"Actor: Jon Pertwee"

  • Love, Honour And Obey [1999]Love, Honour And Obey | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £5.19   |  Saving you £4.80 (92.49%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Jonny is stuck in a dead-end job as a courier. He dreams of being a gangster, just like his best friend from schooldays, Jude.

  • Doctor Who: The Dæmons [DVD]Doctor Who: The Dæmons | DVD | (19/03/2012) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    In the peaceful village of Devil’s End something very strange is happening. A professor is preparing to open a nearby burial mound and a local white has foresees death and disaster. Meanwhile, the new vicar looks suspiciously like the Master and he is using black magic to conjure up an ancient Dmon.Can the Doctor, Jo and UNIT stop their old enemy before he succeeds? Special Features: Commentary The Devil Rides Out Cast and crew talk about the making of the story. Remembering Barry Letts A look at the life and work of Barry Letts. Location Film A mute amateur 8mm film shot in the village of Aldbourne during the location filming. Colourisation Test The original colourisation test version of episode one from 1992. Tomorrow’s World An article on the technology used in the restoration. Radio Times listings Programme subtitles Production information subtitles Photo gallery Coming soon trailer Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

  • Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death [DVD]Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death | DVD | (01/10/2012) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Something has gone seriously wrong with Mars Probe 7. With no contact from the astronauts since the rocket started its return journey from Mars, Space Control is now extremely worried about the fate of the crew. A rescue mission recovers something - but whatever it is, it certainly isn't human. To find out what has happened to the astronauts, the Doctor must head into space without the Tardis...

  • Doctor Who - U.N.I.T Files (Invasion of the Dinosaurs and the Android Invasion) [DVD]Doctor Who - U.N.I.T Files (Invasion of the Dinosaurs and the Android Invasion) | DVD | (09/01/2012) from £12.99   |  Saving you £19.00 (172.88%)   |  RRP £29.99

    The Third Doctor faces ravenous prehistoric monsters in deserted London, while the Fourth Doctor battles robot duplicates in a strange village - but are the forces of UNIT friends or foes? Find out in these classic adventures!The Android Invasion: When the TARDIS lands in the sleepy English village of Devesham, Sarah thinks the Doctor has finally got her back home. But all is not as it seems...Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Returning to London the Doctor and Sarah find a city almost completely devoid of life. The civilian population has been evacuated in the wake of an unimaginable event: somehow Dinosaurs have returned to terrorise the Earth.

  • Doctor Who - Inferno Special Edition [DVD]Doctor Who - Inferno Special Edition | DVD | (27/05/2013) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Another adventure for everyone's favourite Time Lord. Still chafing at his exile to the planet Earth, the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) is called in to observe the Inferno drilling experiment of Professor Stahlman (Olaf Pooley). Stahlman's search for a new form of energy goes horribly wrong when a green slime emitted from the drill site transforms any who come into contact with it into primeval monsters. Meanwhile, after experimenting with the TARDIS console, the Doctor finds himself transported sidew...

  • Doctor Who: Beneath the Surface (The Silurians/The Sea Devils/Warriors of the Deep)Doctor Who: Beneath the Surface (The Silurians/The Sea Devils/Warriors of the Deep) | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £14.99   |  Saving you £27.00 (207.85%)   |  RRP £39.99

