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  • Quadrophenia [1979]Quadrophenia | DVD | (20/09/1999) from £5.99   |  Saving you £10.00 (166.94%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Franc Roddam's terrifically energetic movie, set to music from the Who's Quadrophenia, is--at the very least, the best film ever based on a rock album (and, yes, that includes Tommy, Pink Floyd: The Wall, and Jesus Christ Superstar). Actually, this tale of the battle between two early 1960s youth subcultures--Mods and Rockers--in the seaside teenage wasteland of Brighton, isn't so much a cinematic "version" of the Who's 1979 double-record rock opera as it is a story based on the sequence of songs on the album. Quadrophenia is about that crucial time in teenhood when the lion's share of your sense of identity is tied up in the music you listen to, the clothes you wear, and the groups you hang out with. Jimmy (Phil Daniels) identifies himself with the sharp-dressing, scooter-riding Mods, who listen to American soul and British pop-rock. The Rockers, on the other hand, are leather-jacketed, black-booted, motorcycle-riding tough guys who listen primarily to classic American rock & roll. The film captures this minor pop-culture revolution perfectly. Look for Sting as a club-hopping slickster, who's shameful secret is that he's a hotel bellboy by day. --Jim Emerson

  • Love Thy Neighbour: The Complete Series [DVD]Love Thy Neighbour: The Complete Series | DVD | (11/07/2016) from £24.99   |  Saving you £16.27 (65.11%)   |  RRP £41.26

    You can choose your friends, but whether you live in a back-to-back, a suburban semi or a mansion, you can rarely choose your neighbours... Highly popular and more than a little controversial Love Thy Neighbour consistently appeared in the top three programmes of the week throughout the majority of its eight series run even its repeats reached the top of the charts! Its comic spin on racism, politics and general childish antagonism was loved by millions and remains a firm favourite to this day. This complete-series set comprises the unscreened pilot episode, all eight series in their intended running order for the first time, the Christmas 1972 short sketch for All Star Comedy Carnival, the 1973 New Year Special and a brand-new transfer of the 1973 feature film from its original film elements in its as-exhibited aspect ratio. All episodes are presented complete and uncut and have been remastered from the best available materials

  • Quadrophenia: Special Edition [1979]Quadrophenia: Special Edition | DVD | (07/08/2006) from £8.29   |  Saving you £9.70 (53.90%)   |  RRP £17.99

    ""We are the mods we are the mods we are we are we are the mods!"" London 1964: two rival youth cults emerge - the mods and the rockers - with explosive consequences. For Jimmy (Phil Daniels) and his sharp-suited pill-popping scooter-riding mates being a mod is a way of life. It's their generation. Together they head off to Brighton for an orgy of drugs thrills and violent confrontation against the rockers. Jimmy never wants to stray from his maxim: ""I don't wanna be like everybody else that's why I'm a mod see?"" Will Jimmy emerge a hero or will he be disillusioned by his way of life?

  • May To December - Series 1 [1989]May To December - Series 1 | DVD | (12/09/2005) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Anton Rodgers stars as middle aged solicitor Alec Callender - a partner in Semple Callender and Henty - who pines for Perry Mason style cases however seldom is faced with anything more taxing than a simple house conveyancing. Through his work Alec meets Zoe Angell played by Eve Matheson a 26 year old PE teacher befuddled by her impending divorce although neither is looking for romance there is an unmistakable spark and soon they embark on the rocky road of a 'spring and autumn'

  • Love Thy Neighbour [Blu-ray]Love Thy Neighbour | Blu Ray | (30/05/2016) from £6.99   |  Saving you £8.00 (114.45%)   |  RRP £14.99

    This gorgeous girl's dress from bluezoo is perfect for the party. In white and navy, it features a double bow front and a stylish dipped back hem.

  • Love Thy Neighbour [DVD]Love Thy Neighbour | DVD | (30/05/2016) from £6.79   |  Saving you £3.20 (47.13%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Film spin-off of the British television sitcom. Eddie Booth (Jack Smethurst) hates his implacable Jamaican neighbours, but when the two families get a chance to win some money in a 'Love Thy Neighbour' competition, they pretend to bury the hatchet.

  • Widows - Series 1 and 2Widows - Series 1 and 2 | DVD | (19/04/2010) from £13.48   |  Saving you £16.51 (55.10%)   |  RRP £29.99

    Widows - Series 1 And 2

  • Prince Of Jutland [1994]Prince Of Jutland | DVD | (03/09/2001) from £12.98   |  Saving you £-9.99 (-334.10%)   |  RRP £2.99

    The original tale on which Shakespeare based his immortal Hamlet The Prince of Jutland set in 6th century Denmark is a story of corruption intrigue and passion. King Herdal and his son are brutally murdered by the King's evil brother Fenge (Gabriel Byrne) who claims the crown and the grieving queen (Helen Mirren). But the King's remaining son (Christian Bale) who witnessed the murders takes a bloody revenge for the slaying of his family.

  • Double, Double Toil And Trouble [1993]Double, Double Toil And Trouble | DVD | (20/09/2004) from £5.38   |  Saving you £8.61 (160.04%)   |  RRP £13.99

    Make way for spells witches wizards and adventure! It's Halloween the scariest funnest event of Fall. But for Lynn and Kelly Farmer (Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen) something scarier could happen. A slump in the family business means the Farmers will lose their home - unless the spirited twins find a way to save it!

  • Love Thy Neighbour [1973]Love Thy Neighbour | DVD | (30/10/2006) from £7.99   |  Saving you £5.00 (62.58%)   |  RRP £12.99

    The 70's sitcom smash that explored the culture clash between black and white neighbours Bill Reynolds and Eddie Booth. In this 1973 movie the happy family hilarity comes to a head when they enter the local 'Love Thy Neighbour' competition. Each is determined to win even if they have to lie through their teeth!

