"Actor: Dennis Waterman"

  • Minder: The Dennis Waterman Years [DVD]Minder: The Dennis Waterman Years | DVD | (02/07/2018) from £24.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    THEY COULD BE SO GOOD FOR YOU! The legendary partnership of George Cole and Dennis Waterman play Arthur Daley, a man synonymous with dodgy goods and shady deals, and Terry McCann, Arthur's 'Minder' who protects him from small-time crooks, in this hugely successful ITV series. Drinking in the Winchester Club, driving the Capri and chatting up the ladies, catch up with Arthur and Terry's escapades in 68 episodes of the most entertaining, most tightly scripted, inventively comic and sharply directed drama series on television (Daily Telegraph). SPECIAL FEATURE: Photo Galleries

  • On The Up - Complete Box SetOn The Up - Complete Box Set | DVD | (02/10/2006) from £11.69   |  Saving you £18.30 (156.54%)   |  RRP £29.99

    ""Just the one Mrs Wembley!"" The complete three series of the culture clash sitcom in which working-class boy done good Tony Carpenter (Dennis Waterman) rubs shoulders with the less than appreciative well-to-do... Tony Carpenter (Dennis Waterman) is a self-made millionaire and owner of a booming executive car hire business. He's made his way to the top but hasn't forgot his East-end roots and much to his snooty wife's disgust he treats his employee's like friends. There's Mrs Wembley (Joan Sims) the cook Sam (Sam Kelly) the chauffeur and of course his personal assistant Maggie (Jenna Russell) none of which he could live without. Follow this comical bunch of characters and Tony's troublesome daughter through trial and tribulations in this entertaining sitcom about life when it's on the up! Episode Listing - Season 1: 1. Walking Out 2. Mum 3. Mr Burton 4. Dawn 5. Maggie's Dad 6. Douglas 7. Barbados Season 2: 1. After The Holiday 2. Ruth Makes An Effort 3. Maggie Gives Notice 4. Competition 5. Meeting Jane Webster 6. A Date With Jane Webster Season 3: 1. The Golf Tournament 2. The Fishing Trip 3. Temporary Secretary 4. Parental Choice 5. Stephanie 6. Divorce Features a theme tune written and performed by Dennis Waterman!

  • New Tricks Complete S1-12 [DVD]New Tricks Complete S1-12 | DVD | (12/10/2015) from £71.15   |  Saving you £-1.16 (N/A%)   |  RRP £69.99

    New Tricks Complete S1-12 (DVD)

  • Up The Junction [1968]Up The Junction | DVD | (18/08/2008) from £6.35   |  Saving you £3.64 (57.32%)   |  RRP £9.99

    A girl from a rich family in Chelsea is bored and decides to go slumming in depressed Battersea. She gets a flat and starts working in a factory and makes some friends there. One of her friends is pregnant but abortion is illegal...

  • The Sweeney: The Complete Series [DVD]The Sweeney: The Complete Series | DVD | (06/10/2014) from £31.99   |  Saving you £18.00 (56.27%)   |  RRP £49.99

    Sweeney, The - Complete

  • New Tricks : Complete BBC Series 4New Tricks : Complete BBC Series 4 | DVD | (01/09/2008) from £18.88   |  Saving you £6.11 (32.36%)   |  RRP £24.99

    A motley crew of retired police officers are assigned to re-open troublesome cases that were never laid to rest. From the discovery of a new motive in the killing of a college lecturer to tracing of a missing child the team finds a way through the detail that eluded the original officers. But they are finding a surprising incidence of cover-up and conspiracy in their new investigations. Are their superiors about to close ranks? Or is someone feeding them particular files? Either way the suspicion that they are being manipulated is high - and the team is determined to get to the bottom of it. These old dogs won't roll over too easily. Episodes Comprise: 1. Casualty 2. God's Waiting Room 3. Ducking And Diving 4. Nine Lives 5. Powerhouse 6. Buried Treasure 7. Father's Pride 8. Big Topped

  • Fright [DVD] [1971]Fright | DVD | (18/01/2010) from £9.79   |  Saving you £6.20 (63.33%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Susan Geroge stars as Amanda a babysitter who finds herself in peril when the biological father of the child in her care shows up unannounced having just been released from a lunatic asylum.