    Doctor Who And The Silurians: Summoned by the Brigadier to an underground research centre at Wenley Moor the Doctor and Liz Shaw learn from its director Dr Lawrence that work on a new type of nuclear reactor is being hampered by inexplicable power losses and by an unusually high incidence of stress-related illness amongst staff. Investigating a nearby cave system the Doctor discovers it is the base of a group of intelligent reptiles termed Silurians who went into hibernation millions of years ago but have now been revived by power from the research centre. The Doctor strives for peace between reptiles and humans and manages to gain the trust of the old Silurian leader but then a rebellious young Silurian seizes power and releases a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. The Doctor finds an antidote but the Silurians retaliate by taking over the research centre and preparing to destroy the Van Allen Belt a natural barrier shielding the Earth from solar radiation harmful to humans but beneficial to reptiles... The Sea Devils: The Doctor and Jo visit the Master in his high-security prison on an island off the south coast of England and hear from the governor Colonel Trenchard that ships have been mysteriously disappearing at sea. Investigating the Doctor learns from Captain Hart commander of a nearby Naval base that the sinkings have centred around an abandoned sea fort. He and Jo then visit the fort and are attacked by what one of the men there terms a Sea Devil - an amphibious breed of the prehistoric creatures encountered by the Doctor shortly after his exile to Earth. The Master aided by a misguided Trenchard is stealing equipment from the Naval base in order to build a machine to revive the Sea Devils from hibernation. The Doctor takes a diving bell down to the Sea Devils' underwater base to try to encourage peace... Warriors Of The Deep: The Doctor Tegan and Turlough arrive at an underwater Sea Base on Earth where a scientific and military team led by Commander Vorshak are monitoring a rival power bloc. The team undergo regular missile launch test sequences to ensure that they are ready at all times to combat an attack. Three Silurians led by Icthar - the surviving member of a Silurian triad - revive a colony of Sea Devil Warriors in order to invade the base and use its weapons to attack the opposing power bloc thus provoking a global war that will allow the reptiles to conquer the Earth...

  • Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks [DVD]Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks | DVD | (12/09/2011) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    On Earth in the 22nd century, Daleks have enslaved the planet and humans live in fear of their masters. Meanwhile, back in the 20th century, a peace conference is urgently needed to prevent World War Three. When reports reach UNIT of a ghost at Auderly House - the site for the conference - the Doctor and Jo decide to investigate. Danger is waiting for them there, including a trip two hundred years into the future without the TARDIS...

  • Doctor Who - Planet of the Spiders [DVD] [1974]Doctor Who - Planet of the Spiders | DVD | (18/04/2011) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    At a Tibetan retreat in the English countryside, a group of men are using ancient meditation rituals to tap into a mysterious alien power. They unwittingly create a bridgehead between Earth and Metebelis 3, a planet where the ‘Two Legs’ are oppressed by giant spiders. The creatures are desperate to recover the blue jewel that the Doctor gave to Jo Grant as a wedding gift.Now the Doctor must risk everything and return to Metebelis 3 to face the awesome power of The Great One, who plans to use the crystal to enslave all of human kind.

  • Doctor Who - Mutants [DVD]Doctor Who - Mutants | DVD | (31/01/2011) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    When a strange message pod turns up at UNIT HQ the Doctor and his assistant Jo suddenly find themselves involved in another dangerous mission for the Time Lords. The TARDIS takes them to Skybase One above the inhospitable Solos. It is the 30th century and the planet is about to gain independence from Earth's glorious empire. But someone on Solos has other plans and alarmingly the natives are slowly mutating into fierce-looking creatures. It's time for the Doctor and Jo to find out why...

  • Doctor Who - Death to the Daleks [DVD]Doctor Who - Death to the Daleks | DVD | (18/06/2012) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    On Earth in the 22nd century, Daleks have enslaved the planet and humans live in fear of their masters. Meanwhile, back in the 20th century, a peace conference is urgently needed to prevent World War Three. When reports reach UNIT of a ghost at Auderly House - the site for the conference - the Doctor and Jo decide to investigate. Danger is waiting for them there, including a trip two hundred years into the future without the TARDIS...

