult to know. We are meant to see Tonya as a victim - she has to work; make her own outfits; and is married to an underachieving and de-masculated husband, with an even sadder molly coddled friend, Shawn. I found it hard to believe Tonya didn't know about deliberate attempt to hurt Nancy, her fellow competitor and the film is deliberately vague. There is not sense of Tonya sympathising with the victim either. Sone great 1980's makeup and impressive ice dancing scenes but I wasn't left with a dry throat emotion that the real thing brings out.

    Very entertaining, funny and rather sad too!

  • Cross Of Fire
    John4521 22 Apr 2018

    I've given this DVD 5 stars but that's for the film in its original form. Based on a true story it is a fine testament to the acting of the late John Heard, as well as other big names such as Mel Harris, David Morse and Lloyd Bridges. The problem is that it was originally broadcast as a mini series totalling over 3 hours, here having been drastically cut for DVD to around 2 hours. The uncut version was released but the reviewer has only ever seen it on VHS. many important scenes have been omitted in the version reviewed here and the whole thing just feels too 'speeded up' to a conclusion. An example of one very powerful scene omitted is; Having spent the whole night time journey in a sleeper car viciously assaulting and raping Madge Oberholtzer leaving her close to death, Stephenson notes the shocked look on the face of the black sleeper car attendant who enters the cabin in the morning and surveys the bloody scene. As they leave, Stephenson leaves a dollar to compensate for the extra 'cleaning up' required. (that scene is included.) Omitted is the scene much later in the courthouse, Stephenson is on trial for murder as Madge has since died and the sleeper car attendant is a prosecution witness. The trial is not going well for Stephenson and as the attendant steps down from the witness box he walks purposely over to where Stephenson is sitting, produces the dollar and throws it down on the table in front of him. Stephenson at first cockily spins it but then angrily knocks it away. Try and find the full version!

  • Darkest Hour [DVD + Digital Download] [2017]
    Editor Review 14 Feb 2018

    I like the simplicity of this script and the particular attention paid to the nuances of Churchill's character. It is clear that history could have had an entirely different course if a different British leader was in power, or if Churchill had succumbed to the pressure he was under. I wondered what we would say about a person who takes whisky with his morning eggs being in charge of decisions of such import. There is more than a suggestion of Churchill wrestling with his conscience, and that he consulted the common man and woman to appreciate the resolve of British citizen and it is clear great courage and conviction was required to arrive at decision of which utilitarian principles were employed - the Train Track Dilemma on a grand scale. There is limited attention to the war itself and the focus is much more on the political process rather than the affect on individuals - other than Churchill himself. The make-up is fantastic and you are utterly convinced of Churchill's re-incarnation. If you hate politics - this is not for you but if you are interested in how history is made - it is outstanding.

    A fantastic film if you love historical drama

  • Trauma [DVD] [2018]
    Editor Review 16 Jan 2018

    This is a psychological thriller that has you continuously hooked from beginning to end. Some have described some of the storylines far-fetched, and it is fair to say that there appears to be some fairly implausible scenarios. Would a surgeon turn up at a funeral, and would a father be able to walk unchallenged into the morbidity and mortality meeting held entirely for medical staff on the day they happened to be discussion your son's death? However, despite these highly irregular occurrences, there is something fascinating about the approach the producers have taken. You don't really know if Jon is hiding a failing? Was he drunk on the evening and does he feel guilty. Is that why he went to Alex funeral, or is it just possible he wanted to be kind and respond positively to Dans request? Does Dan feel guilty about not being with him when he was stabbed and has transferred all this guilt onto the last man to be with his son, his surgeon? The intimacy of the surgeons last moments with Alex may be the reason Dan shows a sexual arousal when he has a psychiatric consultation with Jon's wife. Was Dan's powerlessness a reason for his seemingly psychotic behaviour and is it brought about by a system that is stacked against him or borne out of his own personal inadequacies. I have watched two of the three episodes but will have to wait for the DVD to be released next week for the finale. Speculation is that Dan and Jon have a hidden history - what is it? I can't wait to find out! Don't forget to compare prices for Trauma on and ensure you buy at the cheapest prices.

    A gripping psychological thriller with a little creative licence to add to the intensity!

