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  • Fame [1980]Fame | DVD | (22/09/2003) from £2.99   |  Saving you £11.00 (367.89%)   |  RRP £13.99

    This early effort by director Alan Parker is lively but jagged as it follows four students through their years in the New York City High School for the Performing Arts. Rather predictably, the kids fall into four clearly defined stereotypes: brazen, gay and hypersensitive, prickly, shy. Fame makes up for a disjointed presentation with a lot of heart and a great soundtrack (for which it won two Academy Awards). The hopes and disappointments, failures and successes of these teens are fodder for emotional scenes and exuberant dancing in the streets. It also turned out to be the first of many imitators and spawned a popular television series. (It was the breakout film for the short-lived feature-film career of Irene Cara, who sang the title song.) --Rochelle O'Gorman

  • The Boys From Brazil [1978]The Boys From Brazil | DVD | (10/03/2003) from £5.99   |  Saving you £4.00 (66.78%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Robustly entertaining and bracingly sinister, The Boys from Brazil stars Gregory Peck as the infamous Dr Josef Mengele, the former Nazi chief who intends to resurrect the F├╝hrer and create a Fourth Reich through genetic experiments that commence with the assassination of some 94 fathers. Elderly Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman (Laurence Olivier, in an Oscar-nominated performance) is tipped to the plot, but his efforts to expose Peck (fiendishly cast against type) are thwarted by a set of menacing triplets played by Jeremy Black. Back in 1978, The Boys from Brazil (adapted from Ira Levin's novel) was an incalculably tense, straight-faced entertainment whose lack of irony allowed the viewer to indulge the film's outrageous premise without moral offence. But in view of the scientific advancements made since the release of the film, it's now a cautionary tale, and all the more compelling for being so. Jerry Goldsmith's richly conceived, Oscar-nominated score--replete with echoes of Mahler and Strauss--reinforces this impression.--Kevin Mulhall

  • Kiss Of Death [1995]Kiss Of Death | DVD | (04/10/2004) from £9.43   |  Saving you £3.56 (37.75%)   |  RRP £12.99

    In this suspense-filled remake of Henry Hathaway''s 1947 noir thriller a parolee is lured into one last heist to help a friend. When things go awry a sadistic detective coerces him into reentering the underworld to get the goods on a psychotic mobster. Caruso and a pumped-up supremely menacing Cage highlight a spectacular cast that also features Samuel L. Jackson as a cop and Stanley Tucci as a Machiavellian district attorney. Novelist Richard Price supplies the screenplay and di

  • Like MikeLike Mike | DVD | (12/05/2003) from £4.99   |  Saving you £11.00 (68.80%)   |  RRP £15.99

    A 14-year-old orphan becomes an NBA superstar after trying on a pair of sneakers with the faded initials "M.J." inside.

  • Awakenings [1990]Awakenings | DVD | (24/01/2000) from £11.04   |  Saving you £3.21 (32.82%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Based on the acclaimed book by neurologist Oliver Sacks, director Penny Marshall's hit 1990 drama Awakenings stars Robin Williams as Dr. Malcolm Sayer. Sayer is a neurologist who discovers that the drug L-Dopa can be used to "unlock" patients in a mental hospital from the mysterious sleeping sickness that has left them utterly immobilized. Leonard (Robert De Niro) is one such patient who awakens after being in a comatose state for 30 years, leaving Sayer to guide Leonard in adjusting to the world around him. Penelope Ann Miller costars as the daughter of another patient, with whom Leonard falls tenuously in love. Earning Oscar nominations for best picture, actor and screenplay, this moving fact-based drama was a hit with critics and audiences alike. --Jeff Shannon

  • Daytrippers [1998]Daytrippers | DVD | (23/06/2003) from £15.65   |  Saving you £0.34 (2.17%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Eliza D'Amico thinks her marriage to Louis is going great until she finds a mysterious love note to her husband. Concerned she goes to her mother for advice. Eliza her parents her sister Jo and Jo's boyfriend all pile into a station wagon to go to the city to confront Louis with the letter. On the way the five explore their relations with each other...

  • Southie [2000]Southie | DVD | (13/11/2000) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £15.99

    A wiser and sober Danny Quinn returns home after three years to attend the wedding of a good friend Martin Powers heir to the Irish Mafia throne. Facing a vengeful rival a bitter ex-girlfriend and a family caught in the self destructive pattern of gambling excessive behaviour and despair he battles the insidious influence of Southie's white ghetto mob culture that threatens to see him revert back to his brutal ways.

  • The Boys From Brazil [UMD Universal Media Disc] [1978]The Boys From Brazil | UMD | (30/01/2006) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £9.99

  • Get Well SoonGet Well Soon | DVD | (13/01/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if your partner suddenly became really really famous? Would you be by his or her side waltzing up the red carpet at awards ceremonies and having your picture in Hello Magazine? Or would you just be left behind? In 'Get Well Soon' Lily (Courtney Cox) has experienced just such a life crisis. Her high-school sweetheart Kevin (Vincent Gallo) abandoned her for the bright lights of Hollywood sold his soul and became Bobby Bishop the nation's favourite talk show host. Without much more than a note (and his inescapable presence on late night TV) Lily was left to get on with things alone. Unfortunately for her this means coping with her manic depressive brother her zany friend and her borderline insane mother.


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