"Actor: Samuel L. Jackson"

  • The Shyamalan CollectionThe Shyamalan Collection | DVD | (03/10/2005) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £39.99

    The Sixth Sense: After the assault and suicide of one of his ex-patients award-winning child psychologist Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is left determined to help a young boy named Cole who suffers from the same diagnosis as the ex-patient - they both see dead people. Malcolm cannot rest until he makes amends for his feelings of failure created by the mental breakdown of the first patient. Cole is a young boy who is paralyzed by fear from his visions of dead people. His mother is at her wits end trying to cope with Cole's eccentricities. With the help of Dr. Crowe Cole goes on a journey of self as he learns to overcome his fears all the while discovering the purpose of his gift. Unbreakable: When David Dunn (Willis) emerges from a horrific train crash as the sole survivor - and without a single scratch on him - he meets a mysterious stranger (Jackson) who will change David's life forever. Interrupting his life at odd moments it's Elijah Price's presence and probing that force David to confront his destiny on a journey of self-discovery and purpose that will absolutely stun you with its power. Signs: Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) and his family are told extra-terrestrials are responsible for the sign in their field. They watch with growing dread at the news of crop circles being found all over the world. Signs is the emotional story of one family on one farm as they encounter the terrifying last moments of life as the world is being invaded. Get ready for a close encounter of the scared kind... The Village: Run. The truce is ending... M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Village' finds the renowned writer-director crafting a suspenseful story of a small community whose inhabitants are plagued by fear of the unknown forest that surrounds them. For years they have kept a truce with mysterious creatures in the woods by vowing never to breach a clearly defined border. However when a young man (Joaquin Phoenix) becomes determined to explore the nearby towns his actions are met with menacing consequences.

  • Kill Bill: Volume 2 [DVD]Kill Bill: Volume 2 | DVD | (30/05/2011) from £3.29   |  Saving you £16.70 (83.50%)   |  RRP £19.99

    The second part of Quentin Tarantino's deliriously stylish movie as The Bride (Thurman) continues her typically blood-soaked revenge quest... Having killed two of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad The Bride continues her mission to avenge the three remaining names on her death list that turned her El Paso wedding party into bloody carnage and left her for dead. Her attention turns to Budd (Michael Madson) Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) and finally the corpse littered path leads to Bill (David Carradine). However an unexpected survivor complicates matters...

  • Meeting Evil [DVD] [2012]Meeting Evil | DVD | (23/07/2012) from £5.38   |  Saving you £7.61 (141.45%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Samuel L. Jackson and Luke Wilson star in Meeting Evil, an intense psychological thriller that will bring you face to face with pure terror. Jackson is Richie, a mysterious stranger who shows up at John's (Wilson) door asking for help with his car. All too soon, the mild-mannered John discovers he has become an unwilling passenger, trapped in a murderous ride through town and deep into the countryside. When Richie decides to pay a visit to John's wife (Leslie Bibb) and kids, John has no choice but to confront this sadistic and unpredictable killer. But saving his family will ultimately come at a terrible price.

  • S.W.A.T. [DVD] [2003]S.W.A.T. | DVD | (01/02/2010) from £5.76   |  Saving you £4.23 (42.30%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Samuel L Jackson and Colin Farrell swagger through S.W.A.T., a guns-and-big-trucks macho extravaganza based on the 1970s TV show of the same name, in which police teams are brought in to take care of extremely dangerous situations. Jackson plays a sergeant brought out of retirement to form a new squad, which includes rebellious Farrell and tough babe Michelle Rodriguez. After a lot of training and head-butting with a smarmy police captain, the squad gets assigned to transfer the head of a European crime cartel (Olivier Martinez) who's declared on television that he'll give $100 million to anyone who gets him out. Every scumbag in Los Angeles descends to claim the money, turning a routine transfer into a bullet-filled gauntlet. Despite some gaps in logic and a generic flavour, S.W.A.T. will satisfy most action-movie junkies. --Bret Fetzer

  • Jackie Brown [1998]Jackie Brown | DVD | (22/01/2001) from £7.95   |  Saving you £10.04 (55.80%)   |  RRP £17.99

