"Actor: Debra Winger"

  • An Officer And A Gentleman [1981]An Officer And A Gentleman | DVD | (09/04/2001) from £4.95   |  Saving you £11.04 (223.03%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Richard Gere plays an enrollee at a Naval officers candidate school and Debra Winger is the woman who wants him.That's pretty much it, story-wise, in this romantic drama, which is more effective in a moment-to-moment, scene-by-scene way, where the two stars and Oscar-winner Louis Gossett Jr.--as Gere's tough-as-nails drill instructor--are fun to watch. Sexy, syrupy, with occasional pitches of high drama (Gere having a near-breakdown during training is pretty strong), An Officer and a Gentleman proves to be a no-brainer date movie. --Tom Keogh

  • ShadowlandsShadowlands | DVD | (28/11/2005) from £4.99   |  Saving you £11.00 (220.44%)   |  RRP £15.99

    ""I never knew that love could hurt so much yet I love you and all I want is to love you."" This cry from the heart comes from bachelor Oxford don C.S.Lewis (Hopkins) who discovers exquisite happiness in later life through his marriage to American Joy Davidman (Winger). His beliefs and new found fulfillment are shattered by Joy's struggle against an unexpected and devastating illness. Based on the true-life love story of C.S.Lewis the author of 'The Lion The Witch and the W

  • An Officer and a Gentleman [Blu-ray] [1982] [Region Free]An Officer and a Gentleman | Blu Ray | (17/04/2019) from £9.99   |  Saving you £12.99 (185.57%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Richard Gere plays an enrollee at a Naval officers candidate school and Debra Winger is the woman who wants him.That's pretty much it, story-wise, in this romantic drama, which is more effective in a moment-to-moment, scene-by-scene way, where the two stars and Oscar-winner Louis Gossett Jr.--as Gere's tough-as-nails drill instructor--are fun to watch. Sexy, syrupy, with occasional pitches of high drama (Gere having a near-breakdown during training is pretty strong), An Officer and a Gentleman proves to be a no-brainer date movie. --Tom Keogh

  • Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (Blu-ray)Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (Blu-ray) | Blu Ray | (18/05/2020) from £33.09   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    From filmmaker Mark Cousins (Story of Film: An Odyssey) comes his epic new documentary, Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema. Presented as a guide on how to make a film, it's presented in thematic chapters, using examples from 183 women filmmakers from around the world. Includes narration from Tilda Swinton, Debra Winger, Sharmila Tagore, and Jane Fonda. This 5disc set includes the full 14 hour version, divided into five separate parts and represents one of the most ambitious and indepth documentaries ever made.

  • Terms Of Endearment [1983]Terms Of Endearment | DVD | (05/11/2001) from £5.19   |  Saving you £7.80 (150.29%)   |  RRP £12.99

    When Terms of Endearment was released in 1983, director and writer James L Brooks was lauded for his depiction of a complex mother/daughter relationship. For his leading ladies he chose actresses with two of the strongest personalities in Hollywood, but armed with an exceptionally witty script and endless patience he eventually drew magnificent performances from Shirley Maclaine as Aurora and Debra Winger as her daugher Emma, assisted considerably by Jack Nicholson's considerate professionalism. As the philandering retired astronaut who beds Maclaine and then provides her with surprising support in the film's dark later moments, Nicholson shines with comic brilliance which earned him an Oscar. It was no secret that Maclaine and Winger could barely contain a mutual antipathy on set. Yet they strike sparks off each other on screen. When comedy turns to tragedy with the development of Emma's cancer, the laughs continue even while the tear ducts are being given a good work out. In the glory days of Hollywood, this would have been acknowledged a great "women's picture" and its weepy credentials are impeccable. It stands out as a warm, accessible work that admirably rejects sugary sentiment in favour of the realistic rough edges that characterise most human relationships. On the DVD: Presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, this DVD is ideal for home cinema viewing. The picture and sound quality are fine, benefiting Michael Gore's gentle, memorable music and bringing the best out of Andrzej Bartkowiak's luminous photography. In addition to the original theatrical trailer, the major extra is the director's commentary in which James L Brooks reminisces with coproducer Penney Finkelman and production designer Polly Platt. They look back at their impressive work with a touching degree of wonder and apprentice directors should take note when Brooks recalls his steep learning curve in managing his leading ladies. --Piers Ford

