"Actor: Nick Nolte"

  • Hotel RwandaHotel Rwanda | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £5.89   |  Saving you £15.36 (331.75%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Don Cheadle stars in this real life account of one man's heroics during the genocide in 1990's Rwanda.

  • Hulk [Blu-ray] [2003]Hulk | Blu Ray | (17/11/2008) from £8.49   |  Saving you £11.50 (135.45%)   |  RRP £19.99

    "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" director Ang Lee brings the brutal Marvel Comics character to the silver screen.

  • A Walk In The Woods [DVD] [2015]A Walk In The Woods | DVD | (22/02/2016) from £6.19   |  Saving you £13.80 (222.94%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Upon his arrival back in the United States following two decades in the UK, Bill Bryson (Robert Redford) wants to find a way to reconnect with his homeland. Impulsively he decides to hike The Appalachian Trail, 1000 arduous miles stretching from Maine to Georgia. When his old buddy Katz (Nick Nolte), a crude, overweight, recovering alcoholic, calls him out of the blue and offers to accompany him, Bill gets more than he bargained for as they set out on an expedition that men half their age struggle to complete

  • The Thin Red Line [1999]The Thin Red Line | DVD | (12/06/2000) from £4.99   |  Saving you £15.00 (300.60%)   |  RRP £19.99

    One of the cinema's great disappearing acts came to a close with the release of The Thin Red Line in late 1998. Terrence Malick, the cryptic recluse who withdrew from Hollywood visibility after the release of his visually enthralling masterpiece Days of Heaven (1978), returned to the director's chair after a 20-year coffee break. Malick's comeback vehicle is a fascinating choice: a wide-ranging adaptation of a World War II novel (filmed once before, in 1964) by James Jones. The battle for Guadalcanal Island gives Malick an opportunity to explore nothing less than the nature of life, death, God, and courage. Let that be a warning to anyone expecting a conventional war flick; Malick proves himself quite capable of mounting an exciting action sequence, but he's just as likely to meander into pure philosophical noodling--or simply let the camera contemplate the first steps of a newly born tropical bird or the sinister skulk of a crocodile. This is not especially an actors' movie--some faces go by so quickly they barely register--but the standouts are bold: Nick Nolte as a career-minded colonel, Elias Koteas as a deeply spiritual captain who tries to protect his men, Ben Chaplin as a G.I. haunted by lyrical memories of his wife. The backbone of the film is the ongoing discussion between a wry sergeant (Sean Penn) and an ethereal, almost holy private newcomer (Jim Caviezel). The picture's sprawl may be a result of Malick's method of "finding" a film during shooting and editing, and in some ways The Thin Red Line seems vaguely, intriguingly incomplete. Yet it casts a spell like almost nothing else of its time, and Malick's visionary images are a challenge and a signpost to the rest of his filmmaking generation. --Robert Horton

  • Parker [DVD]Parker | DVD | (08/07/2013) from £4.99   |  Saving you £13.00 (260.52%)   |  RRP £17.99

    Statham is Parker, a hardened criminal who lives by his own code of ethics - don't steal from people who can't afford it and don't hurt people who don't deserve it. But when he's double-crossed by his crew and left for dead it's time for payback.

  • Warrior: 15 Certificate [Blu-ray]Warrior: 15 Certificate | Blu Ray | (24/12/2012) from £6.39   |  Saving you £18.60 (291.08%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Warrior stars Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) and Joel Edgerton (The Thing). An inspirational and exhilarating roller-coaster of a film, Warrior centres around Tommy (Hardy) - an ex marine haunted by a tragic past, who enlists the help of his estranged father (Nick Nolte) to train up for the fight of his life. A former wrestling prodigy, Tommy blazes a path towards SPARTA - the biggest 'winner takes all' Mixed Martial Arts event in history. His brother, Brendan (Joel Edger...

  • Down And Out In Beverly Hills [1986]Down And Out In Beverly Hills | DVD | (11/01/2005) from £2.99   |  Saving you £12.00 (401.34%)   |  RRP £14.99

    Available for the first time on DVD! 'Down And Out In Beverly Hills' is a remake of Jean Renoir's magnificent film 'Boudu Saved from Drowning' (Boudu sauv des eaux). Bette Midler and Richard Dreyfuss star as Barbara and Dave Whiteman a nouveau riche Beverly Hills couple whose entire household is turned upside down with one act of uncharacteristic generosity. On a typically sunny afternoon Dave spies Jerry (Nick Nolte) a homeless man attempting to drown himself in their swimmi

  • The Thin Red Line [Blu-ray]The Thin Red Line | Blu Ray | (16/05/2011) from £9.15   |  Saving you £10.84 (118.47%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Near the beginning of World War II a squad of American soldiers become close comrades when they encounter fierce Japanese resistance in one of the war's most barbarous battles in Guadalcanal island.