  • Doctor Who: The Mind Of Evil [DVD]Doctor Who: The Mind Of Evil | DVD | (03/06/2013) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Professor Keller has created a machine that can pacify even the most dangerous of criminals. But when the Doctor and Jo arrive at Stangmoor Prison for a demonstration things start to go horribly wrong - especially when they discover that the Doctor's old enemy Master is responsible for the machine. What could he possibly want from the criminals? And what connects him with an impending World Peace Conference? Special Features: Commentary with actors Katy Manning (Jo Grant) Pik-Sen Lim (Chin Lee) and Fernanda Marlowe (Corporal Bell) director Timothy Combe producer Barry Letts script editor Terrance Dicks and stunt arranger Derek Ware. Moderated by Toby Hadoke. The Military Mind A look at the making of the story. Featuring actors Nicholas Courtney Pik-Sen Lim and Fernanda Marlow director Timothy Combe producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks. Now and Then The latest in our long-running series visits the filming locations used in the story to see how they have changed over the years. Behind the Scenes: Television Centre Back in 1971 presenter Norman Tozer visited BBC Television Centre to find out what went on over 24 hours in the life of what was then an incredibly busy 'television factory'. Radio Times listings (DVD-ROM) 1971 Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks promotion (DVD-ROM) Programme subtitles Production information subtitles Photo gallery Coming soon trailer Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

  • Doctor Who Revisitations Box Set - Volume 2 (The Seeds of Death / Carnival of Monsters / Resurrection of the Daleks) [DVD]Doctor Who Revisitations Box Set - Volume 2 (The Seeds of Death / Carnival of Monsters / Resurrection of the Daleks) | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £16.99   |  Saving you £25.00 (166.78%)   |  RRP £39.99

    Three digitally remastered Doctor Who stories from the 1960s '70s and '80s. In the three-part 'The Seeds of Death' (1969) the Doctor (Patrick Troughton) Jamie (Frazer Hines) and Zoe (Wendy Padbury) travel to a moon relay station to find out why T-Mat a form of instant travel has broken down. There they discover a race of Ice Warriors planning to use T-Mat to carry seed pods to earth which will produce a deadly fungus to suck the air dry of oxygen. The Doctor has to foil the Ice Warriors' plan avoiding the deadly pods along the way. In the four-part 'Carnival of Monsters' (1972) the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Jo (Katy Manning) find themselves arrested as stowaways after the TARDIS makes an unplanned arrival on the S.S. Bernice en route to India in 1926. However the ship is in fact trapped in a miniscope - the mechanical peepshow of intergalactic showman Vorg (Leslie Dwyer). When the Scope is impounded by officials on the planet Inter-Minor many of the creatures contained within get loose including the monstrous Drashigs. In the four-part 'Resurrection of the Daleks' (1983) the Daleks are once again seeking their creator Davros (Terry Molloy) to discover a cure for the Movellan virus. Mercenaries free Davros from his prison ship but the Kaled scientist has other ideas and soon a Dalek civil war is underway. On 20th-century Earth the Doctor (Peter Davison) Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) are caught up between the rival factions and the Earth rebels but they are already part of a larger plan to destroy Gallifrey.

  • Doctor Who - Myths And Legends [DVD]Doctor Who - Myths And Legends | DVD | (29/03/2010) from £16.99   |  Saving you £35.00 (233.49%)   |  RRP £49.99

    Doctor Who: Myths & Legends (Dr Who)

  • Doctor Who Revisitations 3 (The Tomb of the Cybermen/Robots of Death/The Three Doctors) [DVD]Doctor Who Revisitations 3 (The Tomb of the Cybermen/Robots of Death/The Three Doctors) | DVD | (13/02/2012) from £14.99   |  Saving you £22.00 (169.36%)   |  RRP £34.99