  • Richard Gere - An Officer And A Gentleman / Internal Affairs / Primal FearRichard Gere - An Officer And A Gentleman / Internal Affairs / Primal Fear | DVD | (10/10/2005) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £19.99

    An Officer And A Gentleman (Dir. Taylor Hackford 1981): Zack Mayo is a young loner with a bad attitude. Tempted by the glamour and admiration of the life of a Navy pilot he decides to sign up for Officer Candidate School. After thirteen tortuous weeks under Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley (Gossett Jnr.) he slowly begins to learn the importance of discipline love and friendship. Foley warns Zack about the local girls who will do anything to catch themselves a pilot for a husband

  • Legal Eagles [1986]Legal Eagles | DVD | (07/02/2005) from £5.38   |  Saving you £0.61 (11.34%)   |  RRP £5.99

    Robert Redford, usually a pretty good judge of material, got snookered badly in Legal Eagles, an Ivan Reitman comedy which also stars Debra Winger and Daryl Hannah. Redford is a rising assistant D.A. who is prosecuting a woman (Hannah) for theft of a painting by her father. Before he knows whats hit him, hes involved romantically both with the defendant and with her scattered lawyer (Winger). Redford is as good as he can be, given the circumstances but this is a film that doesnt know where its going. Originally intended as a serious film about the legal wrangling over the estate of the late Mark Rothko, this film quickly degenerated when the script was turned over to Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr, whose sparkling oeuvre includes Turner and Hooch. --Marshall Fine, Amazon.com

  • The Sheltering Sky [Blu-ray]The Sheltering Sky | Blu Ray | (02/11/2020) from £13.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Academy Award-winning director Bernardo Bertolucci (The Conformist, Last Tango in Paris, The Last Emperor) brings a stunning adaptation of Paul Bowles' heartbreaking classic novel to the screen that Vincent Canby in The New York Times called a long, beautifully modulated cry of despair... the sort of dark, romantic movie that only Mr. Bertolucci could bring off. In the hopes of rekindling their marriage, sophisticated American couple Port and Kit Moresby (John Malkovich and Debra Winger) set off for North Africa intending to travel through Algeria uncertain of exactly where they are heading but determined to leave the modern world behind. They are instead tested to their limits by the unfathomable emptiness and impassive cruelty of the desert. A distinguished and emotive follow up to his Best Picture-winning The Last Emperor (Academy Awards 1988) and a sensual highlight in an extraordinary filmmaking career, The Sheltering Sky won a BAFTA for Vittorio Storaro's outstanding cinematography and a Golden Globe for Ryuichi Sakamoto's haunting original score. SPECIAL EDITION CONTENTS High Definition Blu-ray™ (1080p) presentation Original uncompressed stereo audio Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing Archival audio commentary with director Bernardo Bertolucci, producer Jeremy Thomas, and screenwriter Mark Peploe Desert Roses(47 mins) archival featurette Brand new video essay by David Cairns & Fiona Watson Brand new interview with art director Andrew Sanders Image Gallery Original Trailer Reversible sleeve featuring original theatrical artwork FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by Kat Ellinger

  • Rachel Getting Married [DVD]Rachel Getting Married | DVD | (29/06/2009) from £4.31   |  Saving you £15.68 (78.40%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Anne Hathaway stars in this poignant and biting drama from acclaimed director Jonathan Demme.

