"Director: Mike Nichols"

  • Catch 22 [1970]Catch 22 | DVD | (07/10/2002) from £5.38   |  Saving you £10.61 (197.21%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Mike Nichols' superbly directed cinematic adaptation of Joseph Heller's scathing black comedy. 'Catch 22' is the tale of a small group of flyers in the Mediterranean in 1944. There are winners and losers opportunists and survivors. Separately and together they are frightened nervous often profane and sometimes pathetic. Almost all are a little crazy. 'Catch 22' is an anti-war satire of epic proportions!

  • The Graduate [1967]The Graduate | DVD | (15/09/2008) from £9.01   |  Saving you £6.97 (115.78%)   |  RRP £12.99

    In his first major film role Dustin Hoffman plays an ultra-nave college graduate who's seduced by a middle-aged woman played by the scintillating Anne Bancroft and then falls in love with her daughter. With the sharpest of scripts and a perfect soundtrack by Simon & Garfunkel this film was deservedly nominated for 6 Oscars and won Nichols an Academy Award for Best Director.

  • Working Girl [1988]Working Girl | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £5.99   |  Saving you £7.00 (116.86%)   |  RRP £12.99

    For anyone who's ever won. For anyone who's ever lost. And for anyone who's still in there trying.... When a secretary's idea is stolen by her boss she seizes the opportunity to steal it back. Her boss breaks her leg in a skiing accident and the daring secretary decides to take her office her apartment and even her wardrobe! it's make or break time...

  • Charlie Wilson's War [2007]Charlie Wilson's War | DVD | (07/06/2010) from £5.38   |  Saving you £14.61 (271.56%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Drama based on Texas congressman Charlie Wilson's covert dealings in Afghanistan, where his efforts to assist rebels in their war with the Soviets have some unforeseen and long-reaching effects.

  • Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? [DVD] [1966]Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? | DVD | (12/10/2009) from £7.99   |  Saving you £4.00 (66.78%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are ideal as malevolent marrieds Martha and George in first-time film director Mike Nichols' searing film of Edward Albee's groundbreaking Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Taylor won her second Academy Award'' (and New York Film Critics National Board of Review and British Film Academy Best Actress Awards). Burton matches her as her emotionally spent spouse. And George Segal and Best Supporting Actress Oscar'' winner Sandy Dennis score as another couple straying into their destructive path. The movie won a total of five Academy Awards'' and remains after 40 years a taboo-toppling landmark.

  • The Birdcage [DVD]The Birdcage | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £5.49   |  Saving you £4.50 (81.97%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Robin Williams and Nathan Lane team up with a top-notch cast in this hilarious comedy. Williams is Armand a gay cabaret owner whose son announces he's marrying the daughter of a right-wing politician (Gene Hackman). It's an outrageously funny culture clash as Armand and his drag-queen partner Albert (Lane) try to transform themselves into straight shooters at a dinner party and pull the chiffon over the eyes of the uptight senator and his wife (Dianne Wiest).

  • The Graduate 50th Anniversary Edition [DVD] [1967]The Graduate 50th Anniversary Edition | DVD | (14/08/2017) from £5.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Few films have defined a generation as much as The Graduate did. The alienation, the nonconformity, the intergenerational romance, the blissful Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack--they all served to lob a cultural grenade smack into the middle of 1967 America, ultimately making the film the third most profitable up to that time. Seen from a later perspective, its radical chic has dimmed a bit, yet it's still a joy to see Dustin Hoffman's bemused Benjamin and Anne Bancroft's deliciously decadent, sardonic Mrs Robinson. The script by Buck Henry and Calder Willingham is still offbeat and dryly funny and Mike Nichols, who won an Oscar for his direction, has just the right, light touch. --Anne Hurley, Amazon.com

  • The Graduate [1967]The Graduate | DVD | (26/03/2001) from £5.29   |  Saving you £12.70 (240.08%)   |  RRP £17.99

    Few films have defined a generation as much as The Graduate did. The alienation, the nonconformity, the intergenerational romance, the blissful Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack--they all served to lob a cultural grenade smack into the middle of 1967 America, ultimately making the film the third most profitable up to that time. Seen from a later perspective, its radical chic has dimmed a bit, yet it's still a joy to see Dustin Hoffman's bemused Benjamin and Anne Bancroft's deliciously decadent, sardonic Mrs Robinson. The script by Buck Henry and Calder Willingham is still offbeat and dryly funny and Mike Nichols, who won an Oscar for his direction, has just the right, light touch. --Anne Hurley, Amazon.com

  • WolfWolf | DVD | (05/09/2005) from £6.73   |  Saving you £-0.74 (N/A%)   |  RRP £5.99

    Driving through a stormy night a wolf runs in front of Will Randall's car. Checking to see if it is okay Will (Nicholson) is bitten and the wolf disappears into the night. From this moment on Will begins to change in subtle ways that he cannot explain his senses quicken and he becomes dynamic and adventurous in every aspect of his life. However Will's new-found lust for life has a price and he finds it increasingly difficult to contain the wild and predatorial spirit that is also growing within him... Starring Jack Nicholson Michelle Pfeiffer and James Spader Wolf is a supernatural tale with a delicious modern twist. Beware: the animal is out!