  • Peaceful WarriorPeaceful Warrior | DVD | (21/04/2008) from £9.43   |  Saving you £10.56 (111.98%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Arrogant talented Dan Millman seems to have the perfect college life and a shot at the Olympic qualifiers in men's gymnastics. Still Dan wakes up almost nightly from terrifying nightmares and odd visions he can't explain or dismiss. One night Dan goes for a run and comes upon a well-lit service station. Behind the counter an old man seemingly moves without regard for space or time. Dan begs the old man whom he names Socrates to share the secret of his abilities in order to achieve his goal of Olympic Gold. Thus begins a journey of discovery for Dan that will shatter every preconceived notion he has about academics athletics and achievement. Guided by Socrates Dan will consider a whole new ideology - one that values consciousness over intelligence strength in spirit over strength in body. Based on the novel Way Of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

  • Under Fire (Eureka Classics) Blu-ray editionUnder Fire (Eureka Classics) Blu-ray edition | Blu Ray | (17/06/2019) from £9.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Eureka Entertainment to release UNDER FIRE, the exhilarating Oscar-nominated political thriller starring Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman and Joanna Cassidy, presented for the first time ever on Blu-ray in the UK, as part of the Eureka Classics range from 17 June 2019. The first 2000 copies will feature a Limited Edition Collector's booklet. Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman and Joanna Cassidy play three journalists caught up in the 1979 Nicaraguan revolution in Under Fire. Russel Price (Nolte) is a gutsy photo-journalist who gets caught between his love for reporter Claire Stryder (Cassidy) and his friendship with her husband, Alex Grazier (Hackman). Caught up in the war between the Nicaraguan government and the Sandinista rebels, Price loses sight of his objectivity and becomes deeply involved in the skirmish. With cinematography by the great John Alcott (2001: A Space Odyssey, Barry Lyndon) and one of Jerry Goldsmith's greatest scores (later sampled in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained), Under Fire is director Roger Spottiswoode's greatest filmmaking achievement, a complex political thriller with shades of Casablanca, and Eureka Classics is proud to present the film in its UK debut on Blu-ray. Features: Stunning 1080p presentation on Blu-ray Uncompressed LPCM 2.0 audio Optional English SDH subtitles Audio Commentary with director Roger Spottiswoode, Assistant Editor Paul Seydor and Photo-Journalist Matthew Naythons, and Film Historian Nick Redman Audio Commentary with Music Mixer-Producer Bruce Botnick, Music Editor Kenny Hal and Film Historians Jeff Bond, Julie Kirgo, and Nick Redman Joanna Cassidy Remembers Under Fire [3 mins] Original Theatrical Trailer Limited Edition Collector's booklet featuring new writing by author Scott Harrison [2000 copies only]

  • Another 48 Hours [1990]Another 48 Hours | DVD | (04/12/2000) from £6.53   |  Saving you £7.72 (146.49%)   |  RRP £12.99

    The boys are back in town! Conman Reggie Hammond and cop Jack Cates team up once again and turn San Francisco inside out to nail an elusive druglord. Sequel to the smash hit ""48 Hours"".

  • Paris, Je T'Aime [2007]Paris, Je T'Aime | DVD | (04/02/2008) from £5.28   |  Saving you £17.70 (772.93%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Celebrated directors from around the world have come together to portray Paris in a way never before imagined.

  • I Love Trouble [1994]I Love Trouble | DVD | (05/08/2002) from £5.38   |  Saving you £9.61 (178.62%)   |  RRP £14.99

    The writer-producer-director team of Charles Shyer and Nancy Meyers (Father of the Bride) can't lift this sugary ode to Howard Hawks's His Girl Friday to a believable--let alone enjoyable--plateau. Neither, unfortunately, can its two great and perfectly cast leads, Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts. As competing newspaper reporters after the same story, there should be enough sparks and brilliantly barbed dialogue flying between them to resurrect the screwball comedy genre of classic Hollywood. But the material isn't there, the charisma isn't there, and the direction (by Shyer) certainly isn't there. At more than two hours, I Love Trouble begins to dismantle itself, and the cute factor becomes a pain. --Tom Keogh

  • Warrior [DVD]Warrior | DVD | (20/02/2012) from £3.59   |  Saving you £16.40 (456.83%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Warrior stars Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) and Joel Edgerton (The Thing). An inspirational and exhilarating roller-coaster of a film, Warrior centres around Tommy (Hardy) - an ex marine haunted by a tragic past, who enlists the help of his estranged father (Nick Nolte) to train up for the fight of his life. A former wrestling prodigy, Tommy blazes a path towards SPARTA - the biggest 'winner takes all' Mixed Martial Arts event in history. His brother, Brendan (Joel Edgerton), an ex-fighter-turned teacher, also returns to the ring in a desperate bid to save his family from financial ruin. So when Brendan's unlikely, underdog rise sets him on a collision course with the unstoppable Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront each other - and the forces that pulled them apart - in the ultimate face off.

