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Jack Bauer is having another one of his "very bad days" in the second series of the ground-breaking real-time thriller 24. Once again the hours are ticking by with more guaranteed cliffhangers than a convention of mountain climbers. Holed up in a Los Angeles condo and estranged from his daughter, Jack is no longer on the government payroll; unfortunately for him, this small fact doesn't seem to matter to President David Palmer and the NSA who call him back in to the CTU and give him 24 hours to infiltrate a terrorist organisation who are planning to detonate a dirty... bomb in the city of angels. All Jack wants is to get his daughter out of the city, unfortunately Kim's new employer, the abusive father of the child she is nannying, has other ideas. Fans of the original won't be disappointed, as there are more than enough shock moments in the first few hours to hint at the climactic build-up to come, while newcomers can quickly get involved in the lives of Jack and his family. There are some new characters to bolster the veteran cast and, interestingly (although not surprisingly given the outcome of the first series), Jack's character has taken an altogether darker, more psychopathic turn. The danger the characters find themselves in also has a much more global impetus, grounded as it is in the war against terrorism. Although the territory is more familiar this time around, this second series is just as much a high-tension, taut, adrenaline-fuelled ride as the first series, and one that will have you glued to your TV for the next 24 hours. --Kristen Bowditch [show more]

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11 August 2003
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 
1013 minutes 
Box set, PAL, Widescreen 
  • Average Rating for 24: Series 2 - 3 out of 5

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  • 24: Series 2
    David Bennett

    24 is quite simply the greatest show ever conceived and after the wonderful 1st series there was a lot of hype over the 2nd, and many believed it could not live up to its own reputation. But they were wrong. Season two is just as original, griping and full of unexpected twists as the first.

    The show is beautifully acted by the entire cast especially Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert, who play their parts extremely convincingly and lead the viewer to believe that they are caught in the complicated web of their existence for [close to] 24 hours of your life.

    As well as being acted perfectly, the show is directed in such a way that all of the intricate story lines occurring during the "day" fit together so cleanly that you cannot help but be engrossed in the epic tale that is 24...

    "And today, is the longest day of my life..."

  • 24: Series 2
    Jack Naylor

    As season 1 came to a close we were left on the edge of our seats as Jack was faced with 2 life changing events. This season opens 18 months after the events of Day 1, times have changed for both Jack and the people based in and around his life. I won't let too much slip about the story but fans will be glad to hear that along side Jack CTU regular Tony Almeda, the now President David Palmer and Jack"s daughter Kim all make a welcome return.

    The storyline is this time based around a nuclear device planted within L.A. The story once again includes extravagant explosions and well timed twists which together will keep you on the edge of your sofa for literally hours at a time. With the clock always ticking you are left wondering what Jack can do next.

    It won't take long for you to remember why you were hooked to season 1, and as the action unfolds and the plots thicken you remember all the reasons you decided to buy Season 2! I can't give too much away but all I will say is be prepared for more of the classic 24 moments and once you've watched all 24 episodes, and the fabulously produced DVD extras get price comparing for season 3, you will not be disappointed.

  • 24: Series 2
    darren murphy

    The series was an excellent follow up to the first to which it had a lot to live up to.I found myself watching episode after episode as I could not wait so for me it was more like a very long film than a series. Jack was once again in epic form which left me asking why has Kiefer been at in the wilderness for so long. If you liked the first series you'll love this and if you have not seen the first, WHY!!!. Great entertainment.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play Eighteen months after the assassination attempt on his life Senator Palmer (Dennis Haysbert Far From Heaven) has been elected to the White House Enjoying a relaxing day at his country retreat he is informed by agents that there is a potential threat to national security The LA Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) are informed of the threat and told to be on high alert Department head George Mason (Xander Berkeley Gattaca) finds himself reluctantly having to call upon the services of retired Special Agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland Phone Booth) CTU have been tipped off that a nuclear bomb is set to detonate somewhere in Los Angeles within the next 24 hours

The complete second series of the real-time espionage drama. A year after he prevented the assassination of presidential candidate Senator David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) and suffered the death of his wife, CTU agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is called upon to find a terrorist nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Jack's daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert), who has been working as an au pair, is forced to go on the run from her abusive employer after he attacks her and the little girl, Megan (Skye McCole Bartusiak), that she is looking after. But when she takes Megan to the hospital, Kim is arrested for abusing the child. As in the first series, the action takes place over 24 hours, with each episode representing one hour of actual time.

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