Bowfinger/the Nutty Professor/Life DVD


Bowfinger: How does Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) Hollywood's least successful director get Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) Hollywood's biggest star in his ultra low-budget film? Any way he can. With an ingenious scheme and the help of the eager nerd Jiff an ambitious and sexy wannabe (Heather Graham) and an over-the-hill diva (Christine Baranski) Bowfinger sets out to trick Kit Ramsey into the performance of a lifetime.... (Dir. Frank Oz 1999) The Nutty Professor: Eddie Murphy stars as Dr Sherman Klump a kind ""calorically challenged"" genetics professor who longs... to shed his 400-pound frame in order to win the heart of beautiful Jada Pinkett. So with one swig of his experimental fat-reducing serum Sherman becomes ""Buddy Love"" a fast-talking pumped-up plumped-down Don Juan. Can Sherman stop his buff alter ego before it's too late or will Buddy have the last laugh? (Dir. Tom Shadyac 1996) Life: Eddie Murphy is the fast talking con-artist Rayford Gibson and Martin Lawrence is the conservative bank teller Claude Banks. The two are accidentally teamed up to become the funniest ""odd couple"" east of the Mississippi. In an effort to pay off Ray's debt and restore Claude's reputation they travel south on a bootlegging run for some quick cash. There is no limit to their comical misfortune as they are placed at the scene of a crime and their mistaken identity lands them right in front of the judge. This hysterical comedy gives a whole new meaning to friends for life. (Dir. Ted Demme 1999) [show more]

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