"Actor: Phil Collins"

  • Buster [1988]Buster | DVD | (12/04/2005) from £14.27   |  Saving you £-5.29 (N/A%)   |  RRP £5.99

    Singer Phil Collins makes his screen debut as Buster Edwards one of the notorious Great Train Robbers who skipped to South America but who eventually came back to face the music. Julie Walters is excellent as his wife and the soundtrack features Collins' Top 10 hits 'Two Hearts' and 'Groovy Kind of Love'.

  • Children's Film Foundation Bumper Box Vol.3 [3-Disc DVD]Children's Film Foundation Bumper Box Vol.3 | DVD | (23/08/2021) from £21.81   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    For over 30 years, The Children's Film Foundation produced quality entertainment for young audiences, employing the cream of British filmmaking talent. Unavailable for years, these much-loved films finally make a welcome return to out screens. The Bumper Box Collection Vol.3 includes the following the following CFF adventures; The Clue of the Missing Ape, Adventure in the Hopfields, Tim Driscoll's Donkey, Runaway Railway, Calamity the Cow, Cry Wolf, Big Wheels and Sailor, Breakout and Our Exploits at West Poley. As always the films feature a plethora of familiar faces, including George Cole, Melvyn Hayes, John Moulder-Brown, Ronnie Barker, Shelia Reid, Brenda Fricker and of course last but not least, the one and only Phil Collins!

  • The Jungle Book 2 [2003]The Jungle Book 2 | DVD | (10/03/2014) from £4.99   |  Saving you £13.00 (260.52%)   |  RRP £17.99

    The Jungle Book 2 adds an all-new chapter to one of the best loved animated classics of all time. When Mowgli sneaks away to the jungle, the chase is on to see who will find Mowgli first - his old pals, his new family, or the man eating tiger Shere Khan.

  • Buster/5 SecondsBuster/5 Seconds | DVD | (17/07/2006) from £20.98   |  Saving you £-17.99 (-601.70%)   |  RRP £2.99

  • Eric Clapton - 24 Nights [1991]Eric Clapton - 24 Nights | DVD | (14/06/1999) from £16.15   |  Saving you £1.84 (11.39%)   |  RRP £17.99

    Features the best performances from Clapton's record-setting string of 24 consecutive sold-out concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall in 1990-91. Certified gold in the home video format ``24 NIGHTS'' features Clapton backed by a stripped-down four-piece combo an all-star blues band a nine-piece rock ensemble and a symphony orchestra. Musical guests include Phil Collins Robert Cray Buddy Guy Chuck Leavelland Ray Cooper as well as The National Philharmonic Orchestra 4 Piece Ba

  • Genesis - Live At Wembley 1987 - Invisible Touch TourGenesis - Live At Wembley 1987 - Invisible Touch Tour | DVD | (17/11/2003) from £14.09   |  Saving you £3.90 (27.68%)   |  RRP £17.99

    Tracklist: 1.Mama 2.Abacab 3.Domino Part 1 4.That's All 5.Land Of Confusion 6.Throwing It All Away 7.Home By The Sea 8.Invisible Touch 9.Drum Duet 10.Los Endos 11.Tonight Tonight Tonight

  • Buster [1987]Buster | DVD | (23/07/2001) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £5.99

    In 1987, Buster was as much an experiment in film as its subject matter was in robbery. Could audiences ignore the rock singer status of Phil Collins in the lead role? Would audiences still be interested in a 25-year-old cash grab that had been considerably devalued by a currency gone metric? By and large the answer to both was "yes", helped considerably by a high budget (for a British film) it perfectly remade the 1960s experience. Collins as Buster Edwards is only one of a gang who all seem doomed to be captured after their £2.5 million train heist. The caper is over within 30 minutes. However, the film is really about the love story between Buster and his doting yet long-suffering wife June (an excellent Julie Walters). When the action switches to sun-drenched Mexico, you just know her loyalty is going to be tested to extremes because that's when Collins' award-winning songs kick in! "Two Hearts" and "Groovy Kind of Love" may not be 60s-styled, but the message is that love always conquers time and place.On the DVD: The transfer is rather average, as are the talent profiles of Collins, Walters, Ralph Brown (the legendary Ronnie Biggs), and director David Green. Making up for them is a 50-minute "Making of" featurette that interviews everyone involved, including the real-life Buster. There's lots of on-set tomfoolery, and some first attempts at the hit songs that hardly flatter Collins' live singing voice! --Paul Tonks

