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Daniel Craig makes his debut as 007 in James Bond's 21st big screen adventure.

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19 March 2007
Sony Pictures Home Ent. UK 
144 minutes 
  • Average Rating for Casino Royale [2006] - 3 out of 5

    (based on 11 user reviews)
  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Oscar David Huckle

    I borrowed this movie from my aunt, for about a month, and in that month, this was one of my top ten movies. Daniel Craig is just the right person for James Bond, but Eva Green is not good at all for the Bond girl. There is too much sexual relationship between her and James Bond which spoils the movie. Judi Dench was brilliant as M and so was Mads Mikkelsen.
    Some people think that Pierce Brosnan was best as Bond, I diagree. I disagree because those movies were done about 5-10 years ago. Not much action at all.
    Good movie, 8/10.

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Kashif Ahmed

    Where double agents, Russian spies, media megalomaniacs, skinheads and North Korean assassins failed, it was the corporation who finally succeeded. I was rather disappointed with the manner in which they sacked Pierce Brosnan; an actor who"s stellar work as 007 resurrected a missing-presumed-dead franchise, and bought Bond back with a (Walther PPK) bang into the 21st century.
    That said, 'Casino Royale' is an entertaining film, and though I'm not an obsessive fan of the series, I can tell its not so much a Bond movie as it is a blatant, wholly unnecessary, attempt to recapture ground Broccoli & 'Eon' feel they've lost to the 'Bourne' franchise. A lot of the tongue-in-cheek traits we've come to know and love have been axed: even the ridiculously named Bond girls, remembered long after the actresses who played them faded into obscurity, are reduced to a mere in-joke, perhaps Quentin Tarantino (who first proposed the idea for an origin story at Cannes) should have been consulted by the filmmakers after all.
    Eva Green, Ivana Milicevic and Caterina Murino make for suitably enigmatic & dangerous Bond girls, Judi Dench gets some good lines as M, but Daniel Craig, though one of our finest stage/character actors, just doesn't work at all, and in many ways, he's just riffing off his Alex West role from 'Tomb Raider', occasionally throwing in a bit of 'Road To Perdition's' Conner Rooney-esque menace; and in spite of a few excellent one-liners, fails to evoke the classic Bond demeanour of suave & deadly. Its not his fault, but Craig just has the look of a goon about him, he'll always be the brooding henchman; which is why he was perfect as both an anonymous hit man in 'Layer Cake' and an Israeli neo-Nazi in 'Munich'. Its almost as if Daniel Craig is Bond's limo driver, assuming his boss's identity for a wild weekend away, would Clive Owen have been any better? Who knows, I think Hugh Jackman, Ralph Fiennes or even John Travolta (provided he thinned down and could do an English accent) would've worked well.
    Directed in a workmanlike manner by Bond veteran Martin Campbell, who helmed the as yet unequalled 'Goldeneye' back in 1995. 'Casino Royale' is good for what it is, though I don't see why they couldn't have made this picture with Brosnan, after all, even Sean Connery had a few not-so-great outings as Bond. But to fire Pierce based solely upon the narrative absurdity of 'Die Another Day', just smacks of a knee-jerk response by an unseen corporate bureaucracy, bean counters who had the best Bond since Connery, and cut him loose because of one lazy script and bad CGI work. An enjoyable, but undeserved, success for the Bond plutocracy: I look forward to the next one.

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Susannah Deuk

    Daniel Craig is in it. What you mean you need more. Well ok. This latest offering of James Bond is a return to his roots, and an explanation of why James Bond is well, James Bond. Its got its usual assortment of thrills, violence and special effects and because most of the stunts were done by the actors themselves there is a much more realistic feel to them - watch out in particular for the one at the beginning with the bloke who invented jumping off buildings and called it street gymnastics!! And if you are a bloke there is one of the nastiest torture scenes around, yes even more hardcore than the beginning of 'Die another day', you'll want to cross your legs whilst watching that one. Overall Danel Craig portrays this James Bond as a much harder, grittier character than previous incarnations and the film itself adds a freshness to an old story. It seems like Bond has managed to re-invent himself after the fears of the character becomming stale and dated and lets hope there will be many more Bond movies to come.

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    norman meek

    From the out set you know that this is a new begginning for james bond,very realistic,great stunts beautiful women,great storyline,I went to cinema to see this movie and have now watched it on dvd a few times and still enjoy it very much.

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Jill Baldwin

    Daniel Craig certainly brought a new James Bond to the screen. The opening scenes were tremendous and the pace did not fall throughout. The fact that there were no computerised stunts gave the film a more authentic (if jumping from cranes and tankers crashing with buses is authentic) feel and made you appreciate the true technical passion of the film. Although there was some brutality in the film it did not compromise in any way. Along with a lot of people when it was announced that Daniel was to take the lead I was devastated. I take it all back, lets have more of him and this sort of adventure.