    The curiosity of Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown is Robert Forster's worldly wise bail bondsman Max Cherry, the most alive character in this adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Rum Punch. The Academy Awards saw it the same way, giving Forster the film's only nomination. The film is more "rum" than "punch" and will certainly disappoint those who are looking for Tarantino's trademark style. This movie is a slow, decaffeinated story of six characters glued to a half million dollars brought illegally into the country. The money belongs to Ordell (Samuel L Jackson), a gunrunner just bright enough to control his universe and do his own dirty work. His just-paroled friend--a loose term with Ordell--Louis (Robert De Niro) is just taking up space and could be interested in the money. However, his loyalties are in question between his old partner and Ordell's doped-up girl (Bridget Fonda). Certainly Fed Ray Nicolette (Michael Keaton) wants to arrest Ordell with the illegal money. The key is the title character, a late-40-ish flight-attendant (Pam Grier) who can pull her own weight and soon has both sides believing she's working for them. The end result is rarely in doubt, and what is left is two hours of Tarantino's expert dialogue as he moves his characters around town. Tarantino changed the race of Jackie and Ordell, a move that means little except that it allows Tarantino to heap on black culture and language, something he has a gift and passion for. He said this film is for an older audience although the language and drug use may put them off. The film is not a salute to Grier's blaxploitation films beyond the musical score. Unexpectedly the most fascinating scenes are between Grier and Forster: glowing in the limelight of their first major Hollywood film after decades of work. --Doug Thomas

  • Arena [DVD]Arena | DVD | (09/01/2012) from £3.79   |  Saving you £12.20 (76.30%)   |  RRP £15.99

    How do you make a fortune from the bloodlust of millions?One sadistically savvy businessman (Samuel L. Jackson) has created an empire with his brutal, fight-to-the-death gladiator website. His newest warrior is David Lord (Kellan Lutz), a kidnapped fireman, now imprisoned and forced to fight for his life. To buy his freedom, Lord agrees to do a series of lethal bouts. But as the body count escalates, and with his most challenging battle remaining, Lord unleashes a torrent of bloody carnage and reveals a secret that threatens to tear down the entire enterprise. Also featuring Daniel Dae Kim (TV's Lost) and Nina Dobrev (TV's Vampire Diaries).

  • Afro Samurai [Blu-ray] [2006]Afro Samurai | Blu Ray | (01/06/2009) from £7.89   |  Saving you £15.10 (65.70%)   |  RRP £22.99

    On the dark path of swordsmanship in a Futuristic yet Feudal Japan it is said that the one who becomes No.1 will rule the world. But the only rule in this world is that only the No. 2 is allowed to fight the No. 1. The No. 2 the Afro Samurai travels the road looking for revenge on the man who murdered his father in front of him when he was just a boy a three-armed gunman who is the lord of the dark swordsman's road and the current No. 1.

  • Die Hard Quadrilogy [DVD]Die Hard Quadrilogy | DVD | (28/01/2013) from £20.23   |  Saving you £7.76 (38.36%)   |  RRP £27.99

    A true Hollywood superstar. One of the greatest movie characters of all time. Celebrate 25 years of Bruce Willis playing John Mcclane with this 5-disc collection on DVD featuring the first four Die Hard films and an all-new bonus disc, Decoding Die Hard. It's the ultimate tribute to the tough-as-nails cop with a wry sense of humour and a knack for explosive action. Wrong place. Wrong time. Right man. Yippee Ki-Yay!

  • Kite [Blu-ray]Kite | Blu Ray | (13/10/2014) from £9.43   |  Saving you £10.56 (111.98%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Orphaned in her early teens when an unknown assailant brutally murdered her police detective father and mother the beautiful but emotionally detached Sawa soon begins living a secret life as a covert assassin. With the apparent help of her father’s former partner Sawa embarks a mission to eliminate the members of the human trafficking cartel she presumes murdered her family.

  • Against The Wall [1994]Against The Wall | DVD | (02/06/2003) from £8.21   |  Saving you £0.77 (14.75%)   |  RRP £5.99

    This HBO docu-drama depicts the notorious 1971 prison revolt at the State Penitentiary at Attica, in upstate New York. One can sense the mastery of veteran theatrical feature director John Frankenheimer at the helm, in the movie's gripping suspense and gritty, hard-hitting realism. The semi-fictionalised narrative is told from the point of view of young Michael Smith, (Kyle MacLachlan), a newly recruited prison guard (the real Smith worked as a consultant on the film). When Smith arrives at Attica, the place is a revolt waiting to happen. When riots break out and the inmates take command of the prison, Smith and several other guards are held hostage. In this powder-keg climate, a relationship develops between Smith and the rebellion's wise, cool-headed leader, Jamaal, (the superb Samuel L Jackson), a political prisoner representing the African Liberation Movement. The insurrection at Attica became emblematic of protests taking place all over the United States at the time. "We've got a civil war going on in this country," says one prison guard, "This is where we hold the line." Against the Wall illustrates in no uncertain terms which side won this particular battle, and at what tragic cost. Then it goes one step further, becoming a platform for contemporary prison reform. The film's terrific performances include Clarence L Williams III as a wild-eyed, malcontent prisoner, Frederic Forrest as a rabid prison guard and Anne Heche as Smith's stalwart wife. --Laura Mirsky

