Arkoff - Vol. 1 DVD


A unique collection of some of the seminal 1950's monster and sci-fi movies made by the greatest director of the time including Roger Corman Bruno VeSota and Edward L Cahn. Featuring Monsters vampires delinquent school girls and giant arachnids along with the earliest performances of some of Hollywood's greatest stars. How To Make A Monster: Peter Drummond has been chief of make up at a Hollywood studio for 25 years. When his services are abruptly dispensed with Drummond takes his revenge on the callous heads of the studio by hypnotising a couple of actors and bringing... his murderous creations Teenage Frankenstein and Teenage Werewolf to life! The Spider: When a man doesn't return home one night his daughter Carol and her boyfriend Mike go out to search for him. On finding Carol's father's wrecked car by a cave they decide to investigate further. Before they know it the kids have been enmeshed in a giant spider's web woven of course by a giant spider! After finally escaping the eight legged beast's clutches and raising the alarm the spider is seemingly killed and brought back to town. However.... is the spider really dead? War Of The Colossal Beast: A frightened young man races his truck down a dirt road constantly looking back in terror. He is being pursued by some unseen menace! Undoubtedly it is this menace that is responsible for a series of mysterious food truck robberies and the main suspect is the 60-foot tall Colossal Man! Previously presumed dead he is discovered living in a desolate mountain range in Mexico insane and horribly disfigured his face covered in scar tissue and missing an eye. Every effort of communicating with the giant fails and the military drugs him and transports him back to America where he promptly escapes to wreak havoc on an unfortunate city! The Brain Eaters: Strange things are happening in Riverdale Illinois. A huge seemingly alien structure has been found jutting out of the Earth. A bizarre Earth-drilling craft discharges a horde of fuzzy parasitic creatures that fasten themselves to the necks of the townsfolk and control their brains. Sent to investigate the origin of the mysterious object Senator Walter Powers and scientist Dr.Paul Kettering are responsible for stopping the invasion when it becomes clear that the whole town is under the control of the invaders. The Blood Of Dracula: Six weeks after her mother dies Nancy Perkins' father remarries. The stepmother then sends Nancy off to a school for girls where the innocent girl falls under the spell of evil chemistry teacher Miss Branding. Putting Nancy under hypnosis Miss Branding converts the poor damsel to vampirism causing her to commit murders and then forget about them. The villainess recieves her comeuppance when Nancy refuses to snap out of her spell transforming into a slavering vampiric beast. [show more]

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01 November 2004
Direct Video Distribution Ltd. 
344 minutes 
Box set, PAL 
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