  • Ipswich Town: Goals 2002-2012 [DVD]
    Johnnie 01 Jan 2018

    as a collector of great goals videos, I love to dig deep to find rare gems - and this little find is one to savour. Featuring the best goals from a whole decade this is a treat if you happen to be an Ipswich Town fan. And if like me you just love seeing spectacular goals, I can assure you there are some mighty fine strikes in this collection.

    Goals feast for Ipswich fans

  • Dunkirk [Blu-ray + Digital Download] [2017] [Region Free]
    Dan B 30 Dec 2017

    Epic film - a must see

  • Three Girls (BBC) [DVD]
    Editor Review 05 Dec 2017

    A shocking story, all the more so because it really happened. It is so hard to imagine the mind set of perpetrators of this kind of action. The story looks the experience of the girls and easy it was for them to became vulnerable to grooming for sexual exploitation. There are some extremely sad parts, particularly as Ruby thinks she is loved by one of the abusers, and it is not easy viewing.
    It is interesting, but not enormously surprising if you have ever worked in public services, to see how poorly the cases were originally investigated and the fight Sara Robotham (Molly Windsor) had to have to get the issues taken seriously.Multi-agency approaches should improve safeguarding children in the future, although it was thought this would happen after Victoria Climbe and the Children's Act, 2004.
    Molly Windsor is superb, demonstrating all the frustration, empathy and anger of a professional caught between fighting professional services and advocating for the young people's best interests. The actresses playing the girls are utterly convincing - a well selected cast, operating within highly plausible set direction.
    The classification of 15 is interesting and I can see the difficulties around this decision. I think I would show it children over 13 (depending on their maturity) with parental guidance. Parents watch it first though and forewarn your kids because there is some shocking stuff. It is important opportunity to have a conversation with young people about this issue, which is more common that we often realise.

    Brilliantly acted, very moving true story

  • Dunkirk [DVD + Digital Download] [2017]
    Editor Review 09 Nov 2017

    Christopher Nolans epic war film depicts the Dunkirk landings of allied forces in 1940. Nominated for the Golden Globes and Critics choice awards as well as highly predicted for a 2018 Oscar, the film captures the intensively terrifying nature of war from the perspective of the brave forces on board ships in cramped conditions crossing treacherous seas facing air bombardment from the dark spaces within the vessels. Starring little known Fionn Whitehead and Glyn Carney alongside Jack Lowden and Harry Styles (one direction), these young actors cross swords with the experienced Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy and Tom Clancy. The films focus is on witnessing the scenes rather than the intensity of dialogue and relationships which often sanitize war movies, not always allowing the full appreciation of the horror of experience.

    Movingly realistic and unsentimental - amazing cinematography

  • The A Word - Series 2 [DVD] [2017]
    Editor Review 09 Nov 2017

    A beautifully presented drama serial set in a small Lake District district town. Seven year old Joe loves music and walking and is just starting to appreciate he is different from other kids. He can name every hit record for decades for a start! Joe has autism and his parents want the best for their son which means they face the difficult decision about where Joe will be happiest at school. The relationships of Joe's family, including his grandparents, parents, sister and family friends all struggle with their own issues and create a real insight into the highs and lows of loving a child who is unalike the other kids. A sweet drama with, great acting and all the intensity of real life challenges set in the best location in the UK.

    A must see for all parents of youngsters!

  • The A Word - Series 1-2 [DVD] [2017]
    Editor Review 09 Nov 2017

    I have to admit I haven't seen Season one but I fully intend to catch up. However, Season 2 stands alone quite easily and it isn't difficult to catch up with previous story lines. For those of you who haven't seen either, it will be worth getting this fabulous box set, especially if you have young kids of your own as it will help you appreciate the challenges children with autism and their parents face. The focus is realistic every day life but is done with humour and appropriate levels of poignancy.

    Season 2 was a cracker - a must see

  • Blue Planet II [DVD] [2017]
    Editor Review 09 Nov 2017

    If you have been busy on Sunday evenings, or if just want to see it again or know someone who missed it, I cannot recommend the Blue Planet II series more highly.
    Of course the programme is made all the more fantastic by the flawless narration of David Attenborough but it has to be said that the work of the whole team of specialists who have produced this series deserves the highest of accolades.
    Watching an octopus hide, using shells it fashioned as cover, from a shark makes you appreciate the intelligence that is required for survival in the underwater circle of life. More fascinating was watching the gender reassignment from female to male of the Kobudai, in the waters of the coast of Japan. I particularly loved the boiling sea, where lantern fish are on the menu for larger sea predators.

