"Actor: Sheila Raynor"

  • Lizzie Dripping & Lizzie Dripping Rides Again (BBC) [DVD]Lizzie Dripping & Lizzie Dripping Rides Again (BBC) | DVD | (16/10/2017) from £13.69   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Contains all 9 episodes from Lizzie Dripping (Series One) and Lizzie Dripping Rides Again (Series Two). In the country village of Little Hemlock lives a young girl called Penelope Arbuckle. With a vivid imagination and regular daydreaming, Penelope is known by the nickname Lizzie. Although an introvert Lizzie has the most mischievous side which is encouraged by a Witch that only Lizzie can see or hear.

  • Demons Of The Mind (Doubleplay) [Blu-ray]Demons Of The Mind (Doubleplay) | Blu Ray | (30/10/2017) from £14.09   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Baron Zorn (Robert Hardy) believes his son Emil (Shane Briant) and daughter Elizabeth (Gillian Hills) are suffering from a madness they inherited from their late mother. He keeps his children locked up, but at night Emil is released and murders women in the local village. Discredited psychologist Falkenberg (Patrick Magee - Dementia 13, The Masque of the Red Death) analyses the family and it transpires that the children witnessed their mother cut her own throat. The villagers, driven on by a manic priest (Michael Hordern) identify Zorn as the ˜demon' responsible for killing their daughters. The deranged Emil escapes with Elizabeth, but the murderous Zorn pursues them. Blood, he vows, will have blood One of the most ambitious and unusual horror films produced by Hammer, Demons of the Mind was directed by Peter Sykes (Venom, To the Devil a Daughter) and released in 1972. The distinguished cast includes Shane Briant, who would go on to appear in three further films for Hammer. EXTRAS: NEW FEATURETTE - Blood Will Have Blood: Inside Demons of the Mind ORIGINAL TRAILER

  • The Terence Davies Collection [DVD]The Terence Davies Collection | DVD | (16/11/2009) from £22.76   |  Saving you £20.22 (102.28%)   |  RRP £39.99

    Considered by many to be Britain's most gifted and remarkable filmmaker Terence Davies' visually stunning intensely personal films have impressed audiences the world over and seen him acclaimed by critics as one of contemporary cinema's true poets. Packaged here together for the first time with a host of extra features are four of Davies' most evocative works: The Terence Davies Trilogy (1976-1983) Distant Voices Still Lives (1988) The Long Day Closes (1992) and Of Time and the City (2008).

  • The Omen [1976]The Omen | DVD | (23/10/2006) from £8.07   |  Saving you £9.92 (55.10%)   |  RRP £17.99

    He was born at 6am on the 6th day of the 6th month. The coming of Armageddon the site of the final confrontation between the forces of good and evil as foretold in the Book of Revelations will begin with the birth of the son of Satan - in human form. Unable to tell his wife Katherine the tragic news of their still-born son American diplomat Robert Thorn accepts a new-born orphan as his son. Details of the child's birth remain a secret but as the boy Damien grows older it becom


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