  • The Graduate 50th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1967]The Graduate 50th Anniversary Edition | Blu Ray | (14/08/2017) from £7.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    50th ANNIVERSARY EDITION BRAND NEW RESTORATION A complete sensation on its original release in 1967, THE GRADUATE was a one-of-a-kind cinematic portrait of America which captured the mood of disaffected youth seething beneath the laid-back exterior of 1960s California. It earned Mike Nichols a Best Director Oscar, introduced the music of Simon & Garfunkel to a wider audience and featured one of the most famous seductions in movie history and a truly iconic final scene. THE GRADUATE also introduced the world to a young actor named Dustin Hoffman, perfectly cast as the jaw-droppingly naïve Benjamin. Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) has just finished college and is already lost in a sea of confusion as he wonders what to do with his life. He returns to his parents' luxurious Beverly Hills home, where he idles away the summer floating in the pool and brooding in silence. He is rescued from the boredom when he is seduced into a clandestine affair with a middle-aged married friend of his parents, Mrs Robinson (Anne Bancroft). That liaison is soon complicated by Benjamin's infatuation with her college-age daughter Elaine (Katharine Ross). Visually imaginative and impeccably acted, with a witty, endlessly quotable script by Calder Willingham and Buck Henry (based on the novel by Charles Webb), with a supporting cast that includes William Daniels, Murray Hamilton, Walter Brooke and Elizabeth Wilson, THE GRADUATE had the kind of cultural impact that comes along only once in a generation.

  • Angels In America [2003]Angels In America | DVD | (17/04/2019) from £5.69   |  Saving you £8.30 (145.87%)   |  RRP £13.99

    Tony Kushner's prize-winning play Angels in America became the defining US theatrical event of the 1990s, an astonishing mix of philosophy, politics, and vibrant gay soap opera that summed up the Reagan era for an entire generation of theatre-goers. Post-9/11 would seem to be too late for a film version--philosophy and politics don't always age well--but this 2003 HBO adaptation, ably directed by Mike Nichols, provides a time capsule of the '80s and reveals the deep emotional subcurrents that will give the play lasting power. The story centers around Prior Walter (Justin Kirk) and Louis Ironson (Ben Shenkman), a gay couple that falls apart when Prior grows ill as a result of AIDS. But cancer is not the only thing invading Prior's life: He begins to have religious visions of an angel (Emma Thompson) announcing that he is a prophet. Louis, who doesn't cope well with disease and suggestions of mortality, leaves and starts a relationship with Joe Pitt (Patrick Wilson), a closeted Mormon who works for Roy Cohn (Al Pacino)--the real-life right-wing lawyer, notorious for his ruthless behind-the-scenes machinations. Add in Joe's depressed and hallucinating wife Harper (Mary Louise Parker), his determined but open-minded mother Hannah (Meryl Streep), a fierce drag queen/nurse named Belize (Jeffrey Wright, reprising his celebrated performance from the Broadway production), and you've still only begun to discover the wealth of characters and storylines in Kushner's ambitious work. The powerhouse cast (also featuring James Cromwell, Michael Gambon, and Simon Callow) is uniformly superb. The script has its weaknesses--some of the fantastic elements, including Prior's journey to Heaven towards the end, fall flat--but even what doesn't work is bristling with ideas and a ferocious desire to capture human existence in this time and place. --Bret Fetzer

  • Working Girl/9 To 5 [1980]Working Girl/9 To 5 | DVD | (28/07/2008) from £11.32   |  Saving you £1.66 (19.93%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Working Girl (Dir. Mike Nichols) (1988): Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) is a frustrated secretary struggling to forge ahead in the world of big business in New York. She gets her chance when her boss breaks her leg on a skiing holiday. McGill takes advantage of her absence to push ahead with her career. She teams up with investment broker Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford) to work on a big deal. The situation is complicated after the return of her boss. Nine To Five (Dir. Colin Higgins) (1980): At 'Consolidated' the office manager (Tomlin) the vice president's secretary (Parton) and the newest employee (Fonda) become great friends as they share their resentment about their egotistical sexist boss (Dabney Coleman). When they inadvertently get a chance to take revenge they institute a host of popular office procedures in his absence - even as their scheme spins wildly out of control! Full of witty social commentary this delightful comedy marks Dolly Parton's first film debut and features the Oscar-nominated hit song she wrote and performed.

  • Heartburn [1986]Heartburn | DVD | (06/09/2004) from £21.58   |  Saving you £-5.59 (N/A%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Heartburn is an autobiographical tale based on the marriage of high-flying journalists Carl Bernstein (who helped uncover the Watergate scandal for the Washington Post) and Nora Ephron. When the two meet at a friends wedding they fall in love and subsequently marry. Living in different cities the relationship begins to unravel as the pair slowly drift apart and infidelities eventually wreck the marriage. Focusing on social events like weddings parties and birthdays the film exp

  • Closer [2004]Closer | DVD | (31/01/2011) from £3.29   |  Saving you £2.70 (82.07%)   |  RRP £5.99

    Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen star in this bitingly funny and honest look at modern relaltionships.