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    John Redman

    What a cracking movie! Daniel Craig takes the mantle of Bond as if he was born to wear it. He is tough and rough - lean and mean. There is the usual Bond body count, including those he has slept with! The action is non-stop and the story is believable. "Le Chiffre" could have been more villainous, but the "eye candy" is as good as ever. What makes this such a good Bond - apart from Craig - is that gadgets are at a minimum. This is mainly man against man and returns Bond to its earlier, purer days. The soundtrack is good too. I would give this four or even five stars and a great recommendation.

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Alex Westwood

    If I could I would give this film 5 stars.
    This movie has had the treatment that the batman movies had they brought it back to its roots. In some of the more recent bond movies plots had become far-fetched gadgets even more so (E.g. an invisible car). This a true return to form, gritty real and plausible. The selection of Daniel Craig as the new bond was an excellent choice in my opinion he is both stylish and sophisticated yet at the same time has the rough edge which is necessary for this movie since bond has just acquired is "OO" status.
    I have high hopes for future movies however they have a hard act to follow since this was a true Ian Fleming"s is it possible for them to repeat this excellent show without the backing of an Ian Fleming novel, all I know is that I will be there when it come out to find out.

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Mike Barry

    Bond is back. BOND IS BACK! This film returns to 'Bond's' roots. The Connery days. No stupid gadgets or CGI, just muscle, guile and charisma. Right from the start you actually have the feeling that what you are watching is believable, rather than CGI fantasy, which is maintained for the full length of the film. Daniel Craig has brought the franchise back to the top where it belongs. Dame Judy Dench is really getting the hang of M oozing power and authority. Eva Green as Bond's accomplice Vesper Lund, is remote, hot and intelligent. Add to the mixture a menacing Mads Mikkelsen playing the ruthless arch enemy Le Chiffre and you have one hell of movie full of tension, action, romance and betrayal. A must see for every true Bond fan.

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Michael Judd

    A return to form for an ailing franchise.
    daniel craig announces himself with style as the latest actor to portray bond, his icy demenour and physical presence make him the closest bond there has been to the one flemming first penned in the book of the same name.
    moving at a fast pace and guiding us though bond's early time in mi6 we gain a greater understanding of the man as we see him evlove throughout the course of the film.
    those who enjoyed the almost childlike previous outing for britains top spy will be dissapointed to see the majority of gadgets, obsurd plot lines and terrible quips have gone (thank god) and been replaced with gripping scenes of drama, romantic and of course action.
    the entire cast puts in top notch performances, it is of course craig who distinguishes himself as more than capable of taking on this role, proving all doubters wrong.
    a fantastic peace of film making

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Leon Finch

    I hope all those James Bond fanboys are choking on their 007-up right now!
    This is a great return to form for the franchise, a franchise that seems to start great with each new Bond and then slowly spiral down into unwitting parody with subsequent films.
    There's just a chance with Craig's Bond that this might be avoided though as the writers/director have brought the icon kicking and screaming in to the noughties.
    At last a match for the Bourne series (which was showing Bond up for the antiquated beast it is), there is now a raw energy about the character - I havent read any of the books so I dont know if this is how he is meant to be - and by god how Danier Craig pulls it off.
    He carries the weight of the franchise with ease and yes, the jokes are still in there, but now they seem relevant to the situation and not some Carry On cast off.
    Buy this beauty when it comes out - if it's anything like the recent Ultimate DVD versions it's gonna be well worth it...

  • Casino Royale [2006]
    Ed Howard

    This newest Bond film in an interesting new reboot for the saga. Daniel Craig is a very different kind of Bond -- colder, tougher, his trademark wit much icier than ever before. And he relies on his brains and his guns rather than any flashy gadgets or expensive cars. This makes Casino Royale feel more like a very well-executed suspense thriller rather than a typical Bond flick, so those expecting more of the same from 007 will probably be disappointed. But with a franchise this old, some change is probably a good thing, and judged on its own merits the film is definitely a winner.

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Daniel Craig stars as the latest incarnation of James Bond in the 21st instalment of the franchise. Based on one of the original Ian Fleming novels, the story follows a young Bond at the beginning of his career having just received his double-0 status. For his latest mission, 007 travels to Montenegro to investigate the highly exclusive Casino Royale where Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), a money man for an international terrorist group, is raising funds for their misdeeds through high-stakes gambling. The rookie MI6 agent, aided by British Treasury agent Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), is tasked with infiltrating the group and ultimately defeating the rogue player, both on and off the tables.

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