  • The Great White HypeThe Great White Hype | DVD | (03/01/2005) from £9.43   |  Saving you £3.56 (27.40%)   |  RRP £12.99

    If you can't find the perfect contender....make one. Comedy sports fans look no further. Written by Ron Shelton (White Men Can't Jump Bull Durham) this satirical tale of corruption strikes many a low-blow at the boxing industry. All done with an absolutely fantastic cast of actors. The Reverend Fred Sultan an ebullient underhanded boxing promoter is upset that his black champ James Roper is not exactly raking in the dough. Sultan thinks that the solution is to have Roper fig

  • Comedy Collection - Hot Shots/National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1/SpaceballsComedy Collection - Hot Shots/National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1/Spaceballs | DVD | (28/05/2007) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Hot Shots (Dir. Jim Abrahams 1991): Charlie Sheen Lloyd Bridges Cary Elwes Valeria Golino and Jon Cryer co-star in director Jim Abrahams' (Airplane Naked Gun) truly hilarious spoof of Top Gun. Recruited to join a top-secret mission for the Air Force a renegade pilot (Sheen) finds himself coping with an incompetent admiral (Bridges) and a carefully selected squadron of flyers who are either inept or half-blind. He also winds up in competition with the corps' model of military perfection (Elwes) for the heart of the base's sultry psychiatrist (Golino). Loaded Weapon (Dir. Gene Quintano 1993): Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson are Colt and Luger two dangerously over-the-edge detectives who uncover a despicable plot to simultaneously rot America's brains and teeth with drug-laced Wilderness Girl cookies. Aided by a likeable slimeball (Jon Lovitz) a leather-loving beauty (Kathy Ireland) they battle arch bad-dudes General Mortars (William Shatner) and Mr Jigsaw (Tim Curry) in a riotous crime-busting comedy romp featuring surprise cameos from more superstars than you can shake a .375 Magnum at. In the tradition of 'Hot Shots!' and 'Naked Gun' it's outlandishly off-beat and outrageously out-of-control as macho crime-action takes it in the shorts in... 'National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1'! Space Balls (Dir. Mel Brooks 1987): May the farce be with you in this hysterically funny space oddity created by comic genius Mel Brooks that will send you into hyperspace with fits of laughter! Lampooning everything from 'Star Wars' to 'Planet Of The Apes' and 'Alien' this is an outrageous send-up of epic sci-fi movies. Fearless and clueless space heroes Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and his half-man/half-dog sidekick Barf (John Candy) wage interstellar warfare to free Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) from the evil clutches of Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis). On the way to the rescue in their Winnebago they confront the huge gooey Pizza The Hutt (voiced by Dom De Luise) sassy robot Dot Matrix (voiced by Joan Rivers) and a wise little creature named Yogurt (Mel Brooks) who teaches them the mystical power of 'The Schwartz' in order to bring peace - and merchandising rights - to the entire galaxy!

  • Arena [Blu-ray][Region Free]Arena | Blu Ray | (09/01/2012) from £2.89   |  Saving you £15.10 (83.90%)   |  RRP £17.99

    How do you make a fortune from the bloodlust of millions?One sadistically savvy businessman (Samuel L. Jackson) has created an empire with his brutal, fight-to-the-death gladiator website. His newest warrior is David Lord (Kellan Lutz), a kidnapped fireman, now imprisoned and forced to fight for his life. To buy his freedom, Lord agrees to do a series of lethal bouts. But as the body count escalates, and with his most challenging battle remaining, Lord unleashes a torrent of bloody carnage and reveals a secret that threatens to tear down the entire enterprise.Also featuring Daniel Dae Kim (TV's Lost) and Nina Dobrev (TV's Vampire Diaries).

