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Just as he's about to get out of the game entirely, a drug dealer gets drawn back in to the doublecrossing world of the London mafia in this refreshing British thriller.

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22 April 2007
Blu Ray 
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 
105 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Layer Cake [Blu-ray] [2004] - 5 out of 5

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  • Layer Cake [Blu-ray] [2004]
    Dave Wallace

    Recipe for Layer Cake:


    - One lead actor on the cusp of super-stardom, in his breakout role (Daniel Craig)
    - One debut director ready to springboard into the Hollywood A-list on the strength of his very first feature (Matthew Vaughn)
    - A sprinkling of classic gangster clich├ęs, but with a modern spin
    - One seductive femme fatale (Sienna Miller)
    - A supporting cast made up of quirky-but-memorable actors (Dexter Fletcher; Colm Meaney; Michael Gambon)
    - An eclectic, timeless pop soundtrack
    - Several unexpected and intricate plot twists
    - A host of unforgettable, brutally violent moments that force you to sit up and take notice
    - One shocking ending


    1 - Take your star, and establish his character - a London-based drug dealer with an aversion to violence and a sensible, grounded outlook - quickly and efficiently. Ensure that his commanding performance makes it impossible to take your eyes off the film from the very start. Draw his character into a complex plot involving a missing girl and a big drug-deal-gone-wrong, adding various complications and adversaries along the way where necessary.

    2 - Pepper this basic mixture with a host of memorable, distinctive supporting characters. Be careful not to let any of them outstay their welcome, but be sure that each one plays a crucial role in your story. If possible, make sure that they only add further complications to the increasingly difficult position that your protagonist finds himself in.

    3 - To keep things interesting, employ a distinctive filmmaking style to ensure that you make an impact on the viewer despite being only a first-time director. This can include a bold use of catchy pop music; a confident and assured approach to action (including one particularly brutal beating in a cafe); and attention-grabbing fourth-wall-breaking scenes in which your characters address the audience directly.

    4 - One the various elements of the story have all been introduced, mix thoroughly to ensure that the plot is as complicated as possible before proceeding. Simmer gently before gradually turning up the heat, ratcheting up the stakes for your protagonist and placing him in an increasingly-inescapable situation for maximum dramatic effect.

    5 - Place the entire mixture in an intense pressure cooker for the remainder of the 105-minute total cooking time. Don't let up until it's almost over - and even then, save a bit of extra heat for the very end.

    6 - Serve on Blu-Ray accompanied by high-definition sound and picture quality, as well as a host of special features including a making-of documentary, a filmmakers' Q&A and a selection of deleted scenes that didn't make it into the main movie.

    7 - Sit back and enjoy one of the best British crime flicks of the last ten years, and one that deservedly made household names of both its lead actor and its director.

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A successful drug dealer is just about to retire from the industry when he finds that his ill-gotten gains begin dwindling as his legacy crumbles around him Based on JJ Connelly&39;s London crime novel of the same name the producer of Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch steps into the director&39;s chair for the first time for another darkly comic look at the capital&39;s gangland underworld Special FeaturesDeleted scenesTwo alternate endingsDirector and writer commentaryQ&A with director and Daniel CraigBehind the scenesTechnical DetailsActorsDaniel Craig Kenneth Cranham Dexter Fletcher Jamie Foreman Michael Gambon Colm Meaney Sienna Miller Natalie Lunghi Darren Healy & Sally HawkinsDirectorMatthew VaughnCertificate15 years and overYear2004ScreenWidescreen 2401LanguagesEnglish - Dolby Digital (51) ; PCM (51)SubtitlesEnglish ; Hindi ; English for the hearing impairedClosed CaptionsYesDuration1 hour and 46 minutes (approx)

British gangster film based on the London-set crime novel by J.J. Connelly. 'X' (Daniel Craig) is a successful, smooth-talking cocaine dealer - respected among London's crime elite - whose plan is to bankroll enough cash to make an early retirement from 'business' and lead a quiet, crime-free life. He sees the opportunity to make a final score when big crime boss Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham) asks him to track down Charlotte Ryder (Nathalie Lunghi), the wayward daughter of his old friend Eddie (Michael Gambon). But complicating matters are 2 million pounds' worth of Grade A drugs, a neo-Nazi sect and endless 'layers' of deals and double-deals...

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