  • New Tricks Series 11 [DVD]New Tricks Series 11 | DVD | (27/10/2014) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £24.99

    New Tricks returns for its eleventh series and Dan Griffin Steve MacAndrew and Gerry Standing are back investigating cold cases under the watchful eye of their boss DCI Sasha Miller. Gerry goes back to his roots in Bermondsey when his youngest daughter decides to get married and while he’s there an old friend asks for help to find whoever murdered his grandson. Meanwhile Sasha finds it tricky working with her ex-husband and fellow police officer DAC Ned Hancock Steve’s parenting skills are tested when his son falls foul of the law and Dan Griffin needs some cheering up from his colleagues when his daughter Holly leaves home for university. The team investigates a wide variety of crimes from the death of a young A&E doctor to an international interpreter with a passion for chess there’s an occult mystery that leads the team to the underground river fleet and there’s the murder of a pub landlord where Gerry and Steve end up in an English vineyard. They also have to go back in time to investigate the mysterious deaths of an anti-nuclear activist a local bobby from the 50’s whose wife is now in a care home suffering from dementia and a schoolgirl from the 80’s whose ascetic father has a secret to hide. Throw in some Roman re-enactment some black market steroids the death of one of Griffin’s friends and a difficult reunion between Steve and his father and you have another compelling ten episodes of New Tricks. Bonus Features: Behind the Scenes Cast Filmographies Picture Gallery

  • Scars Of Dracula (Doubleplay) [Blu-ray]Scars Of Dracula (Doubleplay) | Blu Ray | (30/10/2017) from £13.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    At a remote castle a vampire bat dribbles fresh blood over mouldering remains, resurrecting the infamous Count Dracula (Christopher Lee ). Terrified villagers set fire to the castle, but later discover that a swarm of vengeful bats has killed the women and children that sought sanctuary in the local church. Dracula's latest reign of terror has begun. In Scars of Dracula, Christopher Lee returned to his most famous role for the fifth time, and director Roy Ward Baker (Quatermass and the Pit, Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde) created the unprecedented shot of the Count scaling his castle walls. This was the last of Hammer's traditional Dracula films, and the bloodiest entry in the entire series. EXTRAS: NEW FEATURETTE - Blood Rites: Inside Scars of Dracula ORIGINAL TRAILER

  • New Tricks Series 12 [DVD]New Tricks Series 12 | DVD | (12/10/2015) from £18.49   |  Saving you £6.50 (35.15%)   |  RRP £24.99

    New Tricks returns for its twelfth series

  • Children's Film Foundation Bumper Box Vol. 2 (DVD)Children's Film Foundation Bumper Box Vol. 2 (DVD) | DVD | (16/03/2020) from £19.98   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Children's Film Foundation Bumper Box Vol. 2 (DVD Box Set) For over 30 years, The Children's Film Foundation produced quality entertainment for young audiences, employing the cream of British Filmmaking talent. Unavailable for years, these much-loved films finally make a welcome return to our screens in newly remastered editions. The Bumper Box Collection Vol. 2 includes the following CFF adventures: Treasure at the Mill, Wings of Mystery, Seventy Deadly Pills, Go Kart Go, A Ghost of a Chance, The Sea Children, Sky Pirates, The Mine and the Minotaur and Friend or Foe. Those actors in early roles include Judy Geeson, Dennis Waterman and Simon Fisher Turner. Special Features: The Ghost of Monk's Island (1967): seven part CFF adventure split over 3 discs Interview with John Krish, director of Friend or Foe Fully illustrated booklet with new writing on the films by Vic Pratt Other extras TBC

  • Regan [DVD]Regan | DVD | (10/09/2012) from £6.49   |  Saving you £6.50 (100.15%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Before The Sweeney there was Regan. Rough, tough and politically incorrect in the way that only the best '70s dramas can be, Regan was a pilot film for The Sweeney - one of the major television successes of the last fifty years. Featuring John Thaw as the irascible Detective Inspector Regan and Dennis Waterman as his loyal 'oppo', Detective Sergeant Carter, Regan was an immediate critical and ratings hit, resulting in four series of The Sweeney and two successful feature films. For the first time ever, Regan has been remastered and restored in High Definition for this Blu-ray release and has never looked better. Jack Regan is a good copper, but his tough, intuitive style is becoming unfashionable in a Scotland Yard seeking a new image. When a policeman is mysteriously murdered, Regan breaks all the rules to find the killer - but he finds there are men in the Flying Squad prepared to break him.

  • New Tricks - Series 3 [2007]New Tricks - Series 3 | DVD | (14/05/2007) from £18.88   |  Saving you £6.11 (32.36%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Amanda Redman Dennis Waterman James Bolam and Alun Armstrong star as an unlikely team of crack detectives in this the complete third series of New Tricks.

  • Regan - The original Armchair Cinema pilot for The Sweeney - [ITV] - [Network] - [Blu-ray]Regan - The original Armchair Cinema pilot for The Sweeney - | Blu Ray | (17/04/2019) from £7.25   |  Saving you £12.74 (175.72%)   |  RRP £19.99

    This is the pilot episode that launched the television series The Sweeney.Jack Regan is a good copper, but his tough, intuitive style is becoming unfashionable in a Scotland Yard seeking a new, technocratic image. When a policeman is mysteriously murdered, Regan breaks all the rules to find the killer but he finds there are men in the Flying Squad equally prepared to break him...