  • HookHook | DVD | (24/04/2000) from £6.73   |  Saving you £13.26 (197.03%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Hook is Steven Spielberg's most spectacular film of the 90s. It is also seriously underrated, arguably the equal of ET, (1982) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, (1977). An unofficial sequel to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, Hook adopts the startling premise of what happened after "the boy who never grew up", grew up. Robin Williams, in his career best performance, is the corporate suit forced to remember he once was "The Pan", returning to Neverland to battle nefarious Captain Hook (a splendid Dustin Hoffman), for his children's love. This is a ravishingly beautiful, stunningly designed film, at once highly imaginative and with a genuinely magical atmosphere which ranges from exquisite, delicate fantasy to slapstick tomfoolery. There is fine support from Maggie Smith, Julia Roberts and Bob Hoskins, and John Williams' rapturously romantic score is yet another career high. Slated upon release, and dubbed a flop though it grossed $200 million, Hook reacted against the "greed is good" 80s by upholding family values and responsibility while evoking a genuine sense of wonder. Only the somewhat pantomime final showdown disappoints, but alongside Legend, (1985)and Labyrinth, (1986), Hook is ripe for reassessment as a fantasy classic. The DVD transfer is superb and the disc, though not packed with additional features, has some interesting extras. --Gary S. Dalkin

  • Buster [Blu-ray]Buster | Blu Ray | (15/06/2020) from £8.49   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    The story of Great Train Robber Buster Edwards, a small-timer who fell in with more ambitious thieves. After the gang robs a London to Glasgow Royal Mail train in 1963, he takes his family into hiding in Mexico but finds that money is no substitute for life back home. With an all-star cast including Phil Collins (Tarzan), Dame Julie Walters (The Harry Potter Series, Mamma Mia!), Larry Lamb (The Hatton Garden Job), Martin Jarvis (Titanic) and Sheila Hancock (The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas), Buster is the hilarious feel-good comedy with the fantastic best-selling accompanying soundtrack we know and love.

  • Phil Collins - Finally - The First Final Farewell TourPhil Collins - Finally - The First Final Farewell Tour | DVD | (08/11/2004) from £15.09   |  Saving you £7.90 (52.35%)   |  RRP £22.99

    Phil Collins filmed in Paris as part of the First Final Farewell Tour. Tracklist: Something Happened On The Way To Heaven Against All Odds Don't Lose My Number You'll Be In My Heart One More Night Can't Stop Loving You Hang In Long Enough True Colours Come With Me Groovy Kind Of Love I Missed Again Another Day In Paradise No Way Out Separate Lives In The Air Tonight Dance Into The Light You Can't Hurry Love Two Hearts Wear My Hat Easy Lover Sussudio It's Not Too Late Take Me

