"Actor: Virginia Vernon"

  • The Millionairess [1960]The Millionairess | DVD | (21/05/2001) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Based on a play by George Bernard Shaw which studies an immensely wealthy woman who falls for the charms of a poor Indian doctor. Sophia Loren plays a spoilt heiress able to buy anything she wants. When she meets an Indian doctor (Peter Sellers) whose sole concern is to help the poor and needy she knows that this is the man for her. Although in love with her he is so terrified of being in her power that he foils all her attempts to 'buy' him. Only by setting an endurance test for each other are they able to be sure of their true feelings.

  • The Hollywood Science Fiction Box SetThe Hollywood Science Fiction Box Set | DVD | (30/01/2002) from £N/A   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Five great science fiction films in one amazing value box set! Creator Nobel laureate Harry Wolper (Peter O'Toole) is obsessed with a project to recreate his wife from cells he has kept since her death 30 years ago. He needs some assistance so he hires graduate student Boris (Vincent Spano). However Wolper is distracted not only by the attentions of Meli (Mariel Hemingway) but also by his attempts to set up Boris with Barbara (Virginia Madsen) a beautiful medical student. When Wolper's dream is finally destroyed Boris pleads with him to channel his talents into saving Barbara's life. This unique love story is guaranteed to make you laugh and cry. Sleep Stalker A small boy's past comes back to haunt him in the form of the evil Sleep Stalker who free from his mortal chains is capable of unimaginable powers... Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man 2 Revisit the poisoned crime-laden streets of a futuristic Los Angeles in this sequel to the cult hit Circuitry Man. After eons of environmental abuse city dwellers have burrowed underground and they seek narcotic bliss from computer chips embedded into their skulls. The hottest chip underground is the one that extends human life ten years. There's just one complication linked to the miracle chip: people must be brutally killed during the manufacturing process. This doesn't bother Plughead the charismatic homicidal cyborg who controls the supply and the buying public doesn't seem to mind either. But biosynthetic do-gooder Danner and an FBI agent plan to disconnect Plughead once and for all... Final Countdown Due to a freak electrical storm the USS Nimitz the world's largest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is transported back to December 6 1941 in time to head off the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. As the fateful hour grows near the ship's commanders must wrestle with the moral and ethical dilemmas of interfering with the progress of history. From The Dead Of Night Beautiful Joanna Darby (Lindsay Wagner) is haunted by a brush with drowning and her frightful journey to the gates of the afterlife. Soon after she experiences a horrifying series of narrow escapes from death through encounters with strangers who seem bent on killing her. Struggling with fear and past guilt Joanna is unsure whether she is a victim of coincidence or the target of some malicious spirits. Hoping to restore her peace of mind Joanna and her boyfriend visit Mexico where unknowingly they arrive during the annual Day of the Dead festival. Before long Joanna is nearly pulled into another violent death by a boating accident victim who grabs her on his way down. Joanna enlists her old flame Peter to help her unearth supernatural explanations for her predicament. When they discover the eerie truth Joanna must race against time to survive four more attempts on her life by walkers from the other side who want to reclaim her.


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