  • Sweeney 2 [DVD]Sweeney 2 | DVD | (04/02/2019) from £9.59   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    John Thaw and Dennis Waterman star once again as the Flying Squad's finest in this brutal and uncompromising feature-film spin-off from one of television's most memorable series! Co-starring Denholm Elliott and Ken Hutchison, Sweeney 2 has been newly transferred from original film elements. A callous gang of bank robbers is creating havoc on the London streets. Efficient and ruthless and with Regan and Carter in hot pursuit they leave a trail of dead bodies and smashed cars in their wake. SPECIAL FEATURES: Theatrical Trailer Image gallery PDF material

  • Minder: The Complete Collection [DVD]Minder: The Complete Collection | DVD | (17/09/2018) from £50.59   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

  • New Tricks Series Eight [DVD]New Tricks Series Eight | DVD | (21/11/2011) from £13.59   |  Saving you £12.40 (91.24%)   |  RRP £25.99

    The murder of a palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum opens the new series. The team discovers the victim was a respected but outspoken scientist with a knack for rubbing people up the wrong way - and when it comes out he was strongly opposed to the museum's sponsorship deal with a large fuel company, the cops soon have plenty of suspects.

  • Sweeney! Movie Collection (Sweeney!/Sweenet 2) [1976]Sweeney! Movie Collection (Sweeney!/Sweenet 2) | DVD | (12/02/2007) from £16.18   |  Saving you £-3.19 (N/A%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Both full length big screen outings of Detectives Regan and Carter. Sweeney!: The sexy mistress of a cabinet minister is found dead of an apparent overdoes and D.I. Regan (John Thaw) and D.S. Carter (Dennis Waterman) shake off the booze and women to take on the case. But when the bullet-riddled bodies start to pile up in the London streets Regan and Carter find themselves bollocks-deep in a murderous conspiracy involving doomed prostitutes machine-gun assassins multi-national oil companies and a cold-blooded bureaucrat who may be above the law. Barry Foster (Frenzy) and Ian Bannen (Braveheart) co-star in this smash feature film that took all the hard-hitting drama of television's The Sweeney and blasted it onto cinema screens like never before! Sweeney 2: When the Chief of the Flying Squad is nicked on corruption charges he makes one last official request of D.I. Regan (John Thaw) and D.S. Carter (Dennis Waterman): Take down a ruthless crew of highly-skilled and heavily armed bank robbers terrorizing London. But as the gangs getaways become increasingly violent Regan and Carter must tangle with crooked cops beautiful women a mad bomber the government of Malta and a final raid that becomes a desperate shotgun massacre. Denholm Elliott (Raiders Of the Lost Ark) and Ken Hutchison (Straw Dogs) co-star in this second gritty feature film based on the roughest toughest and most politically incorrect crime series in TV history!

  • Stay Lucky: The Complete Series [DVD]Stay Lucky: The Complete Series | DVD | (07/08/2017) from £23.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Minder and Sweeney legend Dennis Waterman stars as a London wheeler-dealer who heads north to escape old demons and start a fresh chapter in this popular, light-hearted drama series; Jan Francis, Susan George, Rula Lenska and Leslie Ash are among the ladies in his new life. Also starring Ian McNeice and Watching's Emma Wray, with guest appearances from Peter Capaldi, Celia Imrie, Michael Kitchen, Tim Healy and Frances de la Tour, this complete set presents all four series. At a rain-lashed A1 service station, Thomas Gynn helps to get recently widowed Yorkshire businesswoman Sally Hardcastle back on the road after a breakdown. The encounter marks the beginning of a series of shared (mis)adventures as Thomas and narrowboat enthusiast Sally attract more than their fair share of drama and come to rely upon each other rather more than either would care to admit...

  • Sweeney! [DVD]Sweeney! | DVD | (04/02/2019) from £9.59   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Rough, tough and politically incorrect, The Sweeney was one of the major television successes of the last fifty years and this first feature film spin-off is just as hard-hitting! Featuring memorable performances from John Thaw and Dennis Waterman - and made by the same team who worked on the hit television series - Sweeney! has been newly transferred from original film elements. Hard-bitten, womanising Flying Squad officer Jack Regan becomes embroiled in a political plot when an old friend asks him to investigate a seemingly suspicious death. Framed on a drink-driving charge and suspended from the force, Regan is embroiled in a deadly conspiracy and must think fast and rely on his wits if he's to survive! SPECIAL FEATURES: Theatrical Trailer Image gallery PDF material

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