  • Leave Her To Heaven [1946]Leave Her To Heaven | DVD | (18/04/2005) from £11.30   |  Saving you £1.69 (13.00%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Leave Her to Heaven is one of the most unblinkingly perverse movies ever offered up as a prestige picture by a major studio in the golden age of Hollywood. Gene Tierney, whose lambent eyes, porcelain features, and sweep of healthy-American-girl hair customarily made her a 20th Century Fox icon of purity, scored an Oscar nomination playing a demonically obsessive daughter of privilege with her own monstrous notion of love. By the time she crosses eyebeams with popular novelist Cornel Wilde on a New Mexico-bound train, her jealous manipulations have driven her parents apart and her father to his grave. Well, no, not grave: Wilde soon gets to watch her gallop a glorious palomino across a red-rock horizon as she metronomically sows Dad's ashes to the winds. Mere screen moments later, she's jettisoned rising-politico fiancé Vincent Price and accepted a marriage proposal the besotted/bewildered Wilde hasn't quite made. Can the wrecking of his and several other lives be far behind? Not to mention a murder or two. Fox gave Ben Ames Williams's bestselling novel (probably just the sort of book Wilde's character writes) the Class-A treatment. Alfred Newman's tympani-heavy music score signals both grandeur and pervasive psychosis, while spectacular, dust-jacket-worthy locations and Oscar-destined Technicolor cinematography by Leon Shamroy ensure our fixed gaze. Impeccably directed by the veteran John M. Stahl (who'd made the original Back Street, Imitation of Life, and Magnificent Obsession a decade earlier), the result is at once cuckoo and hieratic, and weirdly mesmerizing. Bet Luis Buñuel loved it. --Richard T. Jameson

  • Phil Collins - Live And Loose In Paris [1997]Phil Collins - Live And Loose In Paris | DVD | (01/05/2000) from £8.65   |  Saving you £9.34 (107.98%)   |  RRP £17.99

    If Phil Collins isn't the hardest-working man in show business, he's right up there, at least if the nearly 90-minute concert Live and Loose in Paris is any indication. The man is non-stop motion, whether seated behind his drum kit, prowling the stage as frontman (the format is in-the-round, so it takes an effort to keep all of the arena-sized audience involved), or, of course, singing the hits (including "Against All Odds", "In the Air Tonight" and "Sussudio"). The "loose" part of the title is a bit of a misnomer; Collins' excellent band is unerringly tight, and the performance is well-choreographed while still maintaining some sense of spontaneity. There's no denying the appeal of Collins' drum-heavy, horn-driven, R&B-cum-world-music sound, and if his music ultimately isn't as challenging or engaging as that of Peter Gabriel's (the other ex-Genesis lead singer), no one in this Paris audience seems to mind a bit. Good show, Phil. --Sam Graham

  • Phil Collins - Face Value (Classic Albums)Phil Collins - Face Value (Classic Albums) | DVD | (01/12/2008) from £9.69   |  Saving you £1.30 (11.80%)   |  RRP £10.99

    Phil Collins first enjoyed international success as the drummer with Genesis and then subsequently as lead singer when Peter Gabriel left the band. In 1981 however Face Value launched him as a solo artist and remains in many ways his most exciting and unusual music offering. Face Value was immediately a worldwide hit entering British charts at Number 1 spending almost 6 years in the Top 75 and selling a million copies. The Album went on to make the U.S. Top 10 earning a gold

  • Capote [2005]Capote | DVD | (02/03/2009) from £6.95   |  Saving you £3.04 (30.40%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Philip Seymour Hoffman stars in this look at US literary legend Truman Capote.

  • The Prince's Trust Rock Gala - Vol. 1 [1986]The Prince's Trust Rock Gala - Vol. 1 | DVD | (05/05/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £9.99

    God Save The Queen ; Big Country - In The Big Country ; Suzanne Vega - Marlene On The Wall ; Level 42 - Hot Water ; Elton John - Your Song ; Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight ; Tina Turner - Better Be Good To Me ; Eric Clapton And Tina Turner - Tearing Us Apart ; Midge Ure - Call Of The Wild ; Mark Knopfler and Sting - Money For Nothing ; Paul Young - Every Time You Go Away ; Joan Armatrading - Reach Out ; Howard Jones - No One Is To Blame ; Rod Stewart - Sailing ; Elton John - I'm Still Standing ; Paul Young And George Michael - Every Time You Go Away ; Paul McCartney And Ensemble - Long Tall Sally ; Paul McCartney And Ensemble - Get Back.