  • Die Hard Quadrilogy [DVD]Die Hard Quadrilogy | DVD | (03/06/2013) from £21.58   |  Saving you £-13.59 (N/A%)   |  RRP £7.99

    Die HardHigh above the city of L.A. a team of terrorists has seized a building taken hostages and declared war. One man has managed to escape. An off-duty cop hiding somewhere inside. He's alone tired... and the only chance anyone has got.New York detective John McClane played by Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense 12 Monkeys) is on his way to LA to see his wife and children. His plans must quickly change however when a terrorist cell led by Hans Gruber (played with excellent villainy by Allan Rickman) seizes the high-rise McClane's wife works in leaving him no choice but to go in and try to save the day in this the original prototypical modern action thriller. Die Hard 2On a snowy Christmas Eve in the nation's capital a team of terrorists has seized a major international airport and now holds thousands of holiday travellers' hostage. The terrorists a renegade band of crack military commandos led by a murderous rogue officer (William Sadler) have come to rescue a drug lord from justice. They've prepared for every contingency except one: John McClane an off-duty seized by a feeling of deadly deja vu. Bruce Willis returns as the heroic cop who battles not only terrorists but also an incompetent airport police chief (Dennis Franz) the hard-headed commander (John Amos) of the army's anti-terrorist squad and a deadly winter snowstorm. The runways are littered with death and destruction and McClane is in a race against time. His wife (Bonnie Bedelia) is trapped on one of the planes circling somewhere overhead desperately low on fuel. It's all-out war a heart-stopping jet-propelled journey through excitement and terror. Fasten your seatbelts! Die Hard with a VengeanceThe third instalment of the hugely successful Die Hard series reteams Bruce Willis and Director John Mctiernan (Die Hard Last Action Hero) in a new action/adventure extravaganza of special effects unexpected comedy and non-stop thrills. This time New York cop John McClane (Willis) is a personal target of the mysterious Simon (Jeremy Irons) a terrorist determined to blow up the entire city if he doesn't get what he wants. Accompanied by an unwilling civilian partner (Samuel L. Jackson). McClane moves wildly from one end of New York City to the other as he struggles to keep up with Simon's deadly game. It's a battle of wits between a psychotic genius and a heroic cop who once again finds himself having a really bad day. Die Hard 4.0Bruce Willis is back as John McClane a New York cop ready to deliver old school justice to a new breed of cyber terrorists. When a massive computer attack on the U.S. infrastructure threatens to shut down the entire country over Independence Day weekend; it's up to McClane to save the day once again.

  • Lakeview Terrace [Blu-ray] [2008]Lakeview Terrace | Blu Ray | (30/03/2009) from £13.48   |  Saving you £11.51 (85.39%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Two newlyweds move in to their California dream home only to be harassed by an overly vigilant neighbourhood watchman (Samuel L. Jackson).

  • No Good Deed [2002]No Good Deed | DVD | (26/07/2004) from £6.73   |  Saving you £6.26 (93.02%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Jack a police officer is taken hostage inside a house that is being used by a gang of bank robbers. When he is left alone with gang member Erin they become attracted to each other... Based on a short story entitled 'The House on Turk Street' by classic pulp novelist Dashiell Hammett.

  • Kill Bill 1 and 2/Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown/Reservoir DogsKill Bill 1 and 2/Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown/Reservoir Dogs | DVD | (02/10/2006) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £29.99

    This fantastic box set features five features from acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Films Comprise: 1. Kill Bill - Volume 1 2. Kill Bill - Volume 2 3. Pulp Fiction 4. Jackie Brown 5. Reservoir Dogs For synopses' please refer to individual products.

  • Def By Temptation [1990]Def By Temptation | DVD | (03/09/2001) from £6.54   |  Saving you £-4.55 (-228.60%)   |  RRP £1.99

    The terrifying tale of vampires and lust. In this chilling 'Blade meets Exorcist' film a female vampire is hell-bent on destroying a party of college students with her powers of seduction.

  • Respect Yourself - The Stax Records Story/The Stax-Volt Revue Tour 1967Respect Yourself - The Stax Records Story/The Stax-Volt Revue Tour 1967 | DVD | (17/09/2007) from £17.53   |  Saving you £-4.54 (N/A%)   |  RRP £12.99

    It is an epic story. That which gave it life nearly killed it more than once. Innocence naked innocence good and evil light and dark black and white. In Memphis in the 60s people who couldn't dine together joined together to make music soul music at a place called Stax. Contains the documentary - Respect Yourself and The Stax Volt Revue: Live In Norway 1967 featuring Booker T & The M.G's The Mar-Keys Arthur Conley Eddie Floyd Sam & Dave and Otis Redding.

  • White Sands [1992]White Sands | DVD | (28/01/2002) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £18.99

    Red-hot stars ignite the white-hot thriller 'White Sands' a volatile mix of action and suspense directed by Roger Donaldson (Species) and filmed in an around New Mexico's glistening White Sands National Park. Willem Dafoe plays Sheriff Ray Dolezal a small-town lawman in big-time trouble. To untangle a mystery he assumes the identity of a murdered FBI agent and goes undercover inside a global crime ring. This precarious new life steers him toward a sinister weapons runner (Mickey R

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