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Angel - Season 1 DVD


The vampire Angel leaves Sunnydale for Los Angeles where he uses his powers to help people. Meanwhile spoiled Cordelia is trying to make her way in the City of Angels - and her path is destined to cross with Buffy's true love. Episodes comprise: 1. City Of 2. Lonely Hearts 3. In The Dark 4. I Fall To Pieces 5. Rm W/a Vu 6. Sense & Sensitivity 7. Bachelor Party 8. I Will Remember You 9. Hero 10. Parting Gifts 11. Somnambulist 12. Expecting 13. She 14. I've Got You Under My Skin 15. The Prodigal 16. The Ring 17. Eternity 18. Five By Five 19. Sanctuary 20. War Zone 21. Blind Date 22. To Shanshu In L.A.

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  • Average Rating for Angel - Season 1 - 3 out of 5

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  • Angel - Season 1
    Sarah MacLeod

    This first season of Angel is enjoyable but uneven. Structured with mostly stand-alone episodes the quality varies from great (Five By Five, Blind Date, To Shanshu in LA) to painful (She), though happily most lean towards the former. The teaser at the start of episode one is perfectly crafted to tell you everything you need to know about the main character and the show - Angel is a good vampire tortured with the memories of his past bad deeds and still fighting the urge to feed on humans. It is a series filled with action, humour, romance and great plots and characters. It is a spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and although it carries over a few characters and the tone is similar Angel is a more adult, male orientated show - you also don"t have to know the other show to enjoy this one (though it is a richer experience). Later series bring in more of a serial element and arcs are introduced, while Season One does have continuity (episodes are not restarts) the episodes are self-contained and so therefore easier to get into. This also allows for greater variation of style meaning that some episodes are darker or funnier than others - some would fit more into the 'horror' genre, some into the 'detective', others into 'fantasy' though none of the episodes stick just to one thing. In Season One Angel moves from Sunnydale (where Buffy is set) and tries to start a new life as a private detective investigating demon problems. He is joined by the luminous Cordelia and the wisecracking Doyle and together their gang has to deal with vampires, demons, people and police. The final episode of the season starts Angel off on a path that impacts the next four seasons and if you"ve made it that far you'll be addicted. The DVD boxset has a few commentaries (the first episode being the best) and some other minor featurettes, the picture quality is good (though improves in later seasons). This first season of Angel is thoroughly entertaining and emotionally engaging but is let down by a few poor episodes and the lack of a proper arc - still well worth watching though and when you make it to the end you'll be hooked.

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