  • Footballers' Wives - The Complete Season 1 [2002]Footballers' Wives - The Complete Season 1 | DVD | (27/01/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £29.99

    Footballers' Wives plays rather like a dramatisation of the worst bits of Heat magazine, fuelling our obsession with worshipping at the celebrity altar. In essence it's Dynasty set in the world of premiership football, though you shouldn't be fooled by the title: this is definitely not a "game of two halves". For the first time in history, men may leave the room at the mention of football to let the women gorge themselves on a surfeit of bad fashion, affairs, drug habits, long-lost children and the gratuitous disposal of excessive wealth. There are more than a few recognisable characters--the foreign manager, the glamour-model wife, the smouldering Italian mid-fielder--whose presence only adds to the (intended) impression that this just might be fact thinly disguised as fiction (though it's unlikely that any real footballer's wife would almost kill the chairman of the club in a fit of rage, as Tanya does in the first episode). Unsurprisingly Footballers' Wives was created by the same team that produced the trash-fest that was Bad Girls and despite never being a contender for best drama it offers a perfect opportunity to become a voyeur in a world with more glitz and leg action than most. On the DVD: Footballers' Wives is presented with an ordinary TV transfer. The special features are nothing to get excited about, just standard interviews and photo galleries. --Nikki Disney

  • Capote [2005]Capote | DVD | (03/05/2010) from £7.28   |  Saving you £12.71 (63.60%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Philip Seymour Hoffman stars in this look at US literary legend Truman Capote.