  • Wonder Woman - Complete Season 1Wonder Woman - Complete Season 1 | DVD | (15/08/2005) from £9.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Meet the United States' secret and most beautiful weapon in the fight against tyranny: Wonder Woman! Season 1 of 'Wonder Woman' (the Pilot movie and 13 regular episodes) retains the World War II era of the super heroine's early comic book adventures. Also captured is the exuberant tone of a comic book come to screen life as the warrior princess (empowered by her sense of a woman's worth and by the mysterious substance Feminum that's found only on her remote native isle) battle

  • The Choir DVDThe Choir DVD | DVD | (05/10/2015) from £7.59   |  Saving you £8.40 (110.67%)   |  RRP £15.99

    From acclaimed director François Girard comes the inspirational story of a rebellious young boy with a remarkable singing voice. After being sent to a prestigious music school he is challenged by a demanding teacher. A stellar ensemble cast - including two-time Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman Oscar-winner Kathy Bates two-time Emmy-winner Eddie Izzard three-time Oscar-nominee Debra Winger Josh Lucas (A Beautiful Mind) and Kevin McHale (Glee) - plus an exciting group of newcomers star as the teachers and young singers battling through fierce national contests in order to take their boychoir to new competitive heights. Featuring a stunning soundtrack of choral music by Handel Britten Tallis and Mendelssohn The Choir is an uplifting story of talent adolescence and mentorship that proves what can be achieved when you dare to dream.

  • Radio [2003]Radio | DVD | (20/09/2004) from £3.00   |  Saving you £16.99 (85.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    The inspiring true-life story of the relationship between a high-school football coach and a mentally-challenged man nicknamed "Radio" who together transform their South Carolina community.

  • Black Widow [Blu -ray] [Blu-ray]Black Widow | Blu Ray | (07/03/2016) from £7.99   |  Saving you £14.00 (233.72%)   |  RRP £19.99

    FBI investigator Alexandra Barnes (Debra Winger) becomes obsessed with proving glamorous socialite Catharine Petersen (Theresa Russell) is a murderess, responsible for the deaths of several millionaires who died suspiciously soon after marrying. Believing her to have assumed a new identity each time, Agent Barnes sets out to prove her suspicions, but finds that she too is falling under the spell of her seductive suspect. This stylish thrill from director Bob Rafelson (Five Easy Pieces, Head) features brilliant performances by two of Hollywood's most exciting actresses, and stunning cinematography by the legendary Conrad L. Hall (Marathon Man) who returned to make Black Widow after a 10-year absence from film-making.

  • Lola Versus [Blu-ray]Lola Versus | Blu Ray | (12/11/2012) from £11.98   |  Saving you £13.01 (52.10%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Lola Versus captures the obsessions, confusions, and neuroses of contemporary urban middle class consciousness. Lola (Greta Gerwig) thinks her life is perfect--until her fiancé Luke (Joel Kinnaman) breaks up with her mere weeks before their wedding. What follows is a comic floundering, what might be a 21st-century update to 1970s "finding herself" movies like An Unmarried Woman, only the men are just as sensitive and self-absorbed as the women. Fortunately, the filmmakers keep a sense of perspective and humour about it all, and just as fortunately the movie is grounded in the unusual presence of its lead actress. Gerwig is strikingly beautiful, a fusion of a 1920s movie star and a Renaissance Madonna, but projects ordinariness. When juxtaposed with typical movie stars, she seems awkward and goofy, but when she's the centre of a movie, it all becomes suffused with her sweet approachability. The rest of the cast gets in tune, including Bill Pullman and Debra Winger as Lola's earnest, supportive parents and Hamish Linklater as Lola's best friend, Henry. The ending feels a bit tacked on, as if suddenly trying to harness the movie to a particular agenda, but the rest of Lola Versus enjoyably spins and wobbles in ways that resist easy labelling. --Bret Fetzer

  • In The Wild - Pandas With Debra Winger [1995]In The Wild - Pandas With Debra Winger | DVD | (05/05/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £14.99

    Debra Winger and her son Noah travels accross China in the search for the elusive panda in their natural habitat.