    Special Editions of three classic Doctor Who DVD releases. Remastered. Repackaged. Reappraised. The Tomb of the Cybermen: Special Edition For centuries, the disappearance of the Cybermen from the universe has been a mystery. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive on Telos – once the Cyber home world – just as an Earth expedition uncovers the entrance to a long-lost control centre filled with baffling technology. Special Features: Morris Barry Introduction - The director’s introduction from the 1993 VHS release. Title Sequence - Tests and build-up elements for the Patrick Troughton title sequence. Late Night Line-Up - behind the scenes at the BBC Visual Effects department to interview Jack Kine. The Final End - The Evil of the Daleks is mostly missing from the BBC archives. A small taste of the climactic battle… Abominable Snowmen Audio Trailer Coming Soon Trailer Production Subtitles The Lost Giants - Cast and crew look back on the making of the story. The Curse of the Cybermen’s Tomb - Sir Christopher Frayling and Dr Debbie Challis examine the ancient Egyptian origins to the story. Cybermen – Extended Edition - A history of the Cybermen. The Magic of VidFIRE - A look at the technology behind the VidFIRE process. Sky Ray Advert - 1960’s Doctor Who themed promo for Walls Sky Ray ice lolly. Photo Gallery Radio Times Listings The Three Doctors: Special Edition The Time Lords are in crisis. A powerful force is draining their energy into a mysterious Black Hole - and they must recruit the Doctor to save them. But one Doctor isn’t enough for this mission... Commentary Happy Birthday To Who - A brand-new look at the making of this anniversary story. Was Doctor Who Rubbish? - Raising a defence against criticism of the classic series. Girls, Girls, Girls – The 1970s Katy Manning, Caroline John (Liz Shaw) and Louise Jameson (Leela) on being a 1970s Doctor Who girl. Pebble Mill At One - Archival interview with the second Doctor Patrick Troughton and visual effects wizard Bernard Wilkie. Blue Peter Jon Pertwee introduces the Whomobile. BSB Highlights Cast and crew discuss The Three Doctors The Five Faces Of Doctor Who - The full trailer for the 1981 repeat season which included The Three Doctors. BBC1 Trailer 40th Anniversary Trailer Radio Times listings Production Subtitles Photo Gallery Coming Soon Trailer Digitally remastered picture and sound The Robots of Death: Special EditionThe TARDIS, carrying the Doctor and his new companion Leela, arrives aboard a huge sandminer on a deserted world. The small human crew rely almost entirely on robots to carry out their every task and whim while they mine the planet’s rich minerals.Special Features: Commentary 1 - Original release commentary. Commentary 2 - New commentary with actors Tom Baker (the Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela) and Pamela Salem (Toos), and director Michael E Briant. The Sandmine Murders - Cast and crew look back at the making of the story. Robophobia - Toby Hadoke takes a humorous look at the history of robots. Studio Sound - Example of a studio scene before the robot voice effects were added. Model Shots Black and white time-coded recording of the original model insert film. Studio Floor Plan - Interactive view of the studio layout via the original floor plan drawings.

  • Doctor Who - Peladon Tales [DVD]Doctor Who - Peladon Tales | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £12.99   |  Saving you £19.00 (172.88%)   |  RRP £29.99

    Doctor Who: Peladon Tales (Dr Who)

  • Doctor Who - The Time WarriorDoctor Who - The Time Warrior | DVD | (03/09/2007) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Journalist Sarah Jane Smith is impersonating her aunt virologist Lavinia Smith in order to gain access to a research centre where top scientists are being held in protective custody while UNIT investigates the disappearance of a number of their colleagues. The missing scientists have been kidnapped by a Sontaran Linx and taken back to medieval England where they are working under hypnosis to repair his crashed spaceship.

  • Doctor Who - Spearhead from Space Special Edition [Blu-ray]Doctor Who - Spearhead from Space Special Edition | Blu Ray | (15/07/2013) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Exile! The Time Lords have banished the newly regenerated Doctor to Earth... But The Doctor isn't the only alien to have arrived as a swarm of meteorites have crashed into the sleepy English countryside bringing with them a terrible new threat to mankind. As the Nestene plan takes shape Unit The Doctor and his newly appointed scientific advisor Liz Shaw race against time to stop humanity from being replaced by a terrifying plastic facsimile race. With an Auton army on the rise and no Tardis to help him could The Doctor's latest incarnation be over before its truly begun?...

