"Actor: Roger Carel"

  • The 12 Tasks of AsterixThe 12 Tasks of Asterix | DVD | (07/04/2008) from £6.73   |  Saving you £6.26 (93.02%)   |  RRP £12.99

    The Gauls have the chance to become the new masters of the Roman empire if they can solve twelve tasks set by Julius Cesar...

  • Asterix And The GaulsAsterix And The Gauls | DVD | (07/04/2008) from £6.73   |  Saving you £6.26 (48.20%)   |  RRP £12.99

    The original animated Asterix adventure!

  • One Deadly SummerOne Deadly Summer | DVD | (23/08/2004) from £9.43   |  Saving you £6.56 (69.57%)   |  RRP £15.99

    It is high summer in the south of France and one family's peace is about to be disturbed by Elle (Isabelle Adjani) a young woman with revenge on her mind. Elle is a beautiful moody and unsettlingly provocative 19-year-old who returns to the quiet Provence village of her birth to look after her crippled father and German mother. Initially her arousing presence enlivens the usually staid village captivating the young men Pin Pon (Alain Souchon) in particular. But as Elle gradu

  • Asterix Conquers America [1995]Asterix Conquers America | DVD | (27/01/2003) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A


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