  • Love Thy Neighbour - Series 8 - CompleteLove Thy Neighbour - Series 8 - Complete | DVD | (05/05/2008) from £8.08   |  Saving you £7.91 (49.50%)   |  RRP £15.99

    The complete eighth series of the cult 70's TV Comedy! One of the highest rated sitcoms of the 1970s attracting 16 million viewers at the peak of its popularity Love Thy Neighbour explores the culture clash between black and white neighbours Bill Reynolds and Eddie Booth.

  • So Little Time - Vol. 1 [2001]So Little Time - Vol. 1 | DVD | (31/05/2004) from £6.46   |  Saving you £7.53 (53.80%)   |  RRP £13.99

    School's cool for 14 year olds Chloe and Riley Carlson. High school is a lot of work besides dating partying and shopping at the mall. 'So Little Time' episodes find Chloe and Riley taking on weird biology partners dumb after-school jobs and disastrous class projects. Episodes: Breakfast Club / Colour Of Money / Girls Just Want To Have Fun / True Lies / Trading Places / Teachers Pet

  • Widows - Series 1 [1983]Widows - Series 1 | DVD | (13/05/2002) from £16.16   |  Saving you £8.83 (35.30%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Three armed robbers Harry Rawlins Terry Miller and Joe Pirelli die when the security van that they are robbing catches fire in the Kingsway Tunnel in London. Their widows Dolly Rawlins Shirley Miller and Linda Pirelli find their husbands' plans for the robbery and decide to stage it themselves.... Originally transmitted in 1983 this release contains all six episodes from the first series.

  • So Little Time - Vol. 2 [2001]So Little Time - Vol. 2 | DVD | (05/07/2004) from £5.38   |  Saving you £8.61 (61.50%)   |  RRP £13.99

    From coffee to curfew 14-year-olds Chloe and Riley Carlson (Mary-Kate and Ashley) manage the ups and downs of growing up and now that they're in high school they have to deal with boys too! In this collection of episodes from the hit television series 'So Little Time' Chloe and Riley tackle girl stuff like first dates first kisses first loves and broken hearts...thank goodness they have each other! With hip new music from cool new bands 'So Little Time' is a series worth cleari

  • Love Thy Neighbour - Series 7 - CompleteLove Thy Neighbour - Series 7 - Complete | DVD | (04/02/2008) from £8.08   |  Saving you £7.91 (49.50%)   |  RRP £15.99

    A television comedy which centres around the relationship between two neighbours as they attempt to live and work together and their long suffering wives. Features all the episodes from the seventh series.

  • Top SpotTop Spot | DVD | (24/04/2006) from £13.48   |  Saving you £11.51 (46.10%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Taking its title from a teenage disco this eagerly anticipated first feature from British artist Tracey Emin marks a new chapter in her body of autobiographical work... Drawing on her experiences growing up in Margate the film features six teenage girls - Frances Helen Katie Kieri Laura and Lizzie - who all have a tale to tell. One moment filled with bravado the next awkward and insecure. In a series of interviews to camera the Margate girls tell their individual stories. We

  • Mary-Kate And Ashley Collection - Vol. 3 - So Little TimeMary-Kate And Ashley Collection - Vol. 3 - So Little Time | DVD | (20/03/2006) from £5.38   |  Saving you £8.61 (160.04%)   |  RRP £13.99

    You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family! Watch as teens Riley and Chloe Carlson (Mary-Kate and Ashley) juggle high school and their social lives while struggling to keep peace in their unconventional beachside family! In this laugh-out-loud collection of episodes from the hit television series So Little Time Riley and Chloe learn their family will always be there for them - which isn't always a good thing! Join them as they play matchmakers for their own parents al

  • Love Thy Neighbour - The Complete Series 3 [DVD]Love Thy Neighbour - The Complete Series 3 | DVD | (18/04/2011) from £8.08   |  Saving you £-2.09 (-34.90%)   |  RRP £5.99

    Love Thy Neighbour takes a lighthearted look at the problem of colour through the eyes of a white couple Eddie and Joan Booth and a black couple Bill and Barbie Reynolds who move in next door. This series helps to take some of the heat out of race relations by showing the funny side of everyday conflict. In this 3rd series poor old Eddie finds all this keeping up with the Reynolds a bit of a strain especially when Bill shows off his new status symbol. To add insult to injury when Eddie returns from holiday somebody has taken over his seat down at The Lion & Lamb.

  • Love Thy Neighbour - Episode 3 And 4 [1972]Love Thy Neighbour - Episode 3 And 4 | DVD | (08/09/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £7.99

    One of the highest rated sitcoms of the 1970s attracting 16 million viewers at the peak of its popularity Love Thy Neighbour explores the culture clash between black and white neighbours Bill Reynolds (Rudolph Walker) and Eddie Booth (Jack Smethurst). This release features episodes three and four of Series One.

  • Poor Cow [1967]Poor Cow | DVD | (13/10/2008) from £21.58   |  Saving you £-5.59 (N/A%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Young mother Joy (Carol White) is forced to fend for herself when her brutal and uncaring husband Tom (John Bindon) is put in jail. Joy finds brief happiness with Tom's criminal associate Dave (Terence Stamp) who proves kind and gentle when she moves in with him but this relationship ends when he is also jailed and Joy is left to raise her young son alone in squalid circumstances. Poor Cow is a poignant controversial slice of raw social realism and in true Loach style is an imaginative exploration of the thin line separating fiction and real-life.

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