Arrested Development: Season 1 DVD


They say 'family' is an institution; this family belongs in one! After his father is imprisoned level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs in the Bluth empire. But the rest of his spoiled dysfunctional family are making the job unbearable! Winner of three Golden Globe Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series Best Writer (Comedy) and Best Direction (Comedy) in addition to a haul of 5 Emmy Awards! Episodes comprise: 1. Pilot 2. Top Banana 3. Bringing Up Bu

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21 March 2005
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 
550 minutes 
PAL, Widescreen 
  • Average Rating for Arrested Development: Season 1 - 4 out of 5

    (based on 2 user reviews)
  • Arrested Development: Season 1
    Paul Andrews

    This is a great DVD absolutely hilarious, a different angle of comedy using narrative script and hilarious characters, a truly good watch!

  • Arrested Development: Season 1
    Chris Klinkert

    With the American sitcom being redefined by the likes of Malcolm In The Middle and Scrubs, Arrested Development adds to the dysfunctionality with aplomb. A wealthy family has to stick together when the father is arrested for his company's misdemeanours. The middle son Michael takes charge of the Bluth Company as well as his family but will either take any notice? Jason Bateman's character seems to be the only sane one of the lot, as his socialite mother and self-involved siblings help the family self-destruct.

    Marvellously written and hilariously acted, the team behind Arrested Development have managed to make the show's mockumentary style extremely believable and extremely funny. Each episode in this first series gives an insight into what makes this family so brilliantly comic. David Cross is hilarious as closet homosexual (and the worlds first Analrapist) Tobias. Michael Cera as Michael"s son George Michael (great name!) is a very talented young actor who brings his character's insecurities such humour. And these aren"t even the main characters!

    If any show deserved more than three seasons, its this one. Recently cancelled, you should get hold of this series before it is thrown on the heap of old sitcoms that were too good for its audience. An intelligent and genuinely funny programme, Arrested Development is to the Americans what "The Office" was to us Brits - so good, so funny, but over so soon.

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All 22 episodes from the first season of the award-winning US comedy series starring Jason Bateman as widower Michael Bluth who along with the rest of his offbeat - and formerly wealthy - family must come to terms with losing the family fortune Episodes are &39;Pilot&39; &39;Top Banana&39; &39;Bringing Up Buster&39; &39;Key Decisions&39; &39;Charity Drive&39; &39;Visiting Ours&39; &39;In God We Trust&39; &39;My Mother the Car&39; &39;Storming the Castle&39; &39;Pier Pressure&39; &39;Public Relations&39; &39;Marta Complex&39; &39;Beef Consomme&39; &39;Shock and Aww&39; &39;Staff Infection&39; &39;Altar Egos&39; &39;Justice is Blind&39; &39;Missing Kitty&39; &39;Best Man for the Gob&39; &39;Whistler&39;s Mother&39; &39;Not Without My Daughter&39; and &39;Let &39;em Eat Cake&39;

All 22 episodes from the first season of the award-winning US comedy series starring Jason Bateman as widower Michael Bluth, who, along with the rest of his offbeat - and formerly wealthy - family, must come to terms with losing the family fortune. Episodes are: 'Pilot', 'Top Banana', 'Bringing Up Buster', 'Key Decisions', 'Charity Drive', 'Visiting Ours', 'In God We Trust', 'My Mother the Car', 'Storming the Castle', 'Pier Pressure', 'Public Relations', 'Marta Complex', 'Beef Consomme', 'Shock and Aww', 'Staff Infection', 'Altar Egos', 'Justice is Blind', 'Missing Kitty', 'Best Man for the Gob', 'Whistler's Mother', 'Not Without My Daughter' and 'Let 'em Eat Cake'.

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