  • Postcards from the EdgePostcards from the Edge | DVD | (14/07/2008) from £6.73   |  Saving you £3.26 (48.44%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine star as daughter and mother in this wickedly witty expos of life in the Hollywood fast lane based on the autobiographical book by Carrie Fisher.

  • Silkwood [1983]Silkwood | DVD | (13/10/2008) from £6.73   |  Saving you £-1.74 (-34.90%)   |  RRP £4.99

    Like most of the people in her town Karen Silkwood worked at the local nuclear plant producing highly radioactive plutonium. Exposed one day to a lethal dose of radiation Karen faces the blank walls of corporate indifference and denial whilst coming to terms that she will suffer a painful and lingering death as a result of company negligence. As her illness increases her protest grows louder and she becomes an obvious danger to the powers that be. But Karen is too spirited to be silenced and takes on the plant with devasting consequences. Written by Nora Ephorn and with a star studded cast including Oscar winners Meryl Streep Cher and Kurt Russell this is the remarkable and poignant true story of one woman's struggle to tell the truth at all costs.

  • The Birdcage [1996]The Birdcage | DVD | (01/02/2000) from £7.49   |  Saving you £8.50 (113.48%)   |  RRP £15.99

    The great improvisational comedy team of Mike Nichols and Elaine May reunited to (respectively) direct and write this update of the French comedy La Cage Aux Folles. Robin Williams stars as a gay Miami nightclub owner who is forced to play it straight and ask his drag-queen partner (Nathan Lane) to hide out when Williams's son invites his prospective--and highly conservative--in-laws and fiancée to a meet-and-greet dinner party. Gene Hackman and Dianne Wiest play the straight-laced senator and his wife, and Calista Flockhart (from television's Ally McBeal) plays their daughter in a culture-clash with outrageous consequences. May's witty screenplay incorporates some pointed observations about the political landscape of the 1990s and takes a sensitive approach to the comedy's underlying drama. Topping off the action is Hank Azaria in a scene-stealing role as Williams's and Lane's flamboyant housekeeper, "Agador Spartacus." --Jeff Shannon

  • Biloxi Blues [1988]Biloxi Blues | DVD | (08/03/2004) from £3.00   |  Saving you £2.99 (49.90%)   |  RRP £5.99

    In this semi-autobiographical screenplay Neil Simon's private memoirs in the US Army are made public. Set in 1943 at an army base in Biloxi Mississippi a lowly recruit (Broderick) comes under the command of a very weird drill sergeant (Walken)...

  • Carnal Knowledge [1971]Carnal Knowledge | DVD | (20/10/2008) from £7.99   |  Saving you £7.00 (116.86%)   |  RRP £12.99

    One of the most controversial movies of its time this thought-provoking (Leonard Maltin) comedy-drama from legendary director Mike Nichols is a funny yet poignant look at relationships as seen through the eyes of two friends over a 20-year period. Superbly crafted by playwright Jules Feiffer Carnal Knowledge is brimming with touching insights sexy banter and powerful performances by three-time Oscar winner Jack Nicholson Ann-Margaret Candice Bergen and pop music icon Arthur Garfunkel. Jonathan (Nicholson) and Sandy (Garfunkel) are college roommates who share an endless fascination - and obsession - with women. As time goes by their relentless pursuit for the joys of the flesh becomes more competitive. And more damaging. Soon Jonathan and Sandy's lives become a vicious circle of girls booze and unfulfillment and they realize only too late that in the war of the sexes they are their own worst enemy...

  • Postcards From The Edge [1990]Postcards From The Edge | DVD | (08/03/2004) from £4.19   |  Saving you £1.80 (30.10%)   |  RRP £5.99

    A film by Mike Nichols of Carrie Fisher's semi-autobiographical novel, Postcards from the Edge is an intermittently hilarious, occasionally tear-stained account of an actress' struggle with addiction and with her competitive star mother. Meryl Streep turns in yet another flawlessly perfect performance as Suzanne, who is coping with cleaning up while making yet another idiot cop film. Shirley Maclaine is effective and overpowering as her hard-drinking Old Hollywood star mother perpetually trying to remould her daughter, singing Sondheim songs at parties, showing off her still-perfect legs and occasionally driving into trees. Among the many guest stars, Dennis Quaid is self-effacingly unpleasant as an unreliable boyfriend, Gene Hackman charismatic as a fatherly director and Annette Benning impressive in a cameo as a starlet rival. Nichols' standard slickness is very much on display here; this is perhaps too obviously manipulative a film in which the emotional detail is never quite as impressive as the central performances and script deserve. On the DVD: The DVD takes the rather subversive risk of giving the commentary role to Carrie Fisher, who discusses entertainingly how the screenplay evolved from her original novel, occasionally making clear that certain sentimentalisations of the characters were not her idea; she argues coherently that the film makes Meryl Streep's character a little too much the martyr. She also gives us a lot of faintly scurrilous Hollywood and family gossip. It also provides the theatrical trailer and filmographies for the director and major players. --Roz Kaveney

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