  • Betrayed (1988) [Blu-ray]Betrayed (1988) | Blu Ray | (02/12/2019) from £13.05   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    After a Jewish radio host is murdered, BFI agent Cathy Weaver (Debra Winger) is sent undercover to infiltrate a close-knit farming community believed to be harbouring the men responsible. She soon meets and falls for local farmer Gary Simmons (Tom Berenger) a well-respected Vietnam veteran, but it's not long before her suspicions are aroused. Realising that Simmons is leading a double-life as the leader of a white supremacist group, responsible for a series of brutal crimes, Agent Weaver must decide where her loyalties lie, with the man she loves or the country she swore to protect. Directed by Costa-Gavras (Missing) and written by Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct, Jagged Edge), Betrayed is an edge-of-your-seat thriller with an excellent supporting cast including John Heard, John Mahoney and Betsy Blair. Special Features: Presented in High Definition Guardian Interview with Costa-Gavras (1984, 86 mins, audio only): the Oscar winning director discusses his career in this interview recorded four years before the release of Betrayed Interview with Joe Eszterhas (2013, 100 mins, audio only): recorded at The London Screenwriters Festival, the incomparable writer of Betrayed and Basic Instinct is interviewed by filmmaker and author Chris Jones and also fields questions from the audience Interview with William Bradford Huie (1968, 28 mins): the journalist, author and civil rights activist is interviewed by Bernard Braden for his never broadcast series Now and Then Original Theatrical Trailer **FIRST PRESSING ONLY** Fully illustrated booklet with new essays by screenwriter Joe Ezsterhas and film critic Jessica Kiang Other extras TBC

  • Shirley Valentine/First Wives Club/Terms Of Endearment [DVD]Shirley Valentine/First Wives Club/Terms Of Endearment | DVD | (05/10/2009) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Titles Comprise: Shirley Valentine: Shirley Bradshaw has always been able to see the funny side of any situation. She was a high-school rebel and now she's a housewife and mother who one day looks back at her life and realises that she has lost touch with her dreams. When her best friend wins a magazine contest and asks Shirley to accompany her on a fortnight's holiday in Greece Shirley begins a voyage of self-discovery. On the island of Mykonos as Shirley luxuriates among sun sand and taramasalata she encounters islander Costas Caldes and falls in love...with life! First Wives Club: Marriage has turned into a crash dive for Brenda Cushman Elise Atchison and Annie Paradise. These three well-heeled Manhattan women chums during their college days all took different paths. Now they're reunited by catastrophe--each has just been callously dumped by her husband for a younger sexier trophy wife. Smarting from the pain Brenda Elise and Annie join forces and concoct a plan to exact the most exquisitely bitter vengeance upon their exes. War has been declared Terms of Endearment: This Oscar-winning film is both eccentrically funny and an old-fashioned tearjerker. The story centers around the volatile relationship between a mother and daughter spanning 30 years. The various permutations of their lives are examined including the daughter's bout with terminal cancer.

  • EulogyEulogy | DVD | (26/12/2005) from £6.73   |  Saving you £6.26 (93.02%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Last rites. Last words. Last laughs..... When three generations of a dysfunctional family gather in Rhode Island to bury the family patriarch all members of the clan are at each others throats in no time at all! Son Daniel is a secret porn actor. Daughter Lucy is a lesbian and brings her lover Judy to the family gathering much to the disgust of Lucy's aggressive neurotic sister Alice. Finishing off the crowd are dim brother Skip whose rude twin sons offer abrasive comment

  • Betrayed [1988]Betrayed | DVD | (19/05/2003) from £9.43   |  Saving you £3.56 (27.40%)   |  RRP £12.99

    FBI agent Cathy Weaver (Winger) goes undercover to investigate a suspect in the murder of a local radio personality. As she becomes romantically interested in the apparently innocent Simmons (Berenger) Weaver uncovers an extremist group armed for murder. A horrifying network of violence stretches from the ordinary man in the street to high level government officials. What follows is a shockwave of discovery as Weaver confronts the man she thought she loved and the criminal she mus