  • The Doctors - The John Pertwee Years [DVD]The Doctors - The John Pertwee Years | DVD | (06/03/2017) from £12.48   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    This is the definitive set of interviews with the team of actors who brought the Jon Pertwee era of DOCTOR WHO to life! Forget the bonus features on previous BBC releases! These six hour-long documentaries are the best in-depth interviews with JON PERTWEE (the Third Doctor), KATY MANNING (Jo Grant), CAROLINE JOHN (Liz Shaw), NICHOLAS COURTNEY (The Brigadier), RICHARD FRANKLIN (Captain Yates) and JOHN LEVENE (Sergeant Benton) ever undertaken. Presented by voice of the Daleks NICHOLAS BRIGGS. SPECIAL FEATURE: Introduction by NICHOLAS BRIGGS & Producer KEITH BARNFATHER

  • Doctor Who - Mannequin Mania Box Set [DVD]Doctor Who - Mannequin Mania Box Set | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £12.99   |  Saving you £19.00 (172.88%)   |  RRP £29.99

    Featuring two classic stories, Spearhead From Space Special Edition and Terror of the Autons, starring fan favourite Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor. All episodes are newly remastered, utilising advances in technology and technique, and are supported by an expanded collection of bonus features.In the first of our stories, Spearhead From Space, the Doctor is exiled to Earth in the late 20th Century by his own people - the Time Lords. The newly regenerated Doctor finds himself in Oxley Woods alongside a shower of mysterious meteorites.Investigating these unusual occurrences is the newly-formed United Nations Intelligence Taskfoce led by Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. UNIT are soon called into action when people and meteorites start going missing but puzzling of all is the attempted kidnapping of a strange hospital patient - a man with two hearts, who insists that he knows the Brigadier... The new Doctor soon joins forces with his old friends, UNIT and the recently recruited Dr Liz Shaw, but time is running out.In the second story of this un-missable Boxset, Terror of the Autons, Earth is in terrible danger. The Master has arrived with an evil scheme to destroy humanity and silence the Doctor forever by awakening the awesome power of the Nestene - a ruthlessly aggressive alien life form. With their control over all types of plastic, they form into faceless automatons, a willing army of destruction easily controlled by the evil Time Lord himself.Aided by the Brigadier and his enthusiastic new assistant, Jo Grant, only the Doctor can combat their evil power, but this is easier said than done when every plastic doll, phone flex, or chair can be turned against him. First, however, he must defeat the Master.

  • Doctor Who - Claws of Axos Special Edition [DVD]Doctor Who - Claws of Axos Special Edition | DVD | (22/10/2012) from £7.69   |  Saving you £12.30 (159.95%)   |  RRP £19.99

    An approaching Alien spaceship is detected on monitoring equipment at UNIT HQ, where the Brigadier is entertaining two visitors - Chinn, a civil servant making a security inspection, and Bill Filer, an American agent sent to discuss the threat of the Master. The Ship lands in England and the UNIT team, joined by Hardiman and Winser from the nearby Nuton power station, meet its occupants: beautiful golden-skinned humanoids called Axons. The Axons claim that their ship, Axos, is damaged and that they need time in which to repair it. In return, they offer Axonite, a substance that can cause animals to grow to enormous sizes and thus end food shortages. The Doctor is suspicious, and rightly so: Axos, Axonite and the Axons - whose true appearance is hideous - are all part of a single parasitic entity brought to Earth by the Master to feed on the planet's energy. The Doctor manages to materialise his TARDIS, with the Master on board, at the centre of Axos. He offers to link the two ships together to make one giant time machine, on condition that Axos in return helps him to take revenge on the Time Lords for exiling him to earth. This is merely a trick, however, and Axos is locked in a time loop from which it can never escape. The Doctor returns to Earth in the TARDIS, where he reluctantly admits to the Brigadier that the Master may also have escaped.

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