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis Collection [Blu-ray]Herschell Gordon Lewis Collection | Blu Ray | (12/10/2020) from £28.98   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    SPECIAL EDITION CONTENTS Fourteen of the Godfather of Gore's finest attractions, restored from original and best surviving vault materials High Definition Blu-rayTM (1080p) presentation of the features and extras on 7 Blu-ray discs DISC ONE: BLOOD FEAST (1963) & SCUM OF THE EARTH (1963) Introduction to the films by director Herschell Gordon Lewis Audio Commentary on Blood Feast with Lewis and producer David F. Friedman Blood Feast Outtakes Blood Perceptions filmmakers Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact) and Rodney Ascher (Room 237) offer their insight on Blood Feast and the importance of Herschell Gordon Lewis Herschell's History archival interview in which Lewis discusses his entry into the film industry including Scum of the Earth How Herschell Found His Niche Lewis discusses more of his early work in nudie cuties and the making of The Adventures of Lucky Pierre Archival interview with Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F. Friedman from 1987 Carving Magic (1959) vintage short featuring Blood Feast's Bill Kerwin Blood Feast Radio Spot and Trailer DISC TWO: TWO THOUSAND MANIACS! (1964) & MOONSHINE MOUNTAIN (1964) Introduction to the films by director Herschell Gordon Lewis Audio Commentary on Two Thousand Maniacs! with Lewis and producer David F. Friedman Two Thousand Maniacs! Outtakes Two Thousand Maniacs Can't Be Wrong Tim Sullivan (director, 2001 Maniacs) on Two Thousand Maniacs! Hicksploitation: Confidential visual essay on the history of the American South's representation in cinema David Friedman: The Gentlemen's Smut Peddler a tribute to the legendary producer featuring Herschell Gordon Lewis, filmmakers Fred Olen Ray, Tim Sullivan and Bob Murawski Herschell's Art of Advertising Lewis shares his expert opinion on the art of selling movies and how to hook an audience. Trailers for Two Thousands Maniacs! and Moonshine Mountain DISC THREE: COLOR ME BLOOD RED (1965) & SOMETHING WEIRD (1967) Introduction to the films by director Herschell Gordon Lewis Audio Commentary on Color Me Blood Red with Lewis and producer David F. Friedman Audio Commentary on Something Weird with Lewis and Friedman Color Me Blood Red Outtakes The Art of Madness visual essay on the recurring motif of mad artists as killers in horror cinema Weirdsville film Scholar Jeffrey Sconce on Something Weird Lewis on Jimmy, the Boy Wonder, his 1966 children's musical A Hot Night at the Go Go Lounge! Lewis' 1966 dance short Trailers for Color Me Blood Red and Something Weird DISC FOUR: THE GRUESOME TWOSOME (1967) & A TASTE OF BLOOD (1967) Introduction to the films by director Herschell Gordon Lewis Audio Commentary on The Gruesome Twosome with Lewis Audio Commentary on A Taste of Blood with Lewis Peaches Christ Flips her Wig! the San Francisco performer on The Gruesome Twosome It Came From Florida filmmaker Fred Olen Ray (Scalps) on Florida Filmmaking Herschell vs The Censors Lewis discusses some of the pitfalls involving local censorship and the lengths to which angry moviegoers tried to stop him Trailers for The Gruesome Twosome and A Taste of Blood DISC FIVE: SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS (1968) & JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT (1968) Introduction to the films by director Herschell Gordon Lewis Audio Commentary on She-Devils on Wheels with Lewis Garage Punk Gore filmmaker and musician Chris Alexander discusses the films and music of Herschell Gordon Lewis The Shocking Truth! Bob Murawski on his lifelong love for Herschell Gordon Lewis and what he has learned from Lewis' films Lewis on his 1968 film The Alley Tramp She-Devils on Wheels Radio Spot Trailers for She-Devils on Wheels and Just for the Hell of It DISC SIX: HOW TO MAKE A DOLL (1968) & THE WIZARD OF GORE (1970) Introduction to the films by director Herschell Gordon Lewis Audio Commentary on The Wizard of Gore with Lewis Montag Speaks an interview with Wizard of Gore actor Ray Sager The Gore The Merrier an interview with Jeremy Kasten, director of the 2007 Wizard of Gore remake The Incredibly Strange Film Show: Herschell Gordon Lewis The Godfather of Gore episode of the Jonathan Ross-hosted documentary series focusing on Lewis' films, featuring interviews with Lewis, producer David F. Friedman, actor Bill Kerwin, John Waters and more The Wizard of Gore Trailer DISC SEVEN: THIS STUFF'LL KILL YA! (1971) & THE GORE GORE GIRLS (1972) Introduction to the films by director Herschell Gordon Lewis Audio Commentary on The Gore Gore Girls with Herschell Gordon Lewis Audio Commentary on This Stuff'll Kill Ya! by camera operator and Lewis biographer Daniel Krogh Regional Bloodshed filmmakers Joe Swanberg and Spencer Parsons discuss the Midwestern roots and work ethic of Lewis' output and how The Gore Gore Girls represents the shift into transgressive '70s cinema that would dominate the American horror landscape Herschell Spills His Guts Lewis discusses his career post-The Gore Gore Girls, why he left the film industry and his role as a leading figure in the copywriting industry The Gore Gore Girls Radio Spot This Stuff'll Kill Ya! Trailer

  • Balto [1995]Balto | DVD | (17/05/2002) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Buried like a bone in a snowdrift, Balto never achieved the theatrical success it should have, but it's worth digging up. The film is structured on the true tale of a lead sled dog, Balto, that brought a diphtheria antitoxin to the small town of Nome, Alaska. The film balances comedy, villainy and drama very well and the voice work is above average. This is safe family viewing, as even the villain's comeuppance manages a civilised resolution. --Keith Simanton, Amazon.com

  • Footballers' Wives - The Complete Series 2Footballers' Wives - The Complete Series 2 | DVD | (09/02/2004) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £24.99

    They're young they're rich and they've got everything that money and fame can buy. They should be having the time of their lives. But the reality is very different... The second season of the exciting drama from the team that brought you 'Bad Girls'.

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