    Amazing - admiration for the team and the marine life they exposed.

  • Dunkirk [Blu-ray + Digital Download] [2017] [Region Free]
    Editor Review 09 Nov 2017

    Christopher Nolans epic war film depicts the Dunkirk landings of allied forces in 1940. Nominated for the Golden Globes and Critics choice awards as well as highly predicted for a 2018 Oscar, the film captures the intensively terrifying nature of war from the perspective of the brave forces on board ships in cramped conditions crossing treacherous seas facing air bombardment from the dark spaces within the vessels. Starring little known Fionn Whitehead and Glyn Carney alongside Jack Lowden and Harry Styles (one direction), these young actors cross swords with the experienced Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy and Tom Clancy. The films focus is on witnessing the scenes rather than the intensity of dialogue and relationships which often sanitize war movies, not always allowing the full appreciation of the horror of experience.


  • Victoria Series 1 & 2 [DVD] [2017]
    Editor Review 24 Oct 2017

    For anyone who loves period drama's Victoria season 1 and 2 are a must. Jenna Coleman is superbly cast as the young queen. Beautiful and headstrong, the relationship between her and Albert is explored from the perspective of their intimacy, friendship and intellectual diversity of interests. For example, Albert is fascinated by the beginning of new technologies such as the steam railways carry Victoria along in his enthusiasm. Albert ensures a new sewerage system and closet toilet is implemented at the palace improving living and working conditions for the Royal Household and their staff - demonstrating the impact royal approval on the industrial revolution. Look out for the Royal couples visit to the Highlands in season 2 with an extra special romantic episode spent roughing it in an old Scottish bothy - apparently it really happened! Some great horsemanship on display by Atkinson Action Horses too!!

    Excellent period drama without the usual stuffiness and just a little bit sexy

  • Peter Kay's Car Share Series 1 & 2 Boxset [DVD]
    Editor Review 24 Oct 2017

    Car Share is a bit like Faulty Towers - even though you have seen it, you just love watching it again and again. I particularly loved the scene where Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) tells John (Peter Kay) that she just went out dogging last night - absolutely priceless laugh out loud comedy genius! If you have never seen the series, it is simply two colleagues, Kayleigh and John, who share a car to get to work together, and is the conversation they have on their journey. Everyone wants them to get together, and who knows with a future final series announced anything is possible. The two disc box set includes all 10 episodes from the series that won best scripted comedy in 2016. Definately buying this for Grandad for Christmas!

    A simple idea celebrating the comedy of every day life.

  • Doc Martin - Series 8 [DVD]
    Editor Review 09 Oct 2017

    This autumn nights draw viewers to the fireside for a good old fashioned family drama. Doc Martin blends the cheerless middle aged General Practitioner who is a throwback from a bygone era, with the a setting in a Cornish fishing village, another relic from a time when everyone in the community knows each other business. Martin Clunes plays the former surgeon, who because of developing haemophobia (a fear of blood), moves out into a rural practice to operate as a GP. The Doctors lack of humour and indifference to the fears of his patients creates the perfect parochial centre point for life in the village. Season 8 focuses on typical modern family life, where work and juggling the baby bring challenges to the married couple, Martin (Clunes) and Louisa (Caroline Catz). Some new arrivals to the village include missionaries, an American tourist and a vet.

    Good hearted family entertainment with much to make you smile

  • American Made (DVD + Digital download) [2017]
    Editor Review 14 Sep 2017

    Who would ever think you could have too much cash? Barry Seal literally finds himself digging holes in the garden to bury it and coming up against a bag already buried. A very lighthearted take on a disturbing true story of political intrigue on a global scale.
    Despite the lightheartedness, there is a more sinister undertone in relation to the way the US government is involved in arms deals; Israel picks up Russian guns, sells them to the US, who secretly send them out to the Iran and 'the Contras' in South America. For fans of aerobatics, some hilarious flying scenes, such as Barry taking off from a dodgy Colombian airfield, while his paymasters place bets on whether he makes it. The action shots are excellent and the story is an interesting one. The filming is made to look suspiciously analogue (maybe to make Cruise look younger) and in a digital age is a bit irritating at first. I did stop noticing after a while though.

    Fascinating story and some great laugh out loud moments!.