Alien: The Director's Cut (Two Disc Special Edition) DVD


Director Ridley Scott's new cut of his 1979 sci-fi classic about a lifeform that is perfectly evolved to annihilate mankind. In space no-one can hear you scream.

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15 March 2004
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 
111 minutes 
Box set, Directors Cut, PAL, Special Edition, Widescreen 
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Director's cut of this classic sci-fi horror from Ridley Scott. When Kane (John Hurt) and the crew of the spaceship 'Nostromo' investigate a transmission from a deserted planet, he is attacked by an unknown organism which attaches itself to his face. The crew cut the creature off, but not before it has made Kane the host of a monstrous alien killer, one which will hatch out through his stomach (one of cinema's most memorably gory scenes) and proceed to hunt down the crew one by one.

lease note this is a region 2 and will require a region 2 (urope) or region ree layer in order to play y transplanting the classic haunted house scenario into space idley cott together with screenwriters an &39;annon and onald husett produced a work of genuinely original cinematic sci-fi with lien that despite the passage of years and countless inferior imitations remains shockingly fresh even after repeated viewing cott&39;s legendary obsession with detail ensures that the setting is thoroughly conceived while the othic production design and erry oldsmith&39;s wonderfully unsettling score produce a sense of disquiet from the outset everything about the spaceship ostromo--from upperware to toolboxes-seems oddly familiar yet disconcertingly well alien othing much to speak of happens for at least the first 30 minutes and that in a way is the secret of the film&39;s success the audience has been nervously peering round every corner for so long that by the time the eponymous beast claims its first victim the release of pent-up anxiety is all the more effective lthough igourney eaver ultimately takes centre-stage the ensemble cast is uniformly excellent he remarkably low-tech effects still look good (better in many places than the of the sequels) while the nightmarish quality of iger&39;s bio-mechanical creature and set design is enhanced by camerawork that tantalises by what it doesn&39;t reveal ctors igourney eaver om kerritt ohn urt eronica artwright arry ean tantonirectors idley cottriters onald husett an &39;annonroducers avid iler ordon arroll vor owell onald husett alter illormat anguage nglishubtitles nglishubtitles or he earing mpaired nglishegion egion 2 (his may not be viewable outside urope ead more about formats)spect atio 169 - 2351umber of discs 2lassification 18tudio 20th entury ox ome ntertainment elease ate 15 ar 2004un ime 117 minutes

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