  • In Treatment - Complete HBO Season 3 [DVD]In Treatment - Complete HBO Season 3 | DVD | (06/02/2012) from £16.19   |  Saving you £0.81 (5.00%)   |  RRP £17.00

    Rumours of In Treatment's death have been greatly exaggerated. The half-hour HBO drama that was originally adapted from an Israeli TV show has continued to flourish among devoted fans in spite of wide-ranging critical opinion about its integrity and entertainment value. Nevertheless, season three is an absorbing continuation of the life and practice of psychotherapist Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne), and the tortured processes he undertakes with patients and with himself. Continuing the format of episodes that focus on individual patients--only three this time--then concluding each week with his own therapy session, season three is the first based on original scripts rather than adaptations of episodes from the hit Israeli series Be' Tipul. The new show runners, Anya Epstein and Dan Futterman, follow the previous design in assigning the same writer to script for each patient. The only other major thematic difference is the absence of Dianne Wiest, whose Emmy-winning performance as Paul's mentor, supervisor, and therapist was the highlight of seasons one and two. Fortunately her replacement, Amy Ryan, is as capable an actor and strong a foil to give Paul's panoply of problems a whole new arena for discussion (TV vets Epstein and Futterman were responsible for writing the Amy Ryan "Adele" scripts). Anyone who has experienced the psychotherapeutic process cannot help but be instantly drawn in to the show's eloquent design of talk-and-listen, as secrets are told or held back, fears and desires explored or repressed. Even those who are perfectly adjusted and scoff at the value of psychological treatment should be fascinated by the twists and turns that mostly seem entirely naturalistic, and better yet, unexpected. The 50-minute hour that is shortened to 20-something for dramatic purposes may sometimes play against the realistic portrayal of the professional dynamic, but after all, this isn't reality. Even so, the episodes crackle in their basic form as one-act plays that thrive on nothing but two people trading razor-sharp dialogue about who they are and what they're thinking. Paul is still listening, and he's entirely engaged. The flow of each session reflects the depth of his perception as he leads himself and his patient back to points, gestures, and remarks that may have been made in passing, yet which represent the basic spectacle of the therapeutic process and the essential role the therapist has in that relationship. We understand that what goes on in his office affects him as much as his patients. That's where Amy Ryan comes in as the young, brilliant psychiatrist who Paul sees at the end of each week to bare his own tortured soul. He's still terribly depressed. His ex-wife is remarrying, he's plagued with guilt over his 12-year-old son, and he has terrorized himself into believing that he's becoming his father, even to the point of being convinced that he'll die of the same disease (Parkinson's). At first Ryan comes off as the perfect psychiatric ice queen. But as their connection deepens with knowledge, insight, transference, counter-transference, and enthralling exchanges of actorly acrobatics (their butts never leave their seats!), she becomes perhaps the show's most compelling character. She's in great company with Debra Winger as a patient who plays an aging actress (though decidedly not typecast) who finds work elusive and is facing some ordinary family struggles as well. Not only does she look terrific, Winger brings the best game she has to her sparring-match scenes with Byrne. As an anguished gay teen, Dane DeHaan is the weakest character. He's saddled with annoying sexual and adolescent stereotypes that seem to be thrown into the show's mix just for a proper portrayal of patient demographics. Best of all is the Indian actor Irrfan Khan (best known for The Namesake and Slumdog Millionaire) as a maladjusted immigrant whose inscrutable nature fascinates Paul. As the most glaring example of how Paul's relationships with his patients sometimes slip into the inappropriate, the two become friends of sorts, even into the ultimate and unforeseen conclusion of this sensational seasonal thread. In all, In Treatment continues to be an engrossing dramatization of psychotherapy, made human by excellent writing and gripping characterizations. --Ted Fry

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