  • Kramer vs Kramer / Lorenzo's Oil / Born Free - A New AdventureKramer vs Kramer / Lorenzo's Oil / Born Free - A New Adventure | DVD | (06/09/2004) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £14.99

    Kramer vs. Kramer: Kramer vs Kramer is the box office smash that gathered 5 Oscars including Best Picture Best Actor for Dustin Hoffman and Best Supporting Actress for Meryl Streep. Returning home late from work one night a career-obsessed Ted Kramer is told by his wife that she is leaving him. After a life of being 'somebody's daughter' or 'somebody's wife ' she's going off to find herself - leaving Ted to care for their 6 year-old son. Ted while trying to hold down his job gets to really know his son: cooking his meals taking him to the park understanding every need and fear. For the first time in his life he feels like a fulfilled parent. But then Joanna returns. And she wants her son back... Born Free: A New Adventure: Set in the heart of Africa Elsa the Lioness tranforms the lives of two American teenagers struggling to come to terms with a family move from downtown Chicago. Lorenzo's Oil: A five-year-old boy Lorenzo Odone is diagnosed as having a brain disease known as ALD a condition so rare that no medical body has undertaken to research the ailment and develop a cure. Desperate Lorenzo's parents (Nolte and Sarandon) embark on a desperate search for a cure and must battle the medical establishment when they make astounding progress using humble olive oil...

  • The Deep [Blu-ray]The Deep | Blu Ray | (14/09/2020) from £9.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK, The Deep (1977) is a lavish, suspense-filled adventure, adapted from Peter Benchley's (Jaws) best-selling novel. Gail Berke (Jacqueline Bisset) and David Sanders (Nick Nolte) are on a romantic holiday in Bermuda when they come upon the sunken wreck of a WWII freighter. Near it, they find an ampule of morphine, one of tens of thousands still aboard the wrecked ship. Their discovery leads them to a Haitian drug dealer, Cloche (Louis Gossett), and an old treasure hunter, Romer Treece (Robert Shaw). With Cloche in pursuit, Gail, David and Treece try to recover the sunken treasure. Extras: The Making of the Deep Select Scenes from the three hour Special Edition

  • Farewell To The King [1989]Farewell To The King | DVD | (28/07/2003) from £7.96   |  Saving you £2.02 (40.64%)   |  RRP £6.99

    During World War II a British Army officer is despatched to Borneo to train the local tribesmen to fight the Japanese and is surprised to discover the tribal king is an American. The two train the tribe and fight in a series of battles but both are sadly aware that their destruction is imminent...

  • Cape Fear [1961]Cape Fear | DVD | (22/08/2011) from £6.17   |  Saving you £5.08 (103.46%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Sam Bowden has always provided for his family's future. But the past is coming back to haunt them. Master filmmaker Martin Scorsese brings heart - pounding suspense to one of the most acclaimed thrillers of all time. Fourteen years after being imprisoned vicious psychopath Max Cady [Robert De Niro] emerges with a single - minded mission to seek revenge on his attorney Sam Bowden [Nick Nolte]. Cady becomes a terrifying presence as he menancingly circles Bowden's increasingly unstab

  • Return to Sender [DVD]Return to Sender | DVD | (06/07/2015) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £12.99

    A small town nurse (Rosamund Pike) goes on a blind date with a mysterious stranger (Shiloh Fernandez) who turns her life upside down in this psychological thriller from director Fouad Mikati (Operation: Endgame). Nick Nolte co-stars

  • Cape Fear [1962]Cape Fear | DVD | (08/08/2003) from £26.98   |  Saving you £-6.99 (N/A%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Cape Fear (1991): The film stars Oscar winner Robert De Niro (Casino Heat) as Max Cady a psychopath who has recently been released from prison. He is out seeking revenge on his lawyer Sam Bowden played by Nick Nolte (48 Hours Thin Red Line) who he believes deliberately withheld information about his case at trial which could have kept him out of jail. He embarks on a mission to terrorise Bowden his wife played by Oscar-winner Jessica Lange (Blue Sky Rob Roy) and their 15 year old daughter played by Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers). A remake of the 1962 classic film this has guest appearances from the stars of the original film Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck. The film is directed by one of the leading filmmakers of his generation Oscar-nominated Martin Scorcese. Cape Fear (1962): The original version of this masterpiece of psychological terror and revenge stars Oscar-winner Gregory Peck (To Kill a Mocking Bird Moby Dick) in the role of Sam Bowden and Robert Mitchum (The Big Sleep The Last Tycoon) as psychotic killer Max Cady. The film also stars Polly Bergen (Cry Baby Move Over Darling) and was directed by highly acclaimed British director J. Lee Thompson (The Guns of Navarone MacKennas Gold).

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