"Actor: Martha Raye"

  • Pufnstuf 'Zaps The World' The Movie [DVD]Pufnstuf 'Zaps The World' The Movie | DVD | (01/01/2011) from £6.79   |  Saving you £3.20 (47.13%)   |  RRP £9.99

    After a bad day at school Jimmy (Jack Wild - Oliver!) runs to the shore where he can play his flute in solitude. But when he lays the flute down it suddenly comes to life! Jimmy is lured aboard a magical talking boat sent by an evil witch named Witchiepoo (Billie Hayes). Soon Jimmy uncovers the truth. He is to be made Witchiepoo's prisoner and the flute now made of gold and diamond studded will be hers! But the entire escapade is seen by a dragon named H.R.Pufnstuf. When he and his friends Cling and Clang come to the rescue Jimmy's adventures on Living Island (where everything is alive) are about to begin. Now Pufnstuf and his friends have to get Jimmy safely off the island before Witchiepoo snags the flute to impress Boss Witch (Martha Raye) and her friend Witch Hazel (Mama Cass). Pufnstuf is a family comedy filled with mirth magic and music for all ages and now for the first time available fully restored on DVD!

  • Bing Crosby Collection - Rhythm On The River / Rhythm On The RangeBing Crosby Collection - Rhythm On The River / Rhythm On The Range | DVD | (08/05/2006) from £2.99   |  Saving you £13.00 (81.30%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Rhythm On The River (Dir. Victor Schertzinger 1940): Bing Crosby and Mary Martin play a pair of star-crossed ghostwriters he of melody and she of lyrics who discover that the man they write for is a fake but their love for each other is real. Rhythm On The Range (Dir. Norman Taurog 1936): Bing plays a singing cowboy out where the b-b-b-buffalo roam in this lighthearted musical western.

  • Classic Musical Box SetClassic Musical Box Set | DVD | (04/09/2006) from £26.98   |  Saving you £23.01 (85.29%)   |  RRP £49.99

    An unmissable compendium of 8 classic musicals in one bumper DVD box set! Includes: 1. On The Avenue (Dir. Roy Del Ruth 1937) 2. Sun Valley Serenade (Dir. H. Bruce Humberstone 1941) 3. Daddy Long Legs (Dir. Jean Negulesco 1955) 4. The Gang's All Here (Dir. Busby Berkeley 1943) 5. Second Fiddle (Dir. Sidney Lanfield 1939) 6. Orchestra Wives (Dir. Archie Mayo 1952) 7. Dolly Sisters (Dir. Irvin Cummings 1945) 8. Pin Up Girl (Dir. H. Bruce Humberstone 1944)

  • Hellzapoppin' [1942]Hellzapoppin' | DVD | (05/02/2007) from £10.81   |  Saving you £8.17 (104.48%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson star in this ground-breaking comedy classic. Way ahead of its time it's been described as 'Pythonesque' and has influenced generations of comedians. Somewhere amid the non-stop gags and hysterical mayhem there's a plot involving the staging of a musical a romance a bumbling private eye and a man who keeps wandering on with a pot plant for 'Mrs Jones'! But any plot is incidental to the speed imagination and sheer craziness that has been said to outstrip the Marx Brothers (Time Out Film Guide). And there's even room for the greatest Lindy Hop dance routine ever filmed.

  • Hollywood Musicals Of The 40's [1999]Hollywood Musicals Of The 40's | DVD | (01/09/2000) from £6.73   |  Saving you £-0.74 (N/A%)   |  RRP £5.99

    In the 1940s America was just emerging from The Great Depression. War engulfed half the world and the future looked uncertain. The Hollywood musical had the recipe to make things better. With the Hollywood musical people still believed that dreams really do come true. Glamour spread across the screen. In glorious colour and even in black and white the screen glittered. Join the biggest stars as we celebrate the great musicals of the 1940s when Hollywood put its best feet forw

  • Pin Up Girl [DVD] [1944]Pin Up Girl | DVD | (09/04/2012) from £9.43   |  Saving you £0.56 (5.94%)   |  RRP £9.99

    The title says it all! Gorgeous Betty Grable (in real life voted the Forces' all time favourite pin up girl), stars as a War Department typist, who doubles as a small-time USO entertainer desperate for a chance at the big-time. Her penchant for telling lies gets her into all sorts of trouble especially when she fibs her way into the company of war hero Tommy Dooley (John Harvey) by pretending she is a musical star.Her life gets more complicated when she is appointed secretary to the handsome war hero. Barely disguised, she manages to fool him for a time, but not when she flashed those million-dollar legs! Grable turns in a wonderful performance and there are several excellent musical numbers. Co-star veterans Martha Raye, Joe E. Brown and Dorothea Kent help the fun along, while the Condos Brothers and the Skating Vanities add their talents to spectacular sequences. Big band music is provided by Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra.

  • The Pin Up Girl [1944]The Pin Up Girl | DVD | (26/02/2007) from £17.53   |  Saving you £-4.54 (-34.90%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Famed World War II pin-up girl Betty Grable stars as Lorry the most popular girl at the USO in a small Midwestern town. En route to a new job in Washington D.C. Lorry a secretary takes a detour to New York where she and a friend crash a ritzy nightclub and Lorry pretends to be a Broadway star. This provides a backdrop for lavish production numbers with Grable in gorgeous gowns showing her glorious gems. Comic actors Martha Raye and Joe E. Brown fill out the cast joined by the swing orchestra of Charlie Spivak and the Stardusters singing group.

  • Keep 'Em Flying / Ride 'Em CowboyKeep 'Em Flying / Ride 'Em Cowboy | DVD | (28/08/2006) from £6.73   |  Saving you £3.26 (48.44%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Keep 'Em Flying: When a barnstorming stunt pilot decides to join the air corps his two goofball assistants decide to go with him. Since the two are Abbott & Costello the air corps doesn't know what it's in for. Ride 'Em Cowboy: Two peanut vendors at a rodeo show get in trouble with their boss and hide out on a railroad train heading west. They get jobs as cowboys on a dude ranch despite the fact that neither of them knows anything about cowboys horses or anything else.

  • College Swing [DVD]College Swing | DVD | (09/05/2016) from £7.34   |  Saving you £5.65 (43.50%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Gracie Allen and her kooky cronies turn a staid small-town college into an all-singin', all dancin', jumpin' jitterbuggin' joint in this fabulous all-star, old-school musical! College Swing opens in 1738, as Gracie Alden (Gracie Allen) fails for the ninth time to graduate from the college her illustrious grandfather founded. In his will he leaves the whole kit and caboodle to the first female Alden to graduate within 200 years. And now in 1938, with the deadline approaching, another Gracie Alden (played by guess who!) is determined to pass muster, by hook or by crook. She does so by invading the college with a bunch of her vintage vaudevillian cronies, including fast-talking sidekick Bob Hope. Immediately the sober halls of academe are transformed into an all-singin', all dancin', jumping jitterbugging joint! Misogynist Professor Hubert Dash (Edward Everett Horton) and his secretary George Jones, played by George Burns, are mortified. They're determined to stop the college they love being ruined by this bunch of halfwits! College Swing is pure, unadulterated, irresistibly gleeful, all-star musical tomfoolery of a sort they just don't (and can't) make anymore!


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