Budgie Series: The Complete Series Boxset DVD


Budgie stars the late British pop star Adam Faith as petty crook Ronald ""Budgie"" Bird. Budgie has just been released from prison however this doesn't stop him delving into questionable scams and get rich quick schemes; which seemingly always end in failure. This constantly gets him into trouble with both the police and his underworld boss Charlie Endell played by Iain Cuthbertson. Episodes Comprise: 1. Out 2. Some Mother's Son 3. Brains 4. Grandee Hotel 5. In Deep 6. Could Do Better 7. Best Mates 8. Everybody Loves A Baby 9. A Pair Of Charlies 10. Fiddler On The... Hoof: Part 1 11. Fiddler On The Hoof: Part 2 12. Sunset Mansions Or Whatever Happened To Janey Babe? 13. And In Again 14. Dreaming Of Thee 15. And The Lord Taketh away 16. Louie The Ring Is Dead & Buried In Kensal Green Cemetery 17. The Jump-Up Boys 18. Our Story So Far 19. Do Me A Favour 20. Glory Of Fulham 21. 24 000 Ball Point Pens 22. King For A Day 23. The Outside Man 24. The Man Outside 25. Brief Encounter 26. Run Rabbit Run Rabbit Run Run Run [show more]

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06 November 2006
1300 minutes 
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All 26 episodes of the 1970s drama starring Adam Faith as petty crook Ron 'Budgie' Bird who constantly finds himself embroiled in petty scams and get rich quick schemes - none of which seem to end in success, and all of which seem to get Budgie in trouble with the police, and with his dodgy underworld boss, Charlie Endell (Iain Cuthbertson). Episodes are: 'Out'; 'Some Mother's Son'; 'Brains'; 'Grandee Hotel'; 'In Deep'; 'Could Do Better'; 'Best Mates'; 'Everybody Loves a Baby'; 'A Pair of Charlies'; 'Fiddler on the Hoof (Part 1)'; 'Fiddler on the Hoof (Part 2)'; 'Sunset Mansions, Or, Whatever Happened to Janey Babe?'; 'And In Again'; 'Dreaming of Thee'; 'And the Lord Taketh Away'; 'Louie the Ring is Dead and Buried in Kensal Green Cemetery'; 'The Jump-Up Boys'; 'Our Story So Far'; 'Do Me a Favour'; 'Glory of Fulham'; '24,000 Ball Point Pens'; 'King For a Day'; 'The Outside Man'; 'The Man Outside'; 'Brief Encounter'; and 'Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run, Run, Run'.