Animals United 3d DVD


In the Okavango Delta, Billy, the little mischievous meerkat, and his best (and only) pal Socrates, the friendly lion, wait for the annual flood, essential to the Delta and all the animals living there.

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17 April 2019
93 minutes 
PAL, 3D 
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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play When the African savannah runs dry and water becomes a precious commodity a courageous meerkat and a laid back lion prepare to go the distance in order to avoid dying of thirst In seasons past a single mountain canyon provided enough water for all the creatures in the savannah But this year not a drop has fallen Buffalos and rhinos stand guard over the only watering hole for miles and if the creatures don&39;t act fast they will surely perish Desperate Billy the meerkat and Socrates the lion set out to find sustenance Upon crossing paths with a rooster named Charles the pair learns of a place in the Okavango Delta where the water still flows But by the time Charles leads them there the humans have already staked their claim on the small reserve Meanwhile local entrepreneur Smith has constructed a dam in order to the precious divert water to his luxury hotel When Billy and Socrates learn that the hotel is hosting a conference on natural preservation they call in all of their animal friends in order to teach the thoughtless politicians a thing or two about sharing the land

German-made CGI-animated children's feature. In Africa's Okavango Delta, all the animals are waiting for the annual flood, which should have come gushing down from the mountains weeks ago. As both their thirst and anxiety increase, cheeky meerkat Billy and his friend Socrates, a gentle mountain lion, decide to gatecrash an international summit at a luxury hotel resort in an attempt to discover where the precious water has gone. Along the way they meet various animals from all around the world, who have flocked to Africa in search of a better life